Brita Filter Refill: How To Replace Your Filters

Brita filter refill is a water filtration system designed to make the water you drink safe, pure, and delicious. Brita filter refills are easy to change and can be changed every forty gallons or two months, whichever comes first. If you drink a safe amount of water every day – 10 cups – your Brita filter refill will last for three months.

Brita filters can remove pollutants and harmful substances from regular tap water. It contains activated carbon that removes the chlorine and improves the taste and smell present in tap water. Filtration systems for the Brita pitcher and faucet need specialized filters.

You need to replace that from time to time, and for that, you need to know how to change a Brita filter? Here, we’ll tell you how to change your Brita filter refill and the length of time it will last.

The most common reason people fail to change their Brita filter as recommended is a lack of knowledge about its maintenance. To keep your Brita filter working properly, you must understand what goes inside it.

The best way to clean your Brita is by running hot water through it. The easiest way is to fill up a sink with warm water and then add some drops of dish soap into it. Let the water run until all the soap dissolves.

Then pour out the dirty water and refill the sink with fresh water. You should also use distilled water when cleaning your Brita because this type of water has no minerals or impurities.

Table of Contents

A step-by-step guide to changing the Brita Filter refill

Brita Pitcher Filter Replaces Step by Step

Wash your hands.

Wash your hands with soap before changing any part of your home appliances. After using public restrooms, restaurants, etc., you should also wash your hands. It is important to keep your hands clean to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. It’s best if you use warm soapy water when washing your hands. The temperature doesn’t matter as long as it’s hot enough to kill all kinds of microbes on your skin.

Remove the old filter.

To remove the old filter, unscrew it from the dispenser. You can do this by twisting and pulling at the same time. When you’re done removing it, place it in a trash bin. Don’t throw it away! Keep it somewhere out of sight, and don’t forget to recycle it later.

Clean the picture

Take the Brita Stream Filter out of its packaging and then wash it with warm soapy water. Clean sponges can also be used to clean the picture frame, but ensure that you do not scratch or damage it. When cleaning your dispenser, make sure that you.

Rinse the filter.

Once you’re done cleaning the picture frame, rinse it thoroughly with warm water. Ensure that all the soap is removed from your dispenser and then dry it using a clean towel.

Insert to filter cage.

After rinsing the filter, you can now put it back into its cage. Ensure that your Brita Stream Filter is on a flat surface so that it doesn’t fall over when you try to place it in the dispenser. Also, ensure that the bottom edge of the filter fits snugly inside the slot of the dispenser.

Put the lid back on.

Put the lid back onto the filter. To avoid damaging the seal between the lid and the filter, make sure to push the edges together firmly without applying too much pressure. Once you’re done putting the lid back on, tighten the screws until they feel secure.

Connect to the Spigot.

Now that your Brita Stream Filter is in its cage, you can connect it to the Spigot by screwing it back on. You should do this carefully so as not to damage the filter or have a water leak. After connecting the filter to the Spigot, turn the knob clockwise until it clicks into position. Then, slowly pull down on the handle while turning counter-clockwise. Do this until the faucet stops dripping.

Insert the Spigot into the tank

To place the Spigot into the tank, line it up with its hole and then screw it in using a screwdriver. Hopefully, you won’t have too much difficulty since only one of them exists. In case you have difficulty completing this step, take help from someone else who knows what they are doing.

 Place a towel on top of the spigot hole to prevent leaks.

Once you have removed the Spigot, you can place a towel over the hole to prevent leaks. Take care to watch it closely during the entire process.

Replace the water in your dispenser tank

Fill up your Brita Stream Filter with water after replacing the Spigot using a pitcher or jug that has enough capacity. Buying bottled water is no longer necessary because your Brita filter will always provide fresh, filtered water.

Activate the smart light.

After screwing the Spigot into the tank, you can now turn on your smart light. You can do this by holding down the control button until it turns on. You should see a red light on your device that is being used to activate your smart light.

Attach the lid

You can now attach the lid to your Brita Stream Filter. Then, you won’t have to worry about it falling off because it’ll be secured. You can use a screwdriver to attach the lid but make

Remove the cap

Remove the top cover of the Brita filter. Any residue will need to be cleaned off. Use a soft cloth to clean up the area where there might have been residues.

Remove your water supply hose.

The next step is to remove the water supply hose from your Brita filter. You can do this by unscrewing it and then taking it off the back end of your smart water dispenser.

