DuPont Faucet filter Reviews! Perfect Faucet Mount Water Filter

DuPont Electric faucet water filtration system is a much upgraded water purifier on the market. There are lots of features with this purifier. It has an electric display. This display shows you how much gallons of water purify the filter.

Along with this, the reading will present the lifetime of the filter. Use single water and test the water from it. Needless to say that even the hard water may be turned into a soft one by this water filter.

There are many reports that the filter can remove cysts, benzene, sediments, and chlorine from water. The other feature of the filtration is that it also can remove lead, mercury, asbestos, lindane from the water.

The main task of the filter is removing harmful pollutants and makes water palatable. The system comes with antimicrobial protection that expands the life of the filter. It has a double life if you compare it with the Brita pitcher.

The capacity of filtering water is up to 200 gallons. This is a very surprising amount no doubt. The price of the Brita and DuPont is the same. You should consider the quality and longevity of the pitcher.

For the pitcher, you will get a lifetime warranty. Other parts have 4 years limited warranty. The other important feature of the pitcher is that the flow selector is added conveniently to the arms of the product.

All the WQA products are the best products on the lists. The twist knob of the pitcher has a great capacity to distinguish the filtered and unfiltered water.

People are now looking very wonderful purifier for their needs. It is sure that the DuPont purifier has no other competitors for filtering water.

DuPont Faucet filter Reviews


  • The electronic display shows how many gallons of water filter can clean up. It helps to measure the life of the filter.
  • Upgrade the odor, taste, and clarity of water
  • Come with a filter to remove cysts, sediment, lindane, chlorine, lead, mercury, benzene, and asbestos.
  • nice performance filtration and good tasting water in 1 useful filter
  • Micro antimicrobial product used for cartridge media and housing to extend filter life.

Pros & Cons of DuPont Faucet Filter


  • Digital counter set up alert you to change the filter timely
  • For the features, prices are more
  • Simple to turn nob from usual to filter water
  • The water filtration result is pleasing. No smell and taste remain in the water.


  • The structure of the switch is to clasp between unfiltered or filtered water may be developed.

The Benefits of Faucet Water Filters

Cleaner Water

Set up process is very simple. All water you find doesn’t have the similar quality. Every filter removes minerals from water. Each filter ensures you odorless and cleaner water. This water is much appealing to the user. Drink fresh water all days.

It Saves You A Lot of Money

Some people don’t like to use filters at all. Rather they buy bottled water for their need. If you buy liters of liters water for your home every month, this will cost a lot.

But if you purchase a filter, you can save money at last. This is an extra benefit for your home.

The Convenience

You are very much pleased to drink this water and use it for your everyday need. Don’t run behind many things rather fulfill it for you daily basis need.

Clean water will fulfill be your final destination. You will get more glasses of water without much effort by this pitcher.

No More Stains

When you use filtered water, you are staining your kitchenware from the plates to glasses. It makes your kitchenware more demanding at last.

Homeowner notice this stained one their items. It is a great challenge to remove these stains from the wares.

Stop Filtering Whenever You Need

Some people have no desire to buy the water purifier. They have an intention to buy bottled water. Perhaps they don’t know that purifiers can save money and time.

Sometimes they set up one purifier for their home. But they don’t like to change the filter even after a long time. There is a small button with the filter.

Just press the button and turn it off if you have no desire to have water. You must stop the flow of water if you like to change the filter.

Faucet Water Filter Buying Guide

At first, try to know what types of pollutants are there in your drinking water? Then compare this water with the standard of EPA.


EPA is ready to give the water report on your home. Every July, they give the report of your water. If you have no residence of your own, you can ask the owner of the house for a report copy.

You can get an online report of water if the owner supply for at least 100000 people. Private well is not a follower of EPA. But sometimes interested owners of the house may get a report from EPA if they desire to get it.

The water quality report would specify about water in your area. But you don’t get the individual report of the water which is coming from your faucet.

There are some factors in your home that can affect your water. Suppose you are using steel pipes in your homes. It may affect water. You can get a free test kit from your local health department or stage to test your water.

Buy this kit for testing water from the local home improvement store. EPA suggests you send a sample to your local lab to analyze water. Your local water authority may have a list of these labs.

If you know what types of pollutants remain in your water, you can buy the exact type of filter for your need. You have to consider the budget of your family how much water you have to consume regularly.

Suppose your water has more impurities. You desire to have a useful way to strain it. A water faucet will be a good option for your choice. Different brands remove different types of pollutants.

All are up to the condition of the water. So it is wise to find out what types of contaminants you like to deal with. You have to choose a filter that has got NSF certificate to eliminate impurities.

You aim to remove chlorine, lead rust and harmful stuff such as Cryptosporidium from the water.

How to install a faucet water filter?

  1. Shut off the water supply

Though the water faucet is sometimes closed water may come from it. It is better to shut off the cold and hot water valve remaining beneath the sink.

  1. Remove the faucet aerator

All sink faucets come with a threaded aerator to the end of the faucet from where water moves to the reservoir. You have to remove it. Wrap a piece of cloth around it to save the faucet. After that, loosen it by the pipe wrench and twist it by your hand.

  1. Clean threads/Seal

Next, you have to remove residue from the threads at the edge of the faucet. When you remove the aerator, you will see it. Wrap 1 or 2 of Teflon tape around the threads. It may help to sell them as soon as water faucet is added.

  1. Ready Parts/Determine if adapter is needed

Now firstly open the pack then take out all the fractions from the package. The faucet filter comes in. Set it on the counter close to your kitchen sink.

Now notice the threads of the faucet sink and decide if you want an adapter piece or not. Add the adapter pieces to the right place of the valve-filter kit.

  1. Install faucet attachment piece

Read all instructions enclosed with the faucet filter. Here you will see a diagram. It tells you which segment you may thread onto the water faucet. You have to do it except water bottle without holding the cartridge filter.

  1. Attach other parts of the faucet filter

Now the time comes to put in a water bottle with the filter. If you think you can add it to the other part of the filter.

  1. Test

At first test the filter well. Then be sure there is no leak with it. The flow of water coming out of the faucet is doing everything very smoothly.

You have to follow some steps. The faucet water filter wouldn’t take more time to set up. As a result, your whole family will drink healthy and fresh water soon. The pitcher is near your hand and drinks water whenever you like.

Why You Choose DuPont Electric Faucet filter

Choose the best technology for your home. You have to consider one that will be fit for your home. The pitcher must be convenient and easy to use this is the first condition.

DuPont is very economical water filtration system. It tells you how much water it filters. The system ensures great tasting water by its high performance.

Display monitor will tell you the time to change the filter. People like this pitcher very much for getting it with a limited budget.

The capacity of the Deluxe Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter system is up to 200 gallons. This is a very nice amount no doubt. The filter can remove cysts, lead, lindane, sediments, and chlorine from water.

The unit also develops the taste and clearness of water. There is a Microban Antimicrobial system with the unit. So you get pure and safe water from the pitcher.

There are two (2) faucet adapters, plumbing tape and lifetime battery (already installed) with the unit. Deluxe comes with 4 years limited warranty. One can set it in the kitchen very easily.

Dupont Faucet Water Filter Install

Final Thoughts

By the help of the pair of pliers, you can simply install the DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric meter. Except for sprayer or handheld faucets, all others are compatible with the filters.

The easy to read display will count the amount of water you cleaned. Caveat operates on a battery that you can’t change. When it dies, the meter becomes useless. Some users think this is the biggest advantage.

So they are happy with the performance of the filter. I would prefer the switch to alter between unfiltered and filtered water. By only one turn you can choose it if you desire filtered or unfiltered water.

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