Big Blue Water Filter Reviews [Clean, Safe Water Guaranteed]

Imagine living your life without clean water. The idea may seem like a nightmare, but this is a reality for many people in the world.

In the story of water filters, humans fight nature to live as long as possible and get their way. It has been a struggle for millennia, but the latest big blue innovation has taken it to a new level.

It’s tempting to view this as an environmental issue, but it’s about saving the human race. Healthier and more disease-free lives are possible with clean water.

Many water filter companies are on the market, but it is worth it to research the best one. This article will discover what to look for when buying a big blue water filter. It will also provide reviews of some of the best big blue water filters in the market today.

If you plan to purchase a water filter system for your home, you should consider several factors. First, consider how often you change or replace the filters and if they need replacing before expiration. Additionally, knowing what type of water enters your home and contains contaminants like lead is important.

In the United States, more than 10% of the population has water that is considered unsafe to drink. About 3,500 communities nationwide have been notified by the EPA that their water is not safe to drink. Notifications are due to lead levels of contaminants or high levels of nitrates and uranium in the water. You should consider whether your water is contaminated before drinking, bathing, or cooking with it.

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What is a big blue whole house water filter system?

Big Blue Water Filter

This whole house water filter uses an advanced filtration process to remove contaminants from your home’s water supply.

Different types of filters are used in these systems that remove all contaminants. These filters include activated carbon, reverse osmosis membrane, and granular activated carbon.

Big blue whole house water filter systems may also include ultraviolet light disinfection.

The benefits of using big blue filters?

A big blue filter is easy to see in the water and can catch all the floating debris. Furthermore, these filters can be used for a long time and are also easy to maintain. Additionally, these filters protect against harmful chemicals not filtered out of water. The filters will remove dirt and other contaminants from water, and they will last for many years.

With the Big Blue Water Filter, you are certain to receive a high-quality water filter in return. The item is made to fit all pressure tanks. It has a built-in gauge, and it can be adjusted. An integrated safety lock prevents the filter from being activated until you are ready to use it.

What should you consider when buying a filter?

Filters are an essential part of any home. The filters help protect a home against dirt and dust that can contaminate the air and cause health problems. Purchasing a filter involves a lot of considerations. First, the size and type of your home are important. In case you have a large house that requires a lot of coverage, then an air purifier with multiple filters is your best option.

You might find that an air purifier that uses just one filter is enough to cover the needs of your small space. The type of filter is important as well, depending on what you’re going to use the water for. If you’re going to drink it, then you’ll need a cartridge or standard filters that absorb contaminants in the air filter.

After that, you need to choose between a charcoal mouthpiece and a ceramic mouthpiece. If you’re going to use it for hot beverages, then you’ll specify a drawing filter. On the other hand, if you’re filtering cold water, you’ll want a sand filter to eliminate odors. If I’m going to use it for hot beverages like tea and java, then I will go with a cartridge filter.

A few factors are involved, including the design of the machine and the price, which is higher for a bigger volume filter. Speaking of price, is plastic cheap? Is it not? If it’s made out of plastic, it is by no means cheap.

The fact that plastic is going to last longer than anything else is an argument for its efficiency. For the best value for your money, you should look for a filter that will filter the most with the least amount of plastic. You’re not saving any money by going with a plastic filter, whereas you can save a lot of money if you choose glass.


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Top 10 Big blue water filter review

There is not an easy way to pick out the best water filter, but here are issues to think about when looking for it. Quality, price, and lifespan are the three most important ones.

The right water filter is not created equal, and many factors come into play. You need to consider the quality, price, and lifespan of these filters.

This article summarizes the top 10 best big blue water filter reviews and lists the top ten best big blue water filters in 2021.

1. Big Blue 20-inch Whole House Water Filter

[amazon box=”B0110LUNC2″]

Up to 99% of fluoride, heavy metals, chlorine, herbicides, Pesticides, and other dangerous toxins are eliminated. You’ll get great-tasting, odorless water with this whole house water filter. Plus, this Big Blue Water Filter improves the taste reducing the bad tastes of your water. Filtered water from Big Blue helps prevent corrosion from rust, debris, dirt, and rust.

