Step By Step User Guide On How To Change Water Filter

Why Use a Whole House Filtration System?

When a house is running off for the safety treated personally well, or the water contains debris content and high minerals, you will get more of these minerals or sediment or iron of your drinking, bathing or cooking water.

In the past time, people use Whole House Filtration System and install the system to get fresh water.

We are now one of these properties and found it was beyond time to alternate the sediment cartridge. We are not taking the challenge. Since doing so, we would like to take a picture of our adventure.

Step by step guideline to change water filter
  • Turn off the device and stop the flow of water on the both sides of the valves of the pipe force into the filter housing and after that shut down the valve of pipe going back to the house. Both of the valves are labeled as Close to Bypass.
  • Keep pail or a tray beneath the filter housing to attract water which may spill.
  • Press the red button on the head. Catch the button down until more amount of water squirts out. This way remove the pressure from the housing. Remove all pressure to eliminate the housing.
  • To lose the house slide use wrench up on the housing and move the wrench clockwise as visible from the top of the housing.
  • Spin off the housing, set aside black O-ring added to the groove of the housing. When you do not see the O-ring, it will be clinging to the outside of the filter head or will fall on the floor.
  • Remove the old one and rinse the inside of the housing. Install the new cartridge, and try to handle as efficiently as possible.
  • Use half-teaspoon of bleach to the housing. Keep some bleach to the center of the cartridge and between the housing and the cartridge.
  • Rinse the black O-ring, the coat with Vaseline and keep it back to the groove of the top housing. Do not use Vaseline to coat with the housing threads.
  • Spin housing back over the head as long as you feel resistance. Consistently do hand tighten up as long as housing will have no longer spin.
  • To turn on the water supply, softly rotate the inlet handle. Be careful, water may come forcefully. This may blow the housing off and destroy the unit. Therefore, turn the inlet valve and feel the pressure reaches. You can not control it as the air fill the house. We put a filter on the valve in the head unit, but the same caution must be applied to the other unit. Press red button and release pressure, water may be rooster- tail from the unit and will be sprayed a little. Be sure you have a good seal in the place the cap met the unit.

Why Changing water Filters is Important

how to change water filter

How long would dependably clean, the great tasting water? How will you be sure the filter is removing the impurities which may affect the flavor of the water?

Our standard answer: It depends on.

The quality of the water modifies the frequency of the filter of your water usage. Suppose, there are more sediments in your water, you need to change the water more frequently than some of no sediment.

If you are in a large restaurant and using a significant amount of water in a minute or a hospital with big ice machines, then you need to change the water filter more frequently.

Time to change the filter

how to change water filter

Sediment Pre-Filter Replacement

The Sediment-Pre Filter appears with the standard of the Filter Butler FB 1000 Whole House Water Filter.

This is the first step of the whole house filtration system. This will help to remove sediment from water, and the water passes through the rest of the system. As the water passes through the system, lots of sediment or debris trapped on the filter.

We suggest the Sediment Pre-Filter every three to six months. You may replace the filter quickly if you see the water flow is slowing down, or the color of the water is darker.

Sub-Micron Post-Filter Replacement

The Sub-Micron Post-Filter is the additional thing for the whole house filtration system. It can remove the microscopic particles; the other filter can not remove such things, mainly the harmful protozoa like Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium.

The components are optional as various sources of water has a different amount of such particles of your water sources.

If the homeowners like to get contamination free water for their homes, they can surely use this additional for particles free water for the house. We suggest you replace the Sub- Micron Post Filter every after nine to twelve months.

You may know about the details of O-RING here that is an important part of the it

how to change water filter

O-ring is a mechanical gasket known as toric joint or packing in the structure of a torus. It is a loop elastomer having round cross-section, made to seat in a compressed or groove while assembly between 2 or more parts, make a seat at the interface.

The O-ring is also used in the static applications or in the dynamic applications where there is motion among parts of the O-ring. It has dynamic examples such as a hydraulic cylinder or pumps shafts pistons.

O- the ring is the most common seals applied in the machine design as they are not very expensive and simple to make and reliable or needs simple mounting. They have a great capacity to seat tens of megapascals.

Typical applications

how to change water filter

A right kind of O-ring needs rigid mechanical mounting which uses a predictable confirmation to the O-ring.

This has calculated mechanical stress with the O-ring contacting surfaces. The pressure of the fluid will not exceed the contact stress of O-ring; there will be no leaking.

Luckily, the pressure will transfer the necessary incompressible O-ring material, for pressure the contact stress will be higher. So O-ring can endure high pressure as it does not fail mechanically.

The most common are extrusion by the matching parts.

The seal is made to contact between sealing faces and O-ring. This gives a high stress, ensure high pressure, without more stress of the body of the O-ring.

The materials of O-ring will accommodate imperfections to the mounting parts. But it is necessary to maintain the even finish of the mating parts, by using low temperature in the place where the seal rubber approach to the glass transition temperature is increasingly crystalline.

For dynamic application surface finish is important. The rough finishing will abrade the top portion of the O-ring, and smooth surface would not permit the seal to be sufficiently lubricated with fluid film.

Final Verdict

When you finish the Filter replacement scheme, we run the house for few minutes, and first, we stop the faucet, a big, unfamiliar noise will come from the pipes.

The first time it is very startling as you do not know the reason of the noise. The color of the water is very dirty and spit and sometimes sputtered intermittently. Testing the shower or flushing the toilets may give this kind of experience.

Do we like to ask the Question Why? But we can realize the matter we understand the air has entered into the pipes during the process.

This is a new experience, and you usually will encounter with such experience while you like to change the Whole House Water Filter Cartridge.

How to change water filter