APEC Water Filter Review | Complete RO Solution for Household

Try to enjoy the ultra-fresh, hygienic tasty drinking just from your kitchen tap and try to make healthy and delicious coffee, tea, and ice.

This way you can save time, money and hassle-free from any difficulties, the ultra safe water is free from any contamination up to 99%.

It is highly tested and certified by the highest grading system of RO 90.

There is a WQA Gold Seal, which confirms the contaminant free rates and supplies the purest water.

APEC Water Systems

The fast production RO does purify water to the level of 2X faster than the standard RO system, and the water is free from odor, taste, and fluoride as well as lead, arsenic, chromium and other else.

APEC ultimate RO 90 reverse osmosis system is engineered to the topmost standard for the exceptional performance and lasting and safety.

There is chosen premium grade filter cartridges which remain fit for twice longer lasting than the regular filter and has the most contamination capacity.

Here five filters stages are manufactured by NSF/ ANS standard for surety, safety quality, and maintain the process of shipping.

There is QC, which eliminates even the lightest components for assurance a system which takes off up to 99% of pollutants and is entirely free from water leaks, noises, and bursts.

The product is designed and made in the USA; the system has quickly connected fittings which create installation and maintenance a snap.

There is 30 days money back assurance of APEC’s RO 90 system and has a one-year limited warranty. More than 17 years, APEC is manufactured in America for high-performance RO system for home users and business.

The manufacturing based in the Southern California, APEC water is committed to offering service from the stocks and provide all the replacements and service parts to provide high-quality working ability and lasting.

Besides this has WQA certified water specialist that gives high quality and cost-free technical support for the total lifetime of the system.

APEC Water Filter Review

Pros & Cons of APEC Water Filter


  • Give pure and fresh water having lower dissolved solids better than bottled water
  • Has nice spigot having shut off and operation of free drip
  • Very easy to install. Have basic tools and small handy-man know how


  • The result is 3.75 gallon per day. It does more than 1.5 gallons per day. It is perfect for my wife, and I am in problems with our kids

Information of the best ro system for home

Super secure & convenient. The system comes with 100% Lead-Free chrome faucet, plus NSF & FDA certified JG food grade tubing to provide safe, contamination-free, pure water.

APEC Filter

The top tier brand is made in the US, high-quality drinking water for a refreshing, crisp taste, fresher than bottled water.

There is five stages high grade in it and made in the US 100% pure system has NSF certificate and has the guarantee of safety as well as your health.

There is a WQA Gold Seal to confirm 99% free from contaminants like chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, lead, bacteria, virus and heavy metals, and 1000+ contaminants. Has equipped w/ Super capacity filters last double than the others.

There is one year’s guarantee. There need no extra lock clips or steps to seal leak as this has the original to notch JG Quick Connection fittings.

APEC Water Filter Overview and Specification

There are complete five stages reverse osmosis system applying in all we made premium grade filter cartridge.

APEC Water

First Stage

This has a super capacity of five-micron polypropylene sediment filter having a ten-inch filter that takes off dust, rust, particles. And increase the longevity of the membrane and the system.

Second Stage

It has a super capacity carbon block five-micron ten-inch filter – removes tastes, chlorine, cloudiness and unexpected color. Take off VOCs and other chemicals which are common from the water.

3rd Stage

It more removes other things like chlorine, odors, tastes, and another general chemical from water and develops the compounds efficiency and long time of pre-filter for life.

Fourth Stage

There is high-quality FILMTEC high rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane. Take off 99% of solids and contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, lead, bacteria, radium, viruses and more others.

Fifth Stage

Advanced Coconut Shell Refining Carbon ten inch filter -TCR (Total Contamination Removal) filter takes away any probable residual taste of the tank.

The standard RO system is 2X for the production of water aids the RO refill tank double fast.

There are JG quick connectors fitting which does the system more secure and fast

Water is produced daily, unlike stale bottled water stored for months in plastic bottles.

Producing the fresh water for daily use and there is old bottle instead of a plastic bottle for monthly use. Applied the same technology to the water bottle companies and removes the need of bottle water = decreases the plastic waste and contamination.

For every time use, there is noise free, leak free and worry free system ensures high-quality

  • There is automatic turn off system which reduces the wastage of water when the tank is full of.
  • Treats the various types of water like tap water, well water, soft and hard water at different pressure and pH extremes.
  • Has low maintenance- transfer three final pre-filter after every 12 months.
  • Has very standard design and has versatility system of parts has competence and upgradability.
  • Have less maintenance- just change three ultimate pre-filters once in every month.
  • For noise-free operation, there is heavy duty and robust construction for an extended period.
  • It has free technical support service for the whole life of the system- comes from the manufacturer directly.

