Best Tap Water Purifier Reviews – Top 8 Quality Proven Water Purifiers

When you open your tank, you will see the quality of your tap water. Are you sure the water is pure? Or is it tested well before reaching your tap? Is it fit for a drink?

Safe drinking water demands additives. You may often taste or smell like chlorine, a disinfectant used by the Australian water suppliers. Your water supplier’s website carries everyday reports of water quality.

Filtering is processed to remove the taste of additives from the water. At first, you need to decide what you like to filter out from the water.

What type of filtering device do you like to use? What is the cost of other options for water purifiers?

The most important thing is that you have to choose one that will fulfill your desired jobs. Better to give importance to the pros and cons of water purifier.

Do you need a filter?

We desire to have tap water which is the necessities of our life. But Australian people do not think more about being sick from the supplied water.

The Australian drinking water guideline indicates that there is no harmful concentration of pathogenic micro-organisms or chemicals.

tap water purifier - Do you need a filter

Water must be aesthetically pleasing if the taste, appearance, and odor are perfect.

Water authorities apply coagulation, settling, disinfecting and filtering to guarantee safe drinking water.

They use disinfectant to resist the re-growth of microorganisms as water goes through the pipes. This water at last reaches in your home.

The demerits of ensuring safe drinking water are the smell and lingering of the disinfectant.

Just fill a jug with tap water, keep it in a place for some hours, the disinfectant taste and smell will move away. Many people like to select a water filtering system.

When you open the mouth of tap water, you expect uncloudy and clean water. If not or if the taste of water is strange, try to find out the causes behind it.

Microbiological risks

The main task of the authorities is to remove pathogenic microorganisms from water at the time of supplying water.


Most pathogenic bacteria which is common in water comes from human and animals feces.

Disinfection is very useful to kill all bacteria. But there are still possibilities of growing bacteria in water mains.

For this water, suppliers attempt to ensure a residue of chlorine to protect water in its treatment plant.


The members of protozoa group are giardia and cryptosporidium. They may cause acute illness, and their cysts may prevent disinfection.


Some viruses that are found in water that can be potentially harmful. The disinfecting process kills some viruses. But some viruses remain alive.

They may make you sick. This is not sure why this problem is very big in Australia. The main source of viral infection is very difficult to find out.

Chemical risks

Herbicides and pesticides get to mix with water on the way in rural areas. Some of them are potentially carcinogenic.

Chemical risks of water

They remain alive in any environment for a long time. Low concentrations are found in these chemicals.

Our drinking water is free from them. All water authorities do not emphasize to check them as usual.


The main sources of such chemicals are fertilizer and sewage. Groundwater supplies in the rural areas are a high concentration of nitrate.

Nitrate is harmless. It is possible to alter nitrite that creates a problem for young children and babies.

It also reduces the amount of oxygen which blood carries. Where nitrate is a big problem, people advise using rainwater or bottled water for the children under 3 months.

Chloramine or chlorine

Chloramine or chlorine is used in water to kill bugs which pass through the treatment plant to protect against recontamination.

The process goes when water is passing through the distribution system. Though they depend on different numbers of parameters.

They react with naturally found organic substances in water. Then they create various harmful by-products. The water supply authorities give more importance to the concentration of these by-products.

They point out that though they give less importance in this issue. The disinfection of drinking water should not be compromised.

The risk of the by product is smaller than the risk of the presence of pathogenic micro-organisms.


Fluoride has been adding in drinking water since the 1960s and 1970s since it can reduce tooth decay.

However, fluoride protection is now possible to get from other sources. Many dentists use fluoride in toothpaste by the dentists for fluoride treatment.

Critics state that fluoridated water is not essential as it may move to dental fluorosis for using a long time.

There is no such report that drinking fluoridated water for a long time has any health risk.


Chemical mixed with aluminum is used in a procedure known as flocculation that eliminates suspended particles from water and makes it clear.

Most of the aluminum is possible to remove from water, but there remains small amount stored by passing through the filters. Some water authorities suggest aluminum chemicals as an alternative.

Problems with your tap water

Problems with your tap water?

