Top 9 Best Sump Pump Float Switches: Reviews and Buying Guide

To keep water levels inside your sump pit low, you have a sump pump, and to keep the sump pump from running all the time, you have a float switchEssentially, a float switch detects when the water level is too high, and it triggers the pump to shut off until the water recedes to a safe levelIt’s a simple concept, but there are many variations to consider, and you’ll want to take your time when choosing the right float switch for your needs.

What is a Float Switch?

What is a Float Switch?

A sump pump float switch is a device that makes it possible for your sump pump to automatically turn on when the water level rises to a certain pointSump pump float switches can be water level switches, automatic float switches, water monitor switches, or water monitor sensors. A float switch is a control panel that sits between the sump pump and the water. It senses when the water level in the pit rises to a point where the pump is needed. This doesn’t mean the system is constantly running. In some cases, the float switch will notify you by way of an audible tone. Most floats also detect a change in water pressure.

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Types of Sump Pump Float Switches

There are two main types of float switches: mechanical and electronic. Mechanical switches are the most common type of switch. They are inexpensive and work with a float made of plastic or metal. Electronic switches are usually a bit more expensive and are made with a sensor and a control board. However, the followings types are in general:

Vertical Sump Pump Float Switches

Vertical Sump Pump Float Switches

Several different ways to connect a pump to a water supply exist, and the type of switch used will depend on the type of pump you are using. Vertical switches, for example, are generally used in small diameter basins that aren’t very deep. Since the switch travels on a rod attached to the pump or discharge pipe, its motion is somewhat controlled and doesn’t vary a lot. There are two main types of vertical switches—internal and external—and suitable for different settings.

Diaphragm Sump Pump Float Switches

The diaphragm switch sump pump float switch is a fluid level control switch submerged in a running fluid. The switch contains a flexible, air-filled diaphragm that moves in response to the fluid level. The diaphragm movement actuates a switch that will open or close the circuit to the pump.

The Tethered Switch

The Tethered Switch

An alternative to a solar-powered backup generator, the tethered sump pump float switch can improve pump management. The switch attaches to the float arm that allows the pump to turn on and off. It has a cord that goes down into the sump pump pit. The switch is powered by the pump itself and has an LED status light to indicate that it works.

Electronic Switches

An electronic sump pump float switch is a device that detects when the water level in a sump pump pit rises to the point that triggers the device. The switch then engages the pump motor that circulates the water through a pipe that empties into a sewer or septic tank.

The float switch’s specific function is to cause the pump to turn on when the float rises to a certain level.

The Importance of a Float Switch

The Importance of a Float Switch

In some situations, the sump pump can’t do its job. You could have a leak or a defect, or perhaps your soil is too hard, so water builds up inside your sump pit and stagnates. In those situations, installing a float switch is a good idea. It ensures that you have a pump that can handle the water that accumulates and reduce the possibility that the sump pit fills up too high, risking a flood. Floaters are designed for sump pumps designed for use in bathrooms or showers. Suction cups keep them off the toilet or sink, and a separate trigger eliminates pressing buttons and using the switch.

The 9 Best Sump Pump Float Switches

The first thing to consider is the type of sump pump. We recommend choosing a unit with multiple float switches chained together for a more robust setup. These units typically feature two or three float switches. You’ll want to consider the size of your sump pit and the height of the pump. Particularly for tall sump pumps, you’ll want a float switch that’s tall enough so that you won’t have to hang it from the bottom of the pump, or that you can quickly adjust the float switch without it being removed from the pump. Also, don’t forget about the color of the switch. You should also choose the color of the light to make sure that the signal is visible during both the day and at night. And, of course, if you’re installing a float switch that is used with a hoseless sump system, you’ll need to have a suitable water shutoff valve available.

1. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG Model BWC1 Universal Replacement Sump Pump Float Switch

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When you’re thinking about installing a basement watchdog sump pump, it’s important to find a product that can handle your water demands. These models are perfect for homes with a basement where water can be a challenge to pump out. The float switch is very responsive and will activate the pump more quickly than some similar brands. The fact that it has two floats is ideal and can help to protect your basement from flooding. The protective cage around the float ensures it won’t get stuck or jammed, meaning you don’t need to worry about the float breaking.

The Basement Watchdog Model BWC1 replaces sump pump floats, and it keeps your basement protected with a new two-stage switch design.

Replace your worn-out float switch with this Sump Pump Float Switch. This float switch is compatible with most sump pumps. The Large floats detect 1/4 in. water level rises, automatically activating the sump pump. The second float provides additional protection to ensure automatic pump activation. The float switch cage helps prevent debris interfering with float motion; its vented bottom reduces buildup. The additional 10 seconds allows the sump pump to run.

The item is a sump pump float switch that automatically turns on a sump pump once a certain water level is reached. It is a replacement for a float switch installed in a sump pump. It is an auxiliary float switch for a sump pump.

2. Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch

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This part was easy to install and worked exactly as described. I installed it on my sump pump, and it is working perfectly. My sump pump now works automatically, so I don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it on. I would recommend this part to anyone who needs to replace their sump pump switch or to anyone who needs to install a new sump pump.

Parts2o 2O/FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch is a UL listed, Waterproof, Self-priming sump pump float switch. Float switches are installed directly onto the pump, directly onto the discharge pipe, directly onto the discharge pipe and pit, or indirectly to the pump with a discharge pipe. The Parts2o 2O/FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch has an operating range of 2-15 feet. A “normally closed” float switch is used, which means that the pump is energized when the float switch is not in the “up” position.

3. Parts2O FP0018-7D Top-Mount Float Switch for Pedestal Sump Pumps

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When you’re tired of your top-mounted sump pump kicking on every time a raindrop falls, you should look into a float switch. These devices are designed with a switch that will trigger the pump only when the water level reaches a certain depth. This ensures that you’re only running the pump when you need to be, saving you and your budget the effort of dealing with unnecessary cycle frequency.

Parts2O FP0018-7D is a top-mounted pedestal sump pump switch replacement. It is corrosion-resistant and fits most pedestal sump pumps.

This Sump Pump Float Switch fits top-mounted pedestal sump pump switches. It is constructed of stainless steel to withstand harsh environments and corrosive chemicals. It has contacts rated for 24 VAC, 18 A. It is suitable for use with liquids up to 300°F. It is designed to replace a damaged or malfunctioning float switch.

4. Parts2O FPS17-66 Vertical Float Switch

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The Parts2O FPS17-66 Vertical Float Switch is an excellent choice for your sump pump. It relies on a float system that will turn your pump on when the water gets too high and turn it off when it gets too low. This is an excellent system because it will automatically adjust to the water levels. No worries about overfilling the pit or forgetting to turn it off. It is a very reliable system that will help you protect your home from flooding. It can be installed quickly and easily. Just follow the instructions in the manual.

The Parts2O FPS-66 is a float switch used for an automatic pump and is manufactured in China. It is easy to use and installs easily into your system without any hassle. It is highly durable and is made of corrosion-resistant material. The piggyback electrical plug allows for easy installation. It includes a mounting bracket for easy installation. It is ideal for a long life span.

5. Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch for 50 and 90 Series Pumps

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The 004892 is designed for use with wastewater pumps in basements, crawl spaces, and sump pits. Zoeller’s advanced features and construction make it a great choice not only for use with Zoeller sump pumps, but also with those of other brands. The float switch is designed to prevent accidental activation of the pump during storms, heavy rain, and floods. The switch can also be used to switch between two pumping systems or provide redundancy in a pump failure case.

