The Best Morton Water Softener Reviews

If it comes to water softener additives, the newest “Morton” generally stands outside. Most of us are utilizing their salt products in our houses that their title is firmly connected to the saline mineral for a long time (that’s 160 years to be precise!).

But, just a handful of people understand that this same brand sells over salt because they also sell water treatment systems now.

However, why did the company ventured to manufacture water purifier systems when they’ve established their title about the many salt goods they have? The reply to this lie about the same merchandise, which they’re generally called for salt.

As most of us know, salt is a vital element for many water softeners to operate correctly. And because the firm recognized the high need of salt for water softening they began manufacturing their lineup of water softening salts to get rid of hard water issues and effectively paved the way for them to input in the softening sector in 1951.

Nevertheless, they didn’t stop there since viewing that hard water could be a “catastrophe” to our houses, the business pictured in supplying a whole assortment of water softening options for every household. And this notion gave birth to their lineup of water softeners, that was introduced to the public in 2002.

Ever since that time, the business managed to keep steady earnings in their softening apparatus and are frequently included among the greatest water softeners in many featured annual reviews on the net.

Morton Water Softener Reviews – Comparison Chart

Check NowShipping WeightDimensionEditor's Rating

Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30

95 pounds5 x 5 x 5 inches4.7 out of 5 stars

Morton 30,000 Grain Water Softener MSD30D

110 pounds4.8 out of 5 stars


89 pounds19 x 22.5 x 44 inches4.6 out of 5 stars

Morton softener is particular in the sense that it has used special technology. We need to look at the history of the softener before watching the technology. Now, we will look what things make the Morton special. You will get lots of reviews from the users and us.

Brief History Of Morton Water Softeners

Joy Morton is the originator of the Morton softener. He started it in 1889. They are making the best kind of salt.

You are acquainted with some people who like to use Morton salt. They start with the truly softening system.

In 1951, the company started to go ahead to water softening industry. The salt they made are used to make water soften in a water softener.

They reached their goal and then they decided to make the water softener system. In 2002, they manufactured their first product, and its name is “Morton System Saver.”

What Are the Advantages Of Having A Morton Water Softener? 

As stated above, the advantages you receive by having among the water softeners will be the following:

  • Their apparatus is salt-based that’s an established technology for water.
  • The virtually effortless operation that can provide tangible savings.
  • The cost is so realistic that it allows for an extra value-for-dollar option besides Fleck and GE.
  • They also incorporate a requirement-initiated regeneration like additional top water softeners.
  • Metal tank is Made from fiberglass
  • High hardness policy
  • Extended warranty protection by supplying another three years guarantee for the electric components that you do not usually get after buying other water Heater versions.


The only disadvantage of working with a Morton water purifier is the fact the fact that it might require power during operation.

Although some clients see this drawback as something impractical, this requirement can be justified using the addition of this emergency battery along with also the “Look Ahead” attribute that’s among the most notable features of Morton softening appliances.


Morton Water Softener Reviews – Top 7 Morton Water Softener


Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30

Morton System Saver 30,000 Grain Water Softener M30

The Morton M30 Water Softener is a kind of whole house 30,000-grain water softener.

For 160 years, Morton is working, and this is one of the leading companies in the world.

The Morton M30 can maintain a large family if they have hard water in their house. It has high rate delivery system.

The flow rate of the water is 11 gallons per minute and handling up 95- gallons water hardness per gallon.

For softening water, you may depend on this water softener.

Another great thing about the Morton 30 water softener is its physical size. The size of the softener is 17”x21”43” and adjustable one single tank.

It has a fully automatic monitoring system and essential for predicting the water usage.

The Morton M 30 has one-inch male threaded pipe connections for simple installation. If you are the owner of a big house or need lots of water, undoubtedly you can use this water softener. I have been spending many years in the servicing center.

Many people have bought it, and they got a positive result. They are much satisfied with the result. They also suggest other to purchase the softener system.

Features of Morton System Water Softener M30

  • The Various Types Of Morton Water Softener Systems
  • Morton water softener is the new addition in the field of the water softener. They are now very powerful.
  • They have the ability to compete with some of the best softener brands in the world.
  • Try to know the different types of Morton water softener systems and try to understand the various features and specializations of the top three picks.
  • There are lots of models in the market. From them, you can choose the best one for your use. You can set it according to the house you live.
  • If the member of your family is four, you would be better to use M20, if you have medium-large size house, you may use M27, M30 or MSD30D.
  • When you are living in a big family or a large family, the best kind of Morton we suggest for you is MSD45E, M34, and the MSD34C.

