How To Choose The Best Pur Water Purifiers – Step By Step Guide

There are many products of water filtration of PUR water purifier in the market. Most important products are water filter faucet pitcher, mounts, filtration systems, side taps and dispensers.

PUR pitcher removes chemicals, pharmaceuticals, chlorine from water. It also removes mercury, leads and other organic compounds from water.

As a result, the water becomes fresh and drinkable. There remains no odor and chlorine taste in water.

Minneapolis-based Recovery Engineering, Inc. came forward to invent the PUR brand. In 1999 it sold Procter & Gamble for about US$213 million. Some outdoor products of PUR brands were sold to Katadyn in the USA. P & G sold PUR to Helen of Troy in January with an unexposed amount.

P & G have got ownership of the products. The company sold the systems in many countries by the name of the Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. These do not use PUR brand name.

PUR sold huge numbers of water purification products in the whole world.

PUR Water Filtration Introduces Next Generation of PUR Faucet Filtration Systems Certified

PUR water filtrations are certified to remove more than 70 pollutants. It eliminates 96% of mercury, 99% of lead and 92% of particular pesticides than some other brands in the world. This is the next generation water purifier system which has approved by lots of examinations.

How To Choose Pur Water Purifiers

The filters are found all over the world at retailers. Each filter features with MAXION® Filter Technology. Moreover, it applies PUR’s uncommon formulation approach to mix ion and carbon exchange materials for removing pollutants.

The purifier is certified by Water Quality Association (WQA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). It has the fame that the filter can reduce 10x more pollutants than the Brita water pitcher.

It is the combination of PUR basic, PUR advance and PUR ultimate. All ensure innovative, space-saving and horizontal CleanSensor Monitor. The monitor implies filter status.

Besides, the filter gives healthier and safer drinking water. PUR Advanced systems, PUR Ultimate feature and PUR MineralClear® filters remove pollutants from water.

The PUR ultimate system is designed with Bluetooth® system which traces water intake, filter usage and smartphone with the help of a free app. PUR’s new faucet filter is found in 4 finishes- chrome, stainless steel style, white and black.

It fits with all kitchen décor. To add this filtration system you need no tools. Every filter gives about 100 gallons of clean water within 3 months.

Lead and Water Contamination

Lead is one of the most important things found in water. People are talking more and more about lead. Once people think lead is a good thing.

Chemists and engineers are praising lead for its affordability and versatility in the 1930s. Once the lead was widely used to make paint, organ pipes, batteries, gasoline, solder and pipes for water infrastructure.

Since doctors show a negative effect of lead, the excitement rapidly wore off. Toward the end of the 1930s, US banned using lead pipes. But people continuously use lead to make copper pipes until the 1980s.

Lead is an important pollutant of water. People are talking more about lead now. Once people think lead as a good thing. In 1930 chemists and engineers praised lead for its affordability and versatility. It is greatly used to make organ pipes, batteries, gasoline, paint and pipes.

Lead pollution may occur anywhere. Most of the homes built in and before the 1980s contain lead pipes. New homes are not free from the possibility of lead as old water lines under the roads feed into your house.

The replacement cost of these underline water is very high. For this reason, the authority is not willing to change the pipes. American society of civil engineers ranked drinking water in ‘D’ grade.

EPA states that the total cost of aging water infrastructure would cost over 384.2 billion over the following 20 years.

There are some steps to save consumers. EPA must confirm topmost contaminant grade for pollutants. This is the view of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The grade of Lead is zero is the standard of MCLG but this is not a rule. Lead is determined by the copper and lead. You need water treatment facilities to test lead regularly in homes.

When the levels go up 10% of these homes 15ppb threshold, the drastic measure is taken to treat water. These facilities use a method to examine the corrosivity of water.

EPA includes law enforcement, tribal government and the Department of Justice. It isn’t ready to take action unless facilities cross 10% action level.

Reports show that more than 10 million lead service lines are found in the whole country at present. Lead may mix with water before it reaches to your homes.

There are many adverse effects of lead. It is true that lead is harmful to the elders, children and pregnant women. Consuming lead mixed water delays in mental and physical development like lowered IQs.

Lead also damages the nervous system. Therefore removing lead from water is essential for homes, daycares, schools and nursing homes.

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