Alkaline Water Refilling Station Near Me: Making Your Life Easy

Water helps the body organs, tissues, and cells function correctly. It is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen and ranges from 0 to 14 in pH level, 7 being the neutral level safe for drinking.

Dr. Anju Sood asserts that “the human body secretes out juices that are acidic in nature”.  Ingesting alkaline water helps reduce excess acid in the body, thereby preventing several ailments.

Asking "where is an alkaline water refilling station near me?” will help you in accessing alkaline water sources. Also, knowing the water refilling stations near you will make alkaline water available as and when needed.

What Is Alkaline Water

In simple terms, alkaline water is water that has an increased pH level of 8 or 9. This water helps reduce the level of acid in the body, thereby relieving the kidney the job of filtering acids out of the body.

The pH level is a scale that measures how much acid and alkaline are present in water on a range of 0 to 14. Water is said to be normal when it has a neutral pH level of 7.

Water with alkaline contains minerals like magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, and potassium, which are necessary for promoting body balance level. 

Alkaline water must also contain negative oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). ORP is the degree or extent to which a substance can reduce another substance. This is to say that alkaline water is an anti-oxidizing agent with a negative ORP. It releases extra electrons that can neutralize harmful materials in the body.

Natural alkaline water passes over rocks and picks up minerals along the way. These minerals increase the alkaline level of the water. Springwater also is alkaline water.

Health Benefits of Alkaline Mineral Water

Alkaline water has a higher pH level than plain water. So, alkaline water advocates say it neutralizes the presence of acids in the bloodstream. They also propose that it contains more hydrogen and so is more hydrating than regular water. However, these assertions have no scientific basis. 

Health Benefits Of Alkaline Mineral Water

So, is alkaline water beneficial to health? Over the years, alkaline mineral water has gained popularity, primarily because of the health benefits it offers, such as:

Improves Metabolism, Weight loss, and Energy

To boost metabolism, the body needs to stay hydrated. Because alkaline water contains more hydrogen, it is more hydrating than the plain water.

Alkaline water is also beneficial to those that often exercise to lose weight. After exercise, the body continues to burn more calories for some hours. Drinking alkaline water enables the body to rehydrate faster. It also helps stabilizes the electrolyte level in the body. 

Slows Aging

Aging is a telltale sign of time on the body and is caused by inflammation, free radicals, and of course, stress. 

Free radicals are molecules that damage body cells. These harmful molecules are also present outside the body in things like UV rays and exhaust fumes. Because they cannot be avoided, we need antioxidants to help us beat them. Alkaline water contains antioxidants that absorb water faster into the body, thereby reducing the aging process.  

Fast Digestion

Fast Digestion

Water in itself does not activate the digestion process. It passes freely through the stomach and goes straight to where it is needed if taken without food. This is why it easily transports antioxidants through the body.

Slow digestion can be harmful to the body and causes health conditions like ulcer and acid reflux. Dr. Shinya, the inventor of colonoscopy, has proven that alkaline water is beneficial for fast digestion.

Decreases Bone loss

Decreases Bone loss

Alkaline water has positive effects on the bones, as it is a healthy way to preserve bone health. 

Lack of calcium in the blood can cause muscle ache, difficulty in breathing, seizures, and stiffening of the muscles. Alkaline water ingestion encourages bone resorption, which is a process by which old bone cells and tissues break down, transferring calcium to the blood.

Cancer  Treatment

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. Alkaline water prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body by balancing body pH level. In cancer treatment, chemotherapy drugs are needed. Alkaline water intensifies the drug function and effect in the body.

Supports the Immune System

Alkaline water boosts the immune system. The immune system assists in neutralizing acids in the body caused by stress, poor diet, and free radicals in the environment.

Why is alkaline mineral water so popular?

There are various articles and studies regarding how people who drink this water have addressed all kinds of health requirements and become much healthier. Bearing this in mind, you can know how this kind of water is growing more popular and in high demand.

Water stores are adding alkaline mineral water for their customers

Water stores are adding alkaline mineral water for their customers

These alkaline water shops generally carry reversed osmosis or distilled water too. Both kinds of water are usually acidic, and though the water is pure, it's detrimental to a person's health. That's the reason why a lot are now incorporating alkaline mineral water for their choices, and they're finding out that's exactly what customers need.

Where to Find Personal Water Bottle Refill Stations

Where to Find Personal Water Bottle Refill Stations

Many areas now offer private water bottle refill channels. It's normal to get those on university and college campuses, in high schools, hospitals, in the health club, after a safety in the airport, Whole Foods, as well as in shopping malls and shopping plazas. While these refill channels are created for individual water bottles instead of big five-gallon water heaters, water bottle refill channels can be quite handy and much cheaper (or free).

What to Look Out For When Buying a Water Ionizer

What to Look Out For When Buying a Water Ionizer

Because water ionizers are sophisticated, pricey home appliances, serious thoughts need to be given when buying one. Online information makes it hard to decide on either buying an ionizer or not, not to talk about the numerous brands available. These can make it challenging to choose the best water ionizer. 

To make it easier for you, check out the buying guide below:

Filtering System

The filtering system is one of the essential parts of a water ionizer. The water won’t be safe to drink if it is not adequately filtered. This filter part of a water ionizer helps remove bacteria and viruses harmful to health from water. 

