The Water Cycle and How Water Works

Water Survival Techniques

When water is safe its known as a Potable water. This clean and safe water is used for drinking, cooking, bathing and other household activities. How can we get potable water? The best possible solution for save water is using a water purifier. Read how?

How Much Water is There on, in, and Above The Earth?

Earth is the only planet where water is existing proven by scientist. Science says about 71 percentages of the earth surface is covered by water. Besides the oceans has about 96.5 percentage of earth eater among them. All the earth is a water bubble, read how its possible-

Are we running out of water?

I was always wonder to think about that are we running out of water? Or is it possible that one day don’t we have any drinkable water?
Water is the most renewable among all of the earth resources. It falls from sky as a rain, salty water as in ocean, safe water as ground water below the surface and ice caps in polar areas. As the earth is growing day by day so it needs to think about safe water source and how we will utilize it.

Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know

water polution everything you need to know

Water pollution is an issue in modern age. Water is getting polluted in many ways. It occurs when harmful substance microorganisms or often chemicals contaminated the steam, aquifer, lake, the river, ocean or other water body degrading water quality and make that water toxic to environment or the human.

Water pollution control

Today pure and high-quality fresh water is becoming very limited in quantity and there is a needs for comprehensive water management involving of all those who use water. Effective action orient management must ensure that the best use is made of available supplies in large amount and including protection from pollution.


WHO has effective issued guidelines for the drinking water quality. This guideline consisting in three volumes. Vol. 1 deals with guideline values, Vol. 2 deals with each contaminant and Vol. 3 gives information on how to handle water supplies in small rural communities. Here the in-border line-

Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids and Water Clarity

Turbidity, Total Suspended Solids & Water Clarity

Total suspended solids (TSS) are particles that are larger than 2 microns are mostly found in the water. Anything smaller than 2 microns in liquid or water is considered as a dissolved solid (DS). Most of the suspended solids are made up of inorganic materials. Besides bacteria and algae can also contribute to the total solid’s concentration. We need to know the types of parameters in water to ensure water safety. Here the site is all about for-

What Is a Water Filtering System?

If you’re not clear about what a water filtering/purifier system is to begin with, here are the basic. In its easy form, a water filter helps to decontaminate the water by either using a physical barrier, chemical process, or a biological process. further how in details.

What is Water?

What is water? Maybe everyone knows that, and it’s also known as H2O. But it sounds simple basically the reality is different. Now a day’s water breaks all the rules. Form the 19th century science and chemist has developed a formula to classify water. besides the characteristic of water. Go through in this page for details. After reding this article, you will know water is the weirdest liquid in the planet.

Why You Need to Know About Water

In 2018, 2.1 billion people still don’t have any easy access to clean drinking water. We all are assuming the water coming out of our taps or sources are cheap and infinite. It is only when we look at the bigger picture that we realize just how valuable water is. It’s difficult to imagine a single day without running water.

Tap vs. Filtered Water: Everything You Need to Know

Tap water has improved a lot in recent years. But still, the chemicals that sanitize tap water have issues, and as outdated plumbing corrodes, it’s getting harder and harder for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to meet their own standards. besides the filtride water is the water that chemical free and safe to drink readily.

The Water Cycle and Different Phases

When the scientist search or research for an another planate they fist look for is evidence of water cycle steps. Because we all know without water, life become impossible. What makes the water so important, it comes down to basic structure of life, the cell, case of multi-cellular life. The water cycle shows how the water stay in its different form, how does it move along the planet and all the place it spends time along the way.

earth's freshwater

Earth's Freshwater 

Earth's Freshwater

If we look over the sky or the space, we can see that our planet has more water than land. It is unexpected somewhat inconceivable that less than 3% of earth water is drinkable water. According to geological survey by US most of the 3% is inaccessible. What an alarming? Read why?

How We Waste Water

A small drip from a faucet can waste as much as 34 gallons or 128 liters of water a day. Other many ways that we miss use water. Calculate how much water we waste every day.

Drinking Water loss

Water main break is common phenomena in US. Its around still an estimated 240,000 water main breaks per year in the United States, wasting more than over two trillion gallons of treated drinking water.

Bottled Water Costs 2000 Times as Much as Tap Water

In modern age people comparatively like to buy bottled water instead of filter water. But in cost comparison the bottled water costs 2000 time as more than a tap water. United states people spent around $11.8 billion dollars on bottled water in 2012. So maybe water filter is the solution for families to reduce their annual budget.

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