How to Run Water Treatment Rust? Learn How to Run Water Treatment!

Rust is an exciting game; there is no doubt. It’s full of action and challenges, for sure. Furthermore, it has a wide range of features that excite any developer. However, we need to be aware of some problems too, which might slow down many players.

Still, many features will help you throughout the gameplay. Water treatment is one of them. In this article, we will learn the guideline for running water treatment in rust. So dig in:

About the Rust game:

Facepunch Studios developed Rust, a single-player, multiplayer-only survival video game focused on survival mechanics. In December 2013, Rust was released in early access, and in February 2018, the full-release version of Rust was made available.

Just after the release, it makes its place in the gaming community. Game freak started to love it in no time for its graphic and challenging tasks. A variety of platforms, including Windows as well as macOS, are supported by Rust.

What is Water Treatment in Rust?

Loot crates are strewn throughout the Water Treatment Plant, one of Rust’s largest monuments. Moreover, there are no hostile scientists inside the monument, so it’s relatively accessible to survivors of any kind. The monument has an extremely low radiation hazard.

The downside of this, however, is that the Water Treatment Plant in Rust has become synonymous with hostile games, as players rush into the plant to snag all the best loot for themselves, and this has also fueled hostility in the area.

There is a possibility that the Water Treatment Plant could spawn up to 30 loot crates within its vicinity in the form of military containers, medical supplies, food crates, and basic storage bins. Although most of the items are accessible in unrestricted areas of the Monument, those seeking to plunder the puzzle room will need an Electric Fuse and a Blue Keycard to get into it.

Scraps can be purchased at the Outpost for 100 scraps if you wish to purchase Blue Keycards. They can be spawned along the Sewer Branch, Satellite Dish, and Harbor. Unlike Electric Fuses, which are random spawns within crates and barrels and have a slight chance of being dropped by a Scientist, Electric Fuses are spawned randomly within crates and barrels.

In Rust, players can begin the game after collecting these two items and when they are ready to solve the Water Treatment Plant Puzzle to advance

Water Treatment Plant Guide – See The Secret Tips

Here is How to Run Water Treatment in Rust:

The first step to solving the Rust Water Treatment Plant Puzzle is to go to the large two-story warehouse in the monument’s center. After opening the garage doors and ascending the staircase to the upper level, use the wheel on the eastern side of the building to close them. A switch can be activated by placing the Fuse item in Rust within the room with the Repair Bench.

Then, you will need to follow the doorway on the left, circle around the balcony on the east side and jump off from there. You will eventually find the building with the recycling machine in the distance. After climbing the ladder and stairway, a locked blue door can be found in the back of the building.

Enter the locked room with the Blue Keycard, and loot the Red Keycard from the desk on the innermost table within by using the Blue Keycard. You should keep in mind that it is possible in this building for you to receive some radiation poisoning, so be careful.

You can leave the building by flipping the switch near the Red Keycard’s desk to re-open the blue doorway once you have flipped the switch.

Where to Find A Blue Card?

Finding Blue cards is essential to complete the water treatment plant rust. Blue cards are found by solving basic (green) puzzles. You might have seen some blue cards while playing the game. They don’t always look like the ones shown here, though. There are many different types of blue cards, such as those used for “Double Trouble,” “Towering Tiles,” and “The Big Bang.” Some even have special effects – like exploding or shooting stars – and others are just cool.

Some call blue cards “blue squares” because they’re square-shaped, but that’s not true. You’ll see some round blue cards too. There are over 400 different kinds of blue cards. And no matter what type, it’s easy to make more. Just use one of the methods listed below.

How Do I Make More Blue Cards?

You can make more blue cards by completing a puzzle. Each puzzle gives you several blue cards, and each card has a specific value. For example, a card worth 3 points costs three blue tiles, and a card worth 5 points costs five blue tiles. So, to make ten blue cards, you’d need to solve ten puzzles.

To start making blue cards, choose a puzzle from the list below. Then, follow the steps to complete the puzzle. Once you finish, you’ll receive a blue card worth the number of blue tiles indicated by the puzzle.

If you want to make a specific type of blue card, you can choose from the following lists:

List of Blue Card Types

Why is Water Treatment Widely Popular in the Game?

