Berkey Fluoride Filter Review! Effectively Removes Fluoride and Arsenic

The Dark Berkey Water Purification Components is among the very best gravity filtration components on the planet. Berkey systems with Black Berkey components are known as Purifiers since they remove a great deal higher than standard filters.


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A functional carbon block produced from organic coconut husk, the micropores from the Black Berkey components are so modest that germs are just unable to pass through them. They’re also so strong they can eliminate red food coloring out of the water without removing valuable minerals that your body requires.

The Dark Berkey purification components additionally remove or substantially reduce viruses, adware parasites, parasites, harmful or unwanted chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, VOCs, detergents, organic compounds, cloudiness, trihalomethane, silt, sediment, and heavy metals, and foul tastes, and odors, yet they leave the healthful and valuable minerals your body requires.

Do you presently have a gravity porcelain filter program? Black Berkey purification components fit most seat top design gravity filter methods, so it is possible to update your existing ceramic filtration system. This dramatically improves their capacity to get rid of unwanted contaminants. Quality assessed by the Aussie Berkey Shop group prior shipping.

Berkey Fluoride Filter Review

Last update on 2024-04-13 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


  • The PF-2 is to be used with Dark Berkey Purifiers – Should you utilize ceramic filters, You’ll Need the PF-4
  • Mostly Filters Fluoride and Arsenic
  • Attaches to the base of a Dark Berkey Purifier – Employed as a Post-Filter

Pros & Cons of Berkey Fluoride Filter


  • Bad smells and flavor transform municipal mains water to water which tastes pure and sweet
  • Chlorine to under detectable laboratory levels


  • Nothing to worry about

How to Install PF-2 (A complete Installation Procedure)

  • Eliminate the top room from the filtration system and put it upside down onto a counter to ensure that the stalks of the Black Berkey components are facing upwards.
  • Together with the water flow arrow pointing from the top room (the PF-2 water filters have ribbons on one end only) twist the PF-2 water filters on the stalks of every Black Berkey filter eight revolutions. Care: a) don’t turn the PF-2 filter more than eight revolutions because this might damage the inner media display b) The flow arrow must point away from the top chamber.
  • Replace the top house in the lower house (the PF-2 water filters must be hanging in the smaller room). Fill the top reservoir with water and let it drain into the smaller chamber. When the lower room is complete, discard this 1st batch of plain water, which might include some residual procedure dust. Your purification process is prepared for use. Care: On a rare occasion it could take up to 5 whole room flushes/batches before the dust subsides. If the dust doesn’t deteriorate following the 5th full batch of water, then please contact us to get an expected replacement.

Technical Information and Testing

Outcomes of < 1ppm of the fluoride ion in the effluent were typical for the media (>95% decrease). This item uniquely targets the whole household of arsenic oxide anions in addition to the arsenic cations.

Our initial tests were performed using gravity to purge the PF-2 filters. Ever since that time, we’ve added a measure using purging buttons that are a lot more effective at eliminating any residual procedure dust out of the PF-2 media.

PF-2 filters include high level activated alumina (Al2O3), which now is the most effective media offered for extracting fluoride from water. Below are the results we got when analyzing the PF-2 filters (the water wasn’t pre-filtered via the Dark Berkey filter components). The decrease over time is a result of further residual procedure dust being cleaned free in the PF-2 filter since the machine is utilized.

Even though the above results imply that the residual procedure dust adds a second number of activated alumina into the water, the Black Berkey water filters decrease aluminum in the water. We analyzed water which comprised .320ppm aluminum and filtered it through the combo of the Dark Berkey along with also the article conditioned PF-2 filter components (5 cycles). Nonetheless, the tests demonstrated a net reduction from the Black Berkey filter component from the blend of naturally occurring aluminum and any remaining activated alumina (Al2O3) procedure dust in the PF-2 elements.

What Others Say About Berkey PF-2 Fluoride Filter

Haven’t had the water analyzed to determine just how much fluoride has been removed, but it tastes fantastic. Do not prime them enough and the first couple of batches of water had been muddy. Out them and primed again before the water ran clear and they have been fine.

Do not be like prime them till they conduct clear the very first time.

I have a Royal Berkey and the PF-2’s take up far too much distance in the wash chamber. The water level is only going to fill to the base of the filter when they’re on. It proceeds to fill out of the top room as you utilize the water but efficiently is squandering half the possible storage. Guess it is no problem unless you are going through water by the gallon crummy layout though Berkey water elves.

Big Berkey Water Filter | Product Review | Water Filtration System

Berkey Fluoride Filter FAQs

1. Question: Can these shower filters match together with your washing shower head? Can they match with any additional massaging shower head?

Answer: I do not believe these are to get a shower filter – they’re for the water purifier. See complete description before you buy them.

2. Question: Have you been the fluoride filter problems still current – an oily film on white, water remaining substance, and flow in the top? Thanks!

Answer: This is my 2nd place in the previous two decades, and I have not had any issues. The white material happens if you do not flush it correctly per the instructions when you get fresh ones. Should you follow the directions and run it via the filtration procedure once to find the last of it, then you are home free.

When there’s a bit about the 2nd or even 3rd pass onto your Berkey, it is merely because you have not flushed it great enough per the instructions. Could taste a bit bitter but it will not hurt you, and it’ll go away. Water will get crystal clear and flavor pure. All these are worthwhile and would purchase them indefinitely. The other water stinks and is the toxin.

3. Question: After cleansing my black filters my water leak, slows down fast. Does this mean that I need to acquire new fluoride blockers? Are they obstructed?

Answer: The black filters must maintain the PF-2’s out of clogging, proper priming of both kinds of filters is significant and may demonstrate the indicators of what you are describing. You might choose to reevaluate how that is completed.


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