Zen Water Filter Review! Multi-Stage Filtration Removes Bacteria

Water is as essential to humans for a well-balanced diet. Fresh, clean, and contaminant-free water are also vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is because the quality of your water affects your health.

However, most individuals do not take heed to how healthy their drinking water is. One should note that even though you cannot see all water contaminants with your eyes, their presence still exists. 


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To be rest assured of your water's healthiness, you have to employ ways to ensure it is safe for consumption. One of the best ways to get pure water is through top quality filters for water.

Thus, we have put together the Zen water filter review to introduce you to this quality water filter and assist you in your purchase to ensure your due satisfaction.

Zen Water Filter Review

Last update on 2021-07-05 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is one of the best countertop water filters in the market today. If you desire to get a water filter that is not so large, but very functional, then this Zen countertop alkaline water filter is perfect for both you and your family.

This mineral water filter can help you create clean and taste-free alkaline mineral water with its micro-ceramic filter. Its filter measures from 0.2 to 0.5 microns, making it effective for removing 99% parasites, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.

The mineral filter cartridge of the filter is packed with activated carbon, which eliminates bad taste and odor, leaving your water clean and refreshing.

Impressively, the system does not require electricity and plumbing, so your clean water is always available on-demand. Plus, it is compatible, making it suitable for both office and home usage. Its compact build also makes it handy in times of emergency or disaster.

As one of the best gravity water filters in the market, it doesn't just filter water. It also purifies, alkalinizes, and mineralizes it, making it both safe and nutrient-filled. The mafia mineral stone contained in the filter infuses the water with micro and essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, manganese, and potassium. It also increases the alkalinity of water.

Pros & Cons of Zen Water Filter


  • Multifunction - The filter has various filtration stages, making it suitable for filtering, purifying, mineralizing, alkalinizing, and preserving water. It is also useful for removing bacteria, chlorine, herbicides, and other harmful contaminants.
  • Affordable - The filter is inexpensive. The replacement filters are available in most stores, and so are easy to buy. Plus, it is also long-lasting.
  • Compatibility - The compact nature of the filter makes it easy to tag along while making a trip and during emergencies.
  • Installation - The Zen water filter is easy to assemble. Plus it provides a very convenient and easy to use option.


  • The system takes quite some time to filter water, especially when using it for the first time. This may be due to the extensive filtration system, but the time it takes to make water reduces.

Special Features

Some unique features make this top countertop water filter outstanding from its competitors. Aside from the fact that the system is affordable, it also comes with some distinct features which we will be discussing below:

Advanced Filtration technology

The filtration system of the Zen water filter will give you 100% healthy water. It can transform your contaminated water into one that is enriched with minerals and also tastes good.

More so, it has a multi-stage filtration process, which makes it effective for removing bacteria, dirt particles, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants. The filter also performs five primary functions, which are filtration, purification, alkalinization, mineralization, and preservation.

Natural Filtration

This best ceramic water filter offers reliable water purification options for water in urban areas. The product is formulated to remove rust, chlorine, bacteria, VOCs, and other significant pollutants that reside in water by employing natural water filtration mechanisms.

Therefore, Zen water is regarded as one of the best water filtration systems fit for producing mineralized water to homes all year round. 

Easy Installation

One of the significant challenges that come with most water filtration systems in the market is installation. However, the Zen water system has been able to curtail that downside by making installation for their water system a breeze.

The system installation is designed to be easy, even an amateur with no installation skills. So, anyone can have a walk through installing the unit successfully.

Also, the system doesn't function with electricity, so you don't have to worry about setting up any wire as with other regular water filtration systems. And, need to call for a plumber.

The system comes with an easy to understand and detailed installation instructions that direct and guides the user accurately every step of the way. All you need is just some patience to read through. You will be done with installing it in a couple of minutes.


Zen Water is not just low-cost; it also saves you the cost of purchasing water. All you require is to fill it with tap water, and the filter takes it up from there to give you clean, healthy, and mineralized water. 

So, it saves you the money you spend buying bottled water and all the litter it causes.

The system also relieves you from electricity bills and the pain of tagging bottled water everywhere. Zen just offers a more straightforward, safer, and healthier water drinking lifestyle.

How Does a Zen System Filter Work?

The Zen water filter has various compartments of water filters, and each one of them has its multiple functions. The filtration system comprises six stages, so your water goes through all six steps to emerge the clean, mineralized water that you love. Here is how the system works:

Stage 1

When the tap water gets into the filter, it goes through a micro-ceramic filter. The filter is made of highly-compressed ceramic with 0.2 to 0.5 microns. It filters large particles like dirt, debris, and other significant contaminants.

Stage 2

This stage contains silver impregnated granular activated carbon. When water passes through the activated carbon, it removes chlorine, radon, herbicides, bad odor and taste, and other pollutants. It also infuses a little amount of silver into the water, which helps to disinfect and hinder bacteria's growth.

Stage 3

Here is where the minerals sand is located. When water passes through this mineral sand, granular impurities are removed from it.