When you have a sump pump installed in your basement, you want to be sure it will work when it is supposed to. Part of this means replacing the float switch periodically. Although there are multiple models of a sump pump, some steps are the same for the installation of the float switch. The first step to installing the float switch is determining whether the float switch is single-switch or double-switch. The mounting plate defines this. If the mounting plate has one opening, the float switch is a single switch; it is a double switch if there are two openings.

Zoeller’s replacement pump switch is designed to replace the switch on several different pumps. It features a manual reset and a quick-connect plug. This switch is ideal for use with a variety of pumps, including Zoeller pumps.

Easily replace your pump’s switches with this Zoeller switch. The replacement switch is designed for 50 and 90 series pumps. It features a brass switch and comes with a 1 year warranty.

6. Superior Pump 92000 Tethered Float Switch

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Automatically turn your utility pump on and off by using the Superior Pump 92000. Designed to work with many pumps, the universal design can work with most sump pumps as well as utility pumps. The switch features a non-mercury activated switch attached to a 10 ft—sjow water-resistant power cord. The package includes one tethered float switch and a mounting clamp.

The Superior Pump 92000 tethered float switch is an invaluable addition to any sump pump. This kind of pump allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature anytime: just put it on, and the pump will turn on whenever the water level reaches two feet.

Superior’s Pump 92000 is a tethered float switch designed to work with most sump and utility pumps. The switch comes with a non-mercury activated switch attached to a 10 ft—sjow water-resistant power cord. The package includes one tethered float switch and a mounting clamp. This switch is designed to be used with 12VDC pumps only.

The Superior Pump 92000 tethered float switch is used with sump pump systems. The supervisory switch turns the pump on when the water level in the sump reaches a preset level. The switch turns off the pump if the switch is submerged in water. This switch is designed to maintain a constant level of water in the sump pit.

7. Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch

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If you are in the market for high quality, reliable vertical float switch, you can’t go wrong with the Superior Pump 92010 vertical float switch. It is designed to work with a variety of pumps, including most sump and utility pumps. The universal design of the switch is suitable for most sump and utility pumps. There is a non-mercury activated switch attached to the 10-foot snow-water resistant power cord.

The Superior Pump 92010 is a vertical switch designed to work with many pumps and most sump and utility pumps. This pump float switch features a non-mercury activated switch attached to a 10′ sjow water-resistant power cord. The package includes one vertical float switch, mounting bracket, and clamp.

8. LevelGuard Z24801A1Z Solid State Sump Pump Switch

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As a whole, electricity isn’t something anyone wants to play around with. However, it is a ubiquitous part of modern life. The way it is used and harnessed can often be improved. For example, the LevelGuard Z24801A1Z Solid State Sump Pump Switch is the best choice for anyone looking to install a reliable and durable sump pump switch. It is small enough to fit into the smallest of sump pump pits and will function as well as any other sump pump switch on the market.

The Z24801A1Z LevelGuard Solid State Sump Pump Switch is a great solution for many sump pump switch problems. You may be fed up with having to replace sump pump switches in your homes and businesses, or if you want one for your backup system. For that reason, the Z24801A1Z LevelGuard Solid State Sump Pump Switch is the best option for you.

Many sump pump switches fail due to the switch’s repeated slamming in the “on” position. The LevelGuard Z24801A1Z sump pump switch will not fail when the float is stuck due to the unique solid-state design. The LevelGuard Z24801A1Z sump pump switch is now available on LevelGuard’s proprietary solid-state design for fluid detection and pump switching has been tested to more than 3,000,000 cycles without failure.

9. HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch

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The HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch is designed to help prevent this. It features a dual-sensor design that optimizes the pump’s cycle time by allowing it to run longer, more efficient cycles. Fewer cycles mean minor wear and tear on the pump and decreased energy consumption, which can lower your electric bill!

HydroCheck HC6000v2 sump pump float switch with remote control is an ideal solution if your sump pump needs a new switch, it’s difficult to reach, or you want to be in control. You can use the wireless remote control to turn on and off your sump pump from anywhere in your house. The sensor probes work with most ½ inch diameter discharge lines, and the control box is small enough to be installed in a narrow sump pit.

