Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser Review: The Smartest Dispenser in Your Kitchen

Water is an essential component of life, and it’s necessary to make sure you have good-tasting water always on hand. Brita’s Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser is one of the most convenient ways to ensure you have the freshest tasting water. The sleek, space-efficient design means it can fit in any refrigerator, and the powerful Stream filtering system eliminates chlorine taste and odor, so you can constantly have great-tasting water when you desire it.

Britta has been around formany years and has provided a solution for people in need of clean water.Brita offers quality filtered water for just about any circumstance. The latestproduct from Brita is the Brita Stream UltraMax. This new water filter canstore up to 25 cups of water and boasts a sleek, space-efficient design thatfits in most fridges. What sets this apart from other Brita products is thepowerful Stream filtering system that reduces chlorine taste and odor. Thisensures that you’ll always have great-tasting water when you want it.

Plastic bottled water is nothing more than drinking up extra garbage every day. Chlorine from the tap water tastes bad, smells bad, and leaves a residue on your teeth. Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser solves all your plastic bottle water problems.

What does Brita stand for?

Ever since they’ve been around, Brita has been providing consumers with healthy, great-tasting water at an affordable price. Brita has evolved a lot since its early days, so what does the company stand for today? It stands for effective water filtration and convenience. You’ll have to read on to find out more about Brita’s wide range of products and what they stand for.

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser Review

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser, Dark Blue, Extra Large 25 Cup, 1 Count

The Brita UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser is a multifunction product that not only makes your water taste better but provides great-tasting water for long-term use. The device offers a centrifugal filtration system that breaks down water pollutants, including bacteria and organic substances. These substances are flushed away by the pump, leaving pure, clear water. The filter’s unique shape also improves the aeration process, which prevents any clogs. It can also filter out chlorine and heavy metals. The innovative design is useful for removing naturally occurring materials such as chlorine or heavy metals. We liked the sleek, space-efficient design of the bottle. As a bonus, it can a container for beverages.


The new and improvedultra-concentrated filter, also found in Brita’s entire line of portable waterfiltration systems, features a perforated bottom to trap both particles andsediment, making it easier to remove those unwanted particles during thefiltration process. Another reason to love this new filter system is itsfriendly, digital interface. You can change your filter every month, ensuringyou’re always getting the best tasting water. Over the years, we’ve reviewedplenty of water filtering systems. But we’ve never been ultimately won over byany product from Brita. That’s because we’ve never found a product with asignificant improvement in taste and odor that we were willing to pay nearly$$$ for.

Water filtered through the standard-sized Stream UltraMax filter will stay clean for six months so that you can pour directly from your tap without the worry of contamination. The system isn’t overly complicated; it’s a clear filter that is easy to install and use. The Brita filter is dishwasher-safe, but to make the most of the water, you’ll want to replace it every six months. You can also filter your water over a sink or shower to get it clean. The filter holds up to 1,000 gallons and can be easily drained by nuzzling it off with a countertop plier. The filters themselves last for up to a year, so you don’t have to buy new ones very often. You can also connect the filter to your Brita pitcher or Brita in-home water fountain to get fresh filtered water from your faucet.

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser - Features

The first thing you’ll notice is that this unit can be installed in a refrigerator or freezer, unlike most water filter systems that only work in a kitchen sink. This lets you avoid the buildup of sediment or other unpleasantness found in a plumbing system. Once installed, there’s no need to turn on the water first, and the timer allows you to schedule when you’d like to refill the filter.

As with all Brita models, the Stream UltraMax filters various water sources, including tap, fountain, and bottled water, and will save you money by getting rid of that nasty chlorine taste. 25-cup capacity, space-efficient design, and powerful Stream filtering system. The best-selling Brita on Amazon, this water dispenser is simple to use and works with just a touch of the button. With its stylish and compact design, it’s also the ultimate fashion accessory. The compact design offers easy storage and use.