Stage 4

Stage four’s sole purpose is to give a negative ORP. It is also capable of producing molecular hydrogen, which has some health benefits.

Stage 5

At this stage, the water reaches the natural zeolite stage. The zeolite attracts tinier particles that were not filtered out by the previous stage and heavy metals, ammonium, and other organic contaminants. It also removes any bad odor left in the water.

After that, the water flows through the magnetic tap where the tap's valve magnetizes it. The magnetized water benefit to health is in three areas, such as cleansing, energizing, and detoxifying.

How to Maintain a Zen water filter

  • Wash the micro-ceramic filter dome once every two to four weeks or as often as necessary.
  • Change the minerals filter every two months, or after it produces 500 gallons. The choice is yours.
  • For the mineral stone case, ensure to wash within six months to reactivate its mineral properties. Also, ensure to change the mineral stones every three to five years or when it has dramatically eroded.
  • Finally, for the tank's top and bottom, ensure to wash them frequently or once every three months.

What to Consider Before Buying Zen Water Filter

Before buying, you need to consider some information. Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Find out what is in your city’s drinking water. You may read water quality report from Environment Agency from your site. The EPA’s website supplies water to the whole United State. Know the condition of water of your house, then buy the necessary filtration system for your home.
  • Think how much water do you want to consume a day or average. Most of the water filtration system is made for a family having one to six people or a pet or two. A family has ten or two or three dogs; a cat will need more water. A countertop model fails to provide water for all of them.
  • Pick up some pH to measure alkaline of your water tap. It must be at seven. If it is less than it, be sure you have acidic water. This is not what you like. There is some more alkaline water which is beneficial for the health. A countertop water filtration system ensures you that you have an accurate pH level of water on your tap.
  • Space – Do you have more room in your house to keep the water filtration system? If you do not have it, you may think about the under sink model.

User Reviews for Zen Water Filter

The ceramic dome is cooler than the katadyn cores and does work well. The unit is impressive and looked elegant. The unit is free from BPA stated in the literature of the unit. The water you get has no plastic taste.

Zen Water filter

The water has great flavor; the taste is like high-quality mineral water but alkalizing on my body. The unit performs everything well that it demands. The zeolite filter is the great bonus for you. Sometimes use zeolite tablets to clean my body.

I have given four stars instead of 5 as I like the filter very much. Got a zero water pitcher and liked the filter as it delivers zero TDS for water. I have well water, and it also comes with zero water pitcher, 270 TDS that is top to the normal level. The Zen Water System adds more 20 units of TDS instead of lower the number. 

I feel the necessity of low TDS so that my body will dissolve solid into the water from detox itself. On the other hand, the high TDS in Zen minerals is not helpful, though I like a lot of things.

How to Setup the Zen Water Countertop Water Filtration System

Zen Water Filter FAQs

Does Zen Water Filter Remove Fluoride?

No. Zen water system is not designed to remove fluoride from water. However, this doesn’t disrupt its ability to produce clean, healthy water as the system can effectively remove chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants from your water.

Is the Zen Water Filter Worth It?

Yes. Zen is one of the best ceramic water filters, as it always meets expectations. Plus, it's relatively cheap compared with the price of its competitors. Besides, it still gets the job done effectively according to the taste reviews dropped by satisfied customers.

What is the cause of peculiar taste of water?

Be sure, you have followed the step of users manual properly and prep your Zen water system prior first consumption. When the instructions are properly followed, then a great taste in the water will be felt very well.

Taste varies from person to person. Though most people like to enjoy the taste of the mineral water, some people get it not palatable. When someone likes to have, pure crisp filtered as well as purified water except the taste of minerals. We suggest him to use Micro-Ceramic Filter and 5 Stage Filter Cartridge except using of Maifan Mineral Stones.

What is the reason for my Zen Water System leakage?

A: Notice if there is any leak in the tank. If you see leak around the spigot, make the tank empty and tighten the nut clockwise by a quarter turn. Do not over tighten the nut since it can damage the tank or stretch out the O ring. When the system is leaking from the top of the lower tank, empty the top tank as the lower tank is overflowing. Do not overfill the top tank. Fill the tank with the quantity of water that the bottom tank has placed to preserve.

Where Can I Buy Zen Water Filter?

Many fake WebPages claim to sell products but end up collecting money without delivering them. To avoid this, we recommend that you buy your Zen water filter from a reliable website like Amazon.

Is the Plastic BPA Free?

Yes. Zen plastic is BPA free because it’s plastic is made from styrene acrylonitrile.

Can I Get Replaceable Parts For the Filter?

Yes. All parts of the Zen water filter system are replaceable and are available at most superstores. You can also make your purchase directly from Zen's website.

Final Thoughts

With the rise of water filter systems in the market and inconsistencies associated with most of them, it is no doubt that Zen water has proven to be a lifesaver in the water filtration system world.

With this Zen water filter review, the water filter is a sensible choice as it offers both an affordable option and increases the nutrient content in water. It also helps to increase the water alkalinity, and it's easy to set up, plus it is long-lasting. We hope you loved it as much as we do!

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