Bubba Water Bottle Review [Best Travel Reusable Bottle]

We tested 11 different water bottles, and the Bubba Hero Water Bottle, an insulated stainless steel bottle that we really really like. We love the eco-health attributes, the ease of use and cleaning, and the insulation. This bottle scored 3rd out of 11, which made it a bottle that did well in tests, and we liked to use it, but we expected it to score higher. So while it didn’t have what it took to win awards, it is still a bottle we like and recommend.

1. Bubba Trailblazer Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Bubba Trailblazer double-walled vacuum insulation keeps drinks warm for up to 10 hours and cold for up to 38. The double-hinged cap tether folds back during use; the leak-proof lid enables you to fully enjoy the moment. Wide mouth and twist-on lid make hydrating on the go Hassle-Free. The attached cap keeps you from losing it at a concert or tailgate. BPA-free water bottle. This reusable bottle has a durable handle for carrying at the beach or attaching to a backpack. It is guaranteed forever. The lid is top-rack dishwasher-safe; hand-wash body.

2. Bubba Flo Refresh Kids Water Bottle, 16 Ounce

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Bubba water bottles are perfect ways to stay hydrated. The Bubba Flo Water Bottle has a wide opening that’s perfect for adding ice cubes, making it great for long, hot days. It comes with a handy carry loop that you can hang from your backpack, making it easy to carry on the go or when you’re on the field. The water bottle’s cap won’t open accidentally and the easy-to-grip silicone sleeve keeps it cool for longer. The top-rack dishwasher-safe design makes cleaning up quick and easy, so you can spend more time doing the things you like.

3. Bubba Brands Trailblazer Water Bottle

It was introducing the first water bottle in the NETGEAR line. Bubba Brands is the first brand to re-imagine a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle category. The Trailblazer Water Bottle can keep your beverage cold for up to 24 hours without sweating. It keeps the sides of your hand cool to the touch. It’s easy to use – push the straw spout open and drink. Snap it closed for leak-proof convenience while on the go. The protective mouthpiece cover keeps out dirt and germs.

This tumbler and bottle is the first 40-ounce bottle that is also the thinnest. It makes it the perfect bottle to take anywhere you go.

4. Bubba Flo Duo Dual-Wall Insulated Water Bottle

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The Bubba Flo Duo™ is the first on the market to offer double-wall insulation for keeping beverages cold without perspiration. Flo Duo features a button-lock lid which prevents it from accidentally being opened. The button lock lid also includes the push button drinking feature for easy drinking.

This water bottle issuitable for holding water and other liquids. The lid is easy to open and to close, and it doesn’t leak. The outside isn’t slippery, and the bottle itselfis easy to hold.

Chug-Lid design opens at the touch of a button for one-handed use and high liquid flow. As a result of the dual-wall insulation, drinks stay cold longer without sweating. Gets dirt and germs off the drinking spout. You can secure the leak-proof lid with a handle integrated in the lid BPA-free plastic is stain and odor-resistant.

5. Bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw

Bubba Envy S is a double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler with a removable Eastman Tritan lid. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and is stain and odor resistant. This Bubba Envy S vacuum has a 24 oz capacity to keep your favorite summer beverages cool and hot drinks warm. The Eastman Tritan lid is spillproof and tough enough to survive any accidental drops. The Bubba Envy S Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler fits most vehicle cup holders.

  • Keeps beverages cold for up to 12 hours.
  • You can choose between drinking with or without the included plastic straw (because we all know you can’t drink beer through a straw).
  • Eastman Tritan lids are powerful enough to withstand drops.
  • The car cup holder fits in most cars.
  • Enjoy a cool drink as you relax with the Bubba Envy S Vacuum Insulated Drinkware.
  • BPA free

6. bubba Hero Sport Kids Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip-Up Straw

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The Bubba Hero Sport Kids Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip-Up Straw keeps drinks cold for hours with no sweating.

  • Leak-proof lid when closedfor on-the-go activities. 
  • Flip-up straw offersconvenient one-handed drinking;
  • Built-in loop for easycarrying, even for little fingers;
  • Dishwasher-safe, but notfor the microwave;
  • Guaranteed for life.

The bubba water bottles are the most challenging water bottles on the planet. The double-wall stainless steel keeps hot drinks warm for up to 8 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It outside will never sweat, even on the hottest of days. The bottles are perfect for school, work, sports, home, and the outdoors. They are ideal for everyone, including kids, teens, adults, and seniors. The built-in straw eliminates the need for a separate spout and makes it easy to drink from anywhere on the bottle. The wide-mouth opening makes cleaning a cinch.


