LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier Reviews

The Lifestraw water filter has a great appeal to the biologists, trekkers, campers. This purifier is very dear to anyone who desires to get an effective solution for transportable drinking water.

Set up the unit in the corner of your backpack and take out up to 99.99% of protozoa and bacteria except using chemicals. How is that?

A company declares a family sized portable water purifier that will hit the shelves. We are put into a row which takes Vestergaard for more than a year to outfit.

LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

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Lastly, we got the product a few months ago. We have enough time to measure the effectiveness and performance of the unit. This is our Lifestraw Family 1.0 review.

Features of LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

  • Durable plastic is used to make the unit.
  • Ability to filter up to 18,000 liters of EPA quality water. This amount is enough to support a family of 5 with fresh and dirt free water up to 3 years.
  • Take away all viruses (99.999 %), protozoan parasites (99.99 %) and bacteria (99.9999 %) which are responsible for polluting water
  • Filters particulate matter bigger than 0.02 microns along with reducing turbidity.
  • Transfer microbiologically polluted water into safe, clean drinking water.
  • Doesn’t ask for batteries, electrical power, and replacement parts
  • Applies hollow fiber technology that meets the demand for more protection. Type of safe water interferences by the WHO.


  • The flow rate of water is from nine to twelve liters per hour.
  • Need no pipe or running water supply
  • Doesn’t demand batteries, replacement parts, and electricity
  • Eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses
  • Removes up to 99.99% of bacteria
  • Get rid of minimum 99.9% of protozoan cysts.
  • World famous and award-winning water filter
  • Simple to clean and cleansing cartridge
  • Raw materials are US FDA compliant or correspondent
  • Used all over the world from 2005 in harsh condition.


  • Accessibility
  • In some matter using

How LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier Works

LifeStraw Family applies advanced empty fiber procedures. Water forcefully goes through narrow fiber beneath the high pressure.

Clean water is there. Tiny pores are blocked by fibers, protozoa, and bacteria inside the empty fibers. They all flush out by backwashing. It is a very effective method of water filtration.

  • Halogen chamber discharges low-level chlorine to resist membrane fouling.
  • Feed water bucket with two liters of prefilter impured water.
  • The 80-micron textile prefilter is very simple to clean. It confiscates crude particles.
  • Plastic hose is 1 meter extended. Gravity makes enough pressure on the casing cartridge to attain a high flow rate.
  • Exit valve eliminates impurities and dirt.
  • Ultrafiltration sits in the membrane cartridge: A whole dimension of twenty nanometers retains virus, bacteria, fine dirt particles, and parasites.
  • Blue tap is revolved to liberate purified water
  • Backwashing of the membrane is finished by pressing the red bulb 3 times and discharging the dirty water from the red tap.
  • NOTE: Water of the red exit tap is not proper to drink.


The designs of the filters are uncommon and unique. I like to use Big Berkey or Proper style filter that is fundamentally a top reservoir.

It maintains filter elements sitting atop a minor reservoir. The main task of the reservoir is to collect filtered water.

The LifeStraw Family filter is somewhat different to look at. The filter comes with a container which feeds the filter through an added rubber tube.

Design of LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

There is a cleanable or removable pre-filter that I like much. The benefit is that it filters out bigger elements like dirt, leaf litter, mud and some other nasties.

It occurs when they come in contact with the main filter. The life of the purifier becomes shorten for this.

I like the color coded taps very much. You will get a red tap for cleaning and purging. The blue tap is used where the filtered water is taken from. The bright red color is a warning that indicates not to drink water from that tap.

Lastly, you will get a squeezable red bulb which is applied to aid purge and clean the filter. This is made of sturdy rubber. It seems that it may divide over the years. But I don’t like this component.

The LifeStraw manufacturer uses the bulb and other components. The durability tests ensure the lifetime of the purifiers. They provide replacement parts of the tube. The bulb would be a great offer to store up in a case.

How Effective Is LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier?

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 is the most effective portable water purifiers in the world. It does not exercise chemicals, require electricity to work. The purifier gives pure and clean drinking water. There are no pollutants in the water.

It applies hollow fiber membrane having porous and narrow filaments. Water feds these membranes and holds impurities with microbes. By the added bulb shaped tool, these are flushed out of the water by backwashing.

