Springwell Water Filter System Reviews: Is it Worth the Price?

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So, your spouse has been harping on you for months to buy a water filtration system because the tap water in your house is gross. And finally, after dealing with enough of their nagging, you break down and order one from Springwell.

But now that it's arrived, you're not so sure…is this thing really worth the price? Let's take a look.

The city's municipal water contains harmful contaminants that SpringWell's whole-house water filter can remove.

In addition to removing harmful contaminants such as chlorine and chloramine, The system also targets and removes PFOA, PFAS and PFOS, pesticides, herbicides, and haloacetic acids from the water.

Installation is easy, and maintenance is minimal. With our SpringWell Combo System, you can enjoy salt-free water softening.

If your water is hard or has any type of chemicals harmful to health, Springwell water will work to make it healthier and safer.

The Springwell water filter system is a 4-stage filtration system that removes the most common harmful contaminants from city water, which lets you enjoy soft water whenever you use it.

The CF1 has a lower price tag than similar models offered by competitors and significantly improves taste, and gives water a cleaner appearance. It also provides better protection against lead contamination.

Furthermore, it can be installed in any sink or tap without modification, making this filter better than any other.

Why we like it: Very easy to install, and anyone can install it. As well as making water tested and looking good, this filter also lasts a long time.

Not only does it remove common contaminants, but it also boasts a sleek design that adds a touch of class to any kitchen. And with its simple installation and maintenance process, you'll be sipping on pure H20 in no time. So why spring for Springwell? Because there's simply no better way to hydrate in style.

Area of improvement: Their customer service isn't that quick every time

Product details:

PREFILTER CHANGE/ REPLACEMENT frequency: every nine months or so

MEDIA CHANGE/ REPLACEMENT: 10 years or after 1 million gallon

Capacity: 100000 gallons



Product link: https://www.amazon.com/Whole-House-Water-Filter-System/product-reviews/B07NLD17F5

The key features of the Springwell water filter:

1. Remove Chlorine & Chloramines - SpringWell Whole House Filters are designed to remove chlorine and chloramines, common contaminants in municipal water systems. 

These chemicals cause health problems such as skin rashes, eye irritation, and even cancer. Our filters remove these chemicals without sacrificing flow rates and maintaining full pressure throughout the home.

2. Removes Pesticides, Herbicides, & More - We use 3rd generation-activated carbon granules to absorb both dissolved and suspended solids, including pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, hormones, industrial chemicals, heavy metals, and much more. Activated charcoal is a highly porous form of carbon that absorbs toxins, odors, and gases.

3. Long-Lasting Media - Our media cartridges are made from durable polypropylene plastic that won't break down over time. They're designed to fit our unique filtration technology and provide excellent performance for up to six years before replacement.

4. Easy Installation - SpringWell whole house water filters are simple to install and maintain. Just plug it into the wall, connect your faucet, and enjoy clean drinking water.

5. Lifetime Warranty - All their products come with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If anything goes wrong, we'll replace or repair it at no charge.

How does the Springwell water filter work?

The Springwell Water filter works by removing chlorine, heavy metals, bad taste, odors, and other impurities from the water. Each stage of the system uses different methods to accomplish this task.

Stage 1: Prefilter

This first stage is a prefilter that reduces particulate matter such as dirt, debris, rust, and scale. The pre-filter also helps protect the carbon filters from clogging.

Stage 2: Carbon Filtration

This second stage removes chemicals and bad taste from the water using activated carbon. The carbon filters are made with high-quality materials that help reduce chemical buildup.

Stage 3: Sediment Filters

These third-stage filters use granular media to trap suspended solids and organic compounds. They also help prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

Stage 4: Final Stage

The final stage of the system uses a fine mesh membrane to remove residual contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).


The installation process for most of their products is fairly simple. However, we recommend calling them to set up an appointment since they want to ensure everything goes smoothly.

