Brita Space Saver Pitchers Reviews! Perfect Countertop Pitcher Filter Solution

If you’re looking for a top-quality pitcher filter solution that won’t take up a lot of countertop space, the Brita Space Saver pitchers are perfect for you! These pitchers fit almost any kitchen sink and come with a dual water filtration system that’ll help to remove pesticides, sediment, and other impurities from your water.

Plus, they’re easy to operate – simply fill the pitcher with water and turn it on to start drinking clean water right away. Whether you’re looking for a pitcher filter solution for your home or office, the Brita Space Saver pitchers are a great choice.


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The flip-top lid is the extra addition of the filter. The pitcher has an indicator which will tell you the time to change the filter.

You have to change the filter after using 150 gallons of water. The life of the filter is up to 2 months. For awesome tasting water, replace the filter time.

Follow the instruction completely and be happy by drinking water from Brita. You have to know that the pitcher saves you space. So you can place it in a short space of your home.

Brita Space Saver Pitchers Reviews

Last update on 2024-07-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • The first layer of filtering system removes chlorine from the tap water.
  • The ion exchange level eliminates all dissolved solids from the public water systems. It removes lead, zinc, nitrate, and aluminum from the water.
  • Ergonomic and space saving design is nice for the users who like a lightweight pitcher
  • The TDS indicator will tell you the time to change the filer
  • Five sophisticated methods warn you the time to change the filter. The system removes all dissolved solids from tap water for developing the taste of water.
  • Take away 99.6% of mixed solids from polluted water for ensuring pure and water
  • NSF approved for reducing lead

Pros & Cons of Brita Space Saver Pitchers


  • The pitcher filter is very fine and has a wonderful design. It fits well in small homes and apartment.
  • Clean and dirt free water having no smell and taste
  • Comes with manual date reminder for your convenience.


  • The main objection is the lid is very loose. It can’t stay in one place for a long time but remain rigidly on the refrigerator.

How To Replace Your Brita Filter

Step 1

By following some easy steps you can do your Brita Space Saver pitcher ready for use. It is better to wash your hands well before touching the filter. Flush the filter with cold water up to 15 seconds.

Step 2

Enter the Brita filter into the reservoir. Line up the notch of the Brita Space Saver pitcher by the groove in the filter. To get a tight seal use more pressure as needed.

Step 3

At first, set up the filter well. Then pour cold water to fill up the reservoir. Discard the first 3 pitchers or apply them to the water plant.

Brita Replacement Water Filters

What the water comes from the Brita  is free from odor and foul taste. The most attractive feature of the filter is that it can remove chlorine and odor from water.

Brita Water Pitcher

Moreover, the water will be free of cadmium, copper, and mercury. The filter is very simple to replace. The pitcher is a handy thing to use very simple.

  • 40 gallons of filter life
  • Water is completely free from BPA
  • Simple set up procedure
  • No black specks or no pre-soak
  • One liter equal 300 16 ounces plastic bottle

* Evaluate the tap water. Things reduced from water are not fit for all users.

How to Use Brita Small 6 Cup Water Pitcher Filter

The pitcher is very simple to use. Warning:  wash your hands well before touching the filter or taking out of the cover.

  1. Saturate the new filter
  2. Insert frosty tap water
  3. Put the filter into the reservoir
  4. Change filter after every 2 months or after using 40 gallons of water

The presence of carbon dust in the first 3 pitchers is a normal happening. Discard water in it to water plants. Keep the Brita Space Saver pitcher in your refrigerator or far from the direct sunlight to get a better result.

Buying Guide of Brita Small 6 Cup Water Pitcher Filter

  1. Choose The Right Size First

Now think who will drink water from the pitcher. You need to think where you like to keep the pitcher. After that the size of the pact: 5, 6, 8, 10 or 18 cups.


Since you have a big family and you need more water always. You can think the UltraMax dispenser as it can store up to 18 cups of water. You may keep it on a refrigerator or counter shelf.


For a big family large pitcher is a must. If you have a big family with many members, you may consider a big capacity Brita Space Saver pitcher with 8 to 10 cuppers. People of a sports team or office having thirsty can use this pitcher for their need.


You are in your home or in the office this does not matter. You can keep the Brita inside a small crowded fridge. This compact pitcher capacity is from five to six cups.

Brita Small 6 Cup Space Pitcher
  1. Consider The Right Filter Indicator

The indicator will remind you when the time comes to change the filter. So you need not worry much about the replacement of the filter.

Electronic (recommended)

Are you looking something high-tech as well as less effort? The electronic filter indicator is automatic, simple to use. One press button is enough to complete your job.


If you are a hands-on person, the standard filter indicator helps you set the dial by looking the calendar date.


Do you like to use stickers? Only set up the sticker filter indicator on the desired date if you need to replace the filter.

What do others say about the Brita Space Saver Pitchers


Nice alternation for a grown-up Brita

Space Saver


I have been using Brita Space Saver pitcher for a long time. In my old pitcher, there was a small crack near to the handle of the pitcher. It began to leak.

Brita Small 6 Cup

I had bought another one. The capacity of the new pitcher is same as the first one. But this new one filters water well than the previous one. I have more experience of using Brita Space Saver pitcher. I can surely say that this pitcher is very nice.

The taste of the water is great. There remains on odor and taste of chlorine in the water. Don’t run after some other pitchers. Buy this one and get pure water in your emergency period.

I have got Brita pitcher to see if it can make the tap water better or not. I found it slightly does. I am able to consume tap water as I am living in a bay area. Now I am living north of the bay area towards the Sacramento.

Here the water is bit different. I tested the water. I found Brita can change the taste of water different. I have got better water no doubt. I can say that it is worth. The price and overall services of the Brita are praiseworthy. I don’t like it as I am spoiled with the tap water. But it is fine no doubt.

Brita Space Saver Pitchers Reviews Video:

Brita 10 Cup Water Pitcher Filtration System, set up and demo


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