How to Make Water Purifier Model! Beginners Basic Tips

There is no alternative to water. The process is very useful if you are moving here and there for survival. People have the possibility of surviving up to a week without food, but without water, they survive 2 and three days.

Fresh or cleaning water is very rare if you are in an emergency situation or the wild. You have to decide the best way to get your water fresh. The stain of water may make you sick. Here the article will aid you to get pure drinking water very easily. This is the way to make a water filter.


  • A plastic bottle or funnel
  • For this experiment you will need:
  • Gravel
  • A vase
  • Clean sand
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Dirt
  • Cotton
  • Water

I want to utilize a plastic bottle. We do not suggest you use a plastic bottle in your everyday life.  You can use an old bottle to prepare the work for good use. Cut the downside of the bottle with a scissor.

The step of this experiment is not kidded friendly, but all things here are easy and safe. Turn the bottle upside down into the vase. The time comes layering.

The first layer may be the cotton balls. You like to get one to two inches of cotton. The following steps will be the activated charcoal. I like to use about, 1-inch worth.

Fortunately, I have all the items left over from the terrarium. It is better to do both at the same the time to aid you kids about the water cycle. On the charcoal add two inches of gravel. You can use stone instead of gravel.

The next layer is three or four inches of sand. As sand is there to catch large particles, the cleaner the sand the better of the experiment may turn out. Finally, add another layer of gravel.

Bring on the Dirt

Take a glass of pure drinking water and make it dirty. Add a good amount of dirt with it and turn into mud. My daughter likes this part.

how to make water purifier model

Pour muddy water to the top of the water filter and see it gradually saturate the layers and make the way through the filters into the glass under it.

Our Results, Filtered Water

Finally, you will get some clear water coming out of the filter. I have never seen such type of fresh water. I think we have done a good job.

It is not disturbing, therefore please do not attempt. You do not know what type of contaminant the water has.

It is a big educational activity which added to expand on the filtration method of the water cycle as well as analysis water filter’s work. I like my Filter Butler water, filtration system.

Tips on How To Make Water Purifier Model

  • Instead of making a filter with a thick layer of charcoal, gravel and sand use a thin layer of charcoal to make the filter. Do the similar thing as long as you approach the rim of the bottle.
  • Think to have a filter from a camping store. The filter can remove microorganisms and bacteria that a makeshift filter.
  • As you do not get a coffee filter, attempt to use crumpled cotton fabric or some teddy or pillow bear stuffing.
  • As the boiled water taste flat, add a pinch of salt. You may pour the water back as well as forth between 2, rinse container within a few times.

How To Make Water Purifier Model

How To Make Water Purifier Model FAQs

How does the gravel, sand, and charcoal filter work?

Every time water goes through the various layers, it becomes clean. The first layer holds the big pieces of debris like leaves, twigs, and bugs. The following stage catches smaller particles like grit and dirt and makes water fresh and clean. Lastly, the charcoal layers remove some chemicals and bacteria.

What is the use of the sand to purify the water?

The sand layer aids to catch the smaller particles like grit and dirt, then makes the water very clean and fresh.

What did you make?

I have used natural material and prepared a profitable water purifier. A plastic bottle water flowed slowly, ensures a good result, the body is built of plastic, cut and put the top side upside down inside the other.

It is made of four simple layers of pebbles, cotton, sand, and gravel, simulating the groundwater replenishment. The edges are wrapped with duct tape to resist hazard.

How did you make it?

When I desire to do the project, I have no tools with me except my handy pocket knife and for the first aid kit inside my bag. I made the bottle in two pieces and got the pebbles, sand, and gravel in the park, filled with the dirty water, and to the end, there was pure water.

Where did you make it?

I make it at a situation for the local park, a but I used the project for an annual science fair at my school, and it worked well.

What did you learn?

I would like replenishing the underground water. It is practical and importance for our lives. It ensures a better outlook on this topic.

The challenge I met is to layer everything smoothly. I need to shut off the cap, layer up and open up the cap for more purification. It ensures me top grades also.


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