Big Blue’s Whole House Filter is efficient and uses a water filtration system that improves water quality across the board while helping you save money. You can enjoy clean, great-tasting water throughout your entire house with this easy-to-install system.

You can achieve better tasting, healthier drinking water with the Big Blue Whole House Water Purifier. Safeguard your family from dangerous contaminants like arsenic, radon, and fluoride with the NSF-certified unit.

Product Features:

The Big Blue Water Filtering System can purify up to 2 000 gallons of water at a time.

You can drink plenty of water without having to worry about running out with this system’s maximum flow rate of 8 GPM.

Maintenance: The system requires no maintenance, and it’d last for up to 10 years if used.

Installation: The Big Blue Whole Home Water Filter is easy to install, and it only takes 30 minutes to do so.

Functionality: The whole house water filter system uses activated carbon and ion exchange media.

Filter Benefits: It eliminates hazardous contaminants like radon and arsenic. It comes NSF certified for lead removal.

What I Like: The Big Blue Whole house water filter is NSF certified for both lead and copper removal. It’s easy to install and maintain.

What I Don’t Like: Customer reviews indicate the system might not be very efficient at removing certain contaminants.

2. Pentair Pentek BBFS-222 Big Blue Three-Housing Filtration System

[amazon box=”B003VT5ES0″]

If you’re looking for a whole house water filter system, this Pentek Pentek BBFS-2220 big blue three-housing filtration system is a great choice. It’s NSF certified for chlorine, lead, and arsenic removal, and it’ll help you improve the health of your drinking water.

Pentek BBF-2220 big blue filter system includes three housings, each containing a different type of media. There is a granular activated carbon filter in the first housing, which removes chlorine from the water. Silver-based ion exchangers remove lead and other heavy metals from water in the second housing. Finally, the third housing contains a ceramic-based media, which removes arsenic and other toxins from water.

Product Features:

When you buy the Pentek Pentek BBFs-2220 big blue water filter system, you will receive the following:

3 housings: Each housing contains a different type of filter media.

Flow rate: The system’s maximum flow rate is 5 GPM or gallons of water per minute.

Fittings: The system comes with a variety of brass fittings that should connect to your water line.

Installation: The system is very simple to install, and you don’t need any special skills to do it yourself.

What I Like About This Product: NSF certification means the Pentek system meets strict standards for removing contaminants from water.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback says the system is difficult to install.

Bottom Line: Pentek’s BBFFS-2220 big blue whole house filter system ensures clean, healthy water for you and your family.

3. 10 x 4.5″ Big Housing Whole House Water Filtration System

[amazon box=”B01MT3WGES”]

It has a 10″ body, a blue body made of reinforced polypropylene for strength and chemical resistance, and a black cap made of high-flow polypropylene for toughness.

The black cap has 1″ inlet/outlet brass ports which are durable and reliable without leaking. The Big Housing Set is proper for high-flow and heavy sediment applications.

Water Filtration System for residential use includes drinking water filtration, well water filtration, food service, and irrigation. Extends the life of household appliances and eliminates chlorine, taste, odors, and other particles from water.

Product Features:

The 10 x 5″ Big Housing Whole Home Water Filtration System comes with the following features and benefits:

Functionality: This whole house water filter offers superior filtration, and it does so without affecting water pressure. The system includes a pre-filter, the main filter, and a post-filter. Using copper-zinc and mineral stones, the main filter attracts contaminants like chlorine and rust. The post-filter removes iron, manganese, and other impurities.

Filter Benefits: NSF-certified 10 x 4.5 inch Big Housing Whole House Water Filter System improves the taste of your drinking water. It also helps reduce the amount of soap scum buildup on your bathroom fixtures.

Filtration unit: This whole house water filtration is compact, and it’ll take up less space than some other whole house filters.

Fitting: The system comes with a set of brass fittings that should connect to your water line.

Water flow: The system has a maximum flow rate of 7 GPM, which means you can enjoy clean, healthy water throughout your home.

What I Like About This Product: NSFS certified for lead and chlorine reduction, and it would provide excellent tap water taste improvement.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback says the system is difficult to install.

Bottom Line: The 10 x 4 ½” Water Filtration System is a reliable way to improve the quality of your tap water. It’ll help you get rid of sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants, and it’s NSF certified for lead removal.

