SteriPen UV Water Purifier Review! Designed Specifically for Outdoor Expedition Use

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier is a supertype of water purification system. It has to have more performance for the outdoors.

SteriPEN adventure Opti is made for toughest mountains and rivers water in the whole world.

Suppose you are in camping and there is no pure drinking water with you. This purification system will chance to access pure drinking water.

The Adventurer Opti UV water purifier is a very necessary filter for adventures. It has a patent-pending technology. There is a sensor that will alert you that the water is purified or treated well.

The sensor doubles an added LED flashlight lit up around the composite. Hold it for 3 seconds to remove darkness from the unit.

The unit is designed by thousands of endurance athletes. It requires 2 CR123 batteries to do its function. So you can operate the system effectively even in cold environment. This is a very lightweight water purification system.

The long durable UV lamp ensures pure water up to 8000 liters. The system is fit for a container having 1.75-inch diameter opening.

SteriPen UV Water Purifier Review

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You need to keep in mind that SteriPEN is not only a filter. It uses UV light to destroy viruses, parasites, other waterborne pathogens, and bacteria. All are harmful to your health.

Through UV light through water, up to 90 seconds can affect disease-bearing microbes. But be sure, it has no impact on chemical content in your water.

You can use a SteriPEN water filter to purify clean water more or less. This is the only condition of this filter.

You have to follow it strictly. This filter works well when the UV light goes through the water. It means that you can’t use SteriPEN purifier if water is extremely turbid.

If you use a SteriPEN water filter, you will get more or less pure clean drinking water. Use tap water in your area for having known issues.

The water of river and stream has microbe. Therefore it is better to use a preliminary filter.

One such type of filter is found before SteriPEN water filter Kit comes on the market. It adds to the mouth of the water bottle. It gives you 40 microns filter which is able to pour water into the bottle.

It is very nice to remove turbidity and sediment from water. Be sure SteriPEN is a good portable solution to produce potable water.


  • Use water and press the activated button. When water is purified the lamp turns off and indicator signals.
  • Saves your life from the possible risk of cholera, botulism, typhoid, and dysentery. There are only a few names there are others also.
  • UV – C light rays sterilize clean water by removing 99.99% of protozoa such as Giardia, bacteria. The rays also confiscate and cryptosporidia and viruses.
  • Optical sensor doubles as a useful LED flashlight
  • One set of CR 123 batteries can treat up to 50 liters of water
  • The UV lamp life: 8000 treatments
  • The retail package comes with a neoprene case having belt loop and two non-rechargeable CR123 batteries
  • Lightweight and small. The weight of the unit is 3.8 oz along with batteries.
  • The device works well though containers size is 1.75 in diameter opening.
  • You need to replace SteriPEN Premium Lamp Life Pledge after using 8000 liters of water. You will get detail information at

Pros & Cons of SteriPen UV Water Purifier


  • No pumping, no chemicals
  • Does not impact on the taste of water
  • Very quick system
  • Neutralize biological organisms
  • Able to work with the cold or freezing weather.


  • Unable to remove minerals and chemicals pollutants
  • Depends on battery
  • Fails to work with all reservoirs and bottles.

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier is Ease to Use

Very easy. You need no clogged filters, sore arms and 87 different pieces of fit all together. It may seem very good but the reality is opposite.


Fantastic. I have experience of using SteriPEn Adventurer Opti for more than twenty trips. It jostled in my pack fall several times and used with thirsty vigor. The unit has not failed to do if it works for the single time.


It is same as asking blue ability of the summer sky. The Adventure Opti is small and lightweight. Therefore I can carry it easily and fix in my running pack.

Filtration Rate

A typical size of wide-mouthed Nalgene can take up to 90 seconds to treat 1 liter of water.

This can’t change based on usage of other filters. If you have less water, it can take less time. Wait for the light goes off.

Why You Like SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

The SteriPEN Adventurer Opti is used mostly to purify one liter of ½ Lt. of water at the same time. The Opti has a wide opening for this reason you can utilize it for glass or ceramic bottle, metal, plastic and so on.

SteriPen Adventurer

You need to submerge the opti’s light element within it. The wide mouth and Nalgene bottle is handy to use. You do not use it in a cooking pot.

Submerge for the first time and stir water carefully with the SteriPEN as long as UV light goes off. It alerts you that the water is purified. The signals may take 90 seconds to do it function.

Prior to drink; rinse the thread of the bottle with a clean piece of cloth. SteriPEN’s light can go near the wet filter.

This may be a great concern for you. The reason is that the system may handle a few organisms found in the thread.

Should You Buy a SteriPEN?

If you are outside for a short period, you have to bring a water filter with you. This will save your money.

At the same time, it will give you pure drinking water that is a must for your survival. Take it seriously and use a filter SteriPEN.

SteriPen Water Purifier

If you are backpacking around the world for the first time, I advise you to take one water filter with you. Though, this is not a very necessary thing for some people.

But if you are in great trouble to have pure drinking water, the filter will provide you pure water.

LifeStraw is a super alternative in such situation. Therefore I advise you to bring a LifeStraw with you to face such trouble.

My cousin completed his tour and I moved to Europe. I need no SteriPEN.  During my travel to African, I have bought it. I didn’t use it all the time. I am happy with the unit. It provides me drinking water if I drink water from the local source.

This is a very cool device which can keep hundred percent promises. It is very effective to purify water from taps, rivers, and clean water. Whatever water you use in it, the unit can purify it.

The price of the SteriPEN is affordable. You can keep the unit in your bag so it is very small and handy.

Care and Cleaning

As you are not using the AdventurerOpti, you need to keep it in a dry, clean and non-abrasive container or area. You should not keep the unit above 140 degrees C or under -4°F/-20°C. It is better to remove batteries from the unit.

If you keep the unit unused for a long period, it may damage. Use a mild soap to wash the AdventurerOpti.

You can use a soft cloth to clean it. The battery compartment of the unit is water resistant. So it is not permitted to submerged it or keep under water.

SteriPen Adventurer Purifier

Troubleshooting of SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

The flashing green indicator LED implies that the AdventurerOpti is armed. If you submerged it in water, the lamp doesn’t light.

Be sure the optical sensor and UV lamps are completely immersed. If you install fresh batteries and low battery LED warning shows, low temperature may be the cause of it.

Take out batteries from the device. When a dose UV lamp shuts off and indicator LED may not come at all.

You need to replace the batteries. Perhaps those batteries have been drained. Notice the important note mentioned above.

Steripen Ultra UV Water Purifier Demonstration & Review

Final Thoughts

I have been applying the SteriPEN Adventurer Opti for a long time. I am very happy with the service of the filter. The unit is very simple and effective.

I have used in all over the world. It is simple, packable, fast acting. You will be happy to know that the service it gives me is very lucrative. It seems to me that I am just drinking water right from the stream.


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