How To Reset Your PUR Filter In Just A Few Simple Steps

The importance of water in human life can never be overemphasized. Water is one of the crucial essentials needed for body growth and development. Water comes from different sources, most of which are not reliable. If water is vital to the body, then it is expedient that it is clean and safe to drink.

A lot of methods and equipment are in place, just to make sure we have clean water at our disposal. PUR water filter is one of those methods that ensure we have clean and healthy water to drink. PUR water filter is known and designed to remove almost all industrial contaminants in water.

PUR water filter comes with various features; it is crucial that you know how to use them to achieve your desired result. You have to know how to reset the PUR filter after each use for the continued usage of the equipment.

How to Reset PUR Filter Meaning

The light on your PUR water filter has a lot to do with the purity of your water. This is because it is what shows you if the filter is functioning as it is supposed to be. The light has to be in good working condition for you to get the best of your PUR water filtration system.

How To Reset PUR Filter Meaning

You do not have to worry about the quality of your water if you know how to reset your filter light problems. There is no guarantee that these problems won’t show up, so you have to be prepared for when they do.

PUR Water Filter Light Meaning

PUR water filters come with a light indicator. This light tells you if the water is safe and healthy to drink. It gives you an indication that your filter needs a replacement. It also tells you when the filter can no more produce clean water for you.

The water filter comes with three different lights, and each indicates different things. The water filter light changes color based on how much water is filtered. It is therefore recommended that you change your water filter at least once in 3 months. Thus, the light indicator helps with this as the color of the light changes.

PUR Water Filter Green Light

The green light on the water filter shows that the filter is functioning satisfactorily. The water is free from germs and contaminants and is safe to drink. You do not need to worry once you see the green light.

If you install a new filter, the light is supposed to then be green. In all, the green light shows that the water filter PUR is in perfect condition. However, the green light can blink sometimes. This happens when you first begin to use the filter. The indicator is supposed to flash the green light six times.

The green light can also blink when you move the filter. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with the filter. It is just normal.

PUR Water Filter Yellow Light

The yellow light indicates that the water filter has been filtering water for a long time and is about to reach the end of its life. Your PUR filter can reach the end of its life after it has filtered about a hundred gallons of water. Once the light goes to yellow from green, it is an indication that you need to replace the filter soon.

You do not have to wait for the filter to turn red before you replace it. The yellow light is a warning, and you should heed it when it comes on.

PUR Water Filter Red Light

The red light on the water filter indicates that the filter has filtered up to 100 gallons of water. It means it can no more stop contaminants and impurities from getting into the water. The red light is telling you to stop.

When the indicator light is red, you shouldn’t drink water from the filter anymore. The water is not safe and healthy for drinking at this point. You have to change the water filter immediately after you see the red light.

How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

Resetting the filter light is not a difficult task to carry out. If all things are right, you only have a few steps to carry out to reset the filter. If it is the filter light that turned red, all you have to do is change the filter. Then press the reset button, and the light jumps back to green.

How to Reset PUR Water Filter Light

Sometimes, the light can get stuck, and it isn’t as easy to reset it. You’ll have to do more than just press the reset button. Dirt can sometimes get clogged in the indicator light and cause it to be stuck. The system automatically thinks the filter can no more filter water when there is dirt on the water filter’s screen.

The following steps will help you reset back your light to green light if it is stuck on red.

  • Rinse the filter housing.
  • Allow to air dry and install all the housing units back together.
  • Hold the reset button for a few seconds. If this resets it, then you’re good to go.

If this does not reset the water filter, then you should look elsewhere for the problem. The problem can be under the filter. The filter’s housing comes with a sensor under it, and this is easily seen when you remove the filter. This sensor can get stuck and prevent the light from going back to reset.

If this happens, it is easily fixed. Use a small knife or any sharp instrument to jerk off the sensor, and it will be released. Then you can return the filter or replace it, and press the reset button for a few seconds. This should fix the problem.

Why PUR Water Filter?

Why PUR Water Filter?

No matter how water appears to be clean, there are some impurities that you can’t see with the natural eyes. Spout water contains contaminants that are harmful to the body. Thus, the need for water filters. Filters for PUR water filters are designed to sieve out any impurities found in water.

Water filters help to get rid of impurities by reducing contamination in water using chemical or physical processes. PUR water filter is one of the best filters in the market that protects water from contaminants. It comes with a light indicator that gives you signals as to when to replace your water filter.

Why is My PUR Filter Slow?

Why is My PUR Filter Slow?

A slow water filter is one of the common issues people have with the PUR filter. You just notice your water filter running slowly. It is not a difficult thing to fix, and you can have this done within a few minutes.

  • Bring out the filter and insert it in a large jar of water; if it floats, then the problem is from air bubbles. Take the filter and hit against a sink or wall, not too hard, though. Do this a few times and return to the water. The filter should be sinking by now. Insert back into the water pitcher, and the problem should be resolved.
  • If the filter is still slow after the step above, then you have another issue at hand to deal with. This may be caused by small particles or material blocking the filter. Spray water directly into the filter to blow out what is blocking it, and your filter should be up and running.

Watch How to Reset Your PUR Filter in Just a Few Simple Steps:

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. How Long Does the PUR Filter Last?

PUR water filter should be changed after it has filtered up to 100 gallons of water. Replacement also takes place every 2-3 months.

2. Does the PUR Filter Remove Fluoride? 

Fluoride is a very toxic chemical and is harmful to the body. PUR filter does not remove fluoride from water. It can only be removed by more mechanical processes, like the osmosis and distillation method.

3. Do PUR Filters Remove Chloramine?

Chloramines are toxic chemicals. To remove them from water, you need an extensive carbon filter.

4. Can I Run Hot Water in My PUR Water Filter? 

You cannot use water above 100°F in the filter. It can damage the filter and alter its functionality.

5. Does the PUR Filter Remove Bacteria? 

PUR filters can remove up to 99% of microbial cysts in water. This makes them useful in water filtration.


PUR water filter provides you with safe and clean water by filtering. They help get rid of impurities and contaminants present in water to make them healthy for use. The water filter is standard and easily accessible in the market. They are also easy to use.

The water filter comes with light indicators that serve as a warning. The light contains a green, yellow, and red indicator that has each of its functions. However, the light indicators can malfunction sometimes, and you’ll need to reset them. This is why you need to know how to reset the PUR filter.


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