4. Aquaboon 20″ x 4.5″ Whole House Well Water Filter System

[amazon box=”B01MG52PQT”]

Aquaboon Water Filter System is a high-quality water filter housing system that has an opaque sump. It is strong and resistant to chemicals as it is made of polypropylene. The black cap is made of high-flow polypropylene (HFPP) for stiffness. The whole house is not a single place to use it.

The item is appropriate for well water, commercial and industrial solvent filtration. It has a flexible hose that uses a faucet adapter and 3/4-inch male threads to be used in a variety of areas.

Product Features:

Functionality: This whole house filter reduces domestic pollutants such as chlorine, lead, arsenic, and other heavy metals by 99%. It also removes cysts and asbestos, and it will reduce the amount of bacteria in your drinking water.

Filter Benefits: The Aquaboon whole house filter is NSF certified for lead and chlorine removal, and it’ll ensure that your water is safe to drink. It’s been tested to remove up to 99.9% of contaminants, and it has a flow rate of up to 5 GPM.

Installation: The Aquaboon filter is easy to install, and there are no tools required. It’s compatible with standard U.S. plumbing, and it’d take about 30 minutes to complete the installation process.

Fittings: The system includes a set of brass fittings that should connect to your water line.

Water Quality: The Aquaboon system is NSF certified, and a lifetime warranty backs it.

What I Like About This Product: Aquaboon reviews highlight how easy it is to install and how well it works.

What I Don’t Like: Some customers report having problems with leaks around the fittings. Others complain of slow water flow.

Bottom Line: The Aquaboon 20 “x4.5” whole house water filter is a great choice if you want a simple way to improve the quality of your tap water.

5. 3-Stage 20″ Whole House Big Housings Blue Color Filtration System

[amazon box=”B01N4AM8I4″]

This is a large-scale water filtration system that will provide you with clean, healthy drinking water for your entire house. It’s NSF certified for chlorine, lead, and other contaminants.

It’s one of the best-selling whole house water filters because it provides excellent filtration and a large capacity.

The 3-Stage filtration system is a whole house water filter that will help you remove contaminants from your water supply.

The system includes a pre-filter, the main filter, and a post-filter.

The system passes water through multiple media, each of which targets a different contaminant. Activated carbon and zinc/copper/mineral stone remove chlorine, lead, and arsenic from the solution. The post-filter removes any remaining contaminants.

Filter Benefits: This 3-Stage 20″ water filter removes heavy metals, sediment, and pesticides without altering the flow. It’s NSF certified for chlorine reduction and removes sediment, rust and scale, and heavy metals.

Maintenance: The system requires no maintenance, and it’ll last for up to 10 years.

What I Like About This Product: The 3-Stage whole house water filter system is easy to install, and it’d be a great addition to any home.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback says some customers had trouble getting the system to work.

Bottom Line: An affordable and effective way to ensure your family has healthy, clean drinking water.

6. WECO Big Blue Specialty Water Filter System

[amazon box=”B07WP39JHJ”]

WECO Big Blue is a powerful whole house water filter that helps protect your family from harmful contaminants. Your water will be NSF-certified for chlorine, lead, arsenic, and other contaminants, and it will remove up to 99% of them.

This system includes a pre-filter, the main filter, and a post-filter. Activated carbon and granular mineral media are used in combination to trap contaminants in the main filter. The post-filter is used to remove chlorine and other chemicals from your water.

Product Features:

This whole house water filter system has been designed to provide excellent filtration and water softening. A combination of activated carbon and mineral media is used in its main filter and a pre-filter.

The WECO Big Blue whole house water filter system is NSF certified, which meets federal safety standards. As well as chlorine reduction, it removes 99% of lead, arsenic, and many other contaminants.

Main filter: The main filter is a large capacity filter, and it’d be easy to install it yourself if you’re handy with tools.

Post-filter: It removes chlorine and certain other chemicals from your water before it enters your home.

Installation: The WECO system is designed to be installed, requiring no special skills or tools.

What I Like About This Product: The product has excellent reviews for its filtration and water softening capabilities.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback suggests that the pre-filter might not last very long.

Bottom Line: The WECO whole house water filter system offers excellent filtration and is NSF certified.

