How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well

As the essence of life, water makes up 75% of the human body in the form of fluids and electrolytes. To survive without water is impossible, as it is basic for life.

For times of emergency, water can be stored in barrels, tanks, and wells. But, to make it pure and void of contaminants, water treatment is imperative. Water filters help remove impurities from water using biological processes, or chemical process, making it safe and healthy for drinking.

Knowing how to install a whole-house water filter on a well will help improve the quality of the water and make it safe for drinking anytime.

Choosing a Whole House Filter for Well Water

Whole house water filters are the best trendiest filtering systems used all over the world. They are effective and generate high-quality water. 

Choosing A Whole House Filter For Well Water

A whole-house sediment filter for well water treats and filters well water so that all the water that enters the house is clean and rid of contaminants. This is simply because most well waters are channeled to an over-head tank, which is connected to flow through the taps within a house. 

Here are top tips to choosing the most excellent whole house filters for your well water:

Consider Manufacturers Reputation

One important thing usually overlooked in the bid of purchasing water well filters is the reputation and credibility of the manufacturing company.

The type of filter you purchase and install in your well will greatly determine the quality and amount of water that flows into your house. You must ensure the company is proven and trusted to produce top-notch products.

What Type of Whole House Filter Do You Need?

What Type of Whole House Filter Do You Need?

Before choosing the type of well water sediment filter you need, decipher the types of contaminants in your water. Consult a professional to help you determine the contaminants that need to be removed from your water.

If you intend to connect the filter to private water well, consider removing contaminants like hardness materials, iron, and sediments.

Filter Rate

Usually, the water flow rate is measure by gallons per minute. Find out the flow rate of water through your dishwasher, water heaters, showers, taps, and toilets. 

To avoid interrupting water flow and low water pressure, find out the demand specification offered by the company. 

Filter Size

A large filter is mostly the best to use as it provides an increased water supply. Also, you will need to check the port size of the filter. It affects the flow rate of water into the house.

The ideal size of a whole house filter should be 4.5 x 20” for an average home. However, according to Schultz Soft Water, for a large house, the whole house filter's size should dispense water at the rate of 25gpm, with 1 ½ inch port.

Filter Life

The quality and amount of the water you intend filtering is what determines the life of the filter. Advanced Water Filters says that 4.5 x 20” whole house carbon filter will produce 100,000 – 150,000 gallons of water.

However, a stand-alone carbon filter will last longer if they have a backwashing valve.

Is the Whole House Water Filter Certified?

Is the Whole House Water Filter Certified?

The most important thing about a filter is certification. Always go for a filter system that is NSF certified.

To know if a filter the certified, check for the seal that shows the filter has been tested and approved for use.

How to Install a Spin-Down Filter

A spin-down filter is a water filter designed to confine or trap large particles that contaminate water like lumps of sand, debris, or rust from a crumbling well. The spin-down filter is very effective in high flowing water and dirty water.

How to Install a Spin-Down Filter

When sediment-water enters the spin-down filter, it spins centrifugally in the spinner and is diverted into a chamber that sends the water in through the filter housing. The centrifugal movement of the water pushes the dirt to the outside housing of the filter. Once the dirt gets to this part of the filter, it settles in the bottom.

To clean the filter up, once in a while, open the valve to release all the dirt from the housing.


  • 1 inch PVC
  • PVC Glue
  • Valves
  • Tape
  • Pipes

Installation Process

  • Disassemble the filter.
  • Apply PVC glue to the exterior of the pipes.
  • Also, apply the glue to the interiors of the filter body slip fitting openings.
  • Fix the filter body to the pipe and rotate it to get a tight seal with the threaded opening facing the ground.
  • Insert the element into the body of the filter.
  • Wrap the cover tip with the tape that came along with the filter.
  • Thread the valve loosely unto the tip.
  • Cover the filter.
  • Check the valves to be sure they are set correctly.
  • The valve attached to the filter body should be closed.
  • The valve attached to the pipe (the outlet valve) should be open.
  • Allow the PVC glue to dry completely before operating the filter.

How to Install a Calcite Filter

Calcite water filters contain 100% calcite media used to remineralize acidic drinking water by raising the water pH and alkalinity, making the water less corrosive.

How to Install a Calcite Filter

When acidic water mixes with calcite, it dissolves the calcium carbonate to raise the water's pH level. Once done, the potential trickling of copper, lead, and other metals in water reduce. 


  • Pipe cutters
  • Large pliers
  • Fill funnel

Installation Process

  • Locate the best place on your tank to install the filter.
  • Turn off the water supply before cutting the plumbing. Then, remove a part of the pipe using a pipe cutter.
  • Use a fill funnel to add calcite to the tank.  Turn the cold water back on slowly and fill the tank with water.
  • Check for any drain lines for leaks.
  • Reset the water a few days after installing the filter. 

How to Install a UV Water Purifier

How to Install a UV Water Purifier

This is one of the best whole house water filters for well water. Ultraviolet radiation makes parasites, bacteria, and viruses unable to replicate. A UV water purifier is used to treat unsafe water with germicidal ultraviolet light. The UV light decapacitates the DNA of any living organism in the water so they won’t be able to reproduce.


  • Board
  • Mounting clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • UV filter

Installation process

  • Decide where you want to mount the chamber.
  • Mount the mounting clamps to the board using a screwdriver.
  • Fix the chamber vertically into the mounting clamps close to the ground.
  • Install the union to the chamber.
  • Mount the controller on the wall near the chamber.
  • Then, install the UV lamp and sleeve.
  • Determine if there are leaks anywhere and make proper adjustments.
  • Tests run by letting the water flow through the chamber for about 5 – 10 minutes before use.

How to Install a UV Lamp

Ultraviolet lamps are also known as Black-light lamps. They produce radiations that disinfect and kill water bacteria, viruses in water.


  • Hole saw
  • Electric drill
  • Sheet metal screws
  • UV lamp

Installation Process

  • Choose where to install the light.
  • Drill holes for the light.
  • Screw the light to the furnace.
  • Power the A/C UV light system.

How Often Should Well Water Filter be Changed?

It is recommended that a whole house well water filter be changed every two to s months. This is because water quality can reduce the lifespan of the filter.

Usually, whole house well water filters are more expensive. However, they provide quality water throughout the home. It provides clean water throughout the home.

How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter 

How to Install a Whole-House Water Filter on a Well FAQs

How to Remove Iron from Well Water Naturally?

One of the most effective ways of removing iron from water naturally is by using chlorine. Also, water softeners can rid iron from water.

How to Treat Coliform Bacteria in Well Water?

When coliforms are present in water, modification of the system is necessary. To do that, boil the water until the water shows that the contaminant is removed.

How to Remove Calcium from Well Water?

You can remove calcium from well water by using vinegar. Just add vinegar to the water that contains calcium buildup, and the calcium will dissolve in an hour.

Is Well Water Healthier than Tap water?

Yes. Well, water is healthier than tap water. Because it has not been treated yet, it retains these minerals that needed by the body.

How to Get Rid Of Sulfur Smell in Well Water?

The use of chlorine bleach can remove sulfur smell in well water. Apart from eliminating odor in well water, chlorine can be used in removing the smell of rotten egg from water.


Water is needed by all living things and is gotten from various sources, well water being one of the purest. Usually, water comes contaminated by bacteria, viruses, and other sediments.

Acquiring an excellent whole house well water filter will determine the quality of your well water.

Also, knowing how to install a whole-house water filter on a well will save you money, but it will also provide you healthy water flow into your house.

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