The HydroCheck Sump Pump Float Switch is patented and unique in the industry, with its dual-sensor design. Many other sump pump float switches only have a single sensor that prevents the pump from running for a specific amount of time after it shuts off. It can be an issue if the pit’s water level starts to rise again. Because of dual-sensor technology, the pump runs longer and more efficiently, and can turn on and off up to 12′ away. Because this pump runs less, it will use less energy, lowering your electric bill! It also works with all sump pump systems and can replace any existing float switch.

What to Look for When Buying a Sump Pump Float Switch

You can use a float switch to detect low water levels, as well as times that might indicate a problem. A good float switch will stay in a constant state of use and should be sealed and sealed by a capillary tube. This is necessary because water vapor will seep into the float switch and damage it.

What to Look for When Buying a Sump Pump Float Switch

Some float switches come with a lever to push to shut down the system if there are no problems. Only this way can you prevent flooding inside your basement. It is advisable to test out a float switch before you buy one. Be sure to take your sump pump apart. In the panel, disconnect the float switch from the drain pipe that connects to the sump pump. Now, put the float switch back together to turn it on. If the system does not turn on, it may be damaged.

Know the float switch location

Before buying a float switch, find out where the float switch is needed. Most float switches are for larger pits, while some float switches are installed for smaller pits. To find a simple sump pump float switch, look for portable and lightweight. For a modern sump pump, look for one that is made of brass and glass.

Although wooden and plastic floats are available, they may not be as sturdy as brass or glass. If you are looking for a flexible sump pump float switch, make sure that it has long battery life. It should last for an extended period, and you shouldn’t need to charge it once you receive the float switch. Although a waterproof float switch is lightweight and portable, it doesn’t requireelectricity.

Know the power requirements

When you choose a float switch, there are a few things to keep in mind: The float switch will likely have a power requirement. It is best to consider the voltage it is designed to handle and the voltage requirements of the electrical devices it is intended to operate. But the truth is, you should also use your best judgment.

You could try putting a float switch in a room that only has low or no energy consumption and see how much it generates power. This will help you avoid putting it in a room where it is incredibly noisy and use up all the electricity. A float switch will consume at least enough power to operate the pump for a couple of hours or an extended period.

Understand the float switch controls

Understand the float switch controls

There are 3 controls available for the float switch: delay, continuous, and on/off. The delay mode monitors and responds to water pressure. The continuous mode will monitor the water level in the pit to ensure it remains constant. In the on/off mode, the pump will function as it would normally. The options of on/off switch to determine the type of water level monitoring system you need.

If you only need water level monitoring, you can opt for a switch that enables you to switch it on and off when you need it. A completely automatic pump controller, such as one that’s controllable via an app, will have a switch you can use to turn it off and on for you. How can you make use of a float switch? In the event you plan to build or remodel a new home, a float switch is essential.

Understand what can go wrong

It is important to know what the chances are that your float switch will fail during a flood. A simple way to quantify that is to flip a switchover in a bucket of water. If you attempt to turn the switch on, then put the bucket back on the shelf and let the bucket fill again, the switch should turn on, and you can use your sump pump.

If you try to turn the switch on, but the bucket doesn’t fill again, the switch is probably defective and must be replaced. The least expensive float switch unit on the market is a hub-and-pinion type. It’s suitable for day-to-day use and provides safety for you if you move the bucket from your laundry room to your storage area. Some models also have a lock feature.

How To Choose a Sump Pump Float Switch For Home

How To Choose a Sump Pump Float Switch For Home

Choosing a sump pump float switch for your home isn’t the easiest task. There are many different models, sizes, brands, and options to choose from. However, finding the right one is usually a matter of finding the right combination of price, size, and features. Sump pumps are an essential part of every household. They’re responsible for removing excess water that collects in your basement. However, to use them for their intended purpose, they must be connected to a working float switch.

