Thermos Tritan Water Filtration Bottle Reviews

Thermos manufacturer NSF/ANSI 53 accredited filter jar reduces contaminants like chloramine, aesthetic chlorine, atrazine and particulate class v contaminants, in addition to odor and bad tastes from your water. The filter doesn’t reduce fluoride.

Reaching an NSF certification ensures the item complies with all normal needs by a well-respected certification organization.

Thermos NSF/ANSI 53 filter jar features an advanced gravity-fed filtration system. It allows water to pass through the filter rather than by pressure, giving it increased contact time with the filter, leading to contaminant-reduced water that’s prepared to drink.

Thermos NSF/ANSI 53 Certified 22 Ounce Tritan Water Filtration Bottle


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Produced from BPA-free Eastman Tritan polyester cloth, this 22-ounce jar features an open spout which allows for good flow speed without a solid grinding or sucking required. Additionally, it comes with a sterile, locking, pushed button lid using one-handed functionality and incorporated carrying loop.

NSF/ANSI 53 accredited filter lasts for roughly 20 gallons (128 total bottles) and is enriched using DuPont licensed filter. This thermos freshwater filtration product isn’t meant to purify water.


  • Filter is NSF/ANSI 53 Accredited and reduces contaminants like cosmetic chlorine, chloramine, atrazine and particulate class cable contaminants
  • The complex gravity-fed filtration system in a mobile filter jar ensures contaminants Won’t bypass the filter by pressure
  • Broad spout allows for good flow speed without a substantial squeezing or sucking required
  • Replace filter every 20 gallons (or even 128 complete bottles); equally jar and lid are dishwasher safe


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Holds a Fantastic Quantity of water


  • Can only drink a small quantity of water at a time

Thermos Tritan Hydration Bottle

As we mentioned previously, the Thermos Tritan Water filter jar looks magnificent. It’s offered in several color choices. It’s impact resistant and incredibly lightweight.

But it’s a sleek vertical finish that’s not the easiest to grip particularly when you’re sprinting on the area or hiking on a hot afternoon with sweaty hands on. An ergonomic layout or even a ribbed design could have made it a good deal more comfortable to hold.

There is a push button lid that releases the spout. Yes, it’s a game rather than a straw. Thus, you need to drink straight from it since you would like a beverage from a spout without even using suction. This also lets you fill water into cups or other containers readily. The lid also comes with a carrying loop, which allows you to hook up the bottle in your carry tote or backpack.

The very best design characteristic is that the gravity fed filtration system. After you fill the jar with water, then gravity feeds it to the filter and the wash water is accumulated in another compartment in the base of the bottle. This compartment is linked to the output spout.

The filter must be replaced following filtering 20 gallons of water that approximately equal to 128 refills of this jar.

How Effective The Thermos Tritan Hydration Bottle Is?

The very first thing you’d need to understand is that this isn’t a water purification system. It is a water filtration system, and the distinction is you can’t use this to purify water which might be infected with pathogens or germs. It is going only to remove particulate contaminants and substances like cosmetic chlorine, chloramine, and atrazine that could influence the taste and the odor of the water.

How Effective The Thermos Tritan Hydration Bottle Is?

For eliminating viruses and germs, you might have to use additional procedures of disinfection. The jarring quality is exceptional, and this can last for a long time even if you opt to take out the filter and use it as a water bottle.

What Could Be Better

It filters the water and permits you to drink it out of a spout without even using squeezing or suction it with all your power.

It does not leak, looks magnificent and fits comfortably into a jar cup holder in an auto. If just the bottom reservoir stuffed a little quicker, this could have been among the most effective mobile water filter bottles on the marketplace.

Easy to use, easy to enjoy

Clean, fantastic tasting water is readily obtained with the newest Genuine Thermos Brand Filtration Bottle. Just fill the bottle with water, and the gravity-fed filter immediately goes to work, continuing to wash the water since the contaminant-reduced water room is drained after being absorbed.

Thermos Tritan Water Filtration Bottle Is Easy To Use

Produced from BPA-free, impact-resistant Eastman Tritan™ polyester fabric, the jar comes with a sterile, locking, push-button lid for easy, one-handed functionality, together with an integrated carrying loop for simple portability.

The Genuine Thermos Brand Filtration Bottle can be obtained as a 20-ounce/590 ml power bottle with the filter set up or a 22-ounce/650 ml ability.

This jar is going to have a 24-ounce/710 ml ability and may also feature a sterile, locking, push-button lid for convenient, on-the-go hydration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Thermos Tritan Water Bottle

Question: Why is this water jar BPA free?

Answer: I find nothing regarding BPA free from the product literature or about the Thermos bottle tags. I ran the barcode scan for much more information. No wording states BPA free.

Question: Why is this jar sweatproof?

Answer: I don’t place cold water inside, so I am unsure. It is not insulated so that I doubt it.

Question: Would you use the water jar with no filter? Or you should have the screen to use the bottle?

Answer: You can surely use it with no filter. I’ve used it for more than six months with no filter.