Waterboss Water Softener Reviews: Is Waterboss A Good Deal?

The water in your house is full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron, which build deposits in your pipes and cause rust stains.

If the water you’re using in your house is hard, then why can’t you get a Waterboss Water Softener?

Waterboss water softeners are made for homes that are hard water areas. Waterboss Water Filters help to prevent hard spots, remove rusts, and also can remove up to 99% of the sediments in your water.

If you are in search of some reviews for a waterboss water softener, then you are in the right place. I will explain both the good and bad things about the waterboss water softener here. I will also tell you what people have said about it.

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The Benefits of a Waterboss water softener

A waterboss water softener is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the hard water problems in your home. It has many benefits, some of which are listed below:

A WaterBoss water softener can help you save money on your monthly water bill because it removes calcium and magnesium ions that cause hardness in your water. It also helps prevent scale build-up inside pipes and fixtures.

A WaterBoss water softener will also make your home more comfortable for your family by reducing the amount of soap or detergent needed to clean dishes, clothes, and other items. Finally, a WaterBoss water softener can improve the appearance of your home’s plumbing system by removing deposits that form around pipes and valves.

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Top 6 Waterboss Water Softener Reviews with Sensor

This section contains reviews on softeners, which are the best of the waterboss brand. It contains detailed pieces of information and a pros-and-cons section for you to choose which one is better. 

1. Waterboss 74011Water Softener

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If you are looking for something that ensures efficiency and durability, then the Waterboss 74011 is a perfect match for you. It is a revolutionary product that removes 99.9% of unwanted deposits, such as lead, magnesium, and calcium. 

Furthermore, it successfully minimizes the chlorine taste and odor that comes from hard water. Hence, it is enabling you to enjoy the water without a wonky taste or smell.

In addition to that, the softener only needs a few gallons of water to start purifying. This is due to an on-demand regeneration program that starts reprocessing the incoming water, even if it’s in a minimum quantity. 

Plus, the whole regeneration process takes less than 20 minutes. Thus, it allows you to enjoy softer water instantly, every time.

Next, its high-grain capacity allows the softener to remove the heaviest of minerals, like magnesium or calcium, effortlessly including a minuscule micron sediment filtration net that successfully removes even the smallest of the sediments. 

Finally, it has a light and compact build, and comes with all the necessary fitment accessories, ensuring an effortless and quick installation experience. And its user-friendly control system enables you to quickly and effortlessly pick the setting that is deemed the best for your home.


  • Its light, compact and comes with all the necessary accessories for easy installation
  • The 20-micron sediment filter of the product gets rid of the smallest deposition
  • An easy-to-operate control system of the product lets you set the unit easily


  • It is not able to filter or reduce the iron content in water

2. Waterboss 365 Water Softener

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Water softeners are an expensive purchase! And many are held back from enjoying its perks due to this factor. Worry no more, as we bear good news. The Waterboss 365 is one of the cheapest softeners in the market. And it comes with all the perks that those expensive ones have to offer.

Its staggering 90-grains capacity is enough to get rid of most of the unwanted deposits, including heavier minerals. Its nominal 20-micron filter can clean minuscule particles and microbes. So, once this masterpiece is installed, you can rest assure that you will be using clean water. 

And its minimal requirement of water supply enables the product to quickly re-generate the incoming water in less than 40 minutes. Hence, it enables you to use cleaner water and less-contaminated water in just a couple of minutes. 

Lastly, the softener’s user-friendly control system allows easy control, and therefore, lets you easily choose the setting that you deem is the best.


  • Easy to install, and is compact enough to be installed anywhere without a worry
  • Its 90-grain capacity and 20-micron filter ensures to get rid of even the most stubborn contaminants
  • The softener is one of those few softeners which can reduce iron content in water


  • Is properly sealed, so there is no protection from the surroundings 

3.WaterBoss 74016 Big Boss Water Softener

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If you are in search of a more heavy-duty version of the Waterboss softeners, then you have hit the jackpot! The bigger and bulkier Waterboss 74016 is one of the best in the business as it ensures better regeneration and better efficiency along the process.  

