How To Make Hydrogen Water: The Simple, Effective Method

Hydrogen water is an emerging trend, and you must have seen some celebrities drink it. Hydrogen water has been said to have numerous health benefits, but the price is quite high for a bottle of water.

So, before you rush out to get hydrogen water, plus the fact that the price is quite overwhelming, why not learn how to make hydrogen water?

So in this review of hydrogen water, we will be teaching you how to make hydrogen water for drinking. We will also be sharing other relevant information about hydrogen. Let's get started.

Hydrogen water is pure water, with additional hydrogen molecules added to it. Plain water already has some amount of hydrogen, and adding an extra hydrogen molecule to it does not alter or change the structure of the water molecule.

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen is a colorless, tasteless, odorless gas that can fuse with other elements such as oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen to form different compounds.

Since hydrogen has all these harmless properties, hydrogen water tastes the same thing as regular plain water.

According to beverage companies, adding a molecule of hydrogen into water will produce more benefits that plain water cannot give, such as gaining more energy, reducing inflammation, and the slow aging process.

How to Make Hydrogen Water

How To Make Hydrogen Water

Making hydrogenated water involves bubbling the molecule through it. There are several methods of making hydrogen water. They include:

Electric Water Ionizers

The electric water ionizer is a reliable hydrogen water machine and the best way to produce molecular hydrogen, H2. With an electric water ionizer, you are sure of getting hydrogen water whenever you desire.

The machine can also be used to produce alkaline or acidic water as it has adjustable controls. During ionization, more fluoride ions and other chemicals such as nitrates, cyanides, and phosphate are reduced as they get towards the acidic water.

Electric Water Ionizers

Electric water is the safest method of producing hydrogen molecules that has approval as a health device.

Most electric water ionizers in the market work with patent technology to reverse the polarity during each use. Thus, ensuring the plate remains in a pristine condition, and also helps preserve their ability to generate therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen.

A newer version is a significant departure from both the electric ionizers and magnesium-based, non-electric method that produces dissolved H2. These electric water ionizers are built to form dissolved hydrogen in neutral pH water. Since they have not been well tested in the market over time, their durability has been unproven, but the great advantage is that they can create a good amount of hydrogen water.

However, the best way to generate hydrogen water is to use flow-through devices like water ionizers. 

Hydrogen Generators

Electrolysis is one of the most effective methods of creating high purity hydrogen gas on demand. Electrolysis involves the process of splitting water molecules to give hydrogen and oxygen. The entire reaction occurs in the electrolyzer cell. Like the fuel cell, the electrolyzer consists of two electrodes ( the anode and cathode), separated by an electrolyte.

Hydrogen Generators

To get an excellent purity of hydrogen to up to 99.9995% purity, use a platinum catalyst at the electrodes.

When a continuous voltage passes to the electrodes in the electrolyzer cell, these reactions take place.

At the anode, the water molecule loses its two electrons to produce an oxygen molecule and four hydrogen ions.

Anode 2H2O - 4e = O2 + 4 H+

The oxygen produced is released into the atmosphere from the back of the generator. While the four hydrogen ions produced pass through the electrolyte, where it is attracted by the negatively charged cathode to collect four electrons, reducing them to the hydrogen molecules.

Cathode 4H+ + 4e = 2H2

The hydrogen gas produced is removed from the oxygen through the ion exchange membrane, which is impervious to molecular oxygen.

Magnesium Sticks

This method of generating molecular hydrogen from metallic magnesium reacting with water was first introduced in the late 1990s.

Magnesium sticks have been sold since the 2000s, and all you have to do is purchase the stick, drop it into a container filled with water and cover it.

Here is how to make hydrogen water with a magnesium stick. Get a bottle of water and place the magnesium stick inside.

When the water comes in contact with the reactive form of magnesium metal in the stick, a hydrogen molecule is produced. Here is the chemical reaction:

Mg + 2H2O —> Mg(OH)2 + H2

If everything is done correctly, after waiting for some time, the water will become hydrogen water. One of the challenges with the sticks is that it does not filter the water; so many manufactures advise that the sticks be used on bottled water only.

At least, you should always use filtered water although they produce different hydrogen levels when new, using hydrogen sticks is not as convenient as using a water ionizer. This is because you have to wait for the chemical reaction to take place in a little amount of water. And in a worse scenario, the time it takes to create the hydrogen molecule is not constant. So, the best approach is to leave the magnesium stick in the water for a long time.

Non-electric Ionizers / Filters

In the world today, there are healing springs like Nordenau (Germany), Hita Tenryosui (Japan), and Tlacote, Mexico, containing dissolved molecular hydrogen 1-3, as well as alkaline minerals.