The dispenser is controlled by an electronic indicator which is activated by simply filling the pitcher with water.

Rinse the filter again

After attaching the lid, you can now rinse your Brita Stream Filter again to ensure that all the soap is removed. Make sure that you do this carefully to avoid damaging your filter or having a water leak out.

Place in dispense

You can now place your Brita Stream Filter in the dispenser so that it is ready to use whenever you need it. Please note that you should not fill the dispenser with more than 40 ounces of water at once inside the dispenser. Doing so could cause the pump to malfunction. Instead, try filling up the dispenser gradually.

Turn on the switch

Turn on the switch located near the bottom of the unit. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go! As soon as you open the dispenser door, the lights will start blinking, indicating the water is flowing through the filter.

Enjoy Your New Filtered Water

Drink your new filtered water whenever you want to enjoy healthy and tasty water. Remember to always keep an eye on the expiration date printed on the package.

You may need to read this: Benefits of drinking filtered water

How to replace the Brita stream dispenser filter?

It is relatively easy to replace the Brita stream dispenser filter. You can do it in minutes by following the guide.

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap.

Step 2: Open the new filter packet.

Step 3: Turn the Spigot anti-clockwise to remove it.

Step 4: Removing the filter from the Spigot requires tightly twisting it.

Step 5: Run the running water under the new filter to rinse it.

Step 6: Put the filter back in its container after connecting the Spigot.

Step 7: The indicator can be reset by pressing the button on the back of the tab.

Step 8: Add water to the container and close the lid.

Step 9: Pour the water first into the filter.

Step 10: You are done after replacing the Brita stream dispenser filter.

Tips On Replacing Your Brita Filter Refill

Before removing the old filter:

  1. Turn off the cold water supply valve located near the sink.
  2. Remove the top cover and unscrew the screws holding the base plate together.
  3. Pull back the front panel and discard the old filter cartridge.
  4. Keep track of its location because you’ll need it later.
  5. Put the new filter into place and screw back down the screws.

Now that your water is clean, you can drink it! Make sure the pressure of the cold water supply is working.

Brita Corporation provided the following information about Brita filters:

  • Replacement cartridges must match the model number printed on the bottom of the original cartridge.
  • Cartridges cannot be interchanged between different models.
  • When changing the filter, always start at the end of the line.
  • Never force the cartridge through the hole; gently push it in.
  • Do not twist or bend the cartridge.
  • Always read the label inside the package before installation.
  • Replace only the empty cartridge.
  • To install an empty cartridge, insert the tip of the nozzle into the opening where the cap fits. Then slide the cartridge along the tube toward the spout.
  • Once installed, tighten the retaining ring around the outside edge of the cartridge.

How does the Brita filter refill replacement indicator work?

The indicator will turn red when your Brita filter refill is too old to do its job effectively. When that happens, it’s time to replace your filter.

After replacing the filter, the indicator will continue to turn red for a few weeks. When it does, you’ll need to replace your filter again and keep an eye on it for a few weeks longer.

It is easy to see when your filter needs to be changed with the sticker filter indicators.

Pitchers with the Max Fill Line are available, as are styles of filter indicators pitchers with no max fill line. Sticker filter indicators are also available.

How to change a Brita filter Refill pitcher

Brita pitchers have a sticker indicator that indicates whether you’re using a white Standard Filter or a blue Longlast+ Filter.

The process for changing filters on Brita pitchers is easy:

The Brita Longlast Plus Filter is a long-lasting filter lasting up to 100 gallons of water. An electronic indicator on the lid shows how long the filter is good for. If your label does not look like this image, you have an old version and should upgrade immediately!

Step-by-step process of how to change a Brita filter pitcher. Here is a list of steps that need to be followed to change a Brita filter pitcher correctly.

  1. Pour water into the pitcher
  2. Loosen and twist the filter and pull it out of the pitcher and discard
  3. Rinse the filter thoroughly in hot tap water for 30 seconds, or until there is no more dirt or particles inside
  4. Place a new filter inside the pitcher
  5. Twist it into place loosely, but so that it is securely fixed in place
  6. Pour cold tap water into the bottom of the pitcher until it fills up to below the lip of your desired fill line
  7. Tighten and twist-on cap onto lid 8. wait 5 minutes before using the pitcher
  8. Enjoy!

