The Best Zen Water Filter Review A Perfect Water Solution

Accessing contaminates free, pure and great tasting water is not a luxury, and it is a must.

The present report of e coli along with trace amounts of medication in tap water is the main concern for you. Luckily, you may ensure that your family has accessed to bacteria free and great tasting H20 with a water filtration system.

There are many options if the question is water filtration system. One of the best ways to have it for your home is to invest use a countertop model from the Zen water. The leading manufacturer of water filtration system has various models to select from to adjust for your family.

It has the high power to remove harmful bacteria, chemicals and other impurities, contaminants, eliminate bad odors, regular pH level to mildly alkaline, add necessary minerals and so on.

Zen Water Filter

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At the time of filtering process, water flows from the upper chamber to the lower chamber. The system is compacted with a multistage mineral filter cartridge, a micro-ceramic filter and mineral stones.

The micro-ceramic filter is in the shape of a dome to keep in the top chamber. There are lots of pores on the surface that measure 0.2 to 0.5-micron diameter.

Most of the bacteria are 0.5 to 0.1 microns in size. The viruses are about one hundredth of the bacteria. Meaning that the filter will filter only bacteria, not the viruses. The Micro Ceramic filter will trap contaminants, dirt and most of the bacteria.

The 4-Gallon model appears before you with a magnetized tip that is an additional feature. Write down; replacement filters are designed to fit for all Zen Water Models.

Just Natural Water Filtration materials are applied to purify tap water. There is no synthetic substance or chemicals in it. If you like to use fill the top chamber with water, permit the multistage and gravity to do work.

Zen water system is used only for outdoors and homes. You may keep it on the kitchen counter or above water cooler.

Features of Zen Water Filter

  • It is free from BPA. It does not require plumbing or electricity. Simple assembly. It is versatile, convenient and affordable.
  • For overall vitality and health adds necessary bioenergy properties and essential minerals.
  • Turns pure water into healthy, clean and Mineralize alkaline drinking water.
  • Five functions, one system, purifies, filters, alkalinizes, mineralizes and preserves.
  • Different stages of filtration to remove harmful contaminants, bacteria, chemicals and chlorine and other impurities.


  • Electricity, no need.
  • Negligible maintenance required
  • Replace is straightforward and inexpensive, will last for a long time and has excellent customer service.
  • Five steps water filtering system to remove chlorine, pesticides, sediments, and bacteria from tap water.
  • Make water fresh and pure alkalized water having minerals salts, magnesium, and zinc.


  • The unit will take some time to set up. At first, read the instruction carefully and then follow them. You need to boil and wash the mineral stones and run two cycles before consuming the water

How Does Zen Water Filter Work? Zen Water System

Best zen water filter review

The pores of the Micro Ceramic filter are as tiny as .03 microns that can filter contaminants, chemicals, and undissolved impurities.

The five stages Mineral Cartridge has silver impregnated activated high-grade carbon, far infrared ball, zeolite, silica sand, ionic exchange resin and mineral stones.

Each plays an important role in infusing the water or filtering water to make the water purest as possible.


What to Consider Before Buying Zen Water Filter

Before buying, you need to consider some information. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Find out what is in your city’s drinking water. You may read water quality report from Environment Agency from your site. The EPA’s website supplies water to the whole United State. Know the condition of water of your house, then buy the necessary filtration system for your home.
  • Think how much water do you want to consume a day or average. Most of the water filtration system is made for a family having one to six people or a pet or two. A family has ten or two or three dogs; a cat will need more water. A countertop model fails to provide water for all of them.
  • Pick up some pH to measure alkaline of your water tap. It must be at seven. If it is less than it, be sure you have acidic water. This is not what you like. There is some more alkaline water which is beneficial for the health. A countertop water filtration system ensures you that you have an accurate pH level of water on your tap.
  • Space – Do you have more room in your house to keep the water filtration system? If you do not have it, you may think about the under sink model.

Maintenance of Zen Water Filter

You have to spend sometimes to do the initial set up of the system for your home.  Nevertheless, this is a gravity system which may not require electricity. You may call a plumber to install the system.

Continuously scrubbing the ceramic dome, storage tank and replace the filter is very essential. Cleaning tanks and dome may be done every 1 to 2 months, and filter must be replaced twice in a year.

User Reviews for Zen Water Filter

The ceramic dome is cooler than the katadyn cores and does work well. The unit is impressive and looked elegant. The unit is free from BPA stated in the literature of the unit. The water you get has no plastic taste.

The water has great flavor; the taste is like high-quality mineral water but alkalizing on my body. The unit performs everything well that it demands. The zeolite filter is the great bonus for you. Sometimes use zeolite tablets to clean my body.

Best Zen Water Filter

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I have given four stars instead of 5 as I like the filter very much. Got a zero water pitcher and liked the filter as it delivers zero TDS for water. I have well water, and it also comes with zero water pitcher, 270 TDS that is top to the normal level. The Zen Water System adds more 20 units of TDS instead of lower the number. 

I feel the necessity of low TDS so that my body will dissolve solid into the water from detox itself. On the other hand, the high TDS in Zen minerals is not helpful, though I like a lot of things.

Product info – Zen water filter review

  • ASIN B002F58M12
  • Product size 12.8 x 12.8 x 24 inches
  • Shipping Weight 8 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Item Weight 3 pounds
  • Manufacturer Zen Water Systems LLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Zen water filter review

Question: is it possible to remove fluoride from the system?

Answer: The filter of Zen water system very effectively remove over 99% percent chlorine, bacteria, hundreds of other human-made chemicals, herbicides, they fail to remove fluoride. Fluoride dissolves in water completely so unable to be trapped by or eliminate the filters.

Q: Where can I order zen water filter replacement filters?

A: One can buy replacement filters from Just click on filters in the shop section and prefer the replacement filters of your expectation. Annual maintenance Kits and five stages mineral filter Twin packs are also found.

Q: What is the cause of peculiar taste of water?

A: Be sure, you have followed the step of users manual properly and prep your Zen water system prior first consumption. When the instructions are properly followed, then a great taste in the water will be felt very well.

Taste varies from person to person. Though most people like to enjoy the taste of the mineral water, some people get it not palatable. When someone likes to have, pure crisp filtered as well as purified water except the taste of minerals. We suggest him to use Micro-Ceramic Filter and 5 Stage Filter Cartridge except using of Maifan Mineral Stones.

Q: What is the reason for my Zen Water System leakage?

A: Notice if there is any leak in the tank. If you see leak around the spigot, make the tank empty and tighten the nut clockwise by a quarter turn. Do not over tighten the nut since it can damage the tank or stretch out the O ring. When the system is leaking from the top of the lower tank, empty the top tank as the lower tank is overflowing. Do not overfill the top tank. Fill the tank with the quantity of water that the bottom tank has placed to preserve.

Final Verdict

To mineralization, the system comes with far infrared balls, silica sand, and minerals stones. The silica sand is a great kind of absorbent. Therefore, it removes impurities from the body and helps to strengthen the connective tissue.

The far infrared balls are used for vitality and boosting strength. Mineral stones increase the alkalinity of water and infuse water with some necessary minerals.

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