Top 3 Best Waterboss Reviews Right Now In The Market

If the water contains a huge number of minerals, it is hard water. If you use hard water, it will result in mineral deposits to the upper part of your glassware or pipes. Water softening resist these, and you will get healthy and clean water. Waterboss is now producing some best water softeners. We have compiled lots of waterboss reviews. For more information, you may read the article on waterboss reviews or visit them.

To achieve capacity, waterboss is designed with three models. The models are 950 and 700, 900. Each has its own merits, and they are perfect for various households. There are some differences of the water softener that are shown below.

Waterboss Reviews Comparison Chart – Top 3 Products

Why Do You Choose A WaterBoss Water Softener?

We get lots of Waterboss water softener manufacturers in the market now. Behind this, we have many reasons to choose the Waterboss softener.

  • The warranty of the WaterBoss are as follow: for resin tank, you will get ten years limited guarantee and against defects, the warranty is three years against any defects or manufacturing materials. Read the details about the warranty. Though you have some question more, just contact the manufacturers by email or telephone.
  • There are four simple ways to install it. Anyone of your home can install it. At first, connect to the plumbing, then plug in the transformer. Then set the controller and lastly add salt.
  • No, soften water company tests the water. If they do, they take additional charge. But in that case, WaterBoss does experiment freely. You just call them, and they will do it freely. The water test is a must as it implies the hardness levels and the strength of iron in your water. There are three water softeners with the WaterBoss, and you should make the decision to choose one.
  • You are not buying a water softener. There is a video, manual, and water test strips as well as eight inches of the drain line. Everything that you need to set up will get here.
  • Waterboss can regenerate as much as within less than 15 minutes. Most of the softeners take two times much even sometimes hours. If you use longer softener, it will regenerate more water and salt. The power of electricity will be needed more. Therefore, waterboss will take a little water, salt, and electricity as it takes short times. Though the time is short, it will regenerate more effectively.
  • Fill your Waterboss with the salt substitute or salt when you see water above. People forget it, and there are some simple steps to it. If you see any problem, it requires to solve it.


Best Waterboss Reviews (Researched) – Top 3 Waterboss Products


WaterBoss Water Softener Model 700

WaterBoss Water Softener Model 700

Features of WaterBoss Water Softener Model 700

  • Wonderful design is made to use less water than other filtration systems in the market
  • Maintenance free and patented sediment and dirt filter
  • The softener uses less water than the other retail softener in the market.
  • Sediment filter, maintenance-free dirt and patented
  • It is up to the size of the softener

The WaterBoss 700 model is made to offer you the power for your house application offering up to 22000 grains and softens up to 70 grains/gallons.

The unit is a great one for those who like to have a significant change in the quality of water for the home.

WaterBoss is a whole house filter, self-cleaning and built-in system, so there is no need to change cartridges.

The Model# 700 is a great water softener for those who like to have good water with low maintenance.

The WaterBoss Water Softener 700 model is a great model for anyone who is suffering from water problems like acidic water, hard water, high amount dirt, sediment, and sand as well as iron content.

The 700 and the 900 models are built with iron filter capacity and can clean water up to 10 ppm.

It reduces the need for your external iron filter in your water supplying system. This is the important feature if you are looking for your iron filled well water supply.

WaterBoss backs 700 series has three years limited warranty for the electronics and ten years for the outlet cabinet and media tank.

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WaterBoss Water Softener Model 900

WaterBoss Water Softener Model 900

Features of WaterBoss Water Softener Model 900

  • WaterBoss water softener is made to use less water instead of other retail water softener and has sediment filter and maintenance free dirt.
  • To lessen the iron content of good water, it has a salt water softener.
  • A features a built in, self-cleaning whole house filer means that there are no cartridges to change.
  • It works as an iron water filter lessening clear water iron up to ten pm.
  • Simple Installation
  • By factory bypass for an installation may extend the lifespan of the filter. The supervisor operation of the system is effortlessly programmable and user-friendly
  • It is nothing after all

The capacity of water boss 900 is 36400 grains, it is an ideal size for a big family having many members.

The softener is an ideal for hard water.

This is the best model, and the capacity is high. It has the capacity softened water up to 90 grains/ gallon.

The unit functions as an iron water filter. It reduces the amount of ferrous iron to the level of 10 ppm and filters sediments, dirt and ensures more clean operation.

The unit has a good consistent flow of water. So you feel no pressure of drops of water from the large application or at the time of taking shower.

The design of WaterBoss is very good and gives conserving water and salt. The new WaterBoss takes the only a little time to refill it than the previous models.

The process takes only 14 gallons of water. Therefore, it requires more salt to refill than the previous models. Each time it needs 3 pounds of salt.

For safety, there is an automatic turn off the system with the unit.

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WaterBoss City Softener Model 950

WaterBoss City Softener Model 950

Features of WaterBoss City Softener Model 950

  • The softener is made to use less water than any other retail water softener
  • Maintenance free dirt, patented and sediment filter
  • Eliminates up to 35 grains of hardness per gallon
  • Design is very compact and simple to install and maintenance
  • Maintenance-free dirt, patented, and sediment filter
  • The design is very simple and easy to maintain.
  • Can remove up to 35 grains of hardness per gallon
  • It is little noisy. The quality of water is very good and ordinary softener

The 950 is a new model of waterBoss. It has slightly lower grain capacity and is replaced with a chlorine filter.