And the softener requires a bare minimum of 15 to 27 gallons of water and 3 to 6 pounds to start the regeneration. Hence, your home chores will never be hindered, and you can enjoy it almost all the time. 

Plus, its high grain capacity, better parts per million rate, and micron rate ensure to remove all types of unwanted deposits. That also includes bigger sediments such as iron, calcium, magnesium, etc. So, you can rest assured that the water you are using is soft water.

It has a more enhanced and intricate control board. This control board allows you to have control of all the settings in the item. Hence, you get to pick the desired level of softness and other properties that you want. All of these, coupled with its durable and tough build, it will surely get you hooked to it.


  • Highly durable construction so ensures better longevity
  • Its greater grain rate, micron, and PPM rate ensures to erase all unwanted contaminants
  • It is cable of removing bigger deposits like iron


  • The item is bigger and heavier than other products, so it is not very portable

4.WaterBoss 950 Series Whole House Water Filtration System

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Choose the Waterboss 950 water softener to filter chlorine, eliminate dirt and sediment, and keep your household healthy. The Waterboss 950 water softener improves the quality of your drinking water.

It reduces the taste and smell of chlorine in your water, and it helps you save money by reducing the hard water scaling in your pipes. Safe to use, the Waterboss 950 softener is NSF certified to reduce chlorine, lead, mercury, and MTBE.

The 950 is built with a 2-inch resin filter that helps protect your plumbing system from scale buildup. It also improves water quality. The Waterboss 950 includes a self-cleaning magnetic filter for easy maintenance.

The WaterBoss Deluxe Hybrid Water Softener is a water softener that removes the taste and odor from your drinking water. Additionally, it softens the water in your home. It has a built-in self-cleaning sediment filter that removes dirt and sediment from your water supply.

It has a softening resin that softens your water up to 35 grains per gallon. It can remove up to 2,400 pints of water a day for up to 10,000 gallons. It has a bypass that lets water bypass the softener and filter until it is regenerated. When the softener is regenerated, it leaves a fresh supply of filtered water.

Features and benefits:

Reliable, Energy-Efficient Alternative to Salt Water Softening – The WaterBoss uses a tank to soften your water. It’s easy to use, and it’s very cheap. It’s also very effective at getting rid of the taste of chlorine in your water.

Chlorine Reduction Technology – The model 950 uses polishing beads to reduce, remove, and eliminate chlorine taste and odors.

No Salt, No Mess – The model 950 water softener features a unique cartridge, ice guard, and tank design that reduces salt waste and mess.

Reduce Chlorine and Improve Taste and Odor – The 950 water softener removes chlorine and other impurities from your water.

Certified to Reduce TDS Levels – Waterboss is certified to reduce TDS, including chlorine, chemicals, dirt, sediment, and scale.

Clean Pure Water – The 950 WaterBoss reduces chlorine levels in drinking, cooking, showering, pets, watering plants, etc.

Quality Materials – WaterBoss uses only high-quality materials, such as a cleanable Mann brand filter.

Reduces Water Pressure: Softeners should not be installed on the cold water supply. It can be installed on either supply line and will soften and filter incoming and outgoing water.

Easy Installation: WaterBoss Water Softeners are designed for truly hassle-free installation. WaterBoss Water Softeners can be installed in as little as 1 hour.


  • It takes too long to regenerate.
  • Requires a lot of salt and water during the regeneration process
  • Expensive

5.WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System – Whole Home Softening Model 900

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The WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System is an ideal water softening system for the whole house in any household. The WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System is a water softener. It is the most efficient water softener in the world. It is also the most popular.

It is the best because it can soften water that is very hard. It can soften water that has 10 grains of hardness. The hardest water softener in the world has the most grains of hardness. The WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System also is compact and easy to install.

The WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System is ideal for large families with up to 90-grain capacity. With the WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System, you will save on salt with the factory-installed bypass system.

