How to Make Coconut Water at Home – 4 Steps

What comes to your mind if you think of a natural energy drink? Surly coconut water is the first thing knocking your thought! It is the precious gift of nature which is very pure and is composed of natural stuff like sugars, salts, and vitamins.

Do you want to ward off fatigue? Control blood sugar level? Reduce blood pressure? Keep your heart and kidneys healthy? Well, then drink coconut water!

But precisely what is coconut water, and how to make coconut water? Let’s go further to know that!

What Really is Coconut Water

What Coconut Water is Composed Of?

It contains a higher level of sugar (sucrose, fructose, glucose, sorbitol, galactose, xylose, mannose). Also contains minerals, proteins, salts, vitamin B, vitamin C, amino acids, polyphenol oxidase(PPO), peroxidase(POD)(PPO AND POD are responsible for the discoloration observed in the coconut) aromatic compounds(which give the aroma of the beverage) and so on. So, it is made of many components indeed. We are fortunate to have so many essential elements in just one drink!

Does Coconut Water Have Any Nutritional Value?

This beverage is full of nutrition. Some might debate, but it is a fact that coconut water is more nutritious than most fruit and sports drinks, and energy drinks. It is a replacement drink for water.

Does Coconut Water have Any Nutritional Values

Let’s talk about the nutritional value of coconut water.

  • Coconut water can be a great source of hydration as it is a bit sweet with a very low calories.
  • The beverage provides a magnificent amount of potassium and sodium, which helps to control blood pressure.
  • It reduces heart diseases as its cholesterol and fat-free.
  • Cures hangovers from alcohol
  • Helps in the reduction of weight as it is low-calorie and a great alternative to different juices
  • Contains magnesium which helps in getting rid of headaches or migraines
  • Helps in reducing acidity in the stomach due to the presence of higher alkaline pH than acid in the stomach
  • Potassium in this drink helps in the proper regulation of the urinary system. It also improves the function of the kidney and bladder.
  • The presence of cytokinins benefits the skin and tissues and helps in slowing down the aging process
  • A great source of energy even after exercise
  • Helps in preventing kidney stones
  • Magnesium helps to control blood sugar level
  • Calcium in coconut water contributes to stronger bone and teethIngredients for Making Coconut Water.
  • A fresh coconut
  • Two cups of drinking water

How to Make Your Own Coconut Water

  • At first, you need to break the coconut, and then with the help of a tool like a knife, you need to bring out the white part of the coconut.
  • Take a blender and pour water and the pulp coconut into it
  • Now blend it properly
  • You can strain the pulp out or leave the flesh if you want a milkier texture, you have made coconut water! See! It’s easy. Add more coconut pulps if you want flavorful or concentrated coconut water. Now let’s get some more knowledge.

Here are Some Ways to Make Coconut Water Teste Better:

Coconut Water Kefir

Both brands offer a feature of indicators in case of product replacement. Replacing filters is important when necessary. If you are searching for how to make coconut water taste better, Using the same screen for too long can knock down its function.

How to Make Coconut Water Kefir

The PUR pitchers have a light indicator that shows when the filter needs replacement. The Brita, whereas, has a label on it, which also explains when to replace it.

Filtration Method

Kefir is a fermented beverage made from kefir grains. It tastes like yogurt.


  • Kefir grain
  • Coconut water
  • A strainer
  • A sterilized jar


  • Rinse the kefir grain in a colander to hydrate it
  • Pour the coconut water into a pot and mix the hydrated grain with the water
  • Now cover it with a coffee filter or a compact knit towel
  • Leave to firm it for 1 to 2 days at room temperature
  • Strain the grains

That’s it, you got your kefir.

Coconut water lemonade

Coconut water lemonade recipe

This is a perfect drink to replace electrolytes following a workout. Furthermore, it functions well as a thirst quencher on these hot summer days and can be ideal for replenishing fluids during the dryness of this winter. Apart from the Wonderful health benefits of coconut oil, this recipe also comprises:

  • Lemons include unique flavonoid substances with anticancer properties. Lemons are found to help protect against inflammation associated with gout.
  • Ginger is full of magnesium, potassium, and manganese, all critical minerals in maintaining electrolyte balance. Ginger is also quite capable of relieving gastrointestinal distress and owns numerous therapeutic properties such as antioxidant effects and contains direct anti-inflammatory consequences.
  • Sea salt helps regulate blood pressure and is abundant in a broad array of minerals and vitamins.
  • Honey contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties and aids in wound healing. Honey helps maintain beneficial blood glucose levels after endurance training and is essential for preserving muscle glycogen stores so muscles can recover better.

