CuZn Bath Faucet Filter Reviews! Good Filtration Rate

The CuZn Bath Ball is a new addition to your bath for getting clean and fresh water. The filter hangs on a usual bathtub valve which keeps a flow engage knob on the top. The lifespan of this filter is longer than further brands of the same product.


The PowerDisk reduces mold, lime scale, mildew deposit from the water. Besides, it makes your skin naturally smooth and supple. Your hair will be silky, manageable and soft.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The longevity of the filter is from nine to twelve months. Therefore it is better not to stock the filter.

NOTE: You may get chlorine in the water in 2 forms both combined and free. Free chlorines show its more competence to kill oxidizing contaminants and bacteria. If you like to add chlorine, it is true that you are adding free chlorine. In water, this type of chlorine has little sanitizing power and no oxidizing power. Total chlorine indicates both the aggregate of free and combined chlorine.

The Capacity of CuZn’s KDF 55 filter is up to 95%. Again the capacity of KDF 85 is about 75% of both combined and free chlorine. Its power is more.

But after using it continuously the power diminishes gradually like all other filters.

Remember that if a company uses chloramines, there will be no chlorine in the water. Try to know more about KDF filter by reading more about it.

There remains only one real test which is able to measure together free and added chlorine—DPD#1 test. For the cause of character of the beast, unauthentic readings are very usual.

CuZn Bath Faucet Filter Reviews

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  • Dimension is four inch in diameter
  • The compact unit is very simple to set up. Hang it from the tub spout
  • Comes with a replacement filter
  • The Patented FilterFoam PowerDisk is a non-carbon filtration media. It is recyclable and non-toxic.
  • The flow rate of water is four to five pm
  • PowerDisk Filter media applies new patented filter foam media technology in all natural systems. It works like a catalytic action and the redox rules of dissimilar metals. These ions are stored in the pot where all bacteria are destroyed completely. Moreover, it gives an antagonistic condition for fungus and algae growth.

Pros & Cons of CuZn Bath Faucet Filter Reviews


  • Removes lots of water-soluble heavy metals
  • Simple to replace the filter
  • Usual softens water for softer hair and smoother skins


  • Nothing to worry about

How to Remove Chlorine and Chloramines?

There is no single media that can remove chloramines and carbon very effectively from water. Carbon is the very effectual way to eliminate chlorine.

Hot water can’t remove chlorine from water. Instead, it expands in water when the temperature is used here.

Carbon is active if the temperature is below 94 degrees. Besides more carbon types are not very effective to remove chloramines.

  • KDF 85 is ready to remove iron. It also removes hydrogen sulfide, chloramines, water-soluble grave metals, bacteria, controlling scale and algae. The media is applied to the CuZn Bath Balls.
  • This kind of media works very well for hot water up to 115 degrees which are stated as follow:

Pharmaceutical grade vitamin C contains AWWA (American Water Works Association). It has no NSF international certified tip to use Vitamin C.

However, SFPUC (San Francisco Public Utilities Commission) indicates that 1000 mg of Vitamin C eliminates Chlorine and chloramines from the bathtub. VitaBath Tablets use this media greatly.

Why CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

The bath ball is the very simple unit to use. There is round ball housing with the ball having a recyclable filter.

When I saw the CuZn Bath Ball water Filter in, I was much surprised. A house filter is not my desire to get this year.

But I think a bath ball would be a good option for me. When you slip the ball from your hand, it hangs underneath.

Start the flow of water and it goes through the filter in the bath ball to your baby tub or right to the tub.

How to change filter

The lifespan of the filter depends on the quality of the type of water. Your filter will get a short life if your water is heavily chlorinated.

You have to change the filter after using 26000 gallons of water.  Moreover, you can change it even within a year.

What is the manufacture best part?

When you get the unit is not working well, you can return it to the authorities within two weeks after buying it. Contact with the customer service department for getting a return authorization number.

You have to complete the return form added to the invoice. Moreover, you need to include all the parts that you have got at the time of buying the unit. All units should be kept in an individual box.

Be sure; there are no writing or shipping labels on the real packaging. You must bear all the charges for the replacement.

The manufacturer will inspect all the parts of the unit. They think it has the re-sellable condition. They also will credit you back less a ten percent restocking fee.

If you damage the unit at the time of using it or found any defect, preserve the unit. Then make contact with the customer service department quickly for more instruction.

What Others Say About CuZn Bath Ball Faucet Filter

The CuZn Bath Ball is a nice unit for the people. They like mess free and quick system to fill up the bath with filtered and clean water.

The new PowerDisk patented FilterFoam technology is applied to make the Ball. It is completely made for water filtering process. The PowerDisk is 5X more competent than the usual media filters.

The powerDisk is a nice eco-friendly solution. The replacement filters are hundred percent recyclable. This isn’t added to an individual plastic cartridge housing.

The Bath Ball can remove sediment, dirt, and odors from water. It also removes chlorine which causes itchy, dry, brittle hair, flaky skin. It is also responsible for long time lung cleaner.

The filter removes mold, scale, mildew deposit and mold. So there are fewer possibilities of such diseases.

Besides the unit aids to soften your water usually, keeping your skin supple and smooth. Your hair becomes silky, soft and manageable.

Sprite Bath Ball Installation - How and if you can install a sprite bath ball?

CuZn Bath Faucet Filter FAQs

Question: is it possible to remove chromium 6 from the filter?

Answer: The filter can remove chemicals and metal to some extents. If you desire to remove more metals, the life of the filter will be shortened considerably. I don’t have any idea of the specification of metals.

Question: when do you need to change the filter?

Answer: you can change the filer one time in a year.

Final Thoughts

Some people think that using hot bath is a pleasant matter of life. But they didn’t know the danger of chloramines and chlorine-related to water.

If you use a hot bath every time, your body can soak up chloramines and chlorine same as a sponge.

Moreover you lungs may absorb this vapor. You absorb more chlorine or chloramines during bathing instead of drinking water. Therefore it is your foremost duty to select the bath with great priority.


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