This water softener will help you save money because you won’t need to call a plumber as much. The water softener will clean itself. The WaterBoss 36,400 Grain Water Softener System is the perfect system to have in any household.

Features and Benefits:

  • Most Efficient Softener Available, Max Capacity of up to 36,400 Grain
  • Lowest Maintenance of any water softener model on the market with just 10% of products on the market requiring service over the life of the product
  • Reduces up to 10ppm of ferrous iron and filters dirt and sediment
  • Fast Installation: Pre-assembled tanks with quick connect fittings, inlet, outlet, and drain valves.
  • Tank Capacity: You no longer need to worry about running out of soft water when using the WaterBoss system. A large capacity tank can soften enough water for a whole house and more than 4 showers at a time.
  • Improves Water Quality – Chlorine, minerals, and other impurities are removed from the water, making it cleaner and softer.
  • Saves Water and Money: This system regenerates using a fraction of the salt and water that most other softeners do. This system is built to save $250-$500!
  • Recessed drain with built-in water level control valve helps minimize plumbing issues.
  • Tank is made from NSF certified resin and is used to soften water and reduce the scale.
  • Recessed drain with built-in water level control valve helps minimize plumbing issues.
  • 10 ft. high-capacity, high-pressure feed hose.


  • Connecting the fittings is difficult without the proper fittings.
  • Too much pressure can cause leaks.
  • Not easy to clean salt from the tank
  • It discharges saltwater and kills plants, and doesn’t last long.

6.WaterBoss Water Softener – 22,000 Grain Capacity, Model# 700

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A WaterBoss 22,000 Water Softener is a water softener that you can hook into your plumbing system. It uses the water that’s already in your plumbing system to regenerate. This saves you water and money!

The WaterBoss 22,000 Water Softener is engineered to fit into standard 3-inch plumbing that is already in the walls of your home. A WaterBoss Water Softener uses less water than other softeners and is maintenance-free.

Currently, it is the only water softener that fits between the softener and the plumbing system. Other systems use salt, but they need to force water through the system to make it work. That means you can’t use all the water that comes into your home.

It is 100% drain-free. The WaterBoss Water Softener is designed for homeowners with 10,000-20,000 gal/year water usage.

Features and Benefits:

High-Capacity: No need to add salt frequently. Our water softener can soften up to 22,000 grains of water.

WaterBoss Softener: WaterBoss water softeners soften water, leave it cleaner, and remove hardness and odor from drinking water. The salt consumption is low, and it is made in America and guaranteed for 5 years. It has a rating of 4.6/5 stars on

Automatic Digital Control: The digital control is at the rear of the unit in the center. LCD shows the amount of water in the tank, salt used, number of regenerations per day, and resin capacity remaining.

Quality Construction: The WaterBoss Water Softener is durable plastic with a whole house resin tank inside. The unit measures 18 3/4 “x14 3/4 “x25 3/4.”

Reduced Water Use: Only 15 gallons of water per regeneration cycle (most softeners use 25 to 30 gallons).

Easy Installation: This salt-free water softener is pre-filled with resin, so it’s easy to install. Plugin the unit and connect it to your cold water intake valve. The WaterBoss will automatically start regenerating when needed.

Maintenance-Free: The sediment filter in WaterBoss does not require regular cleaning or maintenance.

The WaterBoss water softener uses less water than another retail water softener so that you can save on your water bill.

The WaterBoss water softener is a 22,000-grain capacity water softener.

The WaterBoss water softener has a built-in sediment filter to keep your water clean.


  • Low salt capacity.
  • Long regeneration time
  • Requires additional fittings to finish plumbing

How to Choose a Waterboss Softener?

Even though we have discussed all the products that we have deemed the best, choosing the perfect Waterboss softener can be a tricky business. In this section, we will be discussing how to pick the right one, and hopefully, after you have finished reading this article, you will be sure why and which one of the waterboss products to pick!


This is an important aspect when purchasing the right type of softener. The grain-capacity denotes a softener’s ability to reduce unwanted contaminants and minerals like calcium and iron.

