A Complete Step By Step Guide On How To Make Water More Alkaline

Why make water alkaline?

Now we know what it is and why should we need to know about our water is alkaline or not? There are lots of debates on this question.

Some say there is no health benefit. Some say there is no effect on the health of the alkaline water. But one thing is clear to all.

Our diets are consist of more and more animals proteins and proceeded foods.

It is clear that the pH level of our body is steadily changing constantly. To neutralize the effect, there is no alternative to alkaline solution water.

Mayo Clinic experts explain that to make our water alkaline aid the bone density loss.

The reason is that the acidic substances travel through our bloodstream and pulls at minerals especially calcium to our bones.

Though there is more or enough experiment to prove the hypothesis, personal cases have been reported and give us an insight of the theory.

Why Alkaline Water Is Good for You

People whose bodies lean to the acidic end of the level of pH scale sometimes find themselves feeling less than the optimal about wellness and health.

I am now writing why pH level matters. What is the way to test the pH level?

I also warn you that your body is acidic and in my article, I show the balance of pH level and trying to get if you are very acidic.

Having more acidic in your body is surely indicates the lifestyle choices which may be corrected with changes to the way of life and diet- I have elaborately discussed the issue in my article. There are five things to escape if you get your body is alkaline.

You have the chance to test the pH level of your body by buying litmus strips and applying them to test your urine and saliva.

If you see the pH of the level of saliva or urine is highly acidic, drinking alkaline water is the best option for you to consider.

Producing alkaline water in your home

Some think that you have to buy alkaline water from an exclusive supplier. But the reality is that you may make it in your home especially on your kitchen countertop.

The 1st step- before you using the methods, you have to decide the pH level of water you can use alkaline.

Producing alkaline water in your home

You may buy a pH kit made of acid- and base responsive strips, along with the color chart added so that you may understand the color changes which aids to the strips as you utilize them.

The normal pH level of water is seven; you are trying to get the level 8 to 9. Anything that is lower than 7 is acidic.

Baking soda

Baking soda has a very high level of alkaline. So you can use it to make water alkaline. Doing so is a great idea.

The proper amount is to use eight tablespoons of baking soda in every 8 ounces of water.

At the time of mixing baking soda with water, shake it well so that the baking soda gets dissolved with water very well.

The only demerit of baking soda is that it has high sodium. The option will not be a good one for your family if people of your family do not like low sodium diet.


The other way to turn water alkaline is to add lemon to water. It is real that lemons are very acidic.

At the same time, they are anionic. Since our body processes lemon water, it alkalizes within us.


At the time of making a pitcher of lemon water, use one lemon totally and cut it up into eighths.

It is unnecessary to squeeze it since you keep all the pieces in the pitcher. Use a cover on the pitcher and keep it from 8 to 12 hours at the room temperature.

The best time to make this type of water is bedtime. Therefore, it may sit the whole night unbothered.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Just like water ionizer, a Reverse Osmosis water filter is a system to make water alkaline. If may connect with a faucet or may be installed professionally at your home.

This is a great idea for those who desire to have an effective water filter and like to make water alkaline.

In this particular water filter, there is a microscopic filter and osmotic pressure which allow oxygen and hydrogen to go through them.

Water goes into the pressure system and removes all kinds of contaminants. Water also goes through a carbon filter removes colors and loss odors.

Same as the water ionizer, the filtration system of alkaline water is on the expensive side.

Using pH drops

To have an additional scientific way, you may buy pH adjusting chemical drops which you may get from health food stores and online.

Using pH drops

There are high concentrated alkaline materials in it. You may chase the instructions which come with the drops to the letter.

Take it in your note that the pH drop may contain alkaline water; it may not filter out particles. It would not affect fluorine levels and chlorine in your water. It would be better to alkalize filtered water at the time of applying this method.

Ionizers and Ionizing filters

If you have no chance, verify our lists of some of the top water ionizer units found in the market.

All will provide you an opportunity to take pleasure in a super easy way to like ionized alkaline water at your home comfortably. You do not mind the high price of the product.

Ionizers and Ionizing filters

Ionizing filters or installing ionizers may be expensive. But they are very useful for alkalizing water at our home in the simplest way.

For the matter of water ionizers, the final product may be of 2 batches of water; the bigger part will be alkaline water.

The second batch of water will also be very useful. The reason is that you may use it for bathing water. The acidic water is very helpful for killing bacteria.

The Reverse osmosis and the ionizing filters are the similar things as both of the components are being used to make alkaline water.

Both of the systems pass alkaline water and let the water enters through minerals or alkaline materials.

Making alkaline water in the home is a very easy matter though you like to use a large scale of water.

Installing an alkaline filter system is a good way to your home than using baking soda or pH drops.

Frequently Ask And Questions

How do You Raise Alkalinity in Water?

Alkalinity is important for water to be healthy and alkaline. It helps to neutralize acids that can damage the teeth, gums, and intestines. By increasing the alkalinity of your water supply, you help reduce tooth decay, bad breath, gastrointestinal issues, skin infections, and other health problems.
One way to increase the alkalinity of your water is by using a high-alkalinizing agent like baking soda or limestone. When these substances are added to water they react with each other until they reach a pH level that's acceptable for drinking (7). Once this happens they start breaking down pollutants and acidity levels in the environment while providing beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Does Adding lemon to Water Make it Alkaline?

There are many myths surrounding water and its various properties. One of the most common is that adding lemon to water makes it more alkaline. However, this does not actually have any scientific basis and is purely a cultural tradition. In fact, lemons are acidic in nature and can even increase the acidity of your blood if you drink them on an empty stomach.

How Can I Raise My pH in My Water?

PH is a measure of how acidic or alkaline your water is, and it can affect the health of both you and your plants. pH levels should be between 7.2-7.8, but many municipal water supplies are much lower than this range.

 To achieve optimal pH level in your water, you can add baking soda to reduce acidity or limestone to increase acidity (but beware of adding too much as it could cause undesirable consequences).

 You can also purchase an alkaline ionizer that will help to raise the pH level in your water without any additional work on your part.
Remember: Always check with local environmental regulations before making any changes to your tap water!

Final Verdict

In the end, it is important to understand that adding more alkaline in your water can lead to health issues like tooth decay and stomach disorders. In order to avoid such side-effects, be sure you only add a small amount of baking soda or unsugared lemon.

For what it’s worth though, drinking alkaline water can help boost your energy levels and improve your mood. Click here to know how!

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