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The GE company was established in 1889. Thomas Edison was the inventor of an electronic company with J.P. Morgan. They had selected the name Edison Electric Light Company. Then they became united with Charles Coffin’s Thomson-Houston Electric Company and gave the name General Electric (GE) Company.

GE Water Softener Reviews – Comparison Chart

Check NowProduct DimensionsEditor's Rating

GE 45,100 Grain Water Softener

0.1 x 50 x 26 inches4 out of 5 stars

GE 40,000 Grain Water Softener

0.1 x 50 x 26 inches4.4 out of 5 stars

GE 30.000 Grain Standard Softener

21 x 30 x 15 inches4.9 out of 5 stars

There are several types of water purifier of this company, and you may choose the best one after reading the article on GE water softener reviews.

Years after years, they are manufacturing lots of products in the market such as washing machines, refrigerators, electronic accessories, and housewares.

The products receive acceptance to the customers. The customers thought that they would be able to stand in the right position in future.

The company thought that water is an essential demand in the houses. So they are trying to produce water softener.

At first, it was a very scary idea; GE has been able to prove the worth in the field of water softening.

About GE Smart Water Softening System

We’ll Start with the Background of This GE Smart Water Softener. GE water softeners are merely a little branch of the whole GE brand. This company is an American multinational conglomerate, and they’ve obtained their Headquarters situated in Boston.

By the year 2016, GE was functioning together with the performance of different segments which comprised Gas and Oil, Transportation, Power, Water, Healthcare and several more.

It was established in the year 1892 with a group of 4 members.

Features of a GE Water Softener

  • GE water softener came to the market to fight with some water problem in some specific areas.  The other water softener on the market came with SmartWater / Smart Soft technology.
  • The technology learns the usage of the structure of water in the household. They offer the extreme efficiency.
  • The technology can offer you 34% softening salt compared with other models. Besides, it saves energy consumption 35% along with it may save 50% detergent at the time of doing laundry.
  • There is a Custom Select Blending Valve that permits to remove hardness from water. It has a sediment filter.
  • The filter traps sand and dirt from entering into the pipes. It has a self-cleaning process to save time to do maintenance. The lids are angled. So you have no problem to put salt pellets at the time of refill.

Why do you choose GE water softener

You are looking for a good water softener. GE water softener has a lot of features. They offer you good facilities. With minimum effort, you will get excellent support. All water softener needs to refill with salt.

GE water softener makes the heavy task very easy. It has an angled lid and a big opening. So you can refill the tank with salt pellets very simply and quickly.

There is a control panel with the GHE water softener. The panel will give you all the information about the softener all the times.

It will warn and control if the salt is running low and tell you the time to rejuvenate or refill the brine tank.

Are GE Home Water System Units Dependable?

GE is better than the other brands in the market in the term of reliability. There are few products in the market which can give you the product unmatched durability and capability.

However, all products have mixed reviews. Some reviews are very positive, but some are disappointing. In another way, the softening product is performing well.

It leads them back to nine years when the softener might break out in the market.

Are GE Home Water System Units Dependable

The customer service of the GE is very great. Therefore, be sure at the time of your need, it will do the best performance. They are giving you a warranty on the product. Normally the customers would like to have this kind of warranty before buying any product.

The GE water softener is the great product for the first time users. The service of the product will tell the customer whether they would give up the product or they would buy a new one to use in future.

Is GE a Quality Water Softener?

The GE water softener is an excellent entry level softener. They do not have super high quality, but they are not junk either.

The average reviews are very good

There are some awesome and terrible reviews of the product. The customer service of GE is very good. You need not repair the unit. This is also a great experience.

The unit will give you an excellent warranty. You can extend the warranty period by spending money or additional fees.

Where Can I Get a GE Appliance Manual?

The satisfactory news is that the GE water softener has got much popularity. For all kinds of problems, you may take help from the company. When any problem arises, you may call them to solve it. You can take help of the customer’s service, or you may go to the web to solve it. The link is ( They have a lot of manuals; you can save them or print them for your convenience.


Top Rated 3 Best GE Water Softener Reviews 2018


GE GXSH45V 45,100 Grain Water Softener

GE GXSH45V 45,100 Grain Water Softener

The most important feature of GE water softener is the design of the unit. The GE GXSH45V has designed by thinking the family lived in mind.

The existing brand now offers 45100 which is enough for a family having four or more people.

The unit has SmartSoft technology meaning that it can use the best salt, water, and electricity for softening water reliably, exactly and continuously at the time of need. The unit is very simple to use, and the design is very attractive.

The installation process is very simple. The cabinet of the unit is 23 x 48 x 15 inches; It will be hiding automatically, individually in any cupboard or basement space as the plumbing is accurate.

  • 25-inch plumbing connection for better flow of water.
  • The water consumption is 35% less
  • Removes hardness 160 per gallons, so it is good for hard water areas.
  • Remove 12ppm iron from water


  • Server comparatively short time than the other brands and models.
  • In the hardness area, the softening power is not fast enough

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GE GXSH40V 40,000 Grain Water Softener

GE GXSH40V 40,000 Grain Water Softener

The GE GXMH40H water softener has the strength of 40000 grains and catches 230 pounds of salt sizing it enough for a small family. The design of the unit is 85 gpg hardness.