The filter renders 22000-grain solution and can soften up to 35 grains/ gallon. The size is perfect for over size family.

The waterboss 950 is designed to handle high chlorine that remains is most of the city water.

It functions as a chlorine filter and improves the taste of water as well as the smell of your water. As there is chlorine filter capacity in it, the system removes the hassle of second filtering system.

The maintenance of the system is very easy and the system is not very expensive at all. There is no inconvenience to change the filter of the system.

The waterBoss is a kind of system that you are looking for a long time.

For the guest or going to the vocation, there is no need to change the settings; a computer will automatically change the setting.

There are self-cleaning sediment and dirt filter with the 950 just like the 900 model.

The system removes all the steps and offers clean water. Within 19 minutes the regeneration process completes, and 15 gallons of water and 2.5 pounds of salt makes the system efficient and quick.

So if you have city water or like to use on average size family, the unit is a perfect one no doubt.

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Waterboss 900 problems – Waterboss 900 Troubleshooting

The WaterBoss 900 is a very useful water softener for using at home. It applies a mixture of salts and special purifiers to treat hard water or regular tap water to make water fresh and safe for drinking.

Same as some appliances, you can experience some point malfunctions or problems with the WaterBoss. Prior seeking expert help or altering the device, attempt to solve the issue yourself by few steps, easy troubleshooting techniques.

WaterMizer Light Does Not Blink If Water is Flowing

Try to observe if the plumbing bypass is in the right position. Since it is to the bypass position, switch it to the service place.

Notice if the plumbing is going to install backward. As it is, disconnect it and connect it again accurately, follow the arrows of the device carefully.

See whether the sensor is receiving or not receiving a signal from the turbine. Remove the sensor from the device very carefully and keep a magnet on the chip- if WaterMizer light glows green it means that the sensor is acting and there is dirt which is obstructing the turbine. Wipe the turbine by the damp cloth and eliminate the obstruction if it is the matter.

No Soft Water After Regeneration

Keep it sometimes to see whether or not there remain salt in the brine cabinet or something is clogging there. Add more salt to the brine cabinet and eliminate the obstruction clogged in it.

Attempt to notice if there is salt build up or salt bridges have formed to the brine cabinet. As you see the hardened salt build up in the cabinet, apply a blunt object to dislodge or break the hardened salt.

Notice if the drain line is twisted, pinched or frozen. Since it is twisted or pinched normally untangle and straighten it. When the line is frozen, take out from the device and thaw it prior replacing it.

Excess Water in Brine Tank

Be sure the air check, brine line flow, and the brine line are not clogged. If it happens, take out the obstruction from them and rinse the brine cabinet.

Notice if the injector assembly is clogged. If it happens, clean it to alter completely as it has damaged severely. Make contact with your distributor from where you get the device for the replacement part.

Notice if the brine refill valve requires lubricating. If it seems malfunctioning or sticking, take it out from the device, lubricate it with silicone grease and again install it to the desired place.

Waterboss drive motor

90217 Drive Motor

The motor is kept in the right place by 2, half inches self-tapping screw. The screw must be snug. The impudence pinion gear of the Motor may connect the plastic Drive Gear. The Wires must be safely fastened to the controller.

93238 Drive Gear

The drive gear is set up with the Slide Cam by a keyed opening that moves the torque engendered by the Motor for the remaining drive system. When the system becomes jammed, the opening may become rounded causes the gear to turn but not the Piston Slide Cam. When it happens, fresh the jam and change the Drive Gear (93238) and Piston Slide Cam (93217).

How To Install WaterBoss Water Softener

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Waterboss Reviews


Question: Is it true WaterBoss add salt to the drinking water?

Answer: In the ion exchange resin bed, potassium chloride or sodium chloride is used to remove the hardness. All of them are almost washed away by the drain of the process.

Question: What kind of regenerate would I need to use?

Answer: Regenerate is applied to remove hardness from the resin of the water softener. You can use two types of regenerators:

  • Solar salt
  • Pellet

To remove the salt substance, you may use potassium chloride. Potassium chloride is not suggested where there is the presence of iron in the water supply.

For such case, you can use pellet salt with a rust remover. The suggestion of using rock salt is not permitted as it has impurities.

Question: what is the way to work a water softener?

Answer: The softener goes a process called ion exchanged is applied to remove hardness. The resin with it works like a magnet, pull hardness out of the water.

When the resin reaches its capacity and fails to attract hardness, the system work by regenerating. Use regenerate to remove hardness from the resin.

Final Verdict

Some last words on the WaterBoss whole house filtration systems, the components are produced in the united states and are effective simple to set up elements which should take a couple of hours to set up for many homeowners so long as they’re replacing a water heater.

If you’re installing a water heater for the very first time, you are going to need to ensure you’ve got an electric connection to plug in the device.

It’s also wise to be conscious of the most recent construction and plumbing codes, to be sure that the unit is installed correctly.

Should you need a plumber, it is possible to discover a regional licensed plumber to put in the WaterBoss unit to get a couple of hundred bucks, based on the electrical and plumbing work that must be carried out.

Overall if you’re seeking a compact device, which needs very little maintenance aside from replacing the salt, then the WaterBoss is a terrific whole home water purification system.