Do Ionic Shower Heads Work

Research shows that tap water has many toxic substances that are harmful to our skin. Since people have gotten a hint about this, they are busy shifting off from the traditional to ionic showerheads.

From the Ionic Spa Review, Ionic showerheads resemble the typical traditional showerheads. However, they have additional components that filter water before it gets released. But do ionic shower heads work? Let’s get it clear so that we decide whether to shift from the traditional options or not.

Do Ionic Shower Heads Work

Ionic showerheads are uniquely designed to protect people from harmful toxic substances in tap water. But do ionic shower heads work? Yes, these showerheads are proven to work effectively. You can also check Ionic Spa Review to learn that the showerheads are working or not.

In ionic showers, there are beads of potent bioactive minerals that filter water before it gets released. However, these shower heads aren’t just meant to filter water; they also help to soften water. Hard water has harmful chemicals that make it unsuitable for use. Scientists prove that the minerals remove or reduce water hardness to make it safe to use.

Most people have just relented replacing their traditional shower heads with this since they lack an idea about its benefits. There are both ins and outs of using hard water. However, since we are after protecting our skins, there is a need to shun off from using hard water at all. Among the chemical substances in hard water that makes it unsuitable are chlorine and several hard metals. Prolonged usage of this water will make your skin turn flaky and dry over time.

Moreover, the hair will also get affected. It becomes weak and prone to tangling. With the use of ionic shower heads, all these problems are solved. They filter tap water so that you shower with clean soft water. In addition, during evaporation, hard water leaves behind traces of limescale on water pipes and showerheads. This is an insoluble carbonate that is also harmful to the skin and hair. Limescale makes the skin dry, and the hair loses its shiny look.

You should note that you use a lot of soap when using hard water than soft water. Furthermore, hard water also leads to the formation of scum that stains your shower and the shower curtains. The answer to these problems is shifting from traditional showerheads to modern ionic showerheads. They filter all harmful chemical substances in tap water before releasing it.

Key Features of Ionic Shower Heads

Unlike the traditional showerheads, there are key features that make them stand out different from the rest. They include;

Mineral Beads

Unlike the traditional showerheads, ionic options have bio-active mineral beads in them. The beads help to remove or reduce water hardness so that you shower using soft and chemical-free water.

Customizable Settings

Apart from the mineral beads, ionic shower heads have three settings that enable users to customize showers to their preference. The customization settings include massage, rainfall, and jet spray. Moreover, you can choose a combination of two of them the way you would like.


Hygiene is everything people consider for their well-being. Unlike the typical showerheads, iconic showerheads are washable. After usage of about a month, you can opt to dismantle apart all parts for thorough cleaning.

High Water Pressure

Compared to typical options, ionic shower heads release water at high pressure. They are proven to release water at a pressure 35% higher than standard showerheads. Increased pressure saves times you would use showering in typical showerheads. Moreover, you will save several gallons you would use.

Are Ionic Shower Heads Worth Purchasing?

Sure, ionic shower heads are worth investing in. They are life-changing options you should consider if you deem them to protect your hair and skin. You will get the experience of using this shower head after trying it. Those who have reaped from ionic shower heads can tell you that they will never shift off from them.

Operating these shower heads is also easy. There are no complications when changing from a setting to the other. Moreover, they come with user manuals to direct you on how to shift between the three customization settings.

Iconic showerheads are indeed revolutionary filters we have around. They will filter and remove all chemicals from tap water before releasing it. By filtering off all hard metals and chlorine, the showerhead improves the rate at which your skin absorbs nutrients. Lastly, the price tag of these shower heads shows they are assets of all people. Their durability also shows they are representations of valuable assets worth your money.