  • If your plumbing and clothing become stained, if your water taste and smells seem strange, use the mentioned tablets to know the possible causes of it.
  • As your relatives whether they are facing the same problem or not. They will help you to detect whether it’s a normal problem or caused by home’s plumbing.
  • Make consult with the concerned authorities about your problem. If you face any problem regarding water supply, share it with them. This will assist them to solve the problem without any tension. Try to know the latest analytical results of your water supply. You have to know the corresponding drinking water guidelines suggestions. Still, you have doubts, get a water sample analyzed. Your supplier will do that free of cost when there is the risk of health hazard.
  • If you are suffering from damage, you have to contact the suppliers for compensation
  • The supplier can solve some of your aesthetic problems very easily. They flush the mains though other problems need some extensive repair or cleaning for distribution method.


Top 8 Tap Water Purifier Reviews That May Fulfill Your Requirements

PUR FM-2000B Classic Vertical Water Filtration Faucet Mount

PUR FM-2000B Classic Vertical Water Filtration Faucet Mount

The color is just a cosmetic matter. I have purchased a white one and happy with the results. I have read some reviews of the product.

But this is not enough. So I would like to write this review for the others. When you replace the filter, you will see dirt into the filter container or round the filter.

It means that water comes from the filter is soiled. The filter blocks all those sediments.

Now think about the chemical that you normally can’t see. But the water you get is clean and has great taste. The filter is very small and inexpensive so you will get a slow flow rate of water.


  • Hassle free one click setting up
  • Imported
  • Using filtered water makes the cooking process very easy
  • Has filter life indicator to preserve tracks of filter’s life
  • Get filtered water straight from your tap
  • Gives up to 100 gallons of healthy clean drinking water

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Brita On Tap Chrome Water Faucet Filtration System

Brita On Tap Chrome Water Faucet Filtration System

Brita Chrome On Tap Faucet Water Filter System connects directly with standard faucets. The convenient and easy water filter system takes out odor and chlorine taste, asbestos contaminants and leads in water.

It can remove 99.99% of cryptosporidium and giardia cysts. Moreover, it has an extra layer to invite sediment.

When you use this filter, you do not need to buy bottled water. The system will save your money and waste of water.

1 Brita water filter can pump up to 100 gallons of filtered tap water; replace over 750 standard 16 oz.

Moreover, there is an indicator with Brita that indicates the time to replace it. For having a chrome finish, it easily matches the kitchen décor.

Use Brita faucet water filter system and enjoy great tasting water. The system is more cost saving and less waste.


  • Convenient and easy
  • Lessen wastage
  • Reduce pollutants
  • Save in style
  • Filter reduction

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PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount

PUR PFM400H Chrome Horizontal Water Filtration Faucet Mount with 1 Mineral Clear Filter

MAXION filter technology works hard to keep your water great tasting and clean. It is completely tooled free installation.

The filtration system comes with the clean sensor monitor. For this, you must ensure safer and healthier drinking water direct from the faucet. Its monitor will show you the filter status very clearly.

Besides, its space-saving horizontal design is very wonderful to look at. For aging pipes, water can pick up harmful contaminants on its journey.

This water looks clean no doubt. PUR filters having MAXION filter technology can lessen these contaminants.

MAXION filter technology comes before you to ensure excellent filtration performance. Here ion exchange and activated carbon technology work combined to decrease more pollutants.


  • It can remove 99% of lead, 92% of certain pesticides and 70% of other pollutants having 96% of mercury
  • Maxion filter machinery and filter over mineral core for crunchy and refreshing taste
  • One filter can ensure about 100 gallons of clean water
  • Improved grip and innovative leak proof connectors. They are not compatible along with a pullout faucet.
  • Fresh sensor monitor: Vivid electric filter change light enhances filter compliance. It upgrades about sixty percent of battery life.

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Water filter, Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System – Tap Water Purifier Filter

Water filter, Wingsol Healthy Faucet Water Filter System - Tap Water Purifier Filter Water Purifying Device for Home Kitchen

The wingsol healthy faucet water filter system is very expensive. It produces more waste. I have decided to use this filter.

The water of my tap seems water, not chemicals. The filter does a great job for me. It removes bad stuff from water and ensures great taste.

But this water is very useful for maintaining our health. I surely suggest this filter for other. I like the filter very much.

