How to Get Rid of Water in Minecraft? [5 Different Methods]

Minecraft is a fun game, but it requires patience. Minecraft’s greatest feature is how it takes time to build anything in-game.

But sometimes, you’ll run into an issue where your water won’t drain from one pool or lake, and the world will be left swimming with wetness, just like in real life. But the water has to be removed to build something. We saw many players struggle with this. That’s why we have gathered 5 different methods for fixing this situation so you can once again enjoy your experience playing Minecraft without any hiccups. Read on to find out:

Here are five methods to remove water in Minecraft:

1. The most common way to get rid of water is by using a sponge

The only way to obtain sponges in Minecraft is to defeat an elder guardian or find ocean monuments containing sponges. They cannot be crafted worldwide and are, therefore, quite uncommon. Using sponges is one way to get rid of water. To ensure it works best, you must follow some specific steps.

Firstly, make sure that there is no water nearby. This includes lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, etc. If there is any water near where you want to place the sponge, you will have to move away from it. Once you have done that, you need to put down a single block of dirt. Then, you need to cut down a tree and place it over the dirt. Now, go to the nearest ocean monument and place the sponge on the tree. When you do that, the sponge will start absorbing water.

After that, you need to wait for about 24 hours. During that period, the sponge will become completely dry. You can now take the dried-up sponge and place it somewhere else. If you want to keep the sponge, you must repeat the process. However, the sponge will lose half of its capacity each time you repeat the process. In addition, you can use the sponge to get rid of the water inside caves and dungeons.

2. Make walls

one of The best ways to remove a lot of water fast from an area in Minecraft is to wall off the area first and use sponges to soak up the water; start with a row of sponges at the top of the area first, and as the water lowers target the source water blocks. This way, you can remove water easily.

3. You can also get rid of water by using a water source block

You can easily get rid of water in Minecraft by replacing the source block. In a game composed entirely of blocks, the source block is the one from which water originates.

In Minecraft, every water block has a source block that gives it life and expansion. The source block of a waterfall may be the only one, as opposed to the source block of a bigger water body like an ocean.

The first step to removing water from Minecraft is to find and replace the source block.

As the water flows from the source block, keep an eye on its current. Go against the current to find the source block.

Any solid block in your inventory can be substituted for the source block.

A replacement block will stop the water flow, causing the existing water to evaporate once the source block is removed slowly.

4. Empty a bucket and use it as a bucket

The source block of water must be found as in the first method to get rid of water in Minecraft.

An empty bucket, however, is required for this method. Crafting tables in Minecraft allow you to create buckets. Stack three iron ingots in the shape of a “V”(iron ingots are created by mining iron ore and then melting them in a furnace). Once you have made the empty bucket, you will need to find a water source.

It is possible to find the source of the problem by using an empty bucket. Try to find the source block while observing the current. Whenever you think you have located the source block, right-click your hand to pick up the water.

If the source block is not picked up, the water will be filled up in the block again. It will be easier to find the source block if you observe which direction the water fills up the block.

You can right-click on the block once you have found the source block. Water will be collected in the bucket, and the water flow will cease, resulting in the driest environment possible.

This method is better than replacing the source block since you can reuse the water in the future. Click the left-click button while holding the bucket of water, which will throw it down and make it start flowing again. It doesn’t matter where you do this.

You can use right-click on the block once you’ve found the source block. When the bucket picks up the water and the flow stops, all the existing water will be dried up.

5. The command for removing water is

Your settings must be set up so that the ‘ Show Coordinates ‘ button is enabled before this method will work. You can then use a remove water command to get rid of water in Minecraft.

For example, find the location if you have a lake that needs to be drained. Find the lowest water level in one of the corners of the lake. Step onto the block and look down at it into the corner of the lake. Now that you have the coordinates, you can copy them or write them down.

Enter the coordinates you wrote down

in the chat menu by typing ‘/fill’ followed by a space. Enter, or any other console button, will send the message in the chat.

After placing your first block:

  1. Go diagonally opposite it.
  2. At the highest point of the water’s surface, stand on the block you placed diagonally opposite this corner.
  3. Write down or save these coordinates on the block you are standing on now.

If you open the chat box again, you will be able to see your last message. Alternatively, simply add the new coordinates to the message we wrote in the previous step right in front of the old one.

Then write ‘air 0 replace water’ right before the already existing chat and hit enter. Your chat should look like ‘/fill Coordinate 1 Coordinate 2’. Air has replaced all the water between these two coordinates.

After placing your first block, go diagonally opposite it. Standing on a block placed diagonally opposite the diagonal corner of the water, the highest point is as easy as it sounds. Again, stand on white and look down at the corner of the block you’re standing on.

Open the chat box again to see your last message. In that case, just enter the new coordinates right before the older message we wrote in the previous step.

Frequantly Asked Questions:

Is there water in the Nether?

Cauldrons can contain water in the Nether.

What is the process for getting sponges?

Going to an. ocean monument

What should I do if my feet are iced over?

You will eliminate water under your feet by walking over it, which freezes to ice.


Minecraft is such a fun game, but it also contains some struggles. Water is one of them, which gives each player so much hassle. I hope the above methods will reduce the hassle a little bit.


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