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The BUBBA Island Tumbler is a Brand Tritan Water Bottle with an extra-large capacity and a heavy-duty handle. Its extra-large size fits most vehicle cup holders and conveniently acts as a personal iced tea pitcher. Tritan plastic tumblers with three layers of protection against odor, stains, and breakage. This stylish water bottle has a unique sweat-free design that is sure to be a hit at the beach, gym, office, or home.

This insulated water bottle fits in most car cup holders and is a must-have for taking your favorite beverages on the road. It comes with a large 100% food-grade silicone straw and a silicone sleeve that reduces condensation, and a carrying loop.

8. Bubba Classic Insulated Desk Mug

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Practical and stylish, this large-capacity coffee mug is a great way to stay hydrated during long days in the office. With a double wall and foam insulation, it keeps drinks hot up to 7 hours and cold for up to 18, meaning fewer trips to refill. Durable and tough. It has an ergonomic handle with a soft-touch grip and a bottle opener conveniently mounted inside the handle. The classic keg design with iconic stainless steel exterior band is both practical and stylish. Hand-wash only; it is BPA-free.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, 52 oz (Stainless Steel) Features a strong, stainless steel exterior.

9. Bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw

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Bubba Envy vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler is the perfect everyday companion. 24-ounce tumbler with a spill-resistant lid. Keeps drinks hot or cold 6-12 hours. The insulated tumbler is double-wall vacuum insulated, and it is sweat-free. The tumbler has a straw lid and push-button lid. Also push-button lid has a silicone gasket to ensure the straw stays in place. The straw lid also has a silicone comfort lip ring for added comfort. The tumbler is BPA-free and has a lifetime guarantee. It is dishwasher safe.

Keeps your favorite drink cool for up to 12 hours without condensation, so you can hold on comfortably. The BPA-free lid is made from superior stain- and odor-resistant plastic, so you won’t have to worry about leftover stains or odors between drinks. It features a smooth lip so you can effortlessly switch from drinking with or without the plastic straw. The lid and straw are top-rack dishwasher safe, but remember to hand-wash the body. Fits most car cup holders (excluding mug style). The silicone base pad prevents slipping and sliding on other surfaces.

10. Bubba Hero Dual-Wall Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Grip

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Bubba Hero Tumblers can be used for everything from drinking coffee to packing iced tea to carrying smoothies and more. Bubba Tumblers are made from high-quality stainless steel and come in various colors to match your personality. They feature a non-leak, spillproof lid and an easy-grip, double-wall construction that keeps drinks hot for 6 hours or cold for 24. They’re also double-walled and vacuum insulated, which means they’ll fit in the cup holder of your car.

A durable vacuum-insulated stainless steel construction keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours. The Hero comes in Bubba’s signature matte black color, making it easy to identify in a sea of silver tumblers. The twist-off cap flips open easily, and the largemouth makes drinking easy. It fits in most car cup holders, and the thumb-slide lid makes it easy to pop open on the go. The tumbler is available in 24-, 16-, 13-, 10- and 8-ounce sizes. A limited lifetime warranty backs the Hero.

11. Bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw, 24 oz.

The bubba Envy S Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw, 24 oz., is perfect for cold drinks on the go. Innovative vacuum insulation keeps things cold for up to 18 hours with no moisture or sweat accumulation. The smooth-lipped lid allows for easy use with or without a straw. The BPA-free lid is made of superior impact- and stain-resistant plastic, so you won’t have to worry about lingering tastes or smells.

This double-wall, vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel tumbler from Bubba will keep your drink cold for up to 18 hours. The wide-mouth opening makes it easy to add ice cubes without spilling, while the included straw makes it easy to drink any time. The screw-on, spill-resistant lid has a smooth lip, allowing you to sip with or without the straw. BPA-free lid is made of impact-resistant plastic that is stain-, odor-, and taste-resistant. Throw the lid and straw in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleaning.

What is Bubba?

What is Bubba?

Bubba is a range of single-use-bottle travel products. They were designed in Austin, Texas, by Bobby Griffin. The brand originated with a line of S’well bottles. Celebrities like Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Natalie Portman have been spotted drinking from them. The brand’s most popular bottle is the brand’s own Bubba S’well. This brand’s quality is above average and is one of the best of its type on the market. We suggest sticking with their Bubba Hero or Bubba Hero Elite. Because they both scored well in our tests and have impressed us greatly.

Testing Procedure

Each set of bottles we tested included a lidded option as well as two other styles with lids. Since we knew the lidded bottles would do best in our tests, we focused on our testing.

Why do we like Bubba’s water bottles?

Easy to Clean: 

It is easy to clean. Bubbaclaims they use one of the “most durable” formulas on the market with a UVcoating that doesn’t fade or tarnish.  

Fits on most suitcases: 

The bottle’s design wasclever. You don’t need to remove any tape to get the bottle in and out ofluggage.

The bottle’s design wasclever. 