When considering buying a water ionizer, look out for those with double filters, and longer cartridges. And, the material the filter is made of is vital too. Ensure the filters are made of ceramic as they are very effective in filtering bacteria and other harmful elements out of drinking water. 

Harmful Chemicals

Most water sources are already contaminated. Also, some water ionizers are enhanced with harmful and poisonous chemicals.

Ionizer enhancers made of sodium chloride contains a high level of salt, while those made of sodium hypochlorite contain bleach chemicals. These chemicals produce a high level of toxic gas. 

So, go for ionizers that are made of platinum titanium and can produce pure alkaline. 


Ensure you read the producer's warranty for the ionizer you intend to buy. The warranty confirms how much the company backs its products. The best are usually those with a lifetime guarantee.


Water ionizer plates come in different combinations. A bigger ionizer plate does not guarantee the best quality. Choose plates that are made from the best materials as stipulated on the company’s Buyer’s Guide.

Home Water Filtration Options

Home Water Filtration Options

If you are tired of paying high prices for bottled water or even the hassle of having to go to a refill channel every day or two, another choice is to receive a house water filtration system.

Home water filters are rather simple to install and considering the quantity of clean filtered water they supply, they're also quite cost-efficient. Usually, these are little filters that screw onto the end of the faucet and filter impurities out, generally with granulated activated charcoal.

Fill Up at the Self-Serve Refill Station

Instantly wash your water bottles in our cleansing station. Included with your refill is a free bottle rinse. Once complete, utilize our wheeled carts that will assist you to transfer the water bottles into your vehicle, no hefty carrying involved.

Fill Up at the Self-Serve Refill Station

Should you will need assistance loading the water bottles in your vehicle, we'd be pleased to help - so ask. If you stop by, be sure to request your own Water Club Card. Every five gallons purchased provides you with the postage, fill the club and exchange for five gallons of water. You could even fill up in our vending machines every time of night or day. If you'd like to meet your RV or possess big tanks and drums, utilize our RV/Drum Refill Station.

Bottles, Drums, Crocks, and Dispensers

We take an assortment of water bottles to fulfil your requirements. Water bottle sizes vary from 1/2 g to 7 gallons. You could even locate ceramic crocks, crock stands, bottle racks, pumps and accessories at our shop. Shop our goods.

Get in touch with us if you do not find something in our online shop, we may be able to particular order what you're searching for.

Drum Rental & Delivery

We lease 55-gallon water drums to the recreational and emergency preparedness requirements. Should you will need to get them delivered, we provide delivery for an extra charge. Click here to learn more.

Free Fill

When you purchase your water jar, you can appreciate that first fill out of drinking water. Drum rentals also have a load of water. We're confident that you will understand that fresh, crisp, refreshing flavor.

You could even contemplate home water delivery. Based on the manufacturer, you may decide on one-time shipping or establish a monthly subscription. Along with providing filtered water, most of these businesses also offer coolers and dispensers, and a few even offer water filtration systems too.

How to Make Alkaline Water Naturally

Water ionizers are home appliances that help raise drinking water pH level via electrolysis, thereby making the water safe for drinking. Though they may be effortless to use, they need regular maintenance to improve water quality. Again, they are very pricey, as most are made of platinum-coated titanium plates.

How to Make Alkaline Water Naturally

There are many people out there who are desperately in need of water ionizers. But, they may not be able to purchase one because of how much it costs. Thus, there is a need to know how to make alkaline water naturally, without needing to use a water ionizer.
Here’s how:

Baking soda - Baking soda contains high alkaline content that increases when mixed with water. Dr. Young, a researcher, has emphasized the importance of balancing the water pH level by adding an alkaline ingredient to the water. He suggests adding ½ teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of filtered water. To ensure the baking soda is entirely melted in water, mix it thoroughly in the water.

In addition, baking soda is high in sodium. So, if you are aiming at reducing your salt intake, then this method is not for you. Try these other methods:

pH drops - pH drops are solutions that, when added to water, can raise water pH levels. They are proven to be more effective than filtering jugs. pH drops come in brands that vary in mineral content. However, most brands contain minerals such as Carbonate and Potassium, and others provide more minerals than others. Usually, pH drops are flavorless, but they can change the way the water feels in the mouth.

You can add three drops to one glass of water, or six drops to one liter of water. Also, pH drops can be added to other beverages like hot or cold tea and coffee. To use, ensure you follow the directions specified by the manufacturer on the pH bottle.

Lemon juice - Lemons contain high levels of antioxidants and are acidic in a normal state. But, inside the body, once metabolized, they become alkaline with a pH level that ranges above 7.

So, to use lemon to increase your drinking water pH level, fill up your container with filtered water. Then, rinse and cut your lemon into pieces and add them to your water (do not squeeze out the juice, just drop the lemon in). Allow the lemon to sit in the water for 8 to 10 hours at room temperature. You can choose to add one tablespoon of Himalayan salt to the water. Then, stir and drink. 

Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

Wrap Up!

Alkaline water has proven to be effective in increasing the drinking water pH level. It contains higher levels of hydrogen than regular tap water, and this makes it more hydrating too.

Alkaline water is also anti-oxidizing and can neutralize free radicals in the body. Studies show that alkaline mineral water can help promote bone resorption, prevent the risk of cancer, and even slow down the aging process.

If you are asking yourself, “where is an alkaline refilling station near me?”, then you have come to your final bus-stop. A more natural way to turn your drinking water to alkaline is to make yourself. Try using the simple things available in your home, as mentioned above.


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