How To Make Purified Water BDO At Home: A Quick Guide To DIY Purified Water

Purified water is a crafting material in Black Desert Online. It can be made at a processing workshop with a Water source and Empty Bottles. You can collect water from a freshwater source and then filter the bottled water to make purified water.

In BDO, purified water is used for cooking, processing, alchemy, and several guild-crafting. As it’s a highly demanded resource, it’s almost impossible to get a hold of on the marketplace, which is why it’s so essential to create it yourself. The process is relatively easy, and you can do it in 3 easy steps.

How To Make Purified Water BDO At Home

This article teaches how you can make purified water, also known as BDO, at home. You can either make 2.5 litres of water yourself or go the conventional route and ask for a 30L jug of water, which is just pure water. Now, if you are going to make water from scratch, fill up a kettle with fifteen litres of water, boil it for a few minutes, let it cool down, and you’ve got pure drinking water!

To begin, you need to prepare a pot that can accommodate 15 litres of water. To make sure you won’t accidentally refill the pot after emptying it, I always put the kettle on a warm plate and bring it to room temperature.

Purified water is simple to make and can be done in 3 easy steps

There are countless methods out there, but the one we will go over today is simple. You’re not going to learn how to make homemade water, but instead, you a peek at this vital commodity for survival in the wild. The word “water” is just a meaningless word to most people, but you should at least know the basics.

Buying Empty Water Bottles

Buying Empty Water Bottles

You need to head over to a market and buy empty water bottles. The amount will vary depending on the shape of your desired bottle. Most bottles found in the market come with a label, but I prefer to use the original bottle, as it can often be quite challenging to remove the label.

The Water Next, you’re going to need an excellent size filter (or water strainer) to remove impurities. The type of filter is entirely up to you, and you can purchase one from your local supermarket. I use my stovetop dutch oven filter, which is around 25mm in size. I prefer to use this option as it allows the easy removal of impurities.

Gathering Water from a fresh-water-source

A good water source is needed, and a water bottle is put into a large sink. While taking the water out, you add the salt and balance the ratio. It takes around 5-10 minutes and is done with a simple shaker. Putting natural salt to use to make saltwater is not as easy as it sounds since different salts exist in nature. It’s the same method, and it’s pretty easy if you have unlimited access to ocean water.

Filter the bottled water to receive Purified Water

A Quick Guide To DIY Purified Water: It is always recommended that you boil the water in a BDO at the proper temperature to make purified water. In the video below, you can see our own original homemade BDO. The primary use for BDO is the creation of sugar. To create it, we must meet it with the sugar.

The first step is to combine a batch of sugar with water to create BDO, so a deep pot is necessary since it can hold so much water, which will keep it safe as a result. You can boil the water first, then the sugar, and if you want to speed up the process, mix it all right before it comes to a boil.


So there you have it! We helped you learn how to make your purified water for your alchemy and other crafting needs. However, you can take care of the cost by using common materials like vinegar and distilled water, and the whole process will take you a couple of weeks if you follow the instructions carefully and respectfully.