You don’t need to removeany tape to get the bottle in and out of luggage. Colder in Less Room:

The Bubba bottle comes withan insulated metal bottle cap with a metal valve that fits snugly and keeps thebottle cold. 

Low-cost bottles

If you’re looking to saveon buying and cleaning reusable bottles, you may be interested in our round-upof the best travel water bottles.

Reusable bottles

We did not find a single reusable water bottle that performed and the bottles we tested above. The Yeti Tundra is the worst; it falls off the side of the car and is clunky and loud. The six-liter bags also get all bent inside the Yeti, making the water feel like it is getting hotter as it heats up. The Yeti also has a tiny opening that is not nearly wide enough to get a straw through, so we didn’t like that option either. We also didn’t like how difficult it is to make sure the water is still cold enough to use it. This picture of our water bottle test does not show the bubba water bottles all lined up together. We have many old ones as part of a household inventory, and they haven’t been used for a few years.

Features of Bubba’s water bottle

Features of Bubba's water bottle

There are several colors available, and the best features are, of course, listed below.

Insulation – 80 ozProtection from warm to cold weather – 95% glass, 3% rubber, 3% metal 

  • BPA-Free 
  • Tilt-able mouth and lidwith storage cup.
  • Two spout end with siliconebits. 
  • Flavors include turmeric,coconut, and pineapple.  
  • Bubba is a stainless steel water bottle with a straw that will make it easy for you to get a drink when you need one 
  • Bubba is an insulated stainless steel water bottle that you can take with you both indoors and outdoors 
  • The eco-health attributes of this water bottle will make you feel good about using it 
  • The water bottle is easy to use and easy to clean 
  • The straw falls offinside the bottle, making it impossible for kids to use without help 
  • This bottle scored 3rd out of 11, which made it a bottle that did well in tests, and we liked to use it

What did we like?

Eco-Friendly As an industry, we’re not super keen on silicone. It’s not friendly to the environment, but also, silicone adds weight to the bottle. This is an alternative to silicone, which is scarce, and stainless steel is more environmentally friendly and less expensive to manufacture. Silicone is a notorious fingerprint magnet, while stainless steel is weather resistant. Easy to use. You can carry the bottle in your hand (or clip the straw to it) and quickly pop it open with one hand while you drink. It comes with a silicone mouthpiece, making the bottle easier to clean and dry than most.

This is the most recommended water bottle for travel on travel apps like Hipmunk and The Key Class. We also found a collapsible Bubba water bottle ($ on Amazon) that’s much less expensive than the Bubba Hero.

What Didn’t We Like?

The straw falls off the bottle. It isn’t difficult for kids to drink out of, but we found it just kind of cumbersome to ask someone to help them out. The bottle is weighty and hard to transport. The bottle takes up a lot of room in a suitcase and you have to be very careful when choosing one.

How to use this water bottle?

Buy a bottle and shake it like you’re mixing up a cocktail. Put ice, and any type of water in the bottle, then shake. Now drink the water that’s in the bottle adding nothing else. It is important to drink slow and to use good quality water. Otherwise, it will taste solid, which is why it takes up so much room. How should you choose a water bottle? Make sure you don’t buy a water bottle that can be opened using a fork or spoon, as it won’t stay clean. Good bottles come with a screw-on filter and a reusable straw.

What’s the best way to clean your Bubba water bottle?

If you find yourself unable to remove stubborn stains from your Bubba water bottle, there is a much simpler solution than you think. Cleaning your stainless steel water bottle with baking soda is a lot easier than you think, and you can make it look even better than when you bought it new.

What’s the best way to clean your Bubba water bottle?

Bubba water bottles are easy to clean. The bottle has a wide mouth, which makes it easier to get a large bottle brush inside. The cap is easy to remove for cleaning and can be disassembled for even deeper cleaning. If you use a bottle brush, you can clean the bottle while it is still full of water, cleaning the inside and outside of the bottle.

Are Bubba water bottles good?

When it comes to Bubba's water bottles, the question of quality is big. Let’s face it: a lot of water bottles out there are flimsy and prone to leaking. Some have lids that are hard to open/close, and others have tiny openings that are hard to get ice cubes into. Bubba's water bottles are great because they are made with a quality design.

Bubba water bottles are the next best thing in reusable water bottles. In addition to keeping your water cool for hours, they also have a quick-release valve in the cap. So you’ll never spill a drink on your shirt ever again. If you want to take a drink on the go, push the valve with your finger, drink, then close it again. Have you ever carried an empty water bottle around with you for hours until you could fill it up? With this bottle, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Bubba Water Bottle Review 40 ounce/1182ml


At its core, the Bubba bottle was the same in each test. It was lightweight, won’t break easily, and is just plain fun to drink from. Bubba makes some great science-filled science bottles, and we think its excellent products make for great products.


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