How Often to Water Desert Rose? [Care and Requirements]

The Desert Rose is native to the deserts of Africa and Asia. The name “desert rose” comes from the fact that this plant thrives in arid regions. This plant was first introduced into Europe by the Romans, who brought them with them when they invaded North Africa. They were later cultivated in Spain and Portugal and are still found today.

The Desert Rose is an evergreen shrub that grows up to 3 meters tall (10 feet). It has thick, leathery leaves that grow in opposite pairs on long stems. The flowers are small and white and have five petals. The flower buds look like tiny roses.

The Desert Rose blooms all year round, but its peak season is between April and June. During these months, the plants are covered in beautiful pink blossoms.

The desert plant requires very little care. You should keep it out of direct sunlight and avoid over-watering it. If your soil is too wet

Depending on the climate in your area, you should water them twice or three times a week. You can dip your plants in spring water or old tap water if your plants are healthy. Due to its moderate nutrient content and lack of chlorine, I usually use aquatic water. Plants can rot if water remains in their base for too long. Make sure you shake excess water off your plants.

When Should I Water My Desert Rose Plant?

When Should I Water My Desert Rose Plant?

Desert roses are some of the most popular indoor houseplants because of their easy care requirements. They require little sunlight and no soil amendments. However, watering desert rose plants too much could cause problems. If you live in a humid climate, it is best to water desert rose plants once every three weeks during the summer months. Desert rose plants can go up to six months in dry climates without being watered.

How often to water desert rose

How often to water desert rose?

This desert-like plant does not require any water, as its name suggests. Different seasons require different amounts of water.

The soil should be kept moist during spring and summer when it is growing. You can determine when to water your plants by periodically checking them.

It is important to allow the plants to dry out before watering again.

You need to pot a desert rose in a pot that drains well (like Terracotta or clay). Root rot develops quickly in containers without adequate drainage holes. Without adequate drainage holes, a container quickly develops root rot.

Fall and winter are times when plants go dormant, and watering frequency should be reduced.

Winter and fall are good times to water desert roses once a month.

Thick, bulbous roots and a fat base trunk provide storage for water during the rainy season.

The trunk of a plant can determine an adequate moisture level. The trunk of your plant should be thick and swollen in proportion to its size.

Things that influence watering sessions:


Soil does play a role in determining how much water you give plants. Three main factors determine whether or not the plant needs water: sunlight, temperature, and humidity. If it gets too hot, the plant doesn’t need water; however, if it gets cold, it needs extra moisture. In addition, the amount of light the plant receives determines how often it needs to be watered.

Keep its soil moist but not saturated during its growing season.

Light and locations

A full-sun environment is ideal for this plant. How well water drains from soil depends on how much light obesum plants get.

Growing up in a well-lit location throughout the day is the best choice.

If your garden has taller plants, choose a location away from them.

The high-noon sun can be protected by partial shade. Especially when the plant is tender, the blazing heat can scorch its leaves.

What if I underwater desert rose

What if I underwater desert rose?

Desert roses are drought-resistant plants. They grow well even without water during the winter season. But you must keep them watered throughout the summer months. This is because they don’t produce flowers unless there is sufficient water.

If you notice that the plant is losing leaves or the stem looks thin, it could mean one thing: it needs water. However, the roots won’t show signs of being dry until later. Desert roses can survive up to four years without water. So, you’ll want to check out the soil around the base of the plant.

The soil should feel firm and moist. If it feels too wet, then you’re probably watering too much. On the contrary, if it feels scorched, you’re likely over-watered.

What if I overwatered desert rose?

Overwatering is the biggest problem for desert roses. They are sensitive to too much moisture; it causes leaves to turn yellow and fall off. This happens because the plant needs less water when it is dry and more water when it is wet. If you overdo it, the plant will start to wilt and die.

If you see this happening, stop watering immediately. You don’t want to let the plant go into shock. Put the plant in a shady spot where it gets some light, but not too much. Once the soil dries out, you’ll know how much water it needs.

When you’re ready to water again, give the plant about half the amount it had been getting. Water thoroughly, making sure every part of the plant is soaked.

Frequantly Asked Questions:

Can desert rose be used as a bonsai plant?

Due to their luscious, deep pink blossoms, desert roses make excellent bonsai plants due to their succulent trunks and thin, delicate leaves.

How can you check your plant?

Checking the caudex of the plant is another tip you can use.

What is the best temperature for a desert rose?

You should maintain a constant temperature of 65 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit for your desert rose. Temperatures below 50 degrees cause the plant to wither and eventually die.

What is the growth rate of desert roses?

A desert rose grows about one foot a year a slow growth rate.

Is fertilization important?

The use of fertilizer does not have to be mandatory for growing desert roses, but it adds nutrients and improves the plant’s health, resulting in more vibrant flowers. Fertilization is highly recommended when growing desert roses as decor plants.
During its growth period, you should feed your adenium obesum half-diluted liquid fertilizer every month.


Desert rose is an easy plant to grow. It only needs the right amount of light, water, temperature, humidity, and fertilizer. Follow our tips and tricks on how often you should water desert roses. If you want your desert rose to thrive, give it the right amount of light, water, temperature, humidity, and fertilizer.