APEC Water Filter Review! A Complete Water Filter Buying Guide

Every day we use water for various purposes. So the water must be contaminant-free. It needs to be clean well. There are some areas where we get dreadful water. In those areas, people need to buy bottled water to drink. In such cases, there is a great water filtering system. However, you need to read the whole article on APEC water review for deciding to buy the filter.

The popular and common water system is Reverse Osmosis. It will save your money for buying bottled water. The most famous and popular brand is APEC.

There are various models on the market. In this APEC water reviews, we would like to offer you the best or top models in the market.

APEC is a popular American Brand. They designed very wonderful reverse osmosis. It will offer you clean and tasteless water.

The water you get from the Reverse Osmosis is pure and fresh for cooking as well as for drinking.

A five stages filtration system is used here to confirm good tasting and refresh water. The APEC has the power to remove bacteria from water.

It can also remove 100% of chemicals and chlorine. Water that comes from the filter is healthy and very clean.

1. APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75

The APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Top Tier filtration system has six stages filter and 75 GPD which removes 99 percent bacteria, contaminants, viruses and many other pollutants from well and tap water.

The standard of the filter is US cartridge standard and offer you food graded calcium and safe pH water.

It filter will remove magnesium and calcium. Therefore the taste of water is great.


  • Highest quality – Assembled and designed in the USA to ensure water safety and your health.
  • Drink fresh water with adding calcium minerals for great taste and improved Alkalinity.
  • Cartridges made from the US apply food grade calcium from reliance source for proven and safe water pH enhancement.
  • Premium high durable filters applied to treat tap or tube-well water. Ensures unlimited amount of clean drinking water.
  • 75 GPD six-stage systems eliminate up to 99 percent bacteria, cysts, viruses, chemicals, organics and more.

Pros & Cons of APEC ROES-PH75


  • The maintenance system of water is very simple.
  • All parts are made in California facility in the USA.
  • The unit has large capacity block filter and has a long life. It can remove 99% of contaminants from water.
  • The cartridge re-mineralize well and tap water. It offers you 100% the US made high purity calcium carbonate. It adds higher pH in your water for the people who like to have alkaline water.


  • The instruction of the manual book is very confusing so it may be hard to install the unit.

2. APEC Water – US Made – Countertop Reverse Osmosis

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RO-CTOP system is very portable, easy to use and much convenient with having special engineering. It has a most existing faucet in seconds. It does not require any installation.

If you like to have an unlimited bottle of water, you can take the system with you anywhere you like.

The system is a great one. This will help you to fulfill your dream. The system is very useful for condominiums, apartments, retirement homes, motor homes and students.

It will give you 90 gallons’ safe water per day. You can fill any container with the water that you like.

Enjoy the best fresh, clean and ultra-fresh water for using at your home.

The water is good for cooking and making coffee, tea, and ice. Besides you can save money. You need not buy the costly bottle of water. Live happily by drinking contaminant free water up to 99 percent.

The system has power enough to remove taste chlorine, odor, arsenic, fluoride, chromium, and lead.


  • Hooks up typical faucet in minutes. Only plug and then drink water. Installation free and lightweight system.
  • Great brand, high recital reverse osmosis drinking water classifications.
  • Top graded 4 stage ultra pure system give refreshing crusty taste better than bottled water.
  • 90 GPD moveable systems are made with high aptitude filters for the long lasting recital and did work for pressure up to 40-80 psi.
  • Great for condos, apartments, retirement homes, motor homes students and travelers and seniors

Pros & Cons of APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis


  • Very simple to connect to the kitchen faucet.
  • There is the reservoir for the storage of water. Do not think about the flooding of the floor or the kitchen as there is a filter ceases water filtration system. It has no possibility of any leakage of the system to make flood to the kitchen area.
  • Undoes and portable easily. The installation is easy and straightforward.
  • Remove chlorine smell from tap water.
  • Yields 15 ppm by using COM 100 TDS


  • The flow of water is very slow. You have to wait two to three days to get a gallon of water

3. APEC Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50)

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The function of the ROSE 50 reverse osmosis is to offer high-quality clean water or filtered drinking water.

