How To Choose Water Purifier – The Best And Effective Way So Far

You are taking care of your family. So you need to ensure pure drinking water for the members. At first, you need to buy a good water purifier.

The task seems very simple. But the reality is opposite. You need to know your family water type. You should read the reviews of water purifiers.

Where you are living is also important. Moreover, you require to consider the price of the system, technologies applied.

The water purifier depends on the quality of water where you live. There are lots of factors you should emphasize to buy a water purifier. Select the best one. Otherwise, there will be no possibilities of getting pure and fresh drinking water.

Water Quality

At the outset, it is mentioned that you have to check the quality of your water before buying a water purifier.

When your water level has high TDS level, salinity and hardness you need to an RO water purifier. This purifier comes with a semi-permeable membrane can remove the tiniest of mixed salts, metals and impurities.

Types of Water Purifier

There are lots of water purification technologies found on the market. It is a good idea to know the technologies of various purifiers. Definitely, help you to buy the right type of water filter.

It is up to the budget and the quality of the water. You may select UV, RO and UF water purifiers. Here there are lots of more details of the different technologies.

RO Water Purifiers

Suppose you are living in an area where there is a high TDS level in the water. It is better for you to use RO system.

It can remove fluoride, heavy metals, toxic impurities and Arsenic from the water. RO purifier removes some kinds of essential minerals from water. This is very important to know that the water purifiers have TDS controller.

Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Gravity based water purifiers are comparatively cheap. They do not demand power to operate it.

Gravity Based Water Purifiers

When the TDS level in your is low, you can use this gravity based water. This purifier is excellent for removing dust, bacteria, cysts, and chlorine from water.

UV Water Purifiers

In UV water purifier, there is a high power UV lamp to purify water. It removes pollutant from the water.

UV water purifier is super for purifying tap as well as municipal corporation water. However, UV water purifier may not remove mixed impurities from water.

How To Choose Water Purifier – Quick Comparison of Water Purifier Types


Water Source Bacteria Level Suggested Water Purifier Type
Hard water is underground water taken from bore well or comes from tankers. High viruses and bacteria in water   UV+ RO
Hard water is underground water taken from bore wells or comes from tankers. Low and viruses bacteria in water RO
Normally soft water comes from lakes, rivers, rain collecting- given by the municipality Low and viruses bacteria in water UV
Normally soft water comes from lakes, rivers, rain harvesting- given by the municipality little bacteria and viruses in water UV

What to look for?

Which purifier to choose for hard water?

The topmost fable about hard water is that it is not safe and sound to drink. It affects internal human organs and causes a health hazard for the people.

The NRC (National Research Council, United States) states that solid water is used as a dietary complement for mixing magnesium and calcium in the water.

The World Health Organization reports that there has no such evidence of solid water causes health problems.

The following question comes. Do we require purifier to care for hard water? It is not if you employ RO water purifier it may develop the color, smell, and taste of water. Except this, nothing is at all.

When to choose RO based water purifiers?

One needs to use RO water purifier when water carries dissolved solids such as lead, arsenic, fluoride and other health problems.

When to choose RO based water purifiers

What is the way to know your water holds dissolve solids or not? The best system to test it is in the laboratories. One can search the nearest laboratory in Google by “water testing laboratory in + name of city”.

For example, is a popular water examining laboratory in Mumbai. It is up to the water test report when water contains lead, arsenic, fluoride, and others. When these are found in water, you need to use RO water purifier in your home.

When to choose UV based water purifiers?

If there is waterborne causing viruses, bacteria, and pathogens, you have to select the UV water purifier.

When there are dissolved solids such as fluoride, arsenic, lead and pollutants viruses, bacteria, etc. in water, you may go for the UV+ RO water purifier.

When to choose gravity based water purifiers?

For the following scenarios

  • When you are calling technicians again and again. Or you do not have spare time to make water purifier setting up by a technician
  • When you have no installation feasibility for UV, RO water purifiers likely optimum water pressure, running water and electricity
  • Your budget must be within 4000 rupees
  • When you fact the mentioned problems are sure you are facing hard water problem in your home. It would be better to buy a water softener, purify Activated carbon and UF, etc. for gravity based water purifier.

Physical consideration

Storage Capacity

At the time of buying a water purifier, you need to consider the storage capacity of the purifier. You’re living in an area where power cuts several times.

It is better for you to buy a purifier having higher storage capacity. The automated purifier begins the purification system while the water level declines.


At the time of buying a water purifier, one needs to consider the brand. If you buy a purifier from the popular brand, it will be trustworthy and authentic. Kent has been glorified with some top quality certifications by WQA, NSF, CE, and ISI.

Maintenance and After-Sale service

Most of RO and UV purifier have UV bulb change alarms and a Filter change. This alarm will notify you that the time comes to change the filter. You must change it frequently. If you don’t do so, the purifier will stop functioning.

Maintenance and After-Sale service

Besides failing safety mechanism is a very important feature of an ideal water purifier. Buy a purifier from famous brands that render excellent sales support.

Maintenance is also an important factor to consider. Tata Swatch, Eureka Forbes, Kent and HUL Pureit are the famous brand in the market.

Installation, Warranty, and Ratings

Some brands like HUL, Kent, Tata and Eureka Forbes are the famous brands in the market. They give free installation and 1 year manufacturer warranty. Some companies demand extra charge for setting up.

Therefore, be sure which company is giving more warranty and free installation. Read more reviews on online and know more about purifier.

We suggest you buy purifiers on online as they give time to time delivery and warranty.

It is true that a product having 4 stars is a good one. Do not be confused at the time of reading the reviews as every product has an imperfection. Better to judge the average rating.

Does purified water have minerals?

One of the demerits of RO process is that the elimination of necessary minerals is essential at the time of RO process.

The presence of these minerals is needed, your body to remain healthy. As the pores of the RO membrane is small merely pure and clean water can pass through it. Minerals have a bigger size so they can’t enter the membrane along with water.

When you are buying a water purifier, you need to choose a good one. This must have the ability to retain those minerals from water.

The TDS controller system is used greatly to trace of those minerals in the water. Kent RO water purifier is the highest graded purifier in India. It gives 100 percent pure drinking water by the side of demanded amount of minerals in it.

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