7. APEC Water Systems CB3-SED-KDF-CAB20-BB 3-Stage Whole House Water System

[amazon box=”B07YYPWM19″]

APEC Water Systems CB3 SED KDF CAB 20 BB 3 Stage Whole House Water System

The CB3 is a whole house water filter that will treat your drinking water and deliver it to your tap. It’s NSF certified for chlorine, lead, and other contaminants.

This system includes a pre-filter, a carbon block filter, and a final filter. Pre-filters remove sediment like rust and dirt, and carbon block filters remove chlorine and other chemicals. The final filter removes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other contaminants. The system is NSF Certified for Lead and Chlorine Removal.

The CB3 is easy to install and maintain. It requires no special tools, and anyone can install it.

Product Features:

  • NSF Certified for Lead & Chlorine Removal
  • Removes sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Can Be Installed By Anyone
  • Requires No Special Tools
  • Uses Carbon Block Media
  • Includes Pre-Filter, Final Filter, and Post-Filter

What I Like:

  • Reviews say the CB3 is easy to clean and maintain
  • This product has been around since 2007
  • Has received good reviews over time
  • Provides everything you need to start right out of the box

What Needs Improvement:

  • Few complaints about this model
  • A few people have complained about the price being too high

Bottom line: The CB3 might appeal to those who don’t want to spend much money or hire someone to do it for them.

8. APEC 2-Stage Whole House Water Filter System

[amazon box=”B00IJK1QLU”]

Since when have you thought about the water you’re drinking? About what chemicals and minerals are being added to it? Or what bacteria might be lurking in it?

Sure, the water coming out of your tap seems clean, but it may be anything but. Even though you can’t control what happens at the water treatment plant, there are things you can do to ensure your drinking water is treated properly as it flows through your pipes.

APEC’s 2-Stage Whole House Water Filtration System is the answer. This 2-stage filtration system produces clean, clear water that tastes great and leaves you worry-free.

Product Features:

When buying the APEC 2-Stage whole house water filter system, you’ll receive:

Using a dual-media approach to filtration, this whole house water filter targets both particulates and chemical contaminants. Pre-filters remove sediment like dust and dirt, and the main filter removes chemicals like chlorine and lead with activated carbon and copper-zinc media. Also included is a post-filter, which is a carbon block that removes residual chlorine.

Filter Benefits: APEC 2-Stage is NSF-certified, which means it meets rigorous standards set by NSF. It also removes sediment like rust, scale, and dust, and it will remove up to 99 percent of chlorine, lead, and arsenic.

Maintenance: Only the pre-and post-filters need replacing every 3 to 6 months, and the main filter every 5 years.

Installation: This whole house water filter system is easy to install, requiring a minimum of space.

What I Like About the Product: The system has good reviews for its affordability, and it’s an excellent choice for home water filtration.

What I Don’t Like: Some customer reviews indicate the system may not handle large amounts of water.

Bottom Line: APEC’s 2 Stage whole house water filter system ensures a wide range of clean, healthy drinking and cooking water for your home. It’s also a good option if you’re on a tight budget.

9. APEC Water Systems CB1-CAB20-BB APEC Whole House Carbon Water Filter

[amazon box=”B00IFEIVSG”]

If you want water that is pure, clean, and safe enough to drink, APEC has the filter for you. Water filter designed to treat tap water for contaminants such as organic acid, chemicals, and sediment. A 25 micron-activated carbon filter is used in the CB1-CAB20-BB APEC Whole House Carbon Water Filter.

It is guaranteed that filtered water is free of chlorine, taste, odor, and organic compounds, ensuring that you and your family are drinking safe, tasty, and healthy water! The CB1-CAB20-BB APEC Whole House Carbon Water Filter is equipped with 1 inch FPT inlet and outlet ports for fast water flow.

Restaurants, cafes, and other businesses offering beverages can use this whole house water filter to great effect. The housing is strong and durable and designed to handle a wide range of chemicals and pressures. A solid, proven design, the CB1-CAB20-BB APEC Whole House Carbon Water Filter is sure to last for years.

Product Features:

  • Eliminates up to 99% of chlorine, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, zinc, iron, manganese, and other contaminants
  • Easy to install – plug it into your existing water supply line
  • NSF certified for chlorine & lead removal
  • Includes a pre-filter and a post-filter
  • Includes a 5-year limited warranty

What I Like: APEC reviews highlight how easy it is to install and how well it works.