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Morton 30,000 Grain Water Softener MSD30D

Morton 30,000 Grain Water Softener MSD30D

Morton salt gives water softening systems for small business and for the whole house.

Softening water by Morton System Saver softener is more effective for detergents and soaps. You can enjoy whiter, better lathering soap, clean spot free dishes and brighter laundry.

In installation kit, there is: washer, bypass valve step down conversion nuts, copper connectors- permits connection from one inside dimension bypass valve to ¾ inch copper plumbing twenty ft. ac and dc adapter and 120/24 drain tube.

Features of Morton 30,000 Grain Water Softener MSD30D

  • 30,000-grain capacity Electronic “look-ahead” technology observes and gives the signal for water practice to restore only when required, applying 50 percent less salt from other units
  • Immediate regeneration button Deluxe single disk rotary valve
  • Installation is very simple and connects with 3/4 inch copper plumbing
  • Design adjusts with 1.3 square feet floor space eight hours power interruption protection

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Morton system saver water softener unit is the very effective system. The technology is patented, compact design, space saving, and 3400-grain demand regeneration unit. It has free technical support. The capacity of the unit is up to 200 pounds.

Features of ECOWATER SYSTEMS 8708 34K WTR Softener

  • It is highly durable
  • They are a multi-tool accessory
  • Manufacturer in China

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MORTON Salt 3980. 50-Lb. Extra Coarse Solar Salt Crystals

MORTON Salt 3980. 50-Lb. Extra Coarse Solar Salt Crystals

This product doesn’t take advantage of any chemical additive. These solar salt crystals have been chosen from a pure way in the salt water.

These salts generated will be the high heeled ones, which will aid in keeping up the brine tank nicely.

Additionally, the dimensions of the crystals are created with the ideal size necessary for the softening purpose.


  • Morton Aquarium Salt 50lb out of Morton Salt Inc., Fresh Water Conditioners Class with Version AMS03980
  • Morton Aquarium Salt 50lb utilized for Pets
  • Produced in the USA

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MORTON SALT 1501 50 lb System saver Pellet

MORTON SALT 1501 50 lb System saver Pellet

This ends in a lengthy run of this water softener ununited makes it useful. It’s also found that the item is effective at removing more iron when compared with another pellet out there.

Hence the capacity and also the sturdiness of this water purifier can be raised. By employing the pellets in an ideal way, you can increase the life, besides, to create the device efficiently.

This may again impact the usage of salt, and also the fantastic quantity of maintenance will be decreased.


  • Produced in the US
  • Easy and easy use kit
  • The merchandise is manufactured in the USA

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Morton Rust Remover Super Pellets Salt

Morton Rust Remover Super Pellets Salt

The pellets we’re likely to use is a high heeled apparatus. And they’re effective at eliminating rust 15 times longer when treating hard water compared to the salt. Additionally, you’ll discover that the flavor of this water is enhanced in the following water.

This Morton Pellets will get rid of the rust stains located in the device. Additionally, it eliminates any lousy odor and aids in enhancing the flavor of their water.

This item provides many services that help in keeping up the water Heater for quite a while.


  • High-Quality potable water softening salt devised to eliminate 15 times more rust or iron out of harsh water than salt
  • Improves water flavor, prevents rust stains, removes terrible tastes and scents
  • Helps maintain appliances and laundry without rust stains
  • Helps prevent rust stains on bathroom tile and fixtures

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Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets, 40-Pound 

Morton System Saver II Water Softening Pellets, 40-Pound

This item is offered in three dimensions, and they’re 25, 40 and 50 lbs. This will function on the water purifier in precisely the same time once the device is working on the flat water. It eliminated the mineral buildups observable on appliances.

We’ve provided an informative article on all of the Salt-free softener solutions here.

This may check the salt amounts within the device, also makes sure it has got 1/2 of this tank filled. It’s suggested that one wants to fill out the softener system together with all the salt bag once a month.


  • The Item is a handbag of 40lb system saver
  • The Merchandise is manufactured in USA
  • Easy and easy use kit

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How the Morton Water Softener Works?

The design of the softener is very excellent. MDS34C is designed with Look Ahead technology that can use for 34,000 Grain Demand Initiated Regeneration. This is the second largest model made by the Morton Salt Company and has secured 3.2 scores out of five in Water Softener Reviews.

morton water softener reviews

The Morton Salt Company 34M Wtr Softener Unit Msd34c conditioner is much supported by the manufacturer having all technical supports.

For parts, you will get a one-year warranty, and for the tank, you will get ten years. In the same unit, you will get brine and the tank.

The space saving design is chosen for people having only small space. The Morton Salt Company gives a unit that uses the lowest amount of salt at the time of softening water with proper manner.