The springs get their healing characteristics by having contact with alkaline metals and minerals in the earth. It is noteworthy that the percentage of hydrogen in these healing springs is below the hydrogen level made from the use of an average water ionizer.

But this is a different case with using tap water. Tap water is nothing like natural spring water as they contain chemicals, heavy materials, toxins, and other contaminants. However, one way to get your tap water to generate hydrogen and produce clean, ionized water is to use a non-electric ionizer filter

Some non-electric ionizers use ultra water filtration systems that remove up to 99.9% of contaminants from tap water. One of the benefits of using nonelectric ionizers is that they readily produce filtered, ionized water. However, the amount of hydrogen water produced depends on how long the water stays when in use.

Hydrogen Tablets and Powders

Using metallic magnesium in the form of tablets or powder is another way of infusing hydrogen in water.

Hydrogen Tablets and Powders

There are various kinds of these products in the market. Some are formulated to produce the hydrogen in the water when dissolved in it before being consumed. While others are made to be ingested, thus producing the hydrogen in the stomach.

Because these tablets have a special form of magnesium, it is safe and beneficial to have them.

The best method is to use a tablet that dissolves in water to test and document how much hydrogen is produced. Testing is difficult when the tablet is ingested.

To create hydrogen water using a tablet takes about 20 minutes. Drop the tablet into an airtight bottle of water, and you will see the hydrogen gas bubble immediately, adding all the hydrogen properties in the water.

But consistency is key when engaging in this method of infusing hydrogen in water. Hydrogen can escape if it's not prepared in the right kind of container, or if the water is not filled to the top and cocked tightly and allowed to sit for the right time. You may get an inconsistent result.

Tablets are an effective way to acquire good hydrogen saturation as they are portable and easy to use even while traveling.

Should You Drink It?

Although there has been proof about the health benefits of hydrogen water consumption, more studies still need to be carried out before a conclusion can be drawn.

Should You Drink It?

Hydrogen-infused water has been given Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA, which means it has been approved for consumption without causing any harm.

Also, there have been various hydrogen water testimonials from satisfied customers.

Nonetheless, presently, there are no standards on the amount of hydrogen that should be added to water. So, concentrations of hydrogen in water vary. Also, the amount of hydrogen that should be consumed to acquire its total benefit remains unknown.

So, if you love to drink hydrogen water, professionals advise that you use an airtight container and drink it fast to acquire all its benefits.

How to Make Hydrogen Water at Home

The easiest and most convenient way to make your hydrogen water at home is to use the tablets.

Drop the hydrogen tablet into the water and wait for everything to dissolve, then drink immediately.

Avoid using glass bottles to avoid allowing the hydrogen gas to escape. So it is better to use an airtight container when preparing your hydrogen water at home.

Create Your Own Hydrogen Water! Q-Life H-2 Well!

How To Make Hydrogen Water FAQs

How Many Hydrogen Atoms Are in a Molecule of Water?

A water molecule has the molecular formula, H2O, meaning a molecule of water contains two atoms of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen.

Is Hydrogen a Metal?

Hydrogen is a nonmetal, and it is placed on top of the groups in the periodic table.

What is Molecular Hydrogen?

Molecular hydrogen, also known as H2, is a gas found in the air in little quality. It can function as an antioxidant and helps to protect the cells from oxidative related damage.

Does Hydrogen Water Really Work?

According to a few studies, drinking hydrogen water is said to boost athletes' performance, reduce oxidative stress in people undergoing radiation, and enhance some blood markers in people with metabolic syndrome.

But no extensive research has been carried out concerning its health benefits, making it unclear whether drinking this beverage is worth it.

Is Drinking Hydrogen Water Safe?

In a random clinical trial, drinking hydrogen water has shown no side effects. Also, animals that consume hydrogen infused water throughout adulthood showed no side effects. Consumed hydrogen lasts for about an hour in the body.

How Much Hydrogen Water Should You Drink a Day?

Daily water consumption is about one to three liters. But we recommend that you drink only hydrogen water, and anything more than one glass daily is highly beneficial for regulating the oxidation level of your body.


We all need to get the right amount of water in our system to ensure we stay alert and energized as well as keep our body system functioning.

Hydrogen has some health benefits, which we have revealed in this how to make hydrogen water guide. It may reduce muscle fatigue and soreness and improve the rate at which the body produces energy.

But it's still not substantial yet how much hydrogen you need. So whichever way you tend to meet your hydration goal, whether with hydrogen, alkaline, or another kind of water, just go ahead.


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