Total Water Usage

If you buy a softener and it is unable to keep up with the water usage, then all your money is wasted. So, it cannot be emphasized on picking a water softener, which is compatible with the amount of water you use, including optimum performance.Luckily, there is no complex calculation when choosing the right softener as such information is provided on the box.

Digital Control and Display

When purchasing a softener, it is wise to have one which has a digital control system. That way, you can monitor and control the salt, regeneration rate, and all the other operation of the unit more easily. And it should contain a digital display of some type for you to check the status and progress of the softener.

Bypass Rate

The built-in bypass allows easy operation and installation as well as, enable easier servicing or maintenance of the product.

WaterBoss Water Softener Installation Process Explained

Installing a water softener is a simple and easy task. Installing a water softener can be tricky. It requires some basic knowledge about water softeners and the installation process.

You must read the manual before you start the installation process. You will find instructions for installing a water softener. It will tell you how to do it correctly. If you install it incorrectly, you might have problems.

There are 3 steps to installing a water softener. The first step is to get the water softener. The second step is to install the water heater. The third step is to install the water softener. You need to read the instructions before you start any of these steps. Reading the instructions carefully is important because you might make a mistake, which could hurt you or cause problems with your equipment.

WaterBoss Water Softener Maintenance Guide For Cleaner Drinking Water

WaterBoss has been in the water treatment industry for over 30 years. During this time, they have created products that help people get clean drinking water.

Our WaterBoss Water Softener Maintenance Guide shows you how to clean and maintain your water softener. Using this guide, you’ll get the cleanest water possible.

How to Setup a WaterBoss System with NO Plumbing Necessary!

The WaterBoss system is designed for easy installation. All you need to do is open the box, follow the instructions, and hook up the plumbing connections.

The WaterBoss system has never been easier to install. With this kit, you can install a whole house water filter without any plumbing in less than an hour!

WaterBoss Sizing Guidelines and the Process of Determining Whether You Need a 20gpd or 30gpd System

WaterBoss has a sizing guideline that can help you figure out how big your water boss should be.

The first thing to figure out is how many gallons per day your household uses. The WaterBoss sizing guidelines show that if you are going through 20 gallons per day, you should have a 20 gallon per day system. If you go through more than 30 gallons per day, you probably need a 30 gallon per day system.

WaterBoss vs. Fleck 5600SXT – which is Better for your needs?

WaterBoss is a salt-free water softener that relies on a water-softening resin to produce softer, cleaner water. The WaterBoss does not use traditional salt or sodium chloride. Fleck 5600SXT is a salt-free water softener that uses a resin tank to produce softer, cleaner water. The Fleck 5600SXT does not use traditional salt or sodium chloride.

The WaterBoss is best for those who have the following needs:

  • Wanting to avoid the waste of using and disposing of large quantities of salt and other chemicals
  • Wanting the same level of performance as other salt softeners but without the expense
  • The Fleck 5600SXT is appropriate for those who have the following needs:
  • Needs higher grain capacity than what

Waterboss Review: What’s So Special About This Brand?

Waterboss has been around for nearly 40 years and is an industry veteran in the water softening industry. A water softener can assist with dry skin. It can even help with dry hair.

It can also help with hard water, which has a lot of calcium and magnesium in it. It also removes chlorine from the water because it binds with calcium in hard water to form an insoluble compound.

A salt-free water softener works by taking the salt out of your water. The salt is taken out of your water by a resin. The resin is what attracts the salt. The resin needs to be changed every 10-12 months, depending on how much you use your system. Regeneration removes any dirt and minerals that have accumulated on the resin during its life.

Waterboss Descaler, the Ultimate Product for Removing Lime & Iron Deposits

Lime and iron deposits are the two most common problems in household water softeners. Iron is the culprit for blackened laundry, stained sinks, and fixtures. Lime can leave behind white powder that builds up in hard-to-reach places. These problems are costing households time and money, but they don’t have to be permanent!

Your water softener system can be treated regularly with a Waterboss descaler to eliminate lime and iron deposits.

