How to Crochet a Water Bottle Holder: Easy Pattern with Video

Staying hydrated is an essential thing for us. Suppose we wish to stay healthy and fit. But carrying around a water bottle isn't easy all time. So, why not make a water bottle bag to stay hydrated whenever you want?

Crochet is the best way to make water bottles. So, Do you crochet? Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet a water bottle holder so that it would match your favorite coffee mug or drinkware set?

This pattern is super easy and will help guide beginners through the process of doing this simple project. Plus, it gives instructions for inserting an elastic band into the middle of one end for extra ease when drinking from a looped-up piece. Dive in to find out-

 How to Crochet a Water Bottle Holder Materials needed

To crochet a water bottle holder, you will need the following:

  • Yarnspirations Sugar and Cream Cotton (86-129 yards)
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • 2″ Carabiner (optional)
  • Use 100% cotton cloths

Gauge is not necessary for this project. However, if you want to achieve the same look as the sample, you will need to crochet using the same gauge.


Gauge is not critical.

Use the pattern as a gauge swatch - the bottom circle should be about 3 inches in diameter or the size needed to fit your water bottle.

The gauge can be adjusted as needed, but if you’re making it much bigger or much smaller, you may also want to use a bigger or smaller yarn.

Tapestry yarn Needle: 4 HDC X 3 Rows = 1-inch S'Well 25 oz Water Bottle Holder – 8 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter. Larger water Bottle Holder – 7.5 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter.


  • There are US terms used in this pattern.
  • Ch3 at the beginning of the round counts as dc.
  • Ch4 at the beginning of the round counts as dc, ch1.
  • Join each round with an sl st unless otherwise noted.

If you are new to crochet or have trouble identifying the first stitch in a round (or the third chain of a ch-4), please use a stitch marker to mark these stitches.

How to Crochet a Water Bottle Holder

Here is how you can make crochet water bottles-

1. Chain (ch) - A chain stitch is a basic crochet stitch. To make a chain stitch, you wrap the yarn around the hook and then draw the yarn through the loop on the hook. This forms a new loop on the hook, the second chain stitch.

2. Slip Stitch (SL st) - A slip stitch is a very versatile crochet stitch suited to join two pieces of crocheted fabric or move the yarn without adding height.

3. Round (rnd) - In crochet, a round is a continuous spiral of stitches with no breaks or joining at the end of each row or round. When you work in rounds, you will typically use a marker to track where each round begins and ends.

4. Single Crochet Stitch (sc) - Single crochet is one of the most basic crochet stitches. To work a single crochet stitch, you insert the hook into the work, yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn around and draw through both loops on the hook.

5. Double Crochet Stitch (dc) - The double crochet is a taller stitch than the single crochet and works similarly, except that you yarn over the hook twice before inserting it into it the work.

You then yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over and draw through two loops on the hook, and yarn over and draw through two remaining loops on the hook.

6. Back Loop Only (blo) - When you work in the back loop only of a stitch, you will insert your hook into the back loop of the stitch instead of through both loops. This creates a different look for your fabric and can be used to add texture.

Special stitches

In the next row, we will work another 2 half double crochet, but we will work them into the space between the previous increase's stitches. This is what creates the pretty stitch pattern.

To do this, you will need to yarn over, insert your hook into the space, yarn over and pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and draw through 2 loops (2 loops left on hook), yarn over and draw through 2 loops.


To crochet a water bottle holder, you must work the pattern above. Furthermore, you will need to use two yarn colors for your project.

The instructions stay the same but just the sizing change with a more giant or median bottle. Otherwise, you can make any type of bottle carrier using the above instructions.


Upon completing your crocheted water bottle holder, you must weave the ends in. To do this:

  1. Cut a tail of yarn about 6 inches long, and thread it onto a tapestry needle.
  2. Insert the needle under two loops of the last stitch you made, and pull the yarn through.
  3. Repeat this process until all of the yarn is woven in and the end is secure.

Pattern support

This tutorial will show you how to crochet a water bottle holder for your iced drink. It's super easy, takes less than 30 minutes, and is perfect for beginners.

The post includes a video tutorial on how to make the pattern, with step-by-step instructions.

More pattern options

This project can be done with different colors and weights of yarn. You can use any color you want to match your outfit or the occasion. The holder will also stretch to fit many different sizes of water bottles.

This project is excellent for carrying water or any other beverage. It's also machine-washable, so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty.

This project is very stretchy and will fit many different containers. You can make it as tight or loose as you need, depending on the size of your container.

Yarn needle substitution       

You can use a different type of yarn, but I prefer cotton because it stretches less. You can find cotton yarn at any craft store.

Red Heart Super Saver yarn is available in various shades, including neutrals, brights, and pastels. This is the yarn I used in the video tutorial. It is a user-friendly yarn and great for making these crochet water bottle holders.

How to Crochet a Water Bottle Holder FAQs:

1. What is the Water Bottle Holder?

You can wear this crocheted water bottle holder over your shoulder, wear it on your belt, or attach it to your backpack or purse with a carabiner.

2. What size water bottles can I make?

In addition to a 25 oz S'Well bottle, I crocheted a 32 oz Nalgene-style water bottle holder.

3. How do I secure an Sl st?

End on the odd-numbered row) Attach Strap: TurnMatch strap w/ marked st on another side of holders st through last st of strap AND marked st at far right Sl st through both thicknesses (strap and holder) of next 3 st Sl st into next fasten off.

4. What are the different types of yarn?

This project requires the following materials:- Size 4/ Medium Weight 100% Cotton Yarn (Lilly Sugar & Cream, two regular skeins or one super size)-US I/9 5.5mm Crochet Hook-Yarn needle to weave in ends-Scissors Gauge: 4 inches by 4 inches = 13.5 stitches per row X 17 rows At this gauge, the bottle carrier can hold 16.9 ounces.

5. How tight is your star stitch?

Using the back loop only, you can crochet in the following stitches: (ch) chain(sc) single crochet(hdc) half double crochet star stitch(sc2tog) single crochet two together(SL st) slip stitch crocheting in the back loop only Pattern Notes:

If you are a tight crocheter like myself, you will want to stitch your star stitches intentionally loose (starting in round 8).


Your water bottle keeps you hydrated, so it deserves to be held in a cozy place. So make your bottle cozy with a crochet bottle carrier. Then, follow the instructions above wisely and give your water bottle a cozy vibe. Wait before you leave do you know there is water bottle which is self cleaning water bottle, you want to know about this self cleaning bottle? Just Click Here.


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