There are many reasons for water treatment rust popularity, such as:

  • The recycling bin is located inside the large corrugated shed, which is made of corrugated iron
  • Two oil refineries are located on a grate under the plant in a tunnel, and the other is located at the end of a tunnel under the plant.
  • On the edge of the Monument, there is a Pumpjack that can be found on the edge of the monument
  • It is located in one of the large corrugated sheds, surrounded by two repair tables
  • you can find the best loot.
  • There is a very low chance that any of the crates surrounding the exterior of the Water Treatment Plant will still contain loot since the Water Treatment Plant is so highly contested. Radiation is very low outside the Plant, so fresh spawns and players with rudimentary equipment tend to flock there.

Before approaching the plant, you will need the following gear:

  • The Water Treatment Plant does not have scary NPCs, but it does have radiation and other players who are en masse to find juicy loot. There’s a Water Treatment Plant in Rust that people have heard of and are familiar with.
  • A large water tower and the room in which the Puzzle is located are more likely to be affected by radiation. It also occurs in a sewer that runs through the middle of the Monument. These specific areas will require a Hazmat.

Burlap Clothing

  • This type of clothing is appropriate for those who just want to browse the loot crates or pass through an area. The Treatment Plant is an easy target, so you’ll want to be quick and quiet.

Hazmat Suit

  • Using a Hazmat suit will be necessary to complete the Puzzle and uncover all of the loot available at the Monument. It is just that some areas of the world are subject to too much radiation.


  • Despite the absence of aggressive NPCs, the Monument is popular with players on the server. On populated servers, you should bring weapons with you. There is no question that guns are recommended.
  • Solo players shouldn’t go to the Water Treatment Plant, but you’ll probably find yourself there anyway, so you should be prepared.

Where to Find Loot?

The Water Treatment Plant is home to some of the most coveted loot in Fortnite Battle Royale. There are several ways to reach the top of the plant and collect the items inside. Here are five different methods to help you find those precious crates.

1. Parkour Jump Puzzle

This one requires a little patience and skill. First, you’ll want to head over to the Orange-Red Sewer Silo. You’ll need to use the pipes to scale up to the roof. Once you’re on top, you’ll want to ensure the health and shield potions are ready. Then, you’ll need to jump across the gap to the next pipe. Keep doing this until you reach the top of the silo. Finally, you’ll need to jump down into the water treatment facility. If you do everything correctly, you’ll land on the ground floor of the building and have access to the loot inside.

2. Scavenger Hunt

If you feel brave, you can try out the scavenger hunt. Go to the Orange-Red sewer silo and look for the red circle near the entrance. Inside the circle is a keypad. Enter the code “1234” and press enter. Next, you’ll see a small ladder leading up to a pipe. Climb up the ladder and follow the pipe to the top. When you get to the top, you’ll notice a large door. Open the door, and you’ll see a sign directing you to the medical crates. Follow the signs and eventually be in the water treatment plant.

3. Looting

Another way to reach this place’s top is to loot it. You shouldn’t run into too many problems as long as you’re careful. Start by heading to the Orange-Red sewage silo. Once you arrive, look for a blue pipe. Go under it and continue following the path until you reach the top. You’ll come upon a large metal gate. Look above it, and you’ll see a hole where you can drop down onto the ground floor. Now, you’ll want to take your pickings from the medical crates scattered throughout the room.

How to Run Water Treatment Rust 1 1
How to Run Water Treatment Rust? Learn How to Run Water Treatment! 2

Frequently Ask & Questions

For plundering the puzzle room, what do you need?

Even though most goods can be plucked from unrestricted areas, a Blue Keycard and Electric Fuse are required for plundering the puzzle room in this Monument.

Activating a switch – how do I do it?

Players can find an available generator in the room with the Repair Bench, where they can use their fuse items to activate a switch once they place them in Rust.

Can you tell me how to exit the building?

To exit the blue doorway, you need to flip the switch near the desk of the Red Keycard to re-open the doorway near the Red Keycard.

Does water treatment offer red cards?

Red keycards are found in the “Water Treatment Plant,” a monument on the map labeled with its location. A blue puzzle and a fuse are needed to unlock the red keycard.

Blue cards rust for what reason?

A Blue Keycard is a type of item that is found in monuments of Tier 1 except for the Dome, which is a Tier 3 monument. It can be found in the following monuments: Sewer Branch, Satellite Dish, and Harbor, so you can find one in each of them. It is also possible to purchase a blue keycard for 100 scraps at the Outpost. There is also the possibility of getting it by fishing.


The Water Treatment Plant offers some interesting challenges but not much else. The only real challenge comes from the fact that the player needs to be precise when using the fuses. However, if players are patient enough, they should be able to complete the task without any issues. I hope after reading this, you will easily do that task right now.


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