The iron removal capacity is 3 ppm. There is LCD in the unit makes it a real breeze. The screen shows you the update information. Then you will able to know the time to change the softener.

Regeneration of the system can be done automatically, and the machine usually runs with the top up salt pellets. The softener makes the system easy as the lid is placed well in the brine.

  • Remove iron up to 3ppm
  • Very good guarantee offers
  • The technology is great- observing Custom Select valve and SmartSoft features
  • It is not fit for a big family or in the hard water areas.
  • Irons parts are less in per million


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Ge 30.000 Grain Standard Flow Softener

Ge 30.000 Grain Standard Flow Softener

The GE GXSF30V water softener comes before you to meet the demand of the small family. The weight of the softener is 81 pounds and housed in the cabinet just 23 x 44 x 15.

The device is good for a small family. The unit is made with SmartSoft that monitors the usage and foretells strength. So you need to run out for the new lovely water softener.

At the time of regeneration, the use of salt and water may make the environmentalists happy. What the electricity spend for this purpose is very low. The ancient homes appliance one inches in size will be adjusted accurately to this water softener.

  • Excellent brand to use in the family.
  • The warranty period is very good
  • Offers great service for spending money
  • Sometimes there arise some problems, but warranty solves it
  • Made for small plumbing size

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GE Water Softener Maintenance 

One thing to be eliminated before the beginning is the Water Softeners is reduced with upkeep.

This is because of most of the softeners’ good quality. You might think why we can include this subject here. That is because you may produce the softener that work more effectively using the water softener care directions.

The single task that you're needed to do before conducting the machine comprises, placing the hardness of water, refill the salt from the device. The device only does its function, and you might delight in the softened water. However, what if you may create GE Water Softener more efficiently, then it's possible to execute some of the maintenance work on it.


  • The salt bridge creations check

The dilemma of salt is located from the brine tankalternative. You'll need to check about the brine tank and have an average review for the identical. These bridgesproduce space between salt and water consequently. Brine solution won't be created rightly inside the brine tank.

The principal motives behind this illness include temperature fluctuations, humidity, or perhaps employing the incorrect salt. Handle the moisture from the surrounding region of GE Water Softener, also prevent filling the comprehensive brine solution.


  • Eliminate any salt mushing if located inside the system

Within this problem, salt from the water recrystallizes, also it makes a sludge type of construction inside the brine tank. This severely affects the renewal procedure, which is vital for the ideal processing of their water softening. Theperfect way to escape this matter is to begin utilizing distinction salt pellets in your softener.


  • Choose the best salt to the water softener

There are just three types of salt,and they're stone, solar, and the last one is disappeared. Rock salt has a high number of dried elements, whereas the solar salt is significantly more soluble in comparison with rock salt. And the last one is that the disappeared salt, which can be the greatest insolubility.


  • Function on the Resin Bed

With time, resin beds may get contaminated with silt, iron contaminants, etc. So flush out the resin bed and keep it clean to ensure that more quantity of magnesium and calcium ions can be consumed by it.


  • Assess the venturi valve inside the system

The venturi regulator plays the most crucial role in shifting the brine mixer in the brine tankinto the resin tank. Along with time there might be a few of those depositions of dirt and sand on this venturi valve. So, ensure the lid is clean, which will finally allow the system to operate better.

Now how can you tell if you are using hard water at home?

The best and the simplest way to test hard water at home is to take a shower. If you get the water is not making soap lathering well as you desire, or the water coming from the shower is somewhat rough you may say that the water is hard.

Now how can you tell if you are using hard water at home

There is also another way to detect the hard water. Another way to detect hard water is to see the shower or drain in your bathroom. When you see the soap scum building up in places and hard to remove after few cleaning, you know the water contains hard water.

As you notice the same scum buildup of your kitchen appliance, be sure the water is hard. Then it is better for you to install a water softener at your home as quickly as possible.

Plumbing and Plumbers companies may think that the hard water is a very expensive nuisance as we are driving it without understanding the water are hard. In the beginning, the water may be insignificant and negligible.

With the passage of time, the scale will build upon water flow of water and interfere with the drainage. Then you will spend more money to remove the hardness, or you would like to repair it by spending more money.

If you still see the build up and cannot fail to remove soon, you need to change the system. When you change it, the system will affect the home appliance. You need to replace your dishwasher or washing machine as they are not doing their function well. So you need to spend more money for this purpose.

This is the best suggestion for you to change your water softener as early as possible as-is it can remove hardness from water or decrease the flow of water in your area where you are living or save from plumbing. This will eliminate the foul smell of water or remove the scale build up in the way of water.


The places to buy the unit

Below there are some suggested places to buy the GE water softener system and some home appliance:

GE official website

You may get all here various models, its parts, and the suggestion to repair it. This is the best website for the product. Here you will get details information about the product, the benefits of using a water softener. Besides, you will get lots of hot numbers to contact the certified installers.