How Effective Is LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier?

The water crosses over the margin given by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It purifies up to 0.02 microns that are unbelievable for a moveable purifier.

The Family 1.0 cleans all types of water and common type of bacteria. The important one is E.Coli, viruses like Hepatitis A protozoa and Rotavirus such as Giardia.

The unit is very efficient. About 90,000 units have been offered to Western Kenyans who don’t get pure drinking water.

Diarrheal death is uncontrolled in these parts of the world. Vestergaard’s products have been keeping the impact on 780 million people in the whole world.

The compact size of the unit makes everything easy. This is a great solution for emergency periods like hiking, camping, mountaineering, survival scenarios and natural disasters.

What The LifeStraw Family 1.0 Cannot Do

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 would not remove chemicals and salts from water. In most places where you desire to have this filter, this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

If you’re live in water polluted or heavy industrial area, you have to bring additional filtration systems to remove those types of pollutants.

You have to buy another water filter to use in a polluted area for emergency use. This water filter would not help you more.

The LifeStraw is made to save against natural threats. It isn’t made to remove human-made poisons and chemicals. The irony is that man-created very harmful particles which are very hard for us to filter out from the water.

Compare with other water filters; it may not endure freezing- this comprises storage. Suppose you are living in a cold climate and storing the unit in a garage or an unheated shed, it may get damaged. When there is any trace of water left inside, it may freeze.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

Question: Is power source essential to operate the LifeStraw Family 1.0?

Answer: The LifeStraw Family 1.0 is a gravity filter. It doesn’t need power source, electricity or batteries.

Question: Can the LifeStraw Family 1.0 eliminate viruses along with iodine?

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 removes pollutants from water without using electricity. It doesn’t remove chemicals from water. The purifier may remove up to 99.999% of viruses by using advanced filtering method.

Question: Does the purifier filter out chemicals or salt water?

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 is particularly designed for the backcountry. It can filter out 99.9% of waterborne protozoan, 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.999% of viruses. The filter can’t remove chemicals or salt water.

Question: Am I able to purchase replacement filters or parts for the LifeStraw Family 1.0?

You wouldn’t get changeable filters or parts of the LifeStraw Family 1.0. The capacity of the LifeStraw Family filter is 18,000 liters of water. If you use daily for five members of your family, it will last up to 3 years.

Question: What is the system to know that the LifeStraw Family 1.0 has touched 18,000 L of water?

The LifeStraw Family 1.0 features with the auto-clog mechanism. If the product fails to deliver water, be sure the life of the product is over. The LifeStraw Family 1.0 filters ten liters of water an hour on an average. The unit may filter 18,000+ liters during its lifetime. This is enough for a family of 5 for 3 years. It guarantees fresh and clean water.

Question: Am I able to drink pool water by the LifeStraw products?

There is chlorine as well as another chemical in the pool water. LifeStraw products filter out parasites and bacteria, not chemicals.

Question: What is the system to know the LifeStraw has touched capacity?

When the LifeStraw reaches its capacity, it may no longer be capable of drawing water out of the filter. If you desire to extend the life of LifeStraw, you should follow the instruction of the manual properly.

Question: In what way your contribution models act?

LifeStraw product will ensure water for a schoolboy in Africa for his or her entire school life. This year we are going to provide clean drinking water for 500 schools in Kenya. To know more, check out our following the Liters campaign.

Finally The LifeStraw Family 1.0 Water Purifier

Finally, it seems to me that the LifeStraw Family is very nice water filter with reasonable price.

The purifier will ensure water for an average size family for cooking, washing, and drinking up to 3 years. This is a very useful thing for everyday use.

The pitcher is constructed well. It is sure that unless you don’t use it roughly, it is very difficult to break the pitcher.

I have a desire to travel into or over the rough route. Hope there I will face some nasty situations. I have to bring an additional hose, backwash bulbs and clips with me. These are only parts which may be damaged. It all depends on where you like to use it or how often.

The standard of the filtered water is nice. We find no plastic taste or no unexpected tastes at the time of testing. I can say is that the unit can filter disgusting water. The unit gives fine tasting and clear water at last.

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