Easy Learning Guide On How to Change Brita Filter

Activated Carbon & How Brita Filters Work

If you have the experience to use Brita Filter, you may have seen some black specks inside the dispenser.

Black speck is known as activated charcoal, the principal filtration component of Brita Filter.

Charcoal stick impurities and passes water to make it clean from the undesired items. After sometimes impurities start to make up and make the filter less effective

If you like to get similar attributes with cheaper replacement, we need few activated carbons.

You may order some activated carbon on online; it saves a lot of money for you.

The function of Brita Filter is to remove chemicals or contaminants from normal tap water.

In Brita Filter, there is activated carbon that removes odor and taste of chlorine found in tap water.

Brita faucet or pitcher needs unique filters. In pharmacies, general merchandise retailers and the grocery shops you can get replacement filters.

Brita Pitcher Filter

Brita Pitcher Filter

Step 1

Take out a lid from the Brita Pitcher and change the old filter out of water reservoir.

Step 2

Keep it under the sun for fifteen minutes to soak it well. Keep the filter under flowing cold water for few seconds.

Step 3

Line the notch to the side of the filter along with groove by the side of pitcher water reservoir. Plunge the filter to the reservoir. Use force to enter it down. Do not use the first two pitchers of water taken at first from the Brita Filter.

Step 4

Keep the pitcher’s lid back to the place and switch on the indicator button to the top until all 4 bars come before the indicator. Remove the button from all 4 bars appears. Replace filter all 4 bars have disappeared.

Step 5

Turn off your tap before you like to replace the old Brita Filter.

Step 6

Press the cartridge release button of the filter cup on the back. Then lift cartridge from filter cup to remove.

Step 7

Start to replace the Brita Filter so that it entered to the groove and aligned with the groove of the filter cup. To support, hold the base of the filter, enter the cartridge to the filter cup until it clicks on the destination. Some models come with a flashing green light to imply that the filter is engaged.

Step 8

Remove the filter handle for indicating the setting of Brita water. The setting indicates between unfiltered and filtered water.

Step 9

Keep the tap running for 5 minutes. Remove the filter for one time if the life indicator turns red.

Watch: How to Change Brita Filter

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