Brita Sport Water Bottle Reviews! BPA Free Light Weight Portable Filter

Brita 20 ounce water bottle filter is an easy way to get drinkable water. Drink water from this filter and remain healthy. The capacity of the filter is to give 40 gallons of water.

The lifetime of the filter is up to 2 months. After this time replace the filter to get fresh water. Take out filter from the bottle, fill it with water. Then tighten it with the cap and after few seconds drink clean water.

Brita Sport Water Filter Bottle, Twin Pack, 20 Ounce

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You need to wash the bottle well before you like to drink water from the Brita filter. It has a very wonderful loop to carry the bottle.

You may take it where you like. The plastic bottle is very rigid. It saves the use of plastic bottled water.

One filter is enough to ensure 40 gallons of water. This is price friendly. You can save money and waste of bottle by using Brita 20 ounce water filter.


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  • I have lost the cap instantly

Why You Choose Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle Filter

The filter is free from BPA. All time you get clean and fresh water. You can bring the filter to your gym, sports practice, and excursion. The filter can reduce chlorine and odor taste of water found in tap water.

The carrying loop of the filter is a super addition to it. It is perfect to use at the time of your tour. You are hiking, gym or on the go, the filter remains with you like your friend.

One filter can replace up to 300 standard 16/9 ounces water bottles. It saves your money, keeps you hydrated and shrunken plastic waste. You should replace the filter after using 40 gallons of water. You can change after 2 months to get optimum performance of the filter, and this filter is very easy to use.

How to Change Your Brita Filter

The replacement steps of Brita filter are very simple. Be sure; your hand is free of dirt. Wash your hand well before touching the filter.

How to Change Your Brita Filter

You have Brita replacement filter for sports bottles and hard sided. You will get such things in black Bottle filter package.

Step 1

Take out the old filter from the inside housing of the bottle.

Step 2

Use flush of water on Brita filter up to 15 seconds to wash it completely.

Step 3

Rinse the bottle well.

Step 4

Enter the filter into the housing of the bottle. Fill one bottle of water and use it to wash the bottle before drinking water from it.

Benefits of Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle Filter

There are lots of benefits of using Brita water bottle filter. If you drink water from it, you will remain hydrated.

Moreover, you will feel better. This water maintains energy in your body. You are able to save more than 500 dollars every year for using this filter.

One Brita water filter saves three hundred standard 16 oz. Plastic bottles from ending up your landfills.

Watch the video review of the Brita Sport Water Bottle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Brita 20 Ounce Sport Water Bottle Filter

Does it come with leaking problems?

I have faced the problem of leaking. It may be the rubber attachment. I have got nine of right as it is irritating me.

Fails to such water out. For the first time, it works well and does not have water for the second fill.

Open the cap and see if there is any stuck in between. The device is very simple. I have never faced such problem in my life. I bought 4 months ago and it is still working fine.

Does the bottle contain any additional filter?

Yes, when I bought the filter I have got one additional filter.

Finally, The Brita Sport Water Bottle Filter

Finally, Brita 20 Ounce Sports Water Filter Bottle helps you much to get pure and fresh water. The water is free of odor and chlorine taste.

There will remain no BPA inside the water. All time you will drink great tasting water. The capacity of the filter is to filter up to 400 gallons of water. So this is a great benefit for you. It will save your money.

At the same time, it reduces the use of a plastic bottle for drinking water. The filter changing procedure is very simple. It comes with a carrying loop for which you can take it where you like.

You must change the filter after 2 months or after using 400 gallons of water to get optimum performance.

Drink water from Brita filter and create a new world of dirt-free water. The water of Brita keeps you all time hydrated. The water you drink from Brita makes you feel better.


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