Ultimate Guide to Know How Does Lifestraw Work

LifeStraw: What Is It? 

To use this, an individual stick the LifeStraw into the water supply and beverages as they would from a straw.

The initial iteration of LifeStraw used iodine to kill bacteria. However, the 2012 version includes no chemicals. Preferably, the product comprises mechanical filtration. Any dirt, parasites or bacteria have been trapped inside the fibers, whereas the wash water moves through.

When you are done drinking, then you blow air from the straw to clean the filter. It is possible to down a quart of water eight minutes utilizing the LifeStraw.

Vester gaard Frandsenstates a separate LifeStraw device ought to have the ability to purify about 1,000 liters (264 gallons) of water 2.7 liters (0.7 gallons) per day meaning it is going to endure for a year before it has to be replaced. There are no replacement parts; consumers need to find a brand-new unit every year.

LifeStraw Family is a bigger unit which may purify water for many individuals at the same time.

This higher-capacity merchandise can deal with a family of five to three decades, or approximately 18,000 liters (4,755 gallons), according to the organization.

The item is made up of the blue bucket using a prefilter insert, a long plastic tubing along with a filter cartridge using a tap attached to draw the water out.

No power or battery power is necessary. Gravity guides water utilizing a collection of filters. The consumer pours water into the prefilter and bucket near the peak of the unit.

The water then moves down the tube and operates via precisely the same kind of hollow fiber technologies, the private LifeStraw utilizes, but these pores are now 0.02 microns across that makes it an ultrafiltration apparatus.

The consumer may then pour the freshly purified water in the tap. The individual can wash out the filter by shutting the faucet and pressing a reddish squeeze bulb to discharge the accumulated residue and may use a rag to wash the prefilter bucket.

How Does Lifestraw Work

Features of lifestraw

  • It could filter up to 1000 liters of water.
  • Eliminates 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction), attached with E-Coli
  • Eliminates 99.9% of waterborne parasites protozoan (>LOG 3 reduction), containing Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • lessens turbidity and filtering depressed to 0.2 microns
  • Ultralight: the weight the only 2oz!
  • The flow of water is very high. There is no aftertaste.
  • Does not contain any chemical, needs no batteries, there are no moving parts.
  • Do not use iodinated resin or iodine.
  • The flow is very high. There is no aftertaste.
  • Very simple to clean. Can be stored easily. Keep uncapped as it can dry quickly.
  • Very long-lasting
  • Being used in the whole world even in harsh condition from the year 2005.
  • You can store life straw indefinitely.
  • Got award and international recognition.

How to use LifeStraw

In the Patented LifeStraw, there remains small tube having a filter inside. Keep the end into the unclean water and drink from the top of the unit. By using LifeStraw one can drink waste easily with the help of a straw.

How does lifestraw work

Before use, uncap life straw and keep it toward up for a minute. This permits water to sneak up the filter tissue. It will do five quick sucks, and the water will flow very easily. If you like to drink muddy water, you need to blow back it to purgative out turbidity.

How LifeStraw works

The technology is simple. But the result is very great. It can convert water to a safe drinking water. When water goes through 23 centimeters tube, it becomes fresh and pure. It also provides pathogens to water.

The LifeStraw is made with advanced technology to offer contaminant free drinking water. It has the great capacity to purify water very quickly. But now how do they work?

The purifies follow some strict rules. There is straw with the purifier. The first and foremost duty of the purifier is to remove larger debris or contaminants, or insects from the entering of the straw.

How does lifestraw work

The water will pass through some filters or membrane. Gradually it leads to the hole measuring 15 diameters in size. It has no ability to remove pathogen from the water. It can remove the vast amount of microorganism.

Do you like to remove all viruses from water? Use an ultrafiltration filter that has pores measuring 0.2 microns in size.

There are some straws which use chemicals like iodine to kill some microorganism found in water. Try to stay away from the use of chemicals as they are dangerous if you consume.

The water you get through the straw is pure and safe to drink. But there is one wrong with the system. The taste of water is still disgusting as this is the original taste or it is contaminated water, or some chemicals are used here to kill pathogens.

There is an activated carbon, sits in the mouthpiece of the system to remove taste and ensure neutral flavor of the water.