The price of the water will be affordable. There are five stages filtration system in this water osmosis process.

It removes some exceptional contaminants from water with high rate process.

The water remains for a long time. The performance is very excellent. The system is designed by APEC water leading company in the USA. The ROSE has a great frame to remove the contaminant from water.

The system can remove the contaminant from water up to 99% of the taste, chlorine, odor, arsenic, fluoride, chromium, and lead. The system ensures high-quality drinking water for your family for near future.


  • Supreme quality – intended and accumulated in the USA to ensure water safety and your health.
  • Our system can remove contaminant up to 99 percent of lead, arsenic, chlorine, bacteria, heavy metals, virus, fluoride and 1000+ contaminants.
  • The top graded long lasting filter is applied to treat well and tap water. Ensures unlimited clean and refreshing, crunchy tasting water better than the bottled water.
  • WQA certified manufacturer ensures noise free, trouble free method for trustworthy, long lasting and fresh drinking water

Pros & Cons of ​APEC ROES-50


  • The water spout is swivel. To do some other things it is very easy to do in the sink.
  • The lever contains two positions. Then push down to have a glass of water or to flip up for the unattended filling of a jug or draining the tank.
  • Quick installation (you can do it yourself)


  • The faucet valve is actual flimsy

4. APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage Under Sink Water Filter

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It utilizes a 3 Stage filtration process to eliminate most of the contaminants from the water, which means that you may be sure that the water you are drinking includes a top quality.

Among the benefits of working with this water filter is that the simplicity of setup. Contrary to other water filters which require several additional components, this version includes all the gear you need for your installation. The filter also comprises pre-drilled holes so that you may mount it to the wall.

Another benefit is that the fantastic water pressure that it gives. Water filters do a fantastic job in cleaning the water. However, they do not supply higher water pressure. This isn’t the situation. Despite passing the water through 3 distinct filters, the water coming from the faucet still has excellent strength.


  • High quality, well-engineered, designed and constructed in the USA system using a superb capacity filter to get long-lasting, dependable filtration
  • Super capability filters assuring to eliminate chemicals, flavor, and scents.
  • A premium durable filter used to deal with tap water, water. Provide boundless refreshing pool One-year-old Satisfaction warranty, with life support by accredited WQA water expert based in CA
  • The system includes 100 percent Lead-Free chrome faucets, also FDA Accredited JG Food grade tubing to supply secure, contamination-free pure H20
  • Supreme quality, system constructed with all the US MADE super capability filter to get long-lasting, dependable filtration

Pros & Cons of APEC WFS-1000 Water Filter


  • This under sink water filter includes a high-quality faucet. The faucet features a stainless-steel structure; therefore, it is far better than the inexpensive plastic versions other filters include.


  • The faucet Includes a stainless-steel end. This may be problematic for those that have other endings for their fittings.

5. APEC water filter

APEC Ultimate high power pre-filter collection is made in the USA with high-quality filtration components to supply a more permanent filter place to protect and extend the lifespan of your reverse osmosis system.

Premium quality filter collection lasts over 12 weeks for fewer filter workouts and high-performance contaminant removal. Easily DIY your RO System by following step-by-step online installment videos and comprehensive documentation.


  • APEC greatest high capacity pre-filter collection is your USA created and built to survive 2X more than other manufacturers
  • 1St point polypropylene sediment filter to eliminate dust, allergens, and rust
  • 2nd & 3Rd phase midsize Carbon block filters to remove chlorine, taste & odor
  • High-performance replacement filters are compatible with standard sized beneath counter RO systems

6. APEC FILTER-SET-ES High Capacity Replacement Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

FILTER-SET-ES APEC water character standard capacity pre-filter places (FILTER-SET-ES) contains (1) sediments and (2) carbon block filters to protect and prolong the lifespan of this RO system 1St phase 5 micron polypropylene sediment filter to eliminate dust, allergens, and rust 2Nd & 3RD phase 10 micron extruded carbon block filters to remove chlorine, taste & odor high-resolution substitute filters are compatible with standard sized beneath counter RO systems.