In my past days, I was busy to collect bottled water as I did not like the taste of my tap water. Though this is very expensive, I like to use it still.


  • Very simple to notice the lifespan of the filter. Washable or refreshable filter, replace the filter after 3 months or 200 gallons
  • Try to be free from sour taste and dangerous chlorine taste. Get plain water that you like to have from your tap.
  • Has 304 long lasting stainless steel housing. It is cracking proof and has no leakage.
  • Remove 99% lead, 99% arsenic, 97% chrome, 90% mercury, and chlorine and enjoy filter water straight from the tap.

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PowproFwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Faucet Water Filter

PowproFwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Faucet Water Filter 5 Stages Mineral Filter Water Filter System

PowproFwat PP-JTP05 Horizontal Faucet Water Filter has a capacity up to 0.1 um. It removes sediment, impurities, chlorine, harmful minerals, algae, heavy metals, redworm, bleaching powder, colloid and so on.

Finally, water becomes pure and great taste and natural. There are different types of water filtration faucets with excellent power. You can use your desired filter according to the quality of your water.

Replacement of the filter is very simple. It is very comfortable and convenient for your mom in the cooking environment.

The Power faucet filter comes with double outlets. They are tap water outlet and purified water outlet. Here water is clean and healthier. It is completely safe for yourself and your family members.

The filters make from multi-use interface, quick and simple installation. This filter has great water supply capacity up to 2L/min, big enough for your family to use daily.

The shell of the Power filter is made of top quality non- toxic plastic. This is suitable and safe to protect your mom’s health and a baby. For health benefit, there is no competitor of this filter in the market.


  • Greatly use and possible to install by various types of faucets
  • Rigid filter function, various water may like various filters

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IREALIST Faucet Water Filter, Vertical Faucet Mount Drinking Tap Water Filter

IREALIST Faucet Water Filter, Vertical Faucet Mount Drinking Tap Water Filter & Purifier System

IREALIST Faucet Water Filter is very useful for the family. The filter has a multi-purpose interface and uses in 98 faucets.

The accuracy of the filter is 0.1um. Therefore it removes sediment, impurities, harmful materials, rust, chlorine, redworm, bleaching powder, colloid, algae and heavy metals. The taste of your tap water is natural and pure.

The system has high quality filter configuration which can filter water step by step. There are many types of filters in the market.

You can choose your desired one for the quality of your water. Very easy to maintain and hassle free installation.

One can replace the filter easily. The other features are switch freely, 2 ways of water production, clean and safe water. It ensures safety and clean environment for your whole family.

IREALIST Faucet Water Filter Comes with an exquisite gift box.  This is a very wonderful gift for your friends and their family members. This is nice for use in homes.


  • The volume is simple to install, easy to utilize and very small
  • Product safety super performance
  • Greatly use and possible to set up by various types of faucet
  • 2 individual types of waterway and energy saving
  • Filter replacement safe, reminder and convenient
  • Sturdy filter function, different water can prefer individual filter.

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Water Filter Pitcher – Large 10 Cup Water Pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher Alkaline Filtration - 2.5L, BPA Free, 10 Cup Large Size Fast Flow With 2 Filters By Hskyhan

The pitcher filter is made of active carbon. It has long exchange resin, pre-sediment filter, and PET micro-filtering film filter system.

The filter has a fame to remove chlorine, heavy metals, water hardness, odor and impurities in water.

Therefore there is a guarantee that it can give fresh, taste as well as healthy water. It comes with a convenient handle, so no problem to carry it. Without removing the cover, one can refill the filter for having easy to fill lid.

Spout adjusts with the body very well, so there is no muddle with each pour. For having a detachable water reservoir, it is very easy to maintain and clean.

The water pitcher and the filter are made from BPA free, food grade plastic. The unit has got SGS, CE and FDA certificates- pure and safe.

The water filtration pitcher ensures up to 40 gallons of dirt free filtered water. Therefore the unit saves your bill of buying more than 260 bottles of water.

After 3 months or using 40 gallons of water, one needs to replace the filter. Always the manufacturer gives importance to its quality.

Hence they are certain that they are producing the best water filtered pitcher. One important thing is that we are offering 60 days cash back guarantee. Besides, it has one year limited warranty free replacement policy for you.