What I Don’t Like: Customer feedback says the filter is difficult to clean.

Bottom line: The APEC CB1-CAB-20-BB Whole House Carbon Filter is a simple way to improve the safety of your tap water.

10. 20″ Big Water Filter Purifier System with 5 Micron 4.5 x 20″ Pleated Sediment Cartridge

[amazon box=”B01L0MG2KI”]

This is a very large water purification system, and it’ll take up quite a bit of space. But if you want to ensure clean drinking water for yourself and your family, this is a great option. It’s NSF certified for chlorine, lead, and other contaminants and would be a smart investment for your home.

The 20″ Big Water Filter purifies water by removing sediment, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants. It’s easy to install, and it’s NSF certified for chlorine reduction.

It comes with a 20-inch cartridge that holds 5 microns of pleated sediment. The cartridge is removable and reusable, and it’ll last for about 10 years.

Product Features:

20-inch cartridge: This cartridge holds 5 microns of sediment, which means it’ll remove up to 99% of sediment from your water.

Removable cartridge: The cartridge is removed and replaced, and it’d be a good idea to do so every few months.

NSF certified: This product is NSF certified for reducing chlorine contaminant levels in the water.

Installation: The 20 inch Big Water Filter is easy to install. It requires only a standard garden hose connection, and there are no special tools required.

What I Like About This Product:

  • Easy to install
  • Reusable cartridge
  • NSF certified

What I Don’t Like:

Customer feedback says the cartridge needs replacing after about 8 years.

Bottom line: If you have hard water, this might not work as well as others on our list. But if you don’t mind spending more money upfront, then this could be worth considering.

11. Pentair Pentek BBFS-222 Big Blue Three-Housing Filtration System, 1″ NPT #20 High C

[amazon box=”B003VT5ES0″]

The Big Blue three-housing filtration system delivers maximum efficient filtration for any application. With three separate housings, you can customize your filtration to meet your pool and spa’s needs.

Pentair’s BBFS-222 Big Blue three-housing filtration system maximizes efficiency with the three-housing concept. Three filter housings, a wall-mounting bracket, and hardware are included in this filtration system. This Big Blue® three-housing filtration system houses any 20″ x 4.5″ filter cartridge.

To protect the filter cartridge, it is recommended to use a cartridge sock. A pressure-releasing button is provided on the housing to aid cartridge changes. The three-housing filtration system is made of durable polypropylene, which is chemically resistant. Superior filtration meets the demands of this three-housing system from Big Blue.

Product Features:

The whole house water filter system consists of three housings, each containing a different kind of media. Activated carbon granules/Solid Carbon Filter Cartridges in the first housing remove chlorine from water. The third housing ensures the removal of lead and other heavy metals through a silver ion resin cartridge and reverses the osmosis membrane.

Filter Benefits: The Pentek BBFSS-222 Big Blue Three Housings Filtration System removes up to 98% chlorine, up to 99% lead, and up to 99% manganese. It also removes up to 99% of iron, up to 99% calcium, up to 99% sodium, and up to 99.9% total dissolved solids.

Filters: Each housing contains a different kind of media. The first contains granular activated carbon, which removes chlorine and some other contaminants. Reverse osmosis membranes remove dissolved solids like salts and magnesium from the second housing. Lead and other heavy metals are removed from water by silver ion resins in the third housing.

Flow Rate: 5.3 GPM – the Penteb BBFS-222 Big blue Three Housing Filtration System allows you to fill one gallon of water in a minute.

Installation: The Pentek PenteB BBFS-222 Bigblue Three Housing Filtration System does not require any special tools. It’s easy to install, and it’d be simple for anyone who knows how to do basic plumbing work.

What I Like About This Product: It’s an NSF-certified whole house water filter that reduces chlorine.

What I Don’t Like About This Product: Some customer feedback says it’s not very durable.

Bottom Line: The Pentek BBFS-222 BigBlue Filtration System offers a reliable way to improve the quality of your water.