Coconut water and orange juice

Oranges are the most popular citrus fruits and include a great deal of Vitamin C which helps children in the fighting sickness along with other fantastic benefits.

Coconut water is also a great source of potassium, contains less sugar, and is still a foreign source of hydration for busy children, which is far much better than sports or carbonated beverages.

You will find everyday coconut water beverages on the market, but you should be careful and read the tag well since most of these include sugars and additives. Plain coconut oil is not as sugary, but the best would be to find a coconut, lightly break it and conserve the water.

Orange and Coconut juice is a wholesome, sweet choice that the children are going to enjoy, and it does not require over 5 minutes to prepare.


  • Sweet Oranges
  • Coconut water (either purchased or stored the water out of your coconut)


  • Squeeze the orange juice out with your juicer, or squeezer, or you’ll be able to squeeze with your hands.
  • If utilizing a squeezer or hands, the pressure to remove the seeds and pieces.
  • Mix orange juice and juice oil in an equal proportion.
  • Hint in a straw and hand it to the waiting hands.
  • Be aware that the orange juice will probably be thicker than the squeezer if you’re using an electrical juicer.

Healthy tropical smoothie

Healthy tropical smoothie

The best system is to cool off and carry your intellect to the beach, a standard smooth prepared with coconut water, mango, water lemon, and pineapple.

Is Coconut Water Better Than Drinking Water?

Coconut water is rich in potassium and many other components. And it contains low calories. But coconut water lacks many elements for which we should have fruits also.

But if you are looking for something to hydrate yourself, you should prefer water over coconut water. However, coconut water helps in rehydrating. It is a misconception that coconut water is better for hydration than drinking water.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What equipment and ingredients do I need to make coconut water at home?

You’ll need a few key items to make coconut water at home. First and foremost, you’ll need fresh coconuts. Look for heavy ones with a noticeable sloshing sound when shaken. Additionally, you’ll need a sharp knife or a coconut opener to crack open the coconuts. To extract the coconut water, you’ll require a strainer or a cheesecloth to separate the liquid from the coconut meat. If you prefer chilled coconut water, you may also want to have a refrigerator or ice on hand.

2: How do I crack open a coconut to access the water inside?

To crack open a coconut, start by locating the three dark spots, known as “eyes,” at one end of the coconut. Use a sharp knife or a screwdriver to puncture one of the eyes, creating a small hole. Drain the coconut water into a bowl or a separate container by tilting the coconut over it. Next, find a sturdy surface, such as a concrete floor or a large stone, and strike the coconut firmly against it to break it open. The coconut should crack open with a few solid hits, revealing the white flesh and more coconut water inside.

3: How do I extract the coconut water from the cracked coconut?

After cracking the coconut open, you must separate the coconut water from the flesh. Hold the cracked coconut over a bowl or a container, allowing any remaining water to drain out. Then, carefully pry the white coconut meat away from the shell using a knife or a spoon. Once separated, place the coconut meat in a strainer or wrap it in a cheesecloth, squeezing and pressing to extract the remaining coconut water. Continue this process until you’ve collected all the desired coconut water.

4: Can I store homemade coconut water for later use?

Yes, you can store homemade coconut water for later use. If you plan to consume it within a day or two, you can refrigerate it in a sealed container. Coconut water stays fresh for about 2-3 days when properly stored in the refrigerator. If you prefer to extend its shelf life, you can freeze the coconut water in ice cube trays and transfer the frozen cubes to a freezer-safe bag or container. Frozen coconut water can last for several months, allowing you to enjoy it whenever desired.

5: Can I add any variations or flavorings to homemade coconut water?

Absolutely! While coconut water is delicious, you can experiment with various flavorings to enhance its taste. You can squeeze some lime or lemon juice into the coconut water and stir well for a refreshing twist. Another option is to add a splash of pineapple juice or blend the coconut water with fresh fruits like mango or berries to create a delightful tropical beverage. Don’t hesitate to get creative and customize the flavor by incorporating herbs like mint or basil for a unique and aromatic experience.

Try drinking coconut water for two weeks to see what happens to your body

Final words

Without any doubt, coconut water is a very healthy drink. It surprisingly has so many advantages. Only one glass of this drink can solve so many health problems. This is why, if you don’t know how to make coconut water, you’d actually miss a big thing. People in tropical countries enjoy this beverage, especially in the coastal region. It is the best in rehydrating. To keep oneself healthy, everybody should drink this versatile beverage.


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