What Makes Morton Water Softeners So Special?

All the companies have the same features but with little difference. The Morton look ahead method permits to soften water at the time of your need.

The water softener studies the water usage and saves your money time and salt. If you like to change it, automatically it will adjust, this is the best impressive option for the water softener.

People like the Morton as it has fiberglass resin tank. In the resin tank, the regeneration process takes place and ion exchanges.

The materials of the fiberglass ensure the durability of the tank and maintain efficiency for the softener all the times. Morton is excellent as it is made for family use as well as level water hardness.

The Morton has five models, and I am sure one of them will match to your need. Do not worry about the efficiency of the Morton. You may check it with ANSI or NSF. All Morton softeners follow NSF or ANSI 44 guidelines.

Morton Water Softener Problems

There are lots of water softeners found under Morton brand. The brine solution is structured by water salt and water. As you are a user of Morton system, it is a must for you to know the different issues which may arise in the brand of the systems.

Under there are some lists of common questions along with some problems which may come across while using any Morton Water Softener. They are stated below:

Does salt bridge affect the overall efficiency of the softener?

Yes. Salt Bridges are the normal issues of water softener unit. It may happen anytime. If you are a Morton softener user, you have to check it regularly. Be checking regularly, you will be able to know the presence of salt bridge inside the unit.

Speaking about the salt bridge, this is the stages of dried salts that may be seen over the softener unit. It is difficult to make the brine solution. Therefore, the softener task is greatly affected that makes the tool less efficient.

What is the required amount of the salt needed for regeneration?

Within a minute of falling time, it may make 0.9 pounds of salt. It is also up to the water usage where you are using the unit. Almost all the Morton Water Softener units need 2½ to seven pounds of salt for the regeneration process.

Will I find any rust formation on the Morton Softener unit?

Yes, there is the possibility of the presence of rust in the water softener system. It is a common thing that the rust is not visible with naked eyes. They are found by the side of the near the crevices of water pipes. They stay there for the pressure and for other chemical balance of water.

Morton leads soften water through the pipes, not through the hard water path. They make us aware that it forms rust on the way and over flood the whole area. For this, the water will turn into a colored solution. If it does not change very rapidly, the taste of water can be changed.9*98

Is it safe to consume Softened Water?

Softener water gets fewer users with it. Here important thing is that water will be high with sodium content. So it is suggested not to drink water for those who like to eat low sodium food.

In such case one may take Potassium Chloride instead of the Sodium Chloride. Still, the water will not be fit for using the plants. The reason is that there is a high level of salt content mixed with water.

Are there any possible issues related to the valves and nozzle here?

Nozzle and valve are the important parts of the unit which handles the flow of liquid out and out of the system. Also, it affects the way brine solution moves to the other units. There is a high possibility of leakage of the valves and nozzle of the product can get clogged.

Morton water softener manual

Morton water softener has a rich manual which contains the following information:

  • Dimensions
  • Inspect Shipment
  • Specifications and Performance Claims
  • Installation Requirements
  • Before You Start
  • Installation Instructions
  • Water Conditioning Information
  • Troubleshooting
  • Exploded View and Parts List
  • Customizing Features / Options
  • Routine Maintenance

Routine Maintenance

Refilling with Salt

Take out the salt lid and notice the salt stage now and then. When the water softener applies all the MortonSystem Saver

  • Salt Not Recommended: block, ties, table, granulated, ice melting, ice cream making salts, etc. are not suggested.
  • Salt with Iron Removing Additives: There is an additive to aid a water conditioner to handle iron of a water supply. We suggest for this:

Breaking a Salt Bridge

Sometimes you see the salt bridge or a hard crust in the brine tank. The reason is high humidity or the wrong kind of salt. If you see salt bridges in an empty space between the salt and the water, salt may not dissolve in water to make brine. Except for brine, the resin bed cannot recharge as well as hard water may result.

When the storage tank is full of salt, it is hard to tell about a salt bridge. A bridge can be under it loose salt. Choose a broom handle such as tool; place it next to the water softener. Mark the location from the floor to the rim of a water softener.

After that carefully press the broom handle straight down the salt. When you feel a hard object is felt before the mark of the pencil or on the top, this is likely salt bridge. Carefully take it in different places to break it.

Do not use sharp or pointed objects since it can puncture the brine tank. It is better not to attempt breaking the salt bridge by pounding from the outside of the salt tank. By doing this, you can damage the tank.

