The Best Big Berkey Water Filter – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Berkey water filters remove contaminants from the water well. They are being used in the whole world to set the standard of pure water.

Berkey water filter can filter water outside natural source and turn it into great tasting and purest drinking water possible. The system is using a natural method instead of a complicated or chemical method.

Best Big Berkey Water Filter 2018 – Comparison Chart

The Berkey water filter is very powerful, so it is considered as a purifier. This classification indicates that we are going far exceed the abilities of some other standard filters.

The system may filter no portable and unhealthy water where there is the lack of water pressure and electricity. For some hard situations like rivers, lakes or well for normal use in the everyday water you can use Berkey as a most appreciating filtration system.

The cost of per gallon is 1.7 cents to produce. The cleanable Black Berkey filters ensure reliable, economical, powerful long-term solution for poor water quality.

The Big Berkey has a great reputation for good service and great quality. The reason is that we provide clean drinking water for lots of people during natural disasters by many international relief organizations.

Top 3 Methods A Berkey Water Filter Will Help Your Life

Top 3 Methods A Berkey Water Filter Will Help Your Life

Drink To Your Health – Berkey Water Filters eliminates the Bad, keeps the Good

  • The Berkey water system is superior in the sense that it can remove harmful cysts, pathogenic bacteria, practices and some unhealthy chemical contaminants like Chlorine higher than 99.99% and preserve essential minerals for the body.
  • Is it known to you that over 60% of US municipal water is fluoridated? Berkey water filter is uncommon in the sense that it can reduce fluoride as well as arsenic via the PF like of the filters effortlessly

Affordability – Berkey Water Filters give a Great Return on Investment

  • One Berkey Water Filter will last up to 3000 gallons. The amount is surely larger than the other water filter solutions in the market.
  • Per week 10 gallons, is equal to more than 11.5 years of healthy clean drinking water.
  • Have arsenic and fluoride reduction, for one gallon of Berkey water; one needs to spend seven cents.
  • Think how much money can you able to save by using this Berkey water filter instead of buying lots of bottled water

Versatility – Berkey Water Filters Purify Both Used as well as Untreated Water

  • The Berkey Water filter can purify both the treated and untreated water from the various sources like streams, stagnant ponds, streams and water supplies in some foreign countries.
  • The micropores of re-cleanable or self-sterilizing Black Berkey water filter are so small that pathogenic bacteria can not pass through them.
  • The Berkey Water filter does not need electricity. It will work as a lifesaver at the time of loss of electricity, during times of flooding, and for other emergency periods. The filters are also very portable

How The Big Berkey Water Filter works

The pores are very small and small particles like cysts, bacteria, sediment, parasites, and sedimentary minerals cannot pass through it. The media formulation both adsorbs and absorbs some contaminants.

By ion exchange process heavy metals ions are extracted. The water molecule sometimes takes in filtered elements. If the molecules remain for a longer time the more, will remove from water.

Berkey removes contaminants including fluoride

Berkey removes contaminants including fluoride

Berkey filters have the ability to improve the taste of water. But it is useless if we like to remove harmful pollutants like toxins from tap water.

Berkey water filters can remove

  • Chlorine and chloramine – Toxic chemicals may use to sanitize water.
  • Fluoride –A highly toxic chemical that should not remain in one’s water supply.
  • Bacteria, Microorganisms, and viruses.
  • Heavy metals.
  • Pharmaceuticals –the city water treatment does not remove pharmaceuticals. Berkey can remove 99.5% pharmaceuticals like hormones or antibiotics

Important Tip #1:

I would like to make the idea clear to give a concrete idea in your head. If your water is fluoridated, find the Berkey along with Fluoride Filters that comes from the fluoride and carbon filters.

You will see the same thing on all the pages of If your water is a non-fluoridated water source, you should use the carbon filter unit.

Important Tip #2: 

At the time of screwing, do not screw them very tightly. You must run water through the filter for four times to remove cloudiness from the water. These are stated in the instruction well.


The Best Big Berkey Water Filter Review 2018


Big Berkey Water Filter System

 Big Berkey Water Filter System

The very big Berkey system is great for using at home and small or medium size Berkey system is great for outdoor activities, medium size family, or some emergency period.

The powerful system treats water, untreated raw from sources like streams, lakes, stagnant ponds, water supplies for foreign countries.

