Portable Water Purifier Buying Guide You May Trust

Many people are using this water purifier in the whole world. The good news is that even the survivalists, enthusiasts and military personnel are using it widely.

One can use the purifier for filtering water from rivers, lakes, and groundwater. The purifier removes disease-causing pathogens from water. The purifier ensures pure and safe water for you.

POU water filters are self- contained methods that are safe and sound. People who don’t get safe water this purifier is just for them. Use this purifier and get fresh water.

Technicians refer heat (including boiling), activated charcoal, filtration, adsorption, and distillation (including solar distillation). They also suggest chemical disinfection (e.g.ozonation, chlorination, iodine, etc.), chemical disinfection, ultraviolet purification (including SODIS) and flocculation.

Sometimes these are put all together. Chemical additives and commercial moveable water refinement systems are fit for camping, hiking, traveling in distant areas.

People of the developing countries are using this purification system in the developing countries. When there is a shortage of drinking water it is wise to use a self-supply water system.

Things to Think When Selecting a Portable Water Purifier

How Portable is it?

Would you have something ultralight to refresh a little amount at the same time? Do you like to purify great amount of water? Would you want a hydration bladder, a Nalgene?

Do you get something from simple drinking system? Would you like to get the highest thing possible? Can you get the latest alternative possible? The reason is that you are thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.

We give light on various products with applications across a broad swath of users. You need to match your desired thing according to your situation.

Does it Kill Bugs or Remove the Grit?

The biggest factor is that you like to get rid of the microbes from water. Microbes are responsible for making you sick. Some purifiers do a great job to remove these bugs. The good news is that the filter doesn’t remove solids from water.

As you are more concern about gritty water, this would be a great thing for you. If you don’t like to drink impure water, you should look for filtration and purification.

Is the product flexible?

For taking action, there are some steps you have to follow these closely. Some give more flexibility whereas some offer fewer alternatives.

You know that some purifiers have a very extended life while other runs on batteries. You have to consider which one would match more with your situation.

At first, know the situation well and then buy a perfect one. You can buy a flexible one when you aren’t sure about the condition of your well.

What is the Cost?

None of these purifiers are very expensive. You should not think more about the cost of the purifier. Spend the only little amount of water and bring a water purifier to your home.

Surely you are going to get the largest system to get 3 figure ranges. The personal water purifier is not pricy but no cheap enough.

Lifetime Capacity

How long is able to pump water for this little unit for you? Purification system has an individual number. Sometimes the numbers are backed up by examination. The numbers grabbed out of thin air.

The purification systems are mentioned here by the trustworthy companies. Therefore the number is very close what you are expecting.

Flow Rate

You should know the flow rate of your water purifier. No doubt the system is very simple. The filter is a straw-based so you may use peanut butter from the pitcher. Drink water from the straw by this water pitcher.

Types of portable water purifier

Water purifiers come with lots of systems. These are divided into the following categories:

  • Suction Powered: In this system, straws apply a hollow membrane filter to clean water. Normally draw water from the device with your mouth that is needed to make water drinkable. Merits: the merits of the system are ease of use, size, price, weight, and flexibility. Demerits: some straws have no flexibility to add to other drinking systems.
  • Gravity Powered: The purifiers use gravity force to purify water. The capacity of these purifiers is normally more than others. People use it more to get water for big groups. Merits: has more capacity for large groups. Demerits: size, weight, and cost through some option exist there.
  • UV Powered: It is the SteriPEN that we will discuss later on. The merit of the filter is flat out water. It has some demerits too such as time, capacity, uses batteries, fails to kill the buggies, removes the abilities to reproduce etc.
  • The Others: Boiling is other alternatives to remove germs from the water. There are some hand pump filters. They use gravity, UV power, and suction. These purifiers are cost effective, lighter and more popular. If you would like to add chemicals to the water to make it clean, at first be my guest.

How Does A Portable Water Purifier Work?

There are 2 main types of water purifiers on the market. One of them is chemical water purifier and the other is non-chemical water purifier.

You can get any of them today. There are some other types of water purifier in the market that are described below.

An example of chemical type water purifier is a purifier relies on iodine treatment. Iodine is very effective to purify water than some other chemicals used in water purifications.