Big Blue Water Filter Review & Buying guide:

Although all Big Blue water filtration systems have similarities, there are still a few differences among them. In order to purchase one, you should take into account the following factors –


The first thing you need to keep in mind is, how good is the water source you are using to set up your filtration system? If the source is a lake, river, or well, you should go for the best quality filter you can afford. This is because these water sources are likely to have a lot of impurities in them. If the water is hard and full of contaminants, you should opt for a 5-stage or more filtration system. In this case, you are getting the best choice since it offers you with maximum water purification.


Always go for a filter that has a greater lifespan. It will save you a lot of money in the long run. Choose a durable filter.


This is one of the most convenient water filtration systems. You do not have to bother about the replacement of the cartridge or cleaning. Install the whole thing and get back to your normal routine.

Water Quality

It is important to know the water quality of the area you live in before buying a water filter. Depending on the water quality, you may decide on a system with at least five filtration stages.

Filter Size

Your first concern should be, what type of filter would be appropriate for your house? If you are going to install a filter in your home, make sure you know what size you need. I recommend getting a filter that has a bit more storage space than you need. It is better to have excess water than to be short.

Replacement Time

You need to replace filter cartridges after a while. This will cause you to spend more if the time is short, as you will have to replace the parts very often. Hence, you should choose filters that last longer.


As a first step, you must consider the durability of the water filtration system. You should go for a unit that has a very long life. Many of the top-quality units can last up to 15 years. It will be beneficial to you in the future if you continue to work hard.


Our previous discussion outlined the need to go for a water filtration system that is simple and easy to use.


Nothing is worse than waiting for several hours to get clean drinking water.

Easy to use.

One thing about this product is that it is very easy to use.

How Does The Big Blue Water Filter Work?

The Big Blue Water Filter Housing works by having filters that filter the dirty water and then send it into the pool. There are three main filters in each housing, an under-sink filter, a pre-filter, and an activated carbon filter. The under-sink filter is the first to be put in place; it removes large particles before entering the pool.

The pre-filter is the second filter in the housing, and it removes smaller particles and debris from the water. The activated carbon filter is the third and final filter in a Big Blue Water Filter Housing.

It removes all heavy metals from your water, including lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, nickel, zinc, and cadmium, with activated carbon and ion exchange resin.

Activated carbon is a porous material that has been treated to increase its surface area. Activated carbon removes contaminants by adsorbing them onto its surface.

An ion exchange resin is a material that attracts ions in solution. Sodium, calcium, magnesium calcium, lithium, sodium, chloride, and phosphate are soluble in ion exchange resins.

When combined, these two materials enable a powerful filter to remove up to 99.9% of heavy metals while preserving harmless minerals.

It also removes up to 90% of chlorine, which is added to municipal water supplies to kill microorganisms.

99% of chlorine odors and tastes are eliminated from the Big Blue thanks to its NSF certification.

Installation hardware, instructions, and a warranty card are all included with the Big Blue.

How to clean a big blue water filter?

Turn off the water. Find where the water comes in and turn it on to the house. There should be a valve there. Turn it off.

Remove the filter. This is a big filter. You’ll need to unscrew it from the pipe. It’s not easy to do this. You’ll need a special tool. Look for a screwdriver like this one.

Wash the filter. Get a sponge and wash the filter. Be careful not to break the filter.

Reinstall the filter. Put the filter back in. Turn the water back to normal.

How To Change The Filter

The filter in your humidifier handles removing moisture from the air. Over time, this filter becomes dirty and less effective. Changing the filter is simple and inexpensive.

To change the filter, first shut off the humidifier. Remove the cover plate from the top of the humidifier. Then, unscrew the bottom cap. Pull the old filter out and replace it with a new one. Screw the bottom cap back onto the humidifier. Turn the humidifier back on and let it run until it reaches the desired temperature.

Ispring vs Pentek vs Big Blue

Big Blue is a company that is known for its water filtration systems. They have been around since the 1800s and have been improving their products ever since.

iSpring is a company that creates water filtration systems for homes and offices. The company was established in 2001 and has had great success so far.

Pentek is a company that creates water filtration systems for homes and offices. The company was established in 1953 and has had great success so far.

I will compare Big Blue, Ispring, Pentek, and then my own experience with each of them.

The first thing I would like to discuss is the Big Blue Water Filter system.

The Big Blue is a water filter for consuming fresh tap water or any other water source that you may get your hands on.