Protect the Water Softener from Freezing

Since the softener is set up where it may freeze, you have to drain all water from it to resist possible freeze damage. For draining the softener:

  1. Lock the shut off valve of the house main water pipe, close to the water meter or pressure tank. Expose the faucet in the softener pipes to expel pressure in the softener.
  2. Forward the stem in the single bypass valve to bypass. Shut off the inlet and outlet valve in a three valve bypass system, and expose bypass valve. As you desire water in the house pipes once again, reopen the shut off valve for the main pipe.
  3. Unplug the transformer to the wall outlet. Take out the cover of the softener top together along with the salt lid. Remove both drain hoses since they may interfere with removing the softener to the position over the drain.
  4. Press the bypass valve body to the softener and remove the big holding clips carefully to the softener outlet and inlet. Divide the softener from plastic installation adaptors or the bypass valve.
  5. Keep a piece of the two-inch thick board near the floor drain.
  6. Forward the softener near to the drain. Gently and softly, tip it over as long as the rims remain on the wood block with the outlet and inlet on the drain. Do not keep the weight of the softener on the inlet and outlet fitting as they may break.
  7. Tip the below of the softener up a few inches and catch until all water is drained. Depart the softener laying such as this till you are prepared to utilize it. Plug the outlet and inlet with clean rags to preserver bugs, dirt and so on.


Manual Advance Regeneration CheckThis check verifies accurate operation of the Brine tank fill, valve motor, regeneration flowrates, brine draw and other controller function. All time make the initial checks as well as the manually initiated diagnostics.

NOTE: The electronic control display presents a steady tie. When there are an error code presents, press the select button first to enter the diagnostic display.

  • Switch on the recharge button and catch in for 3 seconds. Recharging begins to flash since the softeners valve moves forward from the service to fill the position. Take out the brine well cover and use a flashlight, notice fill water going the tank. When water does not go into the tank, notice unobstructed nozzle, venture, brine tubing, fill flow plug and brine valve riser pipe.
  • After noticing fill, switch the Recharge button to shift the valve of the softener to the brine position. The flow of water will begin very low. Take out verify brine from the brine tank by unsullied a flashlight to the brine well and monitor a noticeable drop in the liquid level. It can take 15 to 20 minutes.

NOTE: Be sure water has a good contact with salt, not individually with the salt bridge since water softener may not draw brine, notice for:

= Plugged or dirty nozzle and venture, notice Cleaning the Nozzle and Venturi section.

= Nozzle, As well as venturi, are not rested on the gasket/gasket deformed.

= Valve seals are leaking.

= Impediment, the valve drain, making a back pressure. Notice install valve drain hose section.

= impediment in brine valve and brine tubing.

  • To move the softener valve, press the recharge button to the backwash position. Search a fast flow of water from the hose of the drain. Notice the drain may handle the volume and flow. An obstructed flow refers a plugged top distributor, drain hose and backwash flow plug.
  • Switch the recharge button to shift the softener’s valve to the fast rinse position. Once again see the fast drain flow. Permit the softener to rinse for few times to flush out brine which may take a position in the resin tank from the brining cycle test.
  • To re-position the softener’s valve to the service position, switch on the Recharge button.

Morton Water Softener Reviews from User End

The softener is great, and there is no doubt. The price is very reasonable. I lived in Pearland, TX and I got city water. So I do not have hard water. It may be seven grains.

I purchased it to remove calcium, and it does function very well and using it for a year, and I need not change it. I need 1.5 to 2 bags of salt in a year that also depends on my usage.

The size is fit for my spare refrigerator or washer. If I use bigger, I need to buy another one as it did not fit the space. I would suggest it for the unit goes no scale.

I am now using one-inch connection tied to my PEX water line, and I install it myself, and it is not a rocket science but remember it will take some time to install if you do not have all the PEX parts.

It has been purchased from online and had gone to Lowes for PEX fittings. It’s being used various valves to bypass the water softener if necessary. I keep a particular filter ahead of using another valve. It took few days to install it.

I had to cut water line in the attic. Avoid attic if it is hot. I suggest everyone buy the softener. I do not face any difficulties with it.

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Water softeners pass hard water inside the tank containing charged resin bead with great materials and remove it without causing any damage. Most of the softening system wears out with the passage of time by using for a long time.

Unluckily, almost all water softeners wear out as the charge fades with the use. Morton’s system safer gives something uncommon- the power to recharge the pellets may help to stop the deterioration of the plumbing without any filter which requires being cleaned.

In conclusion, we can say that the review of Morton Water Softener will aid you to take the right decision to buy a good water softener for your home.

As you have more expectation to know more about the reviews of the top 5 system saver line models, you have to choose it more. Besides if you are interested to know more about how the system works for your home, it would be wise to visit the official website.

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