APEC water roes-50 installation

The total APEC ROES- 50 is a super system which is made to be set up in a small under counter place. Though one can install it anywhere where there is easy water feed line.

Modern design of APEC filter

It is made to be installed in about one hour with minimal DIY tools. It is found in almost all households. To aid all types of installation, all tubes are color coded depends on where they add with.

One can install the system anywhere in the house where the pressure of water is from 40 to 85 psi. One may use an alternative system of pressure boosting pump if needed.

The user or installation manual is expressed in details. Moreover, it would be very helpful to see the video from APEC prior you begin as there is shown the easy way to install the system.

There is no indicator with the filter to check if they demand to change. The best alternative is to check the filter before setting it up with TDS meter.

Apec water filter replacement

The ROES -50 is a holder system and a filter system. It means that all the membranes and the filters are taken from the filter holder. After that, a replacement filter is added to the holder as well as the holder replaced.

how to replace Apec water filter

The stage 1, 2 and three filters need to replace between 6 and 12 months use. It is up to the condition of the flowing water.

They are loosened by a supplied C spanner as well as unscrewed with the hand. The old one is replaced and removed by the new filter element; the filter holder is tightened and screwed with the C spanner.

Stage 4 and five filters are needed to replace at two or three years intervals. Once again, this is up to the quality of the following of the flow of water.

 User Review on APEC Water Filter

Great RO System

I have replaced my older Ecowater RO system with this one. The dealers find the membrane or filters for Ecowater, and they are expensive. I have seen many options and done excellent research.

Then I selected APEC for many reviews, and it has lots of information on the website. The filters are available and reasonable at Amazon or many stores.

Purity you can taste Apec water filter

The RO system is packed well; the instructions are very well. I installed it with the Handyman; installation is very simple, and I have done it; I installed one earlier.

The system is working well, and the taste of water is very great. The only drawback is the bulkier, and the requires more place that Ecowater. I understand the filters are not twisted & change kinds such as EcoWater but require steps such as taking housing out and shutting the water.

I would like to say goodbye, and I suggest it for everyone.

Very tasty water!

The system is very excellent. We have good hard water from the tap with the standard tap water taste, but the system offers water which is like the spring water.

The only compliment is the faucet- the faucet will not seal well into the thin stainless steel sink top. I think it is made for thicker counter top above.

I believe it was made for thicker counter top or surface. An upgraded addition of fitting and filter so the faucet would install accurately on the thickness of countertop.

To make tight enough seal I need to purchase fittings. I am happy with the performance of the system, and the installation is very easy and simple. We see that it performs well for a long time.

The efficiency of APEC Water Filter

Exact from the installation system to its functionality, skill is the highest point. The filtration system is packed up with the latest technology, makes the product much more efficient.

APEC system

Besides, the water purification system is very excellent and removes the unwanted particles from water, waste only small amount of water.

The membrane is also very significant as the main purpose is to purify water. When purification is completed, the process shut down automatically.

What Media Says On APEC Water Filter Reviews

Made in the US and top brand ensures safe and pure water with high performance and gives a refreshing, crispy taste, better than the bottled water.

It has five graded ultra pure system and ensure hundred percent safety and made in the US, has got NSF certificate, provide safe water for good health. Super Capacity and last for a longer time compared to the other system.

WQA water specialists ensure that the filter will remain for one year without any difficulty. The system is hundred percent free from lead chrome faucet, FDA and NSF certified, JG food grade tubing to ensure safety, pure water, and contamination free.

APEC Drinking Water filter System Product Review

Final Thoughts

I lead my life with fresh water. Now I am in the city, and I drink city water. The city water is on par with regulation, but when I get time, I fill the tub with water. As there is strong chlorine, the smell is a public pool.

So I decided to buy an APEC water filter. I thought this would help me to filter the water from contaminants. I spend a huge amount to use those filters, and now I decided to use RO system for three reasons.

It saves the cost of the filter. Became sick to fill the pitcher and finally I would like to taste the better water. I made a great research on RO system and would like to get a new one with reasonable price.

I read a lot on the web about this and desired to look at a certified system that lessens my list. Now I am sure you took the decision to buy the best ro system for a home.


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