Home Depot

You will get the nearest Home Depot in your area and the address of some GE water softeners. You may visit the web to get your desired product. The store is the authorized dealer of GE water softener.

best ge water softener Home Depot

When a product comes to the market, GE quickly sends it to the Home Depot. Most of the purchases are made of the GE’s official site directed to them.

Manufacturer website is the authentic place to collect information for GE water softener. They will show you lots of reviews of the users. You can read them in details. They will offer you convenient payment options, and you can pay as you like.

What Should You Do If Your GE Water Softener Needs Repair?

If you like to repair GE water softener, the first thing you need to consider is to call in a GE representative from their customer service department.

Before making contact, you need to know two things

What is the model of GE water softener you have? You can see the manual or back of the unit know the model number.

You should be aware details about the problem as you have to tell them in details. Need to acquire concrete details of the problem you experienced.

It is necessary to know whether you need a repairer, or you should conduct the water softener troubleshooting exercises.

This will save your time and money. As a maximum of the time, you have to disclose the fact them. If you like to repair it, check warranty card again and again for your specific model. Each model has its warranty schedule.

The system has a one-year warranty, and the resin tank has ten years’ warranty. The long lasting guarantee is a great one as you do not need to spend money frequently to repair your system.

GE Water Softener Problems

There are lots of systems on the market. Still today, no system is discovered yet that is flawless. Before discussing, be sure you are with the right product of GE water softener for getting begins with the troubleshooting.

Some points to consider:

  • The amount of salt is one-third of the vessel
  • The bypass valve is added to the service position only, and the knob needs to add outside position.
  • The following step is to check out the level of hardness of water that is supplied. Then you need to perform the softening system.
  • The final part of the system that is sure to check is the Salt Bridge.

Most people normally contact the service center to discuss any issue with them about the system. It is a wise decision to check all the parts of the unit for their exact functioning. Check them very carefully. If you get all are in good condition, you need to move forward with the next Troubleshooting step for GE water softener.

As you have the intention to know the problem that happens with the GE system, after that there are some. We have found some of them here. Talking about some of the compliments, all are not major to refer related to that.

System Issue along with the corresponding cause is stated below.  We hope these will be very helpful for you.

  1. If you are getting hard water in between–One cause it that you like to use warm water when regeneration system is going on. Then notice the hardness count you have given for the supply water, it may be grains have been developed with the hard water.
  2. When you notice blue colored water to the output and the cause behind it is that plumbing water is being acidic.
  3. When you see air bubbles in your water, be sure the system has got some air. Carefully remove the air from the system, and it will work as usual.
  4. If you get the water slippery- this is normal. Water is slippery in the softener by default.

There are many other issues you may encounter with your GE water system. If there is a problem, there is the solution. See the more queries and answer the official page of GE water softener.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On GE Water Softener Reviews

Question: How often will my water softener regenerate?

Answer: To avoid electric shock, you need at first unplug the unit from the electrical outlet before cleaning or maintenance. You need to regenerate it every three to six days. There are some factors you need to consider before regenerate the water softener:

The total capacity of the water softener in GPG.

Measure the hardness setting that was programmed at the first time of installation. Be sure the setting matches to the local condition. The real usage of water per day. The usage of the patterns is developed with the passage of time.

Question: My softener is leaking, what do I do?

Answer: Disconnect the plug of the device from the main electric shock, if you desire to clean or maintain the softener.

Leak at the water softener

Leak at the water softener

  • If you see any leakage, at first turn off the water supply from the softener. You need to detect the place. This will aid the customer care persons to solve the problem.
  • The water connection of the unit is visible. Indicate the bypass valve. The valve is made of white plastic. The water connection lines are connected with it. It is placed at the top of the softener. To the end of the bypass valve `push for bypass’ is written. If you push it, the button will allow water into the softener.
  • If the valve is not installed well, locate water inlet supply line. There is a line on the right. Notice closely and follow the shut-off valve. Stop it clockwise until it stops. For this, the supply of water of the softener will stop.
  • Most of the leak occur for the installation issue. When you see it, contact the installer. This is a wise decision to keep the warranty in your favor.

Leak from pipe connections to the softener

  • In all respects the installers are responsible for tubing, for the connection bringing supply water to the inlet of the softener’s valve, or taking out water from the softener valve. Besides, they are responsible for power supply or transformer wiring connections


To make water softener the GE company applies ultra modern, good testing and a lot of researchers have done. Technologies and excellent engineering are also added.

When you buy a water softener from the GE, be sure you are buying the best softener for your use. The prices of the softeners are very reasonable and giving innovative solution for effective water softening.

The system removes impurities and minerals from water. There are lots of reviews in the market about the water softener for giving effective backup.


Selecting a water softener is normally up to the personal choice of a person. We try to make the method easier as possible along with the deep reviews which are posting on our blog. GE water softener is great for the DIY users who like to do it according to their own.

However, some parts need to be treated with more care at the time of setting up or otherwise warranty would not be canceled. So better to hire a certified installer or prior you encounter the issues along with installation. GE water softener reviews explained the details on the softener for you to take the accurate decision for buying the product.

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