How to Light an AO Smith Water Heater: A Step-by-Step Guide

AO Smith makes some of the highest-quality residential heating equipment around. They also offer various home appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers/dryers, etc. If you want to save money on your energy bills, you should consider buying an AO Smith water heater. These are very efficient and cost-effective. Also, allow you to enjoy the warmth without any hassle. Dig in to know how to light an ao smith water heater:

About AO water heater:

When quenching a fire, the pilot light usually goes out on a hot water system when there is a natural change in the pressure of the compressed gas. Two tiny gas tubes will be used to reach it. To keep an eye on it while you work, you will want to keep an eye on it at all times. It is important to set your gas knob to “Pilot” to keep it there. You will be able to light the fire easier if you allow the fuel to escape.

Step 1:

To take the access panel off the A.O. SMITH water heater, you must first remove To the cover of the plate access panel under the unit. A.O. You SMITH can water do heater, so you must take off the screws cover holding plate it located down. Under Once the unit. Cover Your plate can be removed; you’ll see taking off access the panel screws holding it area down. Where Once the heating cover element plate sits.

Step 2

If you want to clean the water heater before using it, you’ll need to turn the knob that controls the gas inside the tank to the ‘Off’ position; this should take approximately 10 minutes.

Step 3

You need to turn the knob to the “Pilot” position before you can turn on the gas. When you hold down the red button and let it run, the gas will flow from the burner assembly to the pilot set button.

Step 4

You must hold down the red set button while you push down on the ignitor button until you see the light come on in the pilot hole. If the pilot does not light after a few presses on the ignitor button, you may have to press it more than once until it does.

Step 5

Hold the red set button down and slowly release it after the pilot is lit for a minute to ensure it is lit correctly. The gas control knob should be turned to the “On” position to turn the gas on.

Step 6

After removing the access panel, it is recommended that you place it back onto the side of the water heater.

How do you know if the gas line is working correctly?

A pilot gas line appears to be a short metal pipe underneath the burner. It has a small amount of upswing just at one end. This indicates that the pilot gas supply is ready to ignite. However, if you don’t see a tiny blue flame flickering at the tip, there might be something wrong with your pilot light.

The pilot gas line is usually located near the bottom of the stove, which is easy to access. You’ll find it under the burners, behind the oven door, and sometimes inside the appliance itself.

If you’re unsure whether your pilot gas line is working properly, check for a faint blue flame at the tip. It doesn’t take much fuel to keep the pilot lit, so a very weak flame could mean the gas supply isn’t flowing freely into the line. If you spot a blue flame, make sure it stays steady.

Too often, people assume that because the flame is still present, the pilot gas line must be working fine. But if the flame flickers or goes away entirely, it probably means that the pilot gas line needs replacing.

Why does the AO water heater light constantly go out

Why does the AO water heater light constantly go out?

A problem with the thermocouple or exposure to flammable airflow causes the pilot light in the water heater to go out constantly. The thermocouple detects when the pilot light is on. Through a thermocouple placed over the pilot fire, it generates a charge and keeps the gas faucet open.When the pilot light on a water heater continues to dim, a thermocouple will shut off the gas supply to the heater.

If the thermocouple becomes twisted or takes on dirt, it may eventually fail. Thermocouples may eventually break down, develop dirt, or become rusted. A pilot light would not be detected by its thermocouple, and gas would not be shut off under any circumstances.

An unexplosive air supply may also play a part in why the pilot light on the gasoline hot water system won’t stay lit. Hot water systems need air to keep their pilot lights lit. Flames will eventually die out. If debris, dust, or garbage surrounds the water heater, the explosive atmosphere will be stronger. Ensure that the surrounding area is as clean as possible.

Tips for maintaining AO water heater

Tips for maintaining AO water heater:

Ao Smith hot water systems may be kept in good working order without being repaired. A desirable water system from AO Smith may need maintenance if it is experiencing difficulties. Maintaining AO Smith portable heating systems and holding tank heaters can help them last longer, saving you money. Temperature variations are the first sign of a problem. An excellent example of this is the AO Smith rapid heater.

If the water doesn’t heat or takes a long time, the hot water system may need to be repaired or serviced. In the case of AO Smith geysers, a plumbing inspection would be carried out on the water heater’s elements. Keeping these tips in mind, you can save money regardless of the situation. Here is what a tankless water heater has to offer as a downside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gas water heaters with electronic ignition can be manually lit?

Gas is ignited with electronic ignition. A manual ignition system should not be attempted. Follow the instructions posted on your water heater if the pilot light is not lit.

My hot water heater isn’t blinking. Why is that?

Attempt to relight the pilot after 10 minutes if the status light does not blink after 90 seconds. Release the gas control knob, turn off the gas valve, and wait 10 minutes. The pilot and status lights may not light immediately on newly installed water heaters.

Does my water heater have the ability to be manually lit?

Water heaters can be lit with ease, regardless of their type. There is usually a simple ignition switch on newer gas water heaters. The water heater can be lit in just a few steps. You may have a water heater that must be manually ignited if you have moved into an older house.

Can’t light your pilot light? What do you do?

It may be the thermocouple that is causing your pilot light not to remain lit. A thermocouple sensor can sometimes be blocked by dust buildup. Relight the pilot after cleaning the thermocouple. The thermocouple might need to be replaced if it continues to go out.

Relighting a pilot light is safe?

Pilot lights can usually be relighted by homeowners themselves without any trouble. So, yes, this is safe.


Water heaters are appliances that produce hot water for use in heating your home. They can be pretty complicated, so I hope this guide helps you with how to light an AO Smith water heater and start using it. Now light your water heater without any worries.


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