They will send you detailed instructions via email. You'll receive a call within 24 hours confirming the date and time of your appointment.

They ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. Please note that some installations are weather dependent. In case of inclement weather, please reschedule your appointment accordingly.


If you want your SpringWell whole house water filter to stay in tip-top shape, just remember one simple rule

- treat it like a celebrity. Give it constant attention, shower it with love (and regular filter changes), and make sure it gets plenty of fresh, clean H2O. And whatever you do, don't let anyone else touch it

- trust us, nobody knows how to properly care for your filter like you do. So go ahead and indulge your water filter's need for constant pampering...after all, without it, you'd probably be drinking questionable tap water 24/7. Can you imagine the horror?! Keep the good flow going - love your SpringWell filter and it'll love you back.

Why should we use the Springwell water filter? 

The Springwell is a great way to get your family to drink clean, healthy spring water. It's easy to install and maintain and can be used in any sink or faucet.

The Springwell filters out 99% of all bacteria, viruses, chemicals, heavy metals, and other contaminants that could harm you or your family.

It also removes chlorine from tap water, which can cause skin rashes and stomach problems.

It's important to know that not all bottled water brands are safe to drink. Some contain dangerous levels of lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, and more.

Springwell whole house water filtration systems are the best choice for getting pure, fresh water into your home.

What makes Springwell water filter special?

Springwell is the only brand of bottled spring water that has been certified by the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) as having a high level of purity. Other filters don't have this certification, which gives us more reasons to rely on them.

This certification means that Springwater meets or exceeds all standards for quality and safety set by the IBWA, including those related to chemical contaminants, microbiological contamination, heavy metals, arsenic, lead, fluoride, pH balance, and more.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee backs Springwell's filtration systems. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, just return it within 60 days, and we'll refund your entire purchase price, which other filters failed to do.

Customer reviews on Springwell water filter:

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Analysis of products:

Springwell's CF1 whole house water filter removes 99.6% chlorine, chloramine, TTHMs, and other organic contaminants by using a sediment prefilter, a KDF media, and a catalytic carbon media. It is estimated that greensand filter media will last for 18 to 25 years, according to the company.

In addition, the FutureSoft conditioner and the salt-based softener can be purchased at a discount of 5%.

Scours: https://cleancoolwater.com/springwell-water-softener-reviews/

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is SpringWell Water?

SpringWell Water Filtration Systems created water filtration systems for residential use.

2. What is FutureSoft?

It may be helpful to split products into value and premium categories when comparing water softener systems: Closest competitors: Pentair NaturSoftHow does the SpringWell FutureSoft compare to other salt-free conditioners?

As in the past, FutureSoft is a premium water conditioner that can hold its own against pretty much any salt-free device on the market.

3. Which water softener is best for your home?

The SpringWell ULTRA is best for your home. Not only does it effectively remove minerals like calcium and magnesium, but it also adds in helpful trace minerals for a balanced approach to water treatment. Plus, its compact design means it won't take up precious real estate in your utility room.

So why suffer with hard water any longer? Make the switch to SpringWell ULTRA - because soft water is always in style. With this stellar water softener, you'll never go back to life before soft water. Trust us- it's worth every penny. Say goodbye to buildup and hello to shiny hair and spotless dishes.

The choice is clear - choose the SpringWell ULTRA water softener today.

4. Where is Springwell made?

In the U.S.A at their Central Florida Facility.

5. Do water filters really work?

In addition to reducing corrosion and improving pH levels, filtered water extends the life of household fixtures. For example, the product helps prevent rust stains on sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and toilets, making clothing softer, brighter, and longer-lasting. In addition, a carbon filter effectively removes chlorine, chloramines, and odor.


Springwell water filters have an excellent reputation for quality products that are affordably priced. Their history, product offerings, technical specifications, and innovation place them among the best in the market. Springwell Water is worth considering if you're looking for a top-of-the-line whole-house water filter or softener.


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