How Does A Portable Water Purifier Work

Nevertheless, iodine is a sensitive chemical. It must be kept in the dark container. Iodine maintains efficiency in water purification system. The drawback of iodine is that it would be an allergen for some people.

If you suffer from allergic, you should drink iodine mixed water. You should better to drink water that is free from allergy. Suppose you have an iodine allergy, you may use a water filtration based on iodine treatment.

The cause is that you become sick of using a purifier. It is not a matter how clean the water is. Iodine water purifier uses iodine so that water and iodine mixture can destroy pollutant in water.

Other types of chemical water purifiers depend on chlorine treatment. This is normally used for other systems of chemical water purification to detect iodine.

The water purifying system uses chlorine in purification system. People use chlorine to destroy pollutants in dirty water.

There are many types of water purifiers on the market. People like to use various types of water filtration systems to purify water. One thing is common that all purifiers use ultraviolet radiation to clean water.

You have to know the function of water purifiers. Try to know the function of a particular filter. Follow the instruction given by the manufactures to know more about it.

Benefits of using portable water purifier

Benefits of using portable water purifier

  • A water filter gives healthy and clean water for drinking and cooking.
  • Point-of-use water filtration can eliminate lead from water before consumption. As a result, harmful contaminants fail to enter into the body.
  • The purifiers remove odor and taste from the drinking water. Besides, it removes bacterial and chlorine pollutants.
  • A solid block carbon is able to remove injurious pollutants from drinking water. At the same time, it retains the healthy mineral deposit and maintains the pH level of drinking water.
  • The water filters lessen the probability of gastrointestinal disease up to 33%. The filter also takes out Guardia and cryptosporidium from the drinking water.
  • The buying of a countertop water filter ensures healthy and clean water. The cost of this pitcher is less than the bottled water.
  • Water filters reduce the probability of colon cancer, bladder cancer, and colon cancer. It also removes chlorine byproducts from your drinking water.
  • Drinking clean and pure water is a must for the children. Water filter ensures healthier water and develops children immune systems.
  • Consuming filtered and clean water saves the body from leads and disease. It confirms overall sound health.
  • Water filter makes a wall between the body and over 2100 known poison which is found in drinking water.


  1. The weight of the purifier is very light. One can carry it wherever you like. You may have got drinkable water by this purifier. The purifier can filter water from pond lakes and rivers. If you are far from tap or fountain water this doesn’t matter at all. Anywhere you can get pure water by this purifier. The filter is very useful for mounting, tenting and climbing. The pitcher is portable.
  2. The second thing is that this filter can ensure clean water. The filter removes particles, other issues from the water. It also confirms quality water. For instance, EcoFlo water microfilter is one of the most favorite water filters on the market today. A lot of customers are shopping this quality merchandise for their use. They also suggest other to buy this filter to get fresh and clean water.
  3. The next important feature of the filter is that it can ensure quality water for you. It removes particles and other pollutants from water. EcoFlo water filter is the most attractive filter on the market today. A lot of customers are using this filter for satisfying thirst. The pitcher can remove p
  4. The last advantage of this filter is that it is very simple to use. It is very much necessary as you may spend some time pump water with the help of a filter. If you have lake or pond water, you may face the problem. Cleaning such type of water is very simple.

Disadvantage not so big deal

Home purification systems fulfill the standard of NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and ANS (American National Standards Institute) to ensure pure water. These systems remove metals and harmful organisms from the water.

Finally, you can get fresh water. If you don’t clean the filter regularly it can damage. As you don’t take proper care of the filter, you are doing more harm instead of doing good.

Drinking water filtered by a dirty filter is more dangerous than drinking water direct from the tap. This is the view of dietitian Monica Reinagel.

Lastly The Portable Water Purifier

Portable water pitcher is safe water purification system. This purifier has got the status of the most wonderful system in 2016.

Lastly The Portable Water Purifier

There are lots of features with the filter. It is lightweight, design is very nice. The purifier can remove more impurities and pollutants from water. The review of the filtration process will help you more to choose the best purifier.

Here are the top 10 portable water filters and purifiers for backpacking and survival


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