How to change a Brita filter Refill cartridge

This section will provide readers with step-by-step instructions on how to change a Brita filter refill cartridge.

  • Unscrew the filter and discard it
  • Fill the pitcher with cold water to the fill line
  • Add a fresh filter and screw it in place
  • Shake well to mix the activated carbon granules with water
  • Wait 2 minutes before filling the pitcher with water or use iced tea to fill it up
  • Shake again before using it for drinking or cooking
  • Replace every 2 months if in regular usage, replace once a year if infrequent usage
  • Screw the lid back on and store it in a cool, dry location away from sunlight
  • For food safety, use filtered water when preparing baby formula, making ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, etc.
  • Enjoy!

How to change a Brita water bottle filter

The best way to make sure the filter is fully changed is,

First, make sure the Brita water bottle is empty.

Second, unscrew the filter off of its base.

Third, rinse your hands with warm water and dry them off thoroughly.

Fourth, remove the new filter from its packaging and place it on top of the base.

Fifth, screw the filter back onto its base.

Sixth put cold or lukewarm water in the Brita water container just below the top of the lid/filter assembly. It will eliminate all air bubbles in the container and protect it from outside sources of contamination.

Seventh, screw the lid on tightly until it is tight enough to prevent any leaks.

Eighth, let’s sit for at least five minutes before opening.

Ninth, open carefully and enjoy!

How to change a Brita faucet filter

You can find comprehensive instructions here on how to change a Brita faucet filter in detail.

  1. Remove the old filter from the faucet from the top
  2. Take out all the pieces from inside your new Brita Faucet Filter
  3. Put all your new pieces back together in order, making sure to fill up with water before you place it on top
  4. Place your new Brita Faucet Filter on top of your sink and turn on the faucets that feed into it. This allows water to flow through and get filtered before it reaches your sink
  5. Turn off your old filter by turning off the faucet that feeds into it
  6. Wait about 5-15 seconds after turning off your old filter so that there aren’t any residual particles left behind
  7. Fill up your sink with hot or cold water as needed
  8. Let everything soak overnight. The next morning, drain your sink completely and then wash it out with soap and clean water
  9. Dry your sink thoroughly
  10. Reinstall your new filter and enjoy!

How Frequently Do You Need to Change the Brita Filter Refill?

How Frequently Do You Need to Change the Brita Water Filter

We don’t like to start a conversation in such a specific way about how often to change a Brita filter refill. That’s not as simple as just the quantity of gallons or the amount of time. It varies with the quality of water treated and the amount of water used.

If you need your filter to continue removing contaminants from your water, you also need to remove it so often. Without it, the water filter system’s water flow rate will slow it down. It will result in an inadequately functioning or not functioning at all.

Brita claims that after using 40 gallons of water, the regular filter needs replacement.

As Brita has a few containers of different sizes, we suggest you find out how much water you use every day to determine how often to change the Brita filter refill.

We suggest calculating filter replacements by days to weeks instead of container fill-ups. So, if anyone has a habit of filling the container and does not check, you might use the filter for longer than you need to.

Pay heed to your filtered water after using a filter for one week. Then you can be able to identify very quickly how long 40 gallons of filtered water can be used. Thus you can determine how often to change the Brita water filter.

How to Know When to Change Brita Filter Refill

Several things indicate that your Brita filter refill needs changing:

  1. Look at the color of the filter change indicator lights. They should always flash yellow unless they’re broken.
  2. Take note of the volume of water flowing out of the faucet. If the flow rate drops below 50%, you’ll need to change your Brita filter refill.
  3. Listen carefully to the sound of running water.

If it sounds like something is stuck inside the filter, you’ll need to change it.

When there is a loud gurgling sound, it usually means that the filter is blocked. Try cleaning the area around the outlet using soap and warm water. Then try again. If these methods fail, call a plumber immediately.

Brita filters have indicator lights that help you to determine them. A yellow light means that soon the filter needs replacement. While the blinking red light means an immediate replacement of the filter. As mentioned above, after the use of 40 gallons, filter efficiency drops. Replacing your filter on a regular basis ensures healthier and excellent water.

How to Know When to Change Brita Filter

As water quality varies for every household, there are other ways than a visual indication to identify that your filter is dirty and needs replacement. When you sense an odor in the water, or it carries an odd taste, it is most likely the time for removing your water filter. A noticeable reduction in water pressure can also occur, indicating the need for a new one. Please check the water use requirements of the supplier to ensure that you have not failed to meet them.