The Berkeley is great for use where there is no electricity, no water pressure or easily available treated water.

The big Barkley system removes cysts, bacteria, parasites and reduces dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs without removing the useful mineral for the body.

The top chamber nests to the below chamber for transport and reaches only 13″ in height. The system will filter up to 15 Gallons per day.

The system is completed with two nine ceramic elements. The storage ability of the system is 2.25 gallons. When it stands the height is 19.25 inch and a diameter is 8.5 inches.


  • Comes with two PF-4 Fluoride Filters
  • Can filter around 15 gallons Every Day
  • Big Berkey Water Filter with two x 9″ Ceramic Filters
  • Comes with 2 PF-4 Fluoride Filters
  • Big Berkey stainless steel water filter system
  • Self-sterilizing and re-cleanable filters
  • Can filter up to fifteen gallons per day
  • Inside the kitchen keep it in a safe place

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Big Berkey Water Filter with 2 x 9″ Ceramic Filters

Big Berkey Water Filter with 2 x 9" Ceramic Filters

The versatile Big Berkey system is an ideal system to use for medium size or small sized family, outdoor activities, travel, during unexpected situations.

The system can filter both treated and untreated water from different sources like streams, lakes, water supplies in foreign countries, stagnant water.

Berkey is perfect for such outdoor activities where lack of electricity, treated water or water pressure is not easily available.

The system can remove cysts, pathogenic bacteria, and parasites as well as harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs by keeping the beneficial mineral for body needs.

It is made of polished 304 stainless steel. It is completed with two 9’’ ceramic elements. The capacity of the system is 2.25 gallons. The storage capacity of the system is 2.25 gallons. At the time of using it rests 19.25-inch height having a diameter of 8.5 inches.

The upper chamber is kept in the lower chamber for transport. The height of the upper chamber is 13 inches. The capacity of the system is 12 to 15 gallons a day.


  • Big Berkey stainless steel water filter system
  • 2 x 9″ British Berkefeld Ceramic SuperSterasyl Filters
  • Can filter around 15 gallons Every Day
  • Holds 2.25 gallons of filtered water
  • Self-sterilizing and re-cleanable filters
  • Keeps 2.25 gallons of pure water
  • 2 x 9″ British Berkefeld Ceramic SuperSterasyl Filters
  • Simple to manage
  • Durable
  • Take place but before that confirm safe water.

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Berkey Light

Berkey Light

Berkey Light is more portable, lower cost as well as a lightweight alternative to the stainless models of the brand. The filter can produce the similar quality of water.

The weight of the unit is seven pounds and can reserve up to 2.5 gallons of fresh water. The container is made of upper-quality copolyester. So simple you can determine the measure of water in the top container.

The Berkey Light can hold four Black Berkey filters. The model offers two. So it can filter water 3.75 gallons per hour. The system can contest with PF-2 filters that you can buy.


  • Berkey Light System comprises; 2 black filters, BPA-free canisters, and foundation, cloth lid, spigot and two holes sticks.
  • Purifies up to 4 liters per hour with a holding capacity of 2.75 gallons. The Berkey Light system provides enough water for teams of around 10 to 20 individuals.
  • Filter Life: Up to 6,000 g to both contained black filter components (3,000 gallons per filter components)
  • Produced of lightweight BPA-free poly substance That’s extremely durable
  • Light and lasting that the translucent container makes it easier to Ascertain the amount of water at the upper container without needing to possess the water-view spigot
  • Berkey Light System includes; BPA-free canisters & base, two black filters, spigot, fabric lid, and two hole plugs.
  • The purification speed is 4 gallons/ per hour, and the holding capacity is 2.75 gallons.
  • The Berkey Light system can give water for a group of people up to ten or twenty.
  • There are no cons

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IMP6X2-BB Imperial Berkey Filters

IMP6X2-BB Imperial Berkey Filters

Berkey is a kind of filtering method to meet the demand of the great number of people.

Berkey increased the diameter of the lower container, also increased the lower and upper container up to six filter elements.

In this model, there are two Black Berkey elements and 2 PF-2 fluoride filters. The storage capacity is 4.5 gallons.

With the two Black Berkey element, you will get 5.5 gallons of fresh water per hour.

The body of the Burkey is made of more durable stainless steel. Therefore, the unit will remain for a long time. You will confirm that it would serve well.


