Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems Review

If you have been dealing with aquariums for a while, then there is a high probability that you have come across the brand Aquatic Life. Today, we are going to be presenting you with the aquatic life RO buddie review.

A reverse osmosis system is a great investment for hobbyists who are fascinated by aquariums. Those who deal with saltwater tanks must have a reverse osmosis/deionization system like the aquatic life RO Buddie.

Its 4-stage RO/DI system makes for an impressively compact package, which is a far more convenient option than something like sediment filters. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the review.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems Review

If you have just started with aquariums, then you would be glad to hear that the form factor of the Aquatic Life RO Buddie is suitable for smaller areas. The dimensions are such that you can easily fit it anywhere without it making your room look horrendous.

And the replacement facility is as easy as it can get. Among the three cartridges, two are right in the front, and the removal of quick connections is also a breeze. To make things easier, a wrench comes with the product so you can remove the reverse osmosis membrane without any hassle.

The three-stage filtration system in the RO system ensures that the purity of the water is perfect for suiting aquatic life. A fourth stage has also been added, which improves the conductivity of the water by adding more ions. In addition to that, it also helps to protect the membrane from reverse osmosis.

In case you have gone down in the DI/RO systems market, you have probably noticed that they are certainly not cheap. However, fortunately, this product has a reasonable price tag, which will give you a great bang for the buck.

Three-Stage Filtration

Aquatic life reverse osmosis buddy system comes in three variations of filter cartridges to purify and filter the tap water.

Let us begin with the most vital part of reverse osmosis, which is the thin-film composite (TFC) membrane. What it basically is, is a thin, partially permeable membrane situated in the center canister to eliminate particular contaminants present in the water.

Secondly, there is a sediment cartridge. Its job is not anything difficult; it just removes the larger impurities of the water, which can clog up the RO/DI system.

You might think that tap water is just fine for aquatic life, but it needs some purifying before that. Tap water is treated with chlorine before it is distributed in the main supply, and even though it looks safe and clear, it is actually an issue.

Here is where the self-contained carbon filter comes to help. It removes chemicals and even dissolved solids out of the water before it is fed to the aquatic life. As a result, the water that reaches the aquarium is odor and poor taste-free.

The Importance of Adding the Fourth Stage

As mentioned previously in the article, the fourth stage is extremely important in increasing the conductivity of the water.

The three-stage filtration system can be easily converted to a four-stage filter by adding the deionization color-changing bed resin cartridge. And the role of this filter is to produce OH- and H+, anions, and cations, respectively, which will improve the water conductivity by leaps and bounds.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pros & Cons of Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems


  • One of the best value-for-money systems in the market
  • Good brand value
  • Replacement and installation are not difficult at all
  • Massively improved conductivity of water upon the easy addition of the fourth stage
  • The three-stage filtration system results in tasteless and odor-free water
  • Features a small and compact design


  • The water purified cannot be drunk by humans
  • If everything is not well fitted, then there will be leaks

Ease of Installation

By now, you must know that the aquatic buddie is a compact reverse osmosis system that is suitable for smaller spaces. Mounting brackets are provided so that holding the item together will not be an issue. The small form factor also allows us to keep it at a short distance from the aquarium.

Even when you have to replace the filter cartridges, you will not face too many difficulties due to the inclusion of a wrench with the box, which will also help in opening the housing cap of the system.

An adapter is on the faucet, so a basic male GHT (garden hose thread) can be attached without sweat. And a quarter-inch tube connects the incoming water, wastewater, and purified water; the best part is that it comes with the package.

TFC membrane of about 12 inches can be placed in the membrane housing. The sediment and carbon filter cartridge are in the front, so replacement is no big headache.

Steps to follow to install:

  • The RO Buddie™ applies consumable Sediment, RO membrane, and Carbon Cartridges. The Carbon cartridges and the Sediment are self-restricted. The RO membrane is situated in the center canister.
  • When the tubing is separated, remove the Membrane Housing Lid.
  • Mount the RO Buddie to a strong foundation by applying the two brackets added.
  • Remove the Membrane from the plastic bag and enter the Membrane Housing.
  • Use Wrench. Replace the blue clip and reattach the tubing to ensure it is to the Membrane Housing. It is a must to confirm the Membrane is inserted into the canister prior screwing the lid to the housing.
  • Add the Faucet Adapter with a standard threaded garden hose or utility sink. Take out the blue clip and enter ¼-inch Tubing with the Faucet adapter. Alter the blue clip to protect the tubing.
  • Add ¼-inch Tubing with the Filtered Water connection and another piece of ¼-inch Tubing to the Waste Water connection. Set up the blue clips to verify the tubing with the connections.
  • All tubing connections have a double push up the connectors. You may feel a 2 step insert to validate the tubing is entered all the way to the connectors on the RO Buddie. After that, reinstall the blue clips.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie + DI Installation

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems are the best investments any hobbyist may make and the new Aquatic Life RO Buddie is 3 stages and compact RO system made to fit in tight and spaces budgets. Rather than using sediment filters or typical plastic housing, Aquatic life uses sealed and smaller filters same as line filters for refrigerators.

Among the most vital buys anybody starting a saltwater tank faces would be an inverse osmosis/deionization (RO/DI) filtration system.

Distilled water rankings on the peak of the list of “components” for a successful reef tank are also essential in preserving optimum parameters such as captive ocean life.

