Pentek CBC Filter Cartridge Review! Under Sink Drinking Water Filter Cartridge

CBC Series cartridges are created utilizing a specialized production process and are composed entirely of FDA-compliant substances. They are widely used in a diverse assortment of residential, food service, industrial and commercial applications, in addition to for polishing filters or prefilters in applications in which adequate filtration or higher filtration capacity are needed.

Pentek CBC Filter Cartridge Review


  • Nominal filtration evaluation of 0.5 microns
  • Bonded PAC networking with polyolefin packs and polyethylene netting

Pros & Cons of Pentek CBC Filter Cartridge


  • Works matches
  • No Difficulties
  • High rejection Prices
  • High flow abilities
  • Superior quality and prices savings


  • None I Can Consider

WHY Pentek CBC Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Is The Best

The minimal filtration evaluation is for a particle removal efficiency of 85%. Chlorine reduction ability is 90% decreases the minimum total quantity of water to the free available chlorine (FAC) in a concentration of 2 ppm.

His elevation, the perpendicular distance from smallest to highest point; W is the width, the horizontal space from left to right; D is the thickness, the horizontal length from front to rear. Water filters eliminate unwanted particles, compounds, and microorganisms from water by way of a semipermeable barrier, adsorption, or biological processes.

They're made from densely packed synthetic or natural fibers that trap suspended particles, substances that block germs or adsorb unwanted compounds or compounds that create a chemical modification, like acid neutralization. For many residential, commercial, and industrial uses, water filters are produced in the kind of replaceable cartridges that match inside durable housings.

Filtration systems typically include a string of a few types of filters, each designed to remove various contaminants. The operation of filters is measured by the minimum particle size that's blocked, the proportion of particles or germs that are eliminated, the downstream concentration of undesirable compounds, the highest flow speed, and the quantity of water which may be filtered before the filter has to be replaced.

Water filters are employed in a diverse assortment of programs, such as drinking water purification, swimming pools, industrial processes, and irrigation, amongst others.

Pentair manufactures commercial, industrial, and residential water filtration elements and systems. The organization, based in 1966 and headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, matches International Organization for Standardization (ISO) criteria 9001 and 14001 for quality assurance.


Nominal filtration rating

0.5 micron

Initial pressure drop at 2 gpm

3.7 psi

Removal of protozoan cysts


Chlorine reduction capacity

20,000 gallons at 2 gpm

Temperature range

40 to 180 degrees F (4.4 to 82.2 degrees C)

Maximum dimensions (H x W)

9-3/4 x 2-7/8 inches (248 x 73 mm)

Materials certification

NSF/ANSI standard 42

PENTEK (Ametek) CBC Series Carbon Briquette Filters by Pentair

CBC Series cartridges are highly effective at reducing unwanted odors and tastes, such as chlorine taste & odor as well as other contaminants. CBC Series cartridges are a perfect option for a broad range residential, food service, industrial and commercial applications. They also make excellent polishing filters or pre-filters in applications requiring fine filtration and higher capacity.

What others says about Pentek Filter Cartridge

Great product. I’ve been using these filters for 10+

Fantastic item. I have been using these filters for 10+ years and cannot imagine why people still buy water from plastic bottles. The filtered water that comes from the product is far better and better for you than many plastic jar types.

Greatest tasting water! Reduces flow somewhat though.

This filter created my hot water taste better than any water I've ever tasted! Take note however, this really is a 0.5-micron filter also it lowers the stream a fantastic bit coming from my faucet.

Carbon Block Water Cartridge - Product Spotlight

Pentek CBC Filter Cartridge FAQs

Question: I usually dictate the Pentek filters Cc-10 as well as the cbr2-10r. Can you make even greater ones which match in the very same units?

Answer: You're asking questions of individuals who have obtained them. 

Question: how often do you need to alter this filter?

Answer: I alter my carbon filter every other time I alter my prefilter

Question: Can it match an American plumber w38-pra?

Answer: If the dimensions match there is a fantastic possibility it will. I took my cartridge dimensions and It is good for me.

Final Thoughts

CBC Series cartridges are highly effective at reducing unwanted odors and tastes, such as chlorine taste & odor, from potable drinking water.

CBC Series cartridges are manufactured using a patented process and made completely out of FDA-compliant materials. They're a perfect choice for a broad assortment of residential, food service, industrial and commercial applications.


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