Here are some important tips, based on some personal user experience using the LifeStraw:

  • If the straw is empty completely, it needs few sucks to pass water through it. The sucking system is very easy, though.
  • If the straw is not sucking up water, then blow back into it and for this, it will clear the filter. Try to make it simple to suck up water. As you have muddy water, do it again and again to get fresh water.
  • After finishing drinking blow out a breath of air through the filter to make it clean. I sometimes like to shake the unit to clear out drips so that it does not end up in the backpack. If water remains in the filter with freezing temperature, it might cause damage to the filter. So I suggest to shake it when it is dry or free from freezing. I make it dry taking out the cap from the tap.
  • If you use the LifeStraw, you can directly drink water from a mud puddle, stream or lake. Remember the groundwater is soggy. I would like to drink from the rocky. The best way to put water in a bottle from the creek. Then use the life straw to drink water from the bottle. The water will be pure, fresh and tasty.
  • Though the capacity of the LifeStraw is tested up to 422 gallons or 1600 liters, you will stop using the straw after 1000 gallons. When it goes to the end of the lifespan, it does not suck water by it anymore

Benefits of LifeStraw

  • The LifeStraw is not very difficult to use
  • Chemical free
  • Does not contain moving parts.
  • Life straw will offer you one-year limited guarantee.
  • The power is two ounces, and it is portable.
  • It can filter up to 264 ounces to 0.2 microns.
  • Reduces 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria (>LOG 6 reduction).
  • The LifeStraw is being used in the hardest conditions in the developing countries since the year 2005

What should you remember?

When the life straw filters down to the 0.2 microns, it removes protozoa and bacteria. It will never filter out heavy metals and never desalinate water. It also does not filter out viruses either. Though the presence of waterborne viruses is more in the North American backcountry.


Once I have bought Amira or Seychelle straw style water filter, I got the LifeStraw is bulkier compared than the other straws. You may see the comparisons between three here:

How you like to use it may be an issue for your or may not be. For an extended hike or a big bug out bag, this is not a problem as it will comfortably fit in the backpack. If you like to pack some kinds of water filters for a little Get Home Bag or for your pocket to carry, the Aquamarine will be the best in such case.

Filter Capacity

The ability of the LifeStraw is to filter water about 1000 liters. I think the number is not accurate as the Department of Soil Water and Environment Science of the University of Arizona has made a study that the capacity is up to 1500 liters.

Now compare this with Aquamira that can filter 75 liters and Seychelles can 95 liters. So I think the size is the factor to filter water. However, this is not the account for everything. This is the ability of the filter fo blowing air out by the water source end.

Awards and recognition

LifeStraw has got great accolades as it was made its design first in 2005. This is the report of the Time Magazine titled LifeStraw the “Best Invention of 2005.” In the year, it has got Saatchi and Saatchi Reward for “World Changing Ideas.” The Esquire is named LifeStraw the “Invention of the Year.”

Forbes stated that LifeStraw is one among the ten things that may alter the way we live. Now you may get the LifeStraw in the USA and Canada. We would like to expand the area shortly.


A Switzerland-based company named Vestergaard Frandsen specializing in disease control.

The primary business is centered around the corporate social responsibility, and the aided country reached in the United State Millenium Development Goals by their product and to save vector and water-borne diseases. The LifeStraw are now delivering to some countries like Pakistan, Haiti, and Africa.


How does lifestraw work

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On How Does Lifestraw Work

Question: does the LifeStraw stop?

Answer: It can filter water up to 1000 liters. There are no replaceable or removable parts in it. Using 1000 liter of water just discard it.

Question: Does it work with the nasty water?

Answer: Yes, I have seen video demonstration in which water seems to sludge, not a liquid. They can extract perfect drinking water. This is the most awesome productonn the market. The device is very amazing.

Question: What is the way to clean the filter?

Answer: After drinking water clean the filters, blow through the life straw. It will help to prevent clogging.

Question: What is the way to know the changing time of LifeStraw after using 1000 liters?

Answer: The LifeStraw can perform well up to 1000 gallons. It can do more. But the recommended lifespan is up to 1000 gallons. If you cannot draw water through the straw, the time comes to dispose of it.

The Final

We need to drink fresh water to survive healthily. But nearly a billion of people of the whole world suffer from the scarcity of pure drinking water. A filtering tube 1’’ in diameter, 9’’ long and weight is less than 2 ounces is enough to drink pure water.

A child can carry it easily to anywhere. You need to down the end of the filter to the unclean water and drink clean water from the mouthpiece to the top. Unfiltered water goes to the end, and the clean water comes out from the other. It will require no batteries or other parts.

The system can eliminate 99.9% of water-borne parasites and 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. If you travel in a water crisis area, this is the best solution to drink fresh water. At the time of making the trip, the great solution is to drink water from the canals of the roadsides.