Waterboss 900 Troubleshooting

The WaterBoss 900 is a very useful water softener for using at home. It applies a mixture of salts and special purifiers to treat hard water or regular tap water to make water fresh and safe for drinking.

Same as some appliances, you can experience some point malfunctions or problems with the WaterBoss. Prior seeking expert help or altering the device, attempt to solve the issue yourself by few steps, easy troubleshooting techniques.

Try to observe if the plumbing bypass is in the right position. Since it is to the bypass position, switch it to the service place.

Notice if the plumbing is going to install backward. As it is, disconnect it and connect it again accurately, follow the arrows of the device carefully.

See whether the sensor is receiving or not receiving a signal from the turbine. Remove the sensor from the device very carefully and keep a magnet on the chip- if WaterMizer light glows green it means that the sensor is acting and there is dirt which is obstructing the turbine. Wipe the turbine by the damp cloth and eliminate the obstruction if it is the matter.

Waterboss Water Softener Reviews

No Soft Water After Regeneration

Keep it sometimes to see whether or not there remain salt in the brine cabinet or something is clogging there. Add more salt to the brine cabinet and eliminate the obstruction clogged in it.

Attempt to notice if there is salt build up or salt bridges have formed to the brine cabinet. As you see the hardened salt build up in the cabinet, apply a blunt object to dislodge or break the hardened salt.

Notice if the drain line is twisted, pinched or frozen. Since it is twisted or pinched normally untangle and straighten it. When the line is frozen, take out from the device and thaw it prior replacing it.

Excess Water in Brine Tank

Be sure the air check, brine line flow, and the brine line are not clogged. If it happens, take out the obstruction from them and rinse the brine cabinet.

Notice if the injector assembly is clogged. If it happens, clean it to alter completely as it has damaged severely. Make contact with your distributor from where you get the device for the replacement part.

Notice if the brine refill valve requires lubricating. If it seems malfunctioning or sticking, take it out from the device, lubricate it with silicone grease and again install it to the desired place.

Waterboss drive motor

90217 Drive Motor

The motor is kept in the right place by 2, half inches self-tapping screw. The screw must be snug. The impudence pinion gear of the Motor may connect the plastic Drive Gear. The Wires must be safely fastened to the controller.

93238 Drive Gear

The drive gear is set up with the Slide Cam by a keyed opening that moves the torque engendered by the Motor for the remaining drive system. When the system becomes jammed, the opening may become rounded causes the gear to turn but not the Piston Slide Cam. When it happens, fresh the jam and change the Drive Gear (93238) and Piston Slide Cam (93217).

WaterBoss Water Softener Installation-Video

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Waterboss Water Softener

Here we have some of the most commonly asked queries regarding Waterboss water softeners:

1. Which salts are a better option for a softener?

Few notable slats can be used in a softener such as evaporated salt, rock salt or solar salt. Each has its use and depends entirely on the user’s choice. But our pick would be solar salts as it dissolves much readily compared to the others.

2. Can one mix numerous types of salts in a single unit?

There is no harm in doing so, but certain softeners require a single type of salt to function. So, check the instruction manual for such information.

3. Should one clean the brine tank of a softener?

It is not necessary until the salt used is highly insoluble.

4. Are softeners compatible with lead pipelines?

Usually, it can’t be used with such a pipeline. But with modern hard-water pipelines, it might not be a problem.

5. Can a softener be moved from one place to another?

Modern softeners can be taken along when changing places. Innovative installation methods with quick fitting connections and accessories allow it to be moved very easily. Just be careful and avoid damaging the product as softeners can be very fragile.

6. Why Choose WaterBoss?

WaterBoss is software used to manage your water usage. It helps reduce your monthly bills and the amount of time you spend on managing your water usage. WaterBoss can also help you to save money on your water bills.

7. How do I know if my WaterBoss water softener is working?

The best way to check if your WaterBoss water softener is working is to run some tap water through it. If the water coming out of the faucet is still slightly hard, then your WaterBoss water softener is probably working properly. 
However, if the water coming from the faucet is already completely softened, then your WaterBoss water softener may need service.