  • Holds 4.5 gallons of water and filters around 5.5 gallons per hour (running together with the two included filters)
  • The Imperial consists of High Grade 304 Stainless Steel and measures 10″D x 27″H
  • The system is designed High Grade 304 Stainless Steel as well as measures 10″D x 27″H
  • Keeps 4.5 gallons of water and filter up to 5.5 gallons/ hour
  • The lifespan of each Berkey is 3000 gallons. That is 6000 gallons for two filter system.
  • Each Fluoride Filter adds to the stem of the Black Element can filter up to 1,000 gallons (3,785 liters)
  • Maybe the size

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Berkey water filter test

Our page has got 3 Berkey groups buys, giving a reduced rate and free delivery quarterly. Now the question arises: do the fluoride filters work?

A man said her scientist friend demands NO filter may remove fluoride, only Reverse Osmosis. Few of us moved to Google to see the rest result. There are some third-party lab’s results showing the filter works well to eliminate heavy metals.

But we failed to find a single one result of fluoride test. Not 1. Therefore, we ask a couple of people of our online society to examine water. Sometimes I ask the house owner to do it annually as I do for my good water.

The results of the tests are shown here, and we are less than thrilled.

Test 1:

Fifty percent removal… they demand 95% removal. The result is taken from the volunteers who have accomplished the test: 2 of the PF2’s are used. I am happy to see that it can remove fluoride but hopeless as it is not more.

We have got Berkey for 2 months, refill it one or two times a day, the filters are still pretty now. It costs me 20 dollars; I requested as many as possible to do it and share the result with us, the more, the better.

If you like to test your water: you have to get Google testing lab in your area. It needs to be delivered quickly to be fixed. I live in the middle of the town, and we have lab within an hour of our house.

You need to do more and more tests; we just aimed fluoride for this scheme. Use a professional lab. You have to do more testing; it may cost more. It may vary from lab to lab, but this is not insanely luxurious.

Test #2, Notices tap water, 9m ancient fluoride filter results and new fluoride filter results. You see the brand new filters only can remove any more fluoride, but superbly add aluminum content with water. The lab recommends not more than .2 in the water; it is 5.09 post-Berkey filtering.

A third test presents removal rate up to 78%. It is greater than 50% of the first case, but still, they advertise 99% of removal.

What Are the Benefits of Berkey Water Filters?

Portability. Berkey product does not need electricity for installation or running, so they are portable enough. Some filters are very big and made to keep a large amount of water; they can be removed. The portability of filters is perfect for using in emergency periods like shortage of electricity, flooding or others.

What Are the Benefits of Berkey Water Filters

Berkey has different sizes in the market. From them, you can pick your desired one that is perfect for your need.

Price. The Berkey filters are standard. The lifespan of the filter is over eleven years. You need not replace the filter every six months like the other standard filters. It is money saving. For a gallon of filter water, you have to spend only 1.7 cents.

All the elements of the water filtration system of the brands are made of Black Berkey elements and have got ANSI or NSF standard. So they are high rated purifier. It can remove parasites, bacteria, heavy metals, VOCs, chlorine, toxic chemicals, arsenic, and fluoride.

Berkey water filter problems

When I bought the Berkey water system the first problem I faced I got is lack of clean water. This is the main function of a water filter to clean water. I am very much shocked when I poured water into my filter system then come out a slight brownish color from it.

This color mater does not happen at this time, so I am sure that it is not as it may not set accurately. I have bought the water filter, and it works very well.

All things seem in good condition, and the water is clear and clean. After few weeks the water coming out from the filter is starting to get the brownish color to it.

The first thing I have done that I threw it away and purchased a new filter by thinking it is just a fluke. After two months, the same thing happened again. This time I found even grosser and brown water than the previous time.

I am not happy with giving this gross water to my family. Therefore I rapidly started to do some more research for a new water filter that I would talk more about this later on.

The polluted water is the first huge strike against the Berkey Water Filters. But the second striking thing is the quality of the materials which are used to make the system itself and the replacement filters.

When I bought the water filtration system, I was not worried at all. I thought I had bought quality materials with my new purchase as it is rather a high-end water filter.

Berkey Water filters are not the cheapest water filters which the stores are selling. There are some more expensive water filters found at my local superstore.