Being able to make the right decision regarding a sump pump is understanding exactly what you need it to do. If your climate is one where you get a lot of rain and snow, you’ll want to check that the pump you have can cope with the extra water. On the other hand, if you live in a dry climate, you’ll want to look for a very sensitive pump and detect even a slight amount of water. Choosing the wrong pump can be disastrous, both financially and in terms of damage to your home.

How do you know if you need a float switch?

You may ask, “Why should I use a float switch? I buy a sump pump.” The truth is that with today’s sump pumps, you are often purchasing a whole system, even if you don’t need the whole thingSo, instead of buying just a pump, you may want to consider getting a separate device that gives you control over the entire pump.

 For example, if you live in a condo with a basement or have a commercial site with multiple buildings in one location, you should check the float switchIf there’s a higher water level in one section, you could have problems in an adjacent building, and that’s what the float switch is designed to address. In fact, in some cases, people buy the system in one building and install it in another.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Sump Pump Float Switch

Choosing a sump pump float switch isn’t relatively as easy as it sounds. Some floats are designed to be placed outside the pit. These floats are usually connected to the sump pump. However, these may not be suitable in areas with varying elevations. 

A sump pump float switch installed indoors will not work as well as outside the pit because of several factors. The first factor is simply location. Different holes have different diameters, and therefore, the water pressure from the pit could be different.

Another factor is the pit’s shape. You may need a float switch that is large enough to be inside the pit. A float switch that is in the pit may not be able to detect fluctuations in water pressure. Another problem that could be caused by location is weight.

How To Install A Sump Pump Float Switch

There are several choices available nowadays when it comes to installing a sump pump float switch. Many of them are not self-installable. This means that you will need the help of a professional. Choosing the proper location for the float switch in the basement or the upper-level basement is the essential part of the installation. This is because if the sump pump is placed at the top of a sump pit, it will never drain when it’s needed to drain.

How To Install A Sump Pump Float Switch

Sump pump float switches usually come with a wide variety of attachments and mounting options. Depending on the system you have in place right now, you may have to get a specialized float switch designed specifically for your needs. You will require a water-tight box, a waterproof bracket, an adapter with a watertight end, and a hose clamp to connect to your power outlet. Attach the watertight box to the float switch and then attach the bracket to the watertight end of your float switch. Unscrew the float switch’s housing and attach the bracket using the 3M adhesive it comes with.

The process of installing a float switch is very simple, and you don’t even need a connection to the sump pit to use one. When you’re setting up your sump pit, you’ll need to connect a flow control valve to the sump pump. You can easily install this by first unplugging the sump pump from the system. Then, install the flow control valve using the included rubber mounting brackets. On the sump pump, replace the float switch and set the float to flush. Now, once the sump pit is filled, you’ll be able to trigger the float switch to flush the sump pit once per minute. In this way, the float will remain powered until you call the pump off and drain the pit.

How to Check and Replace your Sump Pump Float

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What can I put on the float switch to make it quieter?

A. Use stainless steel on floats, as those are the quietest.

Q. Can I put a stainless steel switch on top of a float switch?

A. No. Floating switches are designed for continuous operation. On top of that, floats are usually only used in specific emergencies, such as a burst pipe or a flood.

Q. Can I buy an electronic float switch?

A. Yes. These work great for your system.

Q. How much does a float switch cost?

A. It depends. Make sure to do your research. There are very many float switches, and they can range from $5 to $100, and you can often find the cheapest ones online or at local retailers.


Sump pumps are designed to remove water from your home’s basement, often exposed to wet conditions during heavy rain or snowfallIf your sump pit is drained too often, you’re just creating a bigger problem, and a bigger waterlogged mess, for yourself down the road. With the right sump pump and float switch, you can keep your basement dry and reduce the need for costly repairs.