In rough conditions, such as off-roading and camping, the Big Blue can come in handy.

A filter keeps your water clean and ensures that you’re not ingesting bacteria from the ground or untrustworthy sources.

Filters come with a backflushing feature and an activated carbon filter cartridge that reduces changing.

Second, I would like to talk about the iSpring water filter system. I like how much water it can filter out and the durability of it.

I have been using this same system since 2009, and it has worked many times without failure or leakage.

Pentek water filters are also very easy to install and are bottom fed or countertop. This allows them to fit many different kinds of faucets, as well as be easy to clean. Pentek filters need changing as Pentek water filters do.

Big Blue is considered the most popular because it holds more carbon, meaning it is long-lasting. You can also save some money over time by using these filters since they have a larger capacity. Long term, the cost of replacing Pentek water filters will be higher than Pentek.

How do I know the type of big blue water filter I need?

It is important to know what type of filter you need before deciding which water filter to buy. Filters come in many varieties, such as a pitcher or whole house filtration system.

The type of filter that is best for your home will depend on the size and needs of your family. Whenever possible, you should purchase a kind of filter that can run. This ensures your family always has clean drinking water in the event of an emergency.

Big Blue Water Filter Review video:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Big Blue Water Filter

The following Q/A about Big Blue Water Filter may help you to learn more about the product.

1. What kind of water filtration system is the Big Blue Filter?

The Big Blue Filter is a water filtration system that filters the water using gravity. It is possible to drink the filtered water as this system has purified it. The Big Blue Filter is a slow water filtration system that filters the water and puts it into a clean container.

2. How Often To Change Big Blue Water Filter

Ideally, you’ll need to change the filter every 3 to 6 months, depending on the filter. But, if you are using a water softener, your filter should be changed more.

3. Is the filter designed to purify contaminated water?

Yes, our Big Blue Filter removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, hepatoparasites, and protozoa, without using any chemicals, heavy metals, or pharmaceuticals.

4. Is the Big Blue Water Filter safe to drink?

Yes, it’s as safe to drink if Big Blue Filter purifies its bottled water.

5. Can we use the Big Blue Water Filter to increase the hygienic quality of live water?

Yes, you can use your Big Blue Water Filter at home, dorms, camps, and anywhere you can get purified water.

6. How are Survival Kit and an Emergency / Camping Kit?

Your family can only survive in severe, cold, tropical, and desert conditions if all family members are healthy. While you are outdoors, water will be your best friend. Your family needs water to survive and stay fit.

7. Can I drink contaminated water if I’ve used the filter?

Yes! However, you should be checking for contaminant presence before you start to drink the purified water.

8. What’s Special About The Big Blue Water Filter Housing?

It’s not simply a water filter; it’s a comfortable, reliable, and effective water filtration system. With the added benefit of filtering water for up to 12 people, the Big Blue Water Filter Housing is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

9. Who makes Big Blue water filters?

“Big Blue Water Filters is a company which manufactures water filters for residential and commercial use. They are based in Austin, Texas.”

10. What is an Aqua Blue Water Filter?

Aqua Blue is a water filter for your tap. It was designed to remove chlorine, copper, lead, and mercury from tap water. The filter can be used with any sink or faucet.

11. What does big blue filter housing remove?

The big blue filter housing removes the visible light spectrum, leaving only the ultraviolet and infrared waves. This is because these two wavelengths are unable to penetrate a water droplet’s surface.

12. Are all big blue filters the same?

No, they are not.

A big blue filter is a color filter that works by absorbing certain wavelengths of light, resulting in the specific color it produces. Blue filters can be divided into two types: dichroic and neutral density.

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light entering a lens, allowing for greater field depth and faster shutter speeds.

Blue light can strain the eyes at the workplace, so dichroic filters filter out specific wavelengths to reduce the effects.

As an interim measure, you need to use a filter that has been rated by Currently, there are three types of filters for UV lamps:

  1. carbon filters – remove blue light without reducing the amount of green and/or yellow light the lamp produces.
  2. Quartz/resin filters – remove the color from light without removing other colors.
  3. ChromaPure diodes are not claimed to remove any particular color of light but are more expensive and power-hungry than carbon and quartz.


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