Very Useful Guide On How To Fix A Water Softener

A water softener is a good appliance that you even cannot think. It has an occasional bag of salt that are not much necessary.

All salt based softeners work in the same way though they have different numbers. Cold hard water goes to a resin tank.

It contains resin beads which the hard water sticks when they go through the tank permit the water to pass through the system.

Normally the resin bead has no minerals and is not clean. If the beads are present schedule, the softener recharges. It means that the flow of incoming fresh water may stop.

Possible diagnosis #1

Salt Bridge

As you use Extra Coarse Solar Crystals, the salt may form a bridge. It happens when a crusty layer to the zenith of the salt tank.

Salt Bridge

It indicates that the tank is full of salt. The truth is there is a big hollow space under the top crystallized layer.

The solution

If you like to repair it at your home, you may use a rubber mallet. Hold the tap and mallet along the side of the brine tank.

Start work from the bottom to the top of the tank. When you hear a low sound, use more force to hit the tank to break the salt bridge.

Refill the tank with salt, and after 2 or 3 days later again you will get soft water from your tank.

Possible analysis#2

Wrong time of day setting

After a forced outage, this is a normal problem. You softener read the present day, not the time of regeneration.

If you have a present power outage in your house, it is sure that the timer of the softener is affected.

If you see the wrong reading time, it can by cycling at the time of using water. As the softener is cycling, no water comes out of it; it may lead hard water to your home.

The solution

Reset the timer of your water softener. For the fleck water softener, the time is presented on the dial on the head of the softener.

To set time, press the red button to the left side of the softener’s head. If the button goes down, the time dial may spin.

To know more about it, take help from the service manual which you got with the equipment.

Possible diagnosis #3

No power

To do function well, you need to set time with the tank to know the time of regenerate.

No power

As the water softer becomes unplugged, or if you lose the power outlet the place where softener is plugged in, you are not able to regenerate the softener as well.

The solution

In the market, you will get electrical outlet testers. You can buy it that may light up to make you confirm that it is working or not.

You may do the same thing that I do in my home. Take a small lamp and attempt to plug it into the outlet of the softener.

If you see the lamp does not turn on, you may isolate the problem to the outlet and not for the water softener.

Possible diagnosis #4

Your softener requires a repair

In this scenario, you can glean from the diagnosis title. You have to do the repair.

The solution

If you are the homeowner, you may begin by indicating to the service manual for the water softener.

There are some specific troubles shooting information for the brand of your water softener.

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