Why You Need to Change Brita Filter Refill

Since you are aware of how to change the Brita filter refill cartridge, here we have some more knowledge to share with you.

The filter will last longer if you use it to filter the water that requires minimal filtration than the highly contaminated water. Is the concept real? Let’s learn about it.

The Brita filter refill is the most common water filter used in many homes. This filter can remove both chlorine and heavy metals from tap water, but not bacteria. Water contaminated by bacteria may not be caught by the Brita filter, leading to a higher risk of contamination. To avoid this problem, you must regularly change your Brita filter refill.

A Brita filter refill cartridge has activated carbon to remove some water pollutants to give a better taste and smell in the water.

The more this activated carbon is used, the more it loses its capacity to eliminate contaminants. So, whether the water used in the filter is full of pollutants or not; the activated carbon in a Brita filter will, at some stage, lose its effectiveness.

The main thing to take away from all this is that a filter from Brita that can eliminate high levels of pollutants may not last long.

Watch The Video on How to change a Brita Filter Refill – Maxtra Filter


  • Britain offers a 30-day unconditional 100% money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty in case your Brita gets scratched.
  • If your filter is down to 0% of its life remaining, the red light next to REPLACE will blink, indicating that it needs to be changed.

How to Change a Brita Filter Refill video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to Change a Brita Filter Refill

What happens if you don’t change Brita’s filter refill?

The yellow warning arrow will start blinking if the indicator gets too close to the red zone. If the yellow warning indicator is flashing, you should change it immediately.
However, if you don’t change your filter, you could experience an unpleasant taste and odor in your water.

Can you clean and reuse Brita water filters?

You can clean and reuse the filters of Brita water filter pitchers. They are made of several materials that can be cleaned using warm water and soap.
You should clean the filter regularly to ensure the best performance.

Can you change the battery in a Brita water filter?

You can change the battery in a Brita water filter by unscrewing the bottom cap and removing the existing battery. After that, you can put in a new 9-volt battery and then add water to the filter to activate it.

When Should I Replace My Brita Water Filtration System?

Your Brita filter refill should be replaced after 40 gallons of filtered water. Drinking 8 glasses of water daily mean you’d need to change your Brita filter every 3 months. You might want to change your Brita filter more frequently than once a month if you only drink bottled water.

Can your Brita filter refill get clogged if it isn’t changed often enough?

Changing the filter regularly will increase the great-tasting water for you and your family. Filters that are not changed often enough can become clogged with impurities, leading to poor-quality water. You may notice an unpleasant odor from your kitchen sink when this occurs. Also, there could be discoloration on the surface of your drinking glass. To avoid these problems, always follow the instructions provided by your Brita filter refill manufacturer.

What is the recommended frequency of Brita filter refill replacement?

The answer to this question depends on your Brita filter refill type. If you have a Brita water filtration system, changing your filters every four to six months is best. In the case of a Brita pitcher, it is best to change your filters every two weeks.

Is it wrong to never change a Brita filter refill?

It is not wrong to never change a Brita filter refill, but it is necessary. You must change the filter every two months, or your water will be tasteless and brown.

What happens if I don’t clean my Brita filter refill regularly?

Chemicals such as chlorine bleach can cause corrosion, leading to premature filter failure. Corrosion occurs when minerals build up on metal components, causing them to rust. Over time, these deposits form hard layers that eventually break down and wear away. In addition, bacteria grow on surfaces exposed to stagnant water. These organisms produce acids that eat away at metals like brass and copper.

If I use my Brita filter refill daily, how often do I need to replace it?

Brita filters are long-lasting, so you won’t need to replace them as often as a traditional sink filter. We still recommend replacing your Brita filter refill after consuming 40 gallons of filtered water. That’s approximately 2 1/2 quarts.

Wrapping Up!

Changing your Brita replacement filter when required can provide you with clean and fresh tap water. It suits all pitchers and dispensers of Brita.

It can reduce impurities that can adversely affect your health over time while cutting chlorine delivers smell-free excellent, tasting water. Now that you know how to change the Brita filter refill, you’ll be good to go with everything.

Replace your Brita filters after every 2-4 months of use for better results depending on your use case. For Brita filters, drinking better-tasting water is simpler than ever. It is easy to use and has a lot of features that you’re going to love.


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