  • APEC water character standard capacity pre-filter places
  • Contains (1) sediments and (2) Carbon block filters to protect and prolong the Life Span of this RO system
  • 1st phase 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter to eliminate dust, allergens, and rust
  • 2nd & 3Rd point 10 microns extruded Carbon block filters to remove chlorine, taste & odor
  • High-performance replacement filters are compatible with standard sized beneath counter RO systems

The Technology behind the 5-Stages

 The Technology behind the 5-Stages

1st stage

This stage water goes through the first filter. The 5 micron ten inches’ filter is made from polypropylene. In this stage rust, dust and particles removed from the water. It saves and expands the lifespan of the filter or the system.

2nd stage

Water passes from 5 microns ten inches’ filter. Here water gets rid of the odor, bad taste, color, and chlorine.

3d stage

The stage is just like the previous one. It works to remove more contaminant from the water like the previous stage.

4th stage

In this stage, the membrane removes 99% of TDS and contaminants. The names of the contaminants are chromium, arsenic, lead, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, radium and many others.

5th stage

Total Contamination Removal filter is made of advanced coconut shell carbon. The filter can remove any residual taste from the water of the tank.

APEC water filter replacement filter

Advanced Purification Engineering Corporation (APEC) prepares a line of residential reverse osmosis drinking water systems. The APEC RO system has got unbeatable popularity for ensuring the highest quality water filtration products.

The filter is appropriate for all APEC water filtration system like the famous system, for example, APEC, APEC RO-45, the APEC RO-Ctop Counter Top RO System and APEC RO-90.

APEC water installation

The more important matter is that every product comes with necessary tools to install the system. It has all installation manuals which explain all the stages or steps you need to know to install the system. Still, you are not happy with the information; you may take help from the local plumber to install your system.


Filter Housing Is Leaking

If you see any leakage in your pre-filtering system, be sure the rubber O-ring is defective of the Reverse osmosis system. It must have O-ring to seal it properly. Read the review option to address a leaking filter housing.

Some steps you need to follow

Step 1.  Turn off the water feed line to your RO unit. Shut down the tank ball valve by switching on the turning the Blue Cap on the tank ball valve 90 degrees.

Step 2. To see the leakage unscrew the filter housing with a wrench. Be sure the O-ring is placed well inside the groove. You can use some oil around the O-ring. This will help to place the O-ring to the housing groove.

Step 3. Again attach the filter housing on the RO head. You can use the wrench to tighten the housing. Do not use over force to tighten the housing.

Step 4. Open the valve and feed water in the line. Notice the leak position. If you see the leak is continuous, then contact the APEC technicians or replacement.

For four reason the life of the membrane may reduce, and they are:

To replace the three pre-filters you need to know the following things.

  • If you use city water: The over depleted carbon filters permit chlorine to get through and may harm the membrane.
  • If you use good private water: If the sediment is overloaded, the pre-filters may be damaged as the particles may clog in the way of the membrane.
  • In the water source, there is the presence of micro-organism which covers up the surface of the membrane. For this, the life period of the membrane may reduce. The addition of UV light may extend the lifespan of the membrane.
  • The source of your water is very hard. This may clog the membrane of the water system with heavy calcification. In this regard, the water softener will help you greatly.
  • If the drain water is restricted or blocked, the system will fail to remove contaminants from RO membrane. For this, the membrane can be a clog or may reduce the life of the RO system. Be sure the drain water is not unhindered.

How are APEC RO systems compared to other ROs on the market?

  1. We made, designed and tested the unit in the USA. The unit has high-performance parts. The APEC RO system is made in California by applying premium quality filter components. We are happy as we can WQA certified system in the ULTIMATE line. These are tested and verified through a lot of processes to remove contaminants. Most of the model is now untested models and offer low-quality generic parts which break easily, may clog up the system in short time and remove much lower contaminant ratings.
  2. Stronger & Longer lasting filters: We are making the best kind of extruded carbon filter blocks made from the activated carbon. The filter can absorb an enormous amount of contaminant from water and keeps taste the same. The newly designed filter passes water in a particular direction and resists channeling. Water moves to a situation in which contaminants are bound to go through the filters. Another important feature is that it does not emit carbon fines that may clog up the entire system.
  3. We have made the best quality model of the filter and had the greatest capacity to hold dirt or contaminant. This is superior to the other lowest models in the market. We added extruded carbon to this the life of the filter is long.