Reduce chlorine taste and odor, provides freshness. Great-tasting water and filtered water. It saves time and money by not having to boil water. It has a 25-cup capacity which lets you consume over 500 glasses of water a week. Ideal for use at home or in the office.

The effective, powerful Stream filtering system reduces chlorine taste and odor so you can always have great-tasting water. Satisfy your thirst with clean, crisp water, and you will never have to worry about it. No more waiting for your Brita dispenser to filter the water; stream it directly from the tap with this 25-cup Brita Ultraslim Dispenser!

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser - Ease of Use

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser - Ease of Use

The unit is designed to fit in any refrigerator. But if you don’t have a fridge, it can be kept on a shelf or tray on your kitchen counter. I use it on a kitchen countertop, and a couple of times, I’ve noticed it when I was putting my groceries away. The unit can also be stored in your refrigerator when it’s not in use. It’s very simple to use the unit, either by putting the jug inside the fridge or opening the refrigerator, plugging in the unit, then closing the door.

You also have to turn the unit upside-down if you want to keep it in a cabinet. There’s no need to take the water out and put it back. A magnet on the top of the unit keeps it in place. You can also turn the unit around if you prefer. The magnetic lid means the jug only needs to be emptied twice a week.

Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser - Usage

The tall, thin, stainless steel cylinder with a round bottom fits most refrigerators and dishwashers. At 15.97 inches, it can take up little room on a counter. Just fill it with water, and the integrated 360-degree spout delivers it to the built-in filter. To remove the filter, simply unscrew the top and empty the dirty water from the top reservoir.

Since this filter has an anti-chlorine filtration system, you’ll always be drinking clean, filtered water, even if you aren’t using it for cooking or drinking. Using a Brita water filter is like never having to worry about if the water you’re drinking is safe and good tasting. The filter also eliminates any sediment that could get into your pipes or pipes from other sources.


This product is one of the easiest to install water filter dispensers you will find on the market. It is easier to install than the faucet-type dispensers. This is because it is designed so that you can set it up in an existing refrigerator. Therefore, you don’t need to make any space for the dispenser to fit. The Brita Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser fits inside almost any refrigerator. So, if you have unused space in your refrigerator, all you need to do is place the dispenser there.  This is very convenient because you don’t need to make any space for the dispenser to sit.

How to change filters

Installation is simple. Just twist the top, then let the filters spin inside for a few minutes, then place the unit on top of the refrigerator where you’ll be able to check on it and ensure the filter is clean when needed. The glass bottle design means you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking or dropping your filters, and the disposable components of the system mean you only have to change them once in a while, so you can keep using them repeatedly. Keeping the water cool because the filter is housed in a sleek, glass bottle doesn’t require a massive power source.

Why is the Brita Stream UltraMax a smart choice?

Why is the Brita Stream UltraMax a smart choice?

The Brita Ultraslim Stream Dispenser is the ideal choice for your home. The Brita Ultraslim Stream Dispenser features a sleek, space-efficient design. It is excellent for when you need to have a small kitchen, such as an apartment. Its powerful Stream filtration system and slim profile mean it will fit in most fridges. Its high water capacity ensures you will always have plenty of great-tasting water. It has a sleek white finish that looks great in any kitchen.

When you run out of drinking water, life has suddenly become quite the challenge. As with many of our daily dilemmas, the Brita stream ultraslim water filter is the answer. The compact unit fits most refrigerators and delivers superior filtration of chlorine, which lets you enjoy great-tasting water that you can trust. Watch out, Brita - the Brita Stream UltraMax is the smartest Dispenser in your kitchen.

How to set up a Brita Stream Dispenser

Final Thoughts

Worthy of its high price tag, the Stream UltraMax water filter dispenser’s beautifully designed stainless steel-based dispenser and water filter are easy to clean and look fantastic on any counter. It provides up to 1000 gallons of pure drinking water in the house, so it’s a win-win for all users. If you want high-quality water filtration, the Stream UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser is the best option on the market. It’s easy to use, and it looks great. You can’t ask for more. However, there are some minor flaws, which might be a deal-breaker for some buyers.