Seychelle Water Filter Bottle Review: Suitable for Outdoor Activities

Seychelle 28 Ounce Water Bottle Advanced Filter gives 100 gallons of pure drinking water. All materials of the bottles are FDA approved and free from BPA.

The filter eliminates 99.99% of pollutants found in clean water. It also removes dirt, sediments, chemicals (VOCs) such as MTBE, DDT, chloroform THM’s, Benzene.

The Seychelles 28 is able to remove dissolved solids up to 99.9%. Such dissolves are Chromium 6, aluminum, zinc, copper, mercury, lead, and arsenic. It can confiscate Biologicals pollutant, for example, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Seychelle Extreme Water Filter Bottle

The advanced filter has got the certificate of EPA for iodinated resin. The filter can remove virus and bacteria up to 99.9999%.

Moreover, it can remove about 90% of fluoride. The filter is particularly used in extreme conditions like a cyclone, hurricanes and so on. Take it in your memory that the filter is unable to do action with salt water.

Seychelle Water Filter Bottle Review

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  • Possible to remove pollutants up to 99.99% from fresh water.
  • The ability of the 28 flip top advance filter is up to hundred gallons. All bottles are free from BPA and got FDA approval.
  • Fails to remove salt water
  • The capacity of the filter is to remove 99.9999% of bacteria, and viruses from water. EPA approved that the filter can also remove 90% of fluoride and iodinated resin.
  • Possible to use in extreme conditions. You can use it for stagnant water and turbid. This is a great filter for emergencies like cyclones, hurricanes etc.

Pros & Cons of Seychelle Water Filter Bottle


  • Great tasting water
  • Not super made but decently made
  • The weight of the wet filter is 7.3 oz.
  • The Advanced bottle filter removes virus and bacteria from water.


  • When you hold too hard you may find filtered water out of the threads of the lid.

How Seychelle 28 Ounce Water Bottle Advanced Filter Works

Medical science has invented technology of Seychelle for two-micron pore. The high-tech porous plastic micro-filter contains the granulated activated carbon and Seychelle’s exclusively absorbing media.

Seychelle Water Filter Bottle

Moreover, the controlled 2-micron filters have lots of Omni-directional pores. These pores are the outcome of a tortuous path for nice analyte reduction.

Seychelle’s exclusive Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration organizes all systems through absorption, adsorption, chelation, depth filtration and bonding.

All Seychelle filters are completely tested by the independent state laboratories. It is certified to examine beneath the strictest ANSI/EPA protocols and NSF standard 42 and 53.

Why You Like Seychelle 28 Ounce Water Bottle Advanced Filter

Seychelle filter

Seychelle Regular Filter

The usual filter removes chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, Radon 22 and grave metals and so on. The filter fails to remove Giardia, E-coli or cryptosporidium from the water. This filter is used for chlorinated municipal water and bottled water replacement.

Seychelle Standard Filter

The Seychelles Standard Filter is nice for hiking, camping, traveling, biking. You can use this filter for any water source.

Tap or rainwater, river, and lakes water, rainwater do not matter at all. Moreover, you can use this filter for water which is non-stagnant and non-turbid.

The filter eliminates up to 99.99% of pollutants available in clean water. It can also remove chlorine, sediment, and dirt from water. It can fight with cryptosporidium, Giardia, E Coli Bacteria.

The filter fights with chemicals, DDT, Benzene, MTBE, Chloroforms and mixed solids. (lead, arsenic, copper, mercury, chromium 6, aluminum and zinc.)

Seychelle Advanced Filter

This filter is designed for EPA approved iodinated resin. It is very effective to remove virus and bacteria to six longs 99.9999%. This filter is very effective in extreme conditions.

It is perfect for an emergency period like cyclones and hurricanes. The filter works well in Katrina in the US, a hurricane in Haiti and a nuclear detonation in Fukushima, Japan.

Seychelle Radiological Filter

The Radiological filter can remove 100% of Radium, Radon 222, Cesium 137, Plutonium, Uranium and other pollutants. It also removes 91% of iodine from water.

Why You Like Seychelle 28 Ounce Water Bottle Advanced Filter

Seychelle Water Bottle comes with advanced and flip top water filter. This patented filter can remove pollutants up to 99.99%.

The package also includes 100 gallons filtered water bottle and beautiful insulator sleeve. The sleeve is added to a belt or backpack.

Evert 28 oz. Steel bottle applies BPA free low-density polyethylene, FDA permitted for food products.

All bottles are lightweight and reusable. Micro- Filtration system removes all pollutants from the undermentioned groups:

  • The filter can remove odor, bad taste, dirt, clarity, chlorine, and sediment from water.
  • Removes dissolved solids and heavy metals. Some of the common names are asbestos, aluminum, mercury, copper, lead, chromium.
  • The filter removes chemicals, chlorine, detergents, toxic chemicals, pesticides. It can also remove harmful agricultural and industrial pollutants.

Seychelle Water Bottle Filter Review For Hikers And Preppers

Seychelle Water Filter Bottle FAQs

You may face bacteria, activated carbon filter harboring and other pollutants. Bacteria may grow anywhere on anything. The best way is to dirt free the filter periodically.

Most people like to use a granulated activated carbon filter element. They use it in such a way that the unit is either adding with the valve. Water is reserved to use after collecting it.

So bacteria may grow there or multiples its life. Bacteria grow well in the moist and dark atmosphere when there is no antiseptic. The cause of bacteria growth is that the filter sanitizes them automatically.

Flash with a 1/8 teaspoon of chlorine in one-quarter of the system. Clean it well and use a flush of water. There is no such report that Seychelle has grown bacteria on it though it introduced 16 years ago.

Question: What is the way to determine the capacity of the filter?

Answer: Seychelle has a continuous flow of water. The laboratories remove chlorine by running greatly spiked water more than 400 gallons. Overall the capacity of the filter varies to some extents.

Stainless steel bottles: up to 100 gallons

Question: Is the filter system pre-flushed?

Answer: All the filters are pre-flushed in the factory before delivering it to the shops. Contact the product manual for instructions on the products.

Question: Does the filter ever need cleaning?

Answer: No. it is wise not to use cleaner or soap to rinse the filter. These activities can damage the unit. Plug up with the microscopic openings that may affect its function.

Question: What is the filter life expectancy?

Answer: All filters come with a 1-year limited guarantee. You can alter the filter if you are not happy with the performance of the unit. Or when you see the flow of water isn’t satisfactory.


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