Aquaguard Water Purifier Review: Advanced RO + UV Technology

In this article, we will be talking about Aquaguard Water Purifier Review. Aquaguard is a very authentic water purifier from Eureka Forbes. The manufacturer combines Aquaguard range along with universal RO and UV technology. All the above mentioned purifiers ensure clean drinking water.


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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard applies the best method to offer purified water. It automatically identifies hardness of water level.

Moreover, the system senses the water supply and finally uses either (RO+UV), or (UF +UV) systems to purify water.

There are some other smart features with the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard purifier. Among them intel e-boiling, electronic life membrane enhancer and taste enhancer are mentionable.

RO membrane of Aquaguard maintains necessary natural minerals in the water. This can remove the toxic and harmful dissolve salts in water. The system TDS level works well to regulate the purification process.

Similarly, the purifier retains necessary minerals. Minerals guard of the purifier enhances the performance of the RO membrane.

Aquaguard Water Purifier Review

There is about 2000 pollutant mixed with water. Underground water, particularly in India, contains TDS (total dissolved solids) and industrial pollutants.

There are also some other pesticides, lead in water. Moreover, water keeps organic or inorganic chemicals and impurities. These impurities are the reasons for bacterial infections and other serious diseases.

There are lots of water purifiers in India. Among them, Dr. Aquaguard has secured pride of place.

The aquasana is made with Biotron and mineral cartridge technology. These RO, UV and UF water purifiers are dissimilar than others.

Some distinguishing features for which one is different from others are mentioned below.

  • At the time of purification, mineral guard maintains natural minerals
  • Biotron technology breaks the complicated water molecules and makes water more bio-available
  • Nutrition technology strengthens the drinking water by adding necessary minerals.
  • HCCB cartridges take care of pollutants like arsenic, lead, and pesticides. For this, you will get pure and clean drinking water.

Points to Note

  • RO water purifier is useful when TDS level of the main source of water is more than 500 ppm.
  • UV water purification system is useful when there is no other way to use lakes and rivers water. If a high amount of TDS is not present in water, it is not salty.

Water purifiers address several conditions

Biological Contamination: Water polluted by disease carrying organisms like cysts, viruses, and bacteria.

  • Chemical Contamination: Chemical contamination means the mixture of heavy metals, pesticides, and arsenic. This category includes organic chemicals, hydrocarbons, and halocarbons. The system wastes from chemical manufacturing.
  • Brackish Water: When the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) level of water is more than the normal value it is called brackish water.
  • Excessive Turbidity and Colour: The root of excessive turbidity and color is dissolved minerals. High concentrations of suspended solids, organics and colloids are responsible for turbidity.

Boiling water destroys organisms and causes agglomeration of balanced particles or scaling. This water permits simple decanting. So it is better not to store the water for any period.

Luckily many treatments have emerged to solve these problems. So, people do not like to use boiling water. The first 2 process demand pre-filters prior newer methods may be applied.

Particulate Filtration

Filtration removes visible solids such as rust, dust, silt.

Ultra Filtration (UF)

UV normally uses five stages of filtration system that removes very small even invisible solids like colloids.

Adsorption Filtration

Normally an activated carbon filter eliminates trace organics, smell and color. These filters do not need backwash, and they can’t release contaminants.

Some other types of absorption filters mention here. They all remove some particular pollutants like calcium, arsenic, iron and other ions. But these normally demand a backwash for regeneration.

Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment: Sometimes UV treatment works as an alternative to Reverse Osmosis.

But pre-filtration is a must to remove colors and solids. This treatment makes UV purification very effective. To inactivate cysts and bacteria, ultraviolet light is very useful.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO system has a fame to use in purification and desalination of seawater. The system employs a semi-permeable membrane that uses force on the underground water.

The membrane is resistant to lead, sodium, chromium, arsenic, and copper. Besides the membrane is impermeable to big molecules, viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

RO system is very effective to reduce the high level of TDS in water. RO is not a must when TDS level of water is low to resist the loss of minerals. These minerals are very useful for human body.

At the time of flushing, some water becomes pure, and the rest is wastage. Comparatively RO water purifier is slower than the UV water purification.

If TDS level of water is not very high, RO is a slow, costly and unfavorable purification system.

Video Demo & Review: Aquaguard Royale RO+UV+MTDS

Final Thoughts

There are lots of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard water purifiers on the market. You will be happy to know the comparison table and the price list of the product.

All depends on your budget and what type of water you have. Many people use the product for a long time. They have got many benefits.

They suggest using Aquaguard Enhance RO + UV &AquaguardReviva RO water purifiers. Because you can use it any water supply. They are topmost in class models.


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