Step By Step Guide On How To Clean A CamelBak Water Bottle

If you are the user of Camebak Hydration Reservoir, you are going to preserve it hose, bite the valve clean. When you have the desire to drink water, you can store it in the freezers or may dry after each use.

By doing so, nothing bad will happen. You have to take more active approach if you add any kind of flavor or performance enhancement powder in the Camelback.

These things may turn into science experiment rapidly if you have no care of it.

Here are a few common cleaning techniques

  • Use two tablespoons of baking soda or bleach with hot water. Some types of cleaning tablets may work as a cleaning agent
  • Keep the cleaning solution or reservoir for thirty minutes
  • At the time of pinching the bite valve, hold the reservoir on your head, permit the cleaning solution to pass through bit valve and the tube
  • Rinse the reservoir with mild soap or hot water. Before using again, remove any type of cleaning solution or bleach.
  • If you clean the reservoir well, make it air dry completely so that there is no moisture trapped inside that may cause mold to grow.
  • The step will make the reservoir safe to use. If you have spots left from the mold, they would not come all the way out as the reservoir is stained permanently but usable and safe enough.


  • Do not make me responsible for any damage of your bottle. If you are careful somewhat no damage will happen. But there is no guarantee of it.
  • The underside of interior bottle and caps may be cleaned by the help of a small brush.
  • I never suggest using Javex to rinse the bottles since I have no idea of the impact of chlorine that may have on rubber components and the plastic.
  • I suggest using cleaning the bottle into dishwasher because heat may deform the plastic
  • Camelbak does not sell the cleaning tablets for the bottles. I have talked with the customer care staff. They said that they have no idea the tablets will work well to clean the cap components.

Tips to Keep Your Hydration Pack Clean and Fresh

Tips to Keep Your Hydration Pack Clean and Fresh

There are many ways to keep the reservoir clean. Below, there are 5 more tips to keep your reservoir clean and fresh

Only carry water

Except for sugary sports drinks, the mold may grow inside the reservoir. I like to carry Nuun or plain water for my pack at the time of carrying drink like Perpetuem or Accelerade in bottles.

The freezer

Keep your reservoir in the freezer if you do not like to use it. The freezer gives a cold environment that is good for growing mold.

Concentrate on the bite valve

At the time of cleaning, be sure you use soapy water or bleach by the bite valve and the hose.

Air dry

After every cleaning hangs the reservoir in the air to be confirmed it is totally dry.

Buy new

If you see sports drink or get mold, it is very late. The reservoir is not the worst problem – the valve and the tube. Ditch the bite valve as the mold there is very difficult to remove though. You have to use brushes, detergents, Q-tips, toothpicks and so on.

Rinse everything well and obtain a valve for five dollars and wash it regularly. Besides, keep it in a freezer.

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