  • Aozora water filter pitcher
  • Safe as well as pure
  • Completely filtration and prepared to drink
  • Four stages of filtration system
  • Healthcare in the whole world
  • Economic having family size capacity

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ZeroWater Replacement Filter for Pitchers

ZeroWater Replacement Filter for Pitchers, 2-Pack - ZR-017

Zero water filter ensures great tasting water. It has five stages of filtration systems which remove all dissolved solids.

As a result, you may enjoy TDS free, fresh and pure water. Not like the traditional filters, it has patented 5 stages.

Most of the bottled water and plain unfiltered tap water contain some dissolved solids. Statistics show that normally USA water contains 190 to 200 ppm.

Traditional filtered water measures from 030 to 500 ppm whereas bottle water from 003 to 350 ppm.

You live in a municipality which treats or cleans water. This water may pick up chemicals on its journey from the treatment plant to the faucet. This water may seem a chlorinated or metallic taste.

Purified water with zero water filter seems clean, fresh and crisp. Zerowater is the only filtration system for FDS definition of fresh bottled water. This purifier can remove chromium and lead from water.

Zerowater pitcher filter is certified and tested by NSF for the removals of several minerals.


  • The capacity of the 5 stage filtration system is 99.6% of dissolved solids
  • Adjust with all Zerowater pitchers and dispensers
  • Fulfills FDA standards for TDS in purified bottled water
  • The only filter gets NSF certificate to remove both chromium and lead
  • Has the wonderful capacity to remove 2x more dissolved solids in comparison with 2 stage filtration.

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How to choose tap water filter

The number of pollutants remains in the tap water may be more than 2000. There are many reasons for contaminations. The most severe cases are old plumbing and rusty pipelines in the households.

How to choose tap water filter

Government authorities and water suppliers try hard to eliminate pollutants from tap water.

But there is no guarantee that water you find is completely pollutants and diseases free water. The risks of certain kinds of Alzheimer and cancers happen by tap water pollution.

The initial cost of the unit

A faucet tap water is a cost effective method of producing super tasting water. When you like to choose a water purifier, you need to think about it cost.

You have to change the water purifier regularly, you must think about its cost. You must get the most effective faucet purifier which removes contaminants from water.

Cost of replacement cartridges

The price of the cartridges depends on the model and brands of the product. You have to know the price well before you like to buy the cartridge. Few cartridges of some brands are very expensive than the filter unit itself. Crystal Quest faucet purifiers seem to cost less than a cent per gallon.

The lifetime of the cartridges

On an average, one needs to change a faucet tap water filter after every 2 or 3 months. The lifespan of the cartridge is a very important thing. If you fail to change the cartridge timely, it may cause contamination.

It increases the health risks. The Cartridge lifetime measures in gallons of water ensure per cartridge.

The lifetime relies on how much water you use for scheduled time. Keep in mind this is the merely drinking water we are talking about.

Overall ongoing cost per gallon

You can measure the cost of per gallon on the lifetime of the filter cartridge and the price of the purifier. You can shorten your budget to choose the most useful brands and models of purification solution.

The filtering process

Most of the manufacturers of purifiers follow the same mechanism. They crack the method by filtering water in various stages.

Suppose the Crystal Quest faucet filter purify water following five stages of filtration process. For this reason, it is most effective to remove pollutants from tap water.

The all-important diverter switch

A deliver switch is a very important option for water purifier. When you like to buy a water purifier you have to think about a delivery switch.

You do not like to wash your dishes or hand with purified water. It is a must when faucet tap water purifier has a diverter switch where you may turn off filtering. You have the chances to use unfiltered water when you need.

The look and feel of the filter

There are various types, sizes, and designs and get up of filters in the market. You do not like to have a very attractive design.

You want one that will match with your location and simple to install. All top manufacturers have their features. They come with various attractive offers.

You need to filter water at first, and then you may hope better taste. Moreover, it must encourage towards good health. If the filters do not fulfill your demand, it will be better for you to move to the alternatives.

Final Verdict

It is true that you are aware of the various filters in the market. The qualities of these filters vary from one to another.

As drinking water is a very important issue, you must find a reliable purification system. You must give more importance to a good source of clean drinking water in your living priority list.