8. How much salt does a WaterBoss 700 use?

The WaterBoss 700 uses about 2.5 ounces of salt per gallon of water.

9. How long should a water boss softener last?

Softeners vary in their lifespan, but generally, they last anywhere between three to five years.

10. Why is my WaterBoss softener using so much salt?

Your water needs to be softened for drinking purposes, and a softener is used to do that. The amount of salt needed depends on how often you use your tap water, and how much water you use per day.
A typical household uses about 1 gallon of water per person per day, which means that they need to soften at least 10 gallons of water each week. If you don’t use any other types of water filters, then you should consider buying a water softener.

11. Does WaterBoss use salt?

Yes, WaterBoss uses salt as a corrosion inhibitor.

12. How often does the WaterBoss regenerate?

The WaterBoss regenerates every time the water flow increases significantly.

13. What type of products does WaterBoss make?

Waterboss makes self-contained water filtration systems that provide clean, pure drinking water.

14. Are there alternatives to Waterboss water softeners?

A waterboss water softener is a reliable option for most homes, but it has some limitations. One alternative to the waterboss is an in-line carbon filter. A carbon filter can remove dissolved iron from the water, which can help to reduce sediment.

15. How does the Waterboss unit work?

The waterboss unit is a small, self-contained device that connects to the mains water supply (on the ground or in a tank) and provides you with clean, filtered water. Water is filtered, then sterilized with UV light and ozone before being dispersed into a drinking bottle or hydration pack.

16. How does the water filter work with this waterboss water softener?

The term water filter refers to a device that removes or reduces unwanted substances from water. A waterboss, on the other hand, is a brand of home appliance that uses salt to soften hard water. Hard water can cause several problems in the home, including stains on laundry and fixtures.

17. Does water softener regeneration use salt?

No, water softeners do not use salt. The regeneration process that takes place in a water softener uses a sodium-based brine solution instead.

18. How do I know when my water softener needs to be replaced?

If the service life of your water softener is over, it may be time to replace it. For example, if you have a 10-year old unit and the salt has run out, it may be time to replace it.

Statistics about Waterboss Water Softener

  • It’s unlikely that the WaterBoss 900 will use up 800-1,200 pounds of salt in one year (and 5,000 gallons of water), but it might if you.
  • According to the website, this model can soften up to 90 grains per gallon. However, that might be too much for you.
  • With its impressive list of features and benefits, the WaterBoss 700 is certainly worth checking out when it comes to tackling hard water issues.
  • Most of the best reviews were 5-star ratings, and approximately 80 percent of people who reviewed recommended the product.
  • Even WaterBoss recommends using the 600 for most people. It’s cheaper and less likely to cause damage to your pipes. But if you want something really powerful, the 800 might be worth considering.
  • It uses about 50 percent less salt than traditional water softeners for proper operation.
  • If your water has a pH level of seven or greater, according to the manufacturer, then it’s safe for use.
  • Increase your hardness setting by 12% if you’re using potassium chloride.
  • You’ll need to configure the unit’s digital control head according to your specific needs within five minutes.
  • We must find solutions to these issues because almost 70 percent of the U.S. population has hard water.

Final Words

All the products that we have suggested in our Waterboss water softener reviews are the best in the market. They all ensure optimized efficiency and performance. 

Though the Waterboss 365 is cheaper, the other two are superior when it comes to grain capacity, micron, and PPM removal rates. In general, when it comes to performance 74016, Big Boss and 74011 have the upper hand.

But the best of these two is the 74016 big boss. Yes, it is bulkier and more expensive, but the item is the remarkable one-time investment and has the best states compared to the other two. And it also ensures better control as well as options for enhanced water softening experience.

So, our recommendation would be 74016 Big Boss. But this is a completely personal opinion, and you might disagree. So choose a softener that checks off your list of requirements. 

If you still have any questions left unanswered, let us know below. 


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