    Most of the water filters on the market can filter from 1500 to 2000 gallons of water. Only our filter can render 4000 to 5000 gallons of pure water. The other company needs to change two times to get this amount of water.

    3) Pure water and longer lasting RO membrane: We are giving only the high rated contaminant removing RO membrane. It can remove contaminant up to 99.99%. The lifespan of the filter is three to five years.

    Most of the other filters last from one to two years, and they can remove up to 70 to percent contaminants.

    4) Most advanced QC Process: There is 10-point quality control process with every APEC system to ensure pure and fresh water.

    The process is made in California and has a guarantee of good performance. It can remove all the components of impurities to offer a noise free and leak free water.

    Most of the water industry constantly import RO system which is mass produced overseas. In this regard, APEC is making the RO system by hand.

    They would like to offer best customer service. So they give special care and attention to build the high-quality product.

    Besides, they like to offer the best commitment. They only like to offer a trouble free and premium quality product at your door.

    5) Professional grade RO for demanding water qualities: The APEC RO system purify all types of water while the RO system can treat only certain types of water.

    We are offering you the best type of variations in pH (2-11), the water pressure is 0 to 100 psi, and solid dissolve up to 2000 ppm, the output is 45 to 270gpd and so on.

    Most of the RO system in the market can treat decent water only. If there is the presence of more acid or heavy dirt in the water, there are the possibilities of breaking down the RO system.

    Maybe, you would probably drink more contaminated water. You may not be aware of the fact. You are just wasting your valuable time in this regard.

APEC Drinking Water filter System Product Video review 

APEC Water Filter FAQs

Question: Do I need to buy the replacement filter for the APEC?

Answer: We would like to inspire you to buy the best replacement filter for us if possible. The reason is that only we are producing the original APEC filtration system. The filter is designed for optimal performance. It can offer hundred percent compatibility and the long-term reliability of the system.

The APEC RO system has 10 inches’ filters. So the other brand can work with our system. If the quality of the filter is not good, it may affect the filter.

The lower kind of filter can leach contaminant to water, and the standard of the water may be low. All the APEC filters are made from BPA free materials. It ensures pure drinking water for the members of your family.

So we have collected emails information and would offer service to the customers quickly and rapidly. We are offering you the best kind of filter for 17 years. Besides, we hope that we would be able to serve you better shortly.

Question: How is the ULTIMATE product line different from APEC’s original Ultra line?

Answer: APEC’s ULTIMATE product line is being improved and new version of the original ultra-lite. There is upgraded quick connect fittings for the simple system. The installation and maintenance system is also simple enough. You need not change the housings and primary filters. So if you have an ultra-system, you can use the same replacement system for Ultimate series.

The member’s models are unchanged and are used for system identification. The names of the ultimate models are RO-PERM, RO-90, RO-PH90, RO-PUMP, and RO-CTOP. If you have any question regarding this, you can ask it directly to us for the better solution.

Final Words of Recommendation

You are searching a good kind of water softener. At the same time, it will offer you the best quality water. For this reason, APEC system is the best system to offer those qualities.

You will get contaminant free water. There will be no bad taste or odor in the water. Most of the users are telling that the product is a high-quality product. All the users are giving the positive review of the product.

There are various advantages with using a reverse osmosis water filtration system in your house, for starters you can rest certain you’re getting the best water potential from your faucet.

While reverse osmosis systems do charge a tiny bit more than other kinds of water filtration systems on the current market, they’re not priced out of the assortment of most homeowners.

The APEC systems do not take a professional plumber to set up, and lots of homeowners put in themselves. If you’re seeking the very best in water quality, the APEC reverse osmosis water filtration process is excellent paired with a whole home water filter.

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