Regrettably, the price of a typical reverse osmosis system and the simple fact that water filters are not readily related to aquarium gear frequently lead beginner aquarists to miss this crucial element of a healthy fish tank.

Aquatic Life, the California-based firm known for its line of aquarium lights, pumps, and filtration apparatus, intends to change that tendency with its streamlined, cheap RO/DI filtration unit known as RO Buddie. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of the intriguing new improvement from Aquatic Life.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie RO Specifications

  • The small footprint of the RO unit helps it to preserve under cabinets or in the limited spaces
  • Carbon Cartridges and Sediment are very easy to replace
  • Membrane Housing receives standard 11-3/4″ membrane filters
  • The faucet Adapter creates it informally to attach to customary male hose thread
  • Quick Connections helps to replace and remove simply
  • Mounting Brackets grip the unit firmly while equestrian in a suitable location
  • Wrench brands removing the membrane housing cap simple
Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems Review

New Version of Aquatic Life 50 GPD 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis / Deionization (RO/DI) System

Aquatic life RO Buddie 4 stage

The 4-stage systems comprise our enhanced DI Color Changing Bed Resin Cartridgeusing MBD-30-NG Nuclear Grade Resin. The Anion resins and Cation (OH- and H+) from the DI cartridge press eliminate most of the residual total dissolved solids (TDS) from membrane-filtered water and create purified water using a standard conductivity value of~0.1µS/kg.

Aquatic life RO Buddie replacement filters

The DI resin capsule is reusable and contains a crystal-clear casing so that you are aware at a glance once the press must be replaced. Each DI Cartridge contains two clips that permit the capsule to assign to the front of the membrane housing. Included mounting brackets maintain the device firmly while mounted at a handy place.

Quick Connections Make It Easy to Remove and Replace Cartridges

All RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis systems utilize Thin-Film Composite (TFC) Membranes together with Carbon and Sediment pre-cartridges to effectively and economically remove harmful substances like heavy metal ions, dissolved solids (TDS), Chlorine, and particulate matter in municipal tap water. The 4-Stage RO/DI program involves a DI resin capsule to eliminate most staying TDS.

Why Aquatic Life RO

It’s a compact system that could fit comfortably in a little location. It supplies aquarium-quality purified water.

It may efficiently remove contaminants like total dissolved solids (TDS), metal ions, and chlorine.

Aquatic Life is a famous producer of aquarium products. They provide educational content and superb customer care. They’ve selected Reverse Osmosis technology, a significant technology for filtering water.

water purifier machine

User Review on Aquatic Life RO Buddie

The RO Buddies

This may be a costly option for creating better water for the aquarium system, but after two weeks it is working well. This is tough to know to monitor the pressure. But this is the only method without a meter to flow water at a rate that generates the declared God. You can watch it with the thermometer.

Without it, I could not grow some hardy plants like Anubia or Vallisneria, and the water condition sucked. I believe this will resolve my obstacle, but it is the time consumed.

What Media Says On Aquatic Life RO Buddie Review

The Aquatic Life RO Buddie contains various types of stages and capacities. If you open the box, you will get the membrane. The package is done separately, and it will save the life. Moreover, if you install it once; you will get water.

What Media Says On Aquatic Life RO Buddie Review

Then you will find that the RO chamber is compact and intact. There is a pre-pack in which you will get instruction, a host of adaptive, and a wrench. The water of the tap will enter into the carbon cartridge, and it can remove 95 % of dissolved particles from the water.

You may simply insert the membrane into the cylinder and be sure the black gasket or the top palace setting press it down and gets ready to use.

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems Review Video:

Aquatic Life RO Buddie Reverse Osmosis Systems Review FAQs

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding the product:

Can it filter chemicals such as sodium and sulfur?

Yes, it can. It can filter almost all chemicals.

What is the pH of the water purified by this system?

The water purifier is completely neutral, with a pH of 7.0.

Does a flow control valve come with the product?

No, unfortunately, it does not. However, you can easily find it at hardware stores and also on Aquatic Life’s official website.

What are the dissimilarities between the 100 gallons and 50-gallon models?

The capacity of 50 is 50 gallons of water per day, whereas 100 makes 100 GDP. So the 100 is double the time faster than the 50. I use a 50, and within 40 to 45 minutes, I get only one gallon of water. If you have a big tank, you need to buy a 100 as it will make the tank full quickly. I found the 50 is better for the 30-gallon saltwater environment. I like to make 3 to 5 gallons of water per week.

How much pressure should use the filter?

I would not like to use a water pressure gauge. I use 7.5 gallons of water to change the water of my aquarium. I just only turn the hose as the tubing is very small. It will take three to four hours. I just fill it, and if an overflow occurs, there is no problem.

How is your water pressure?

I have one that takes less than an hour to fill five gallons bottle. I have got the idea before. Then I used the booster pump. The pump cut down the time.

How much tap water does it take to make RO water?

You will need about 3 gallons of tap water to make 1 gallon of RO water.

What can be done with the wastewater?

The wastewater can be used to water plants since it contains many nutrients.

Final Words of Recommendation

We hope that you have been able to make up your mind about the Aquatic life RO buddies and have decided whether this is the right pick for you. We believe it is one of the best options in the market, and considering the amount you pay for this product, it is an absolute steal!

Its impressive three-stage water purification and the fourth stage of de-ionization build a great package. Hobbyists who have just started and the ones who have been doing this for a long time, will both be satisfied with this purchase.


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