When I first time bought the filters from an online shop, I came to know that the filter is made of cheap materials. I have bought 2 filter packs and instantly understand how fragile and cheap I felt on my hand. It is very much different from the original filters which come with the system.

The price of the replacement filters is very low and last only a few weeks prior giving out totally. For spending more money for the water filters, I can say that the products are made out of higher quality products.

Troubleshoot of The Best Big Berkey Water Filter

The water of the upper chamber of Berkey fails to drain all the way. This is the very normal case for the last one/ 2 to one of water to keep in the upper chamber. The water goes through micropores over the elements to go from the upper to the low chamber.

If the water level is lower, the pressure of water is lower to pass water through the pores. The system can purify water faster as full than as half full.

The reason is there is more pressure. The way to overcome it is to enlarge pores inside the filter elements. This may reduce the speed of purification system. In every cycle, the water of the prior cycle mix with the present cycle, and it is purified.

You should not think about the more water during use. If you break the flow of water for sometimes, it will not make the top chamber empty before leaving.

Cleaning The Black Berkey Filters

One way for scrubbing the away clogged surface of the Berkey Black Filter uses a Scotch Brite sponge to clean at the time of holding filter under running water. Just think, you are outside of the layer of the filter.

The materials of filter absorb pollutants. Fresh unclogged materials are uncovered to use. I would prefer to tell you that I was concerned that I was going to wear a gap through the filter.

Cleaning The Black Berkey Filters

The Dan at Big Berkey Water Filter Systems confirms that the filters are thick and I was waiting for a long time to scrub. I was kept scrubbing the filter at the time of rotating it below the running faucet, and I was exhausted.

There are two ways of cleaning Big Berkey Black Water filters. Both the system need to remove the filter from the unit.

We chose the system, and we are going back to its speed of cleaning water. After some days we see that the cycle of cleaning water was lasting longer. We have checked the Big Berkey Black Water Filters on the web and found FAQ which is dealing with the similar issues we are expecting.

In different times, we experience water quality changes inside the reservoirs in which we keep drinking water. In this article, we see various methods of cleaning the filters.

Use a Potato peeler; you can read it just now. You can do a simple potato peeler to peel away the outside layer catch contaminates at the time of rotating the filter under running water. The layer of the filter is very thin like the thinner paper.

When I am done with the filters, they were again installed to the Berkey system and did not like lopsided black cucumbers. The filters are very harder, and it is very easy to keep them for round looking.

The water starts to flow again, and Tom becomes uncle of someone. Still, our Berkey Water Filters are kept still running strong.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Big Berkey Water Filter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Best Big Berkey Water Filter

Question: Does the Black Berkeys able to remove Chloramines?

Answer: The Company’s lab is trying to test the chloramine removal for sometimes. They have no idea to taste the gravity filter systems for chloramine removal. As they are testing the black Berkey for the whole life, the testing cost of it is very high. The Berkey would not remove chloramines, as you do not know it yet. We have firm belief that the test would prove it.

From our research, we found that the Berkey can remove chloramines from water significantly. This is the view of Central Coast Water Authority website and some others that state a carbon filter can remove chloramines as it is made of high-quality carbon.

Question: Tell something about the life shelf of the Black Berkey purification elements.

Answer: The life of the shelf of Black Berkey product is indefinite. They may last up to your need them. If you like to preserve them for a long duration, you should better keep in the zip-lock bag. The reason is that they are strong enough to hold contaminants from the air. If you keep them in airborne contaminants area for keeping a long time, it may destroy. A ziplock will save the shelf from occurring this event.

Final Verdict

We are happy with the Berkey water filtration system. The filtered water and fulfill the demand of purification treatment. The long lifespan of the filter makes the unit affordable and more economical compared with other filtration systems.

Final Verdict of Berkey Water Filter

The system will give pure and clean drinking water for your family. Different families like to buy different sizes and configuration. Berkey fulfills the demand of the customers. When you finish reading the article, you will be able to know how the filter works or the system is fit for your need.

Unlike Berkey water filters transport. I’d my Berkey in my dorm room and took it with me once I recently transferred to my new residence.

It takes just 5 minutes to disassemble the Berkey and a couple of minutes for the meeting, so it leaves a travel-friendly filter option.

It is possible to bring it with you for those who to a cottage, hotel space, campsite, or home rental, for instance. Do not forget about placing a Berkey on your